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@MargaretAtwood Ms. Atwood, having met you years ago in Toronto with my uncle at my grandfather's funeral, I'm saddened to see you used by this massive global war propaganda effort. They're all "peace" rallies, ostensibly, but the peace they call for is as bellicose as the notorious Kony2012...
@MargaretAtwood campaign. A "peace" of rabid cries for the salvation of Western military intervention.
I am a #Jew and a great student of #WWII and #Nazism (academically and personally). Being a fan of Orwell, I too am not a pacifist at any cost. For example, I could not deny the right to...
@MargaretAtwood the last resort of limited conventional military action to a nuclear superpower that has been lied to and surrounded over decades by the most powerful, well-armed military alliance in history. A country that saved the world from the Nazis and yet finds itself with a nation...
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1/15 It’s impossible to read the #shamnesty @Amnesty report and not see the main intention. Demonizing #Israel for being a #Jewish state. The half-truths, hearsay, intensive usage of anti-Israel sources & promoting #ThePalestinianLie is mind boggling. I’ll give it a try.
2/15 Refs made in #shamnesty @Amnesty report should be an eye-opener. Information gathered from external (anti-#Israel) sources is huge. Not a word about state funded terrorism of PA or Hamas. Ergo, Palestinians are good, #Jews are bad.

3/15 #shamnesty @Amnesty hitch hikes along the Palestinian land ownership libel, which is proven time after time to be completely incorrect. Also accuses #Israel of Judaization.

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1/5 The explanation of anti-Zionist #Jews behavior looks simple.

#Israel is since 1948 in the spotlights. Jews with self-determination that’s not what the world really want. And that reflects on Jews worldwide.
2/5 By opposing #Israel’s existence, anti-Zionist #Jews shows the world that they don’t like it either.

That there are Jews who call to dismantle the only #Jewish state. That there are Jews who believe #Israel is the worst country ever.
3/5 Anti-Zionist #Jews expect to be fully integrated in whatever subculture. No problem comparing #Israel to Nazi Germany. Genocide, Holocaust? Standard words.

And to show they’re real #Jews, pics of homemade challah & children’s bar/bat mitzvah must confess the non-Jews.
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#Biden blamed the #Afghans for the US not evacuating those Afghans who were in danger - said they caused the delay - but this is a lie, one of many in yesterday's speech: Biden had been told for weeks by the military he needed to act to withdraw safely, and *he* delayed.
Perfect summation: there are thousands of Afghans who have been trying for months to leave, and the Biden people refused to start the process - a decision Biden now blames on the Afghans, as he does the collapse of a military whose demise he engineered
As @mattczeller of @n1leftbehind makes clear in the above clip: the work of finding the names of the Afghans who needed to be gotten out of the country if we were going to abandon it had been done and that information given to Biden, who chose not to act until it was too late.
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1/11 [Jewish studies, you have failed]

A comprehensive list of academics all over the world are signing letters. Letters condemning #Israel and #Israel alone. For the worst atrocities committed to mankind ever.

Ethnic cleansing, settler-colonialism, human rights violations,
2/11 [Jewish studies, you have failed]

occupation, land-theft.... All the favorite woke leftists words used.

Let start with a recent statement at and check the signatures.

Let's say, a lot of self-haters, #Israel bashers and the standard #Jew haters.
3/11 [Jewish studies, you have failed]

David Abraham, Professor of Law, University of Miami…
Holocaust survivor family. Family active in orthodox and Zionist circles while advocating progressive social policy.

Denying #Jewish self-determination.
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.Fog of #Palestinian War

@RepRashida ‘s 7/22/21 letter to @SecYellen has a tone, an approach, & a number of claims worth considering bc they reflect weaknesses in the #Islamist interests it represents. This affects US foreign policy; the upcoming ‘22 election; & the politics
of the UN.

The tone is one of desperation; the approach is to use a US #Palestinian-American Congresswoman to front #Islamist assertions about US DOMESTIC & International Law in order to illegally derail the Executive Branch’s Middle East policy. This affects the ‘22 elections
bc, in combination w/Biden Administration withdrawal from Afghanistan, re-habilitation of the flawed #UNRWA, re-funding the PA despite the PA’s publicly declared continuation of #PayforSlay , re-habilitating Gaza w/0 penalty for Hamas, whom the US designated as a terrorist org
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#HappySunday #pride #LGBTQIA

Just a word about Christians, their OT Bible, and homosexuality...

Thousands of years ago, in a land, far, far away, a ridiculous book was written, that millions today love to quote, but never follow.

I was just watching a gay-themed short...
and there is a teacher, who is a holier-than-thou type, who stated: God chose Noah to build the ark because he was a righteous man, so he and his family could survive the flood. He then asked his class: Do you know why the animals on the ark are pairs of male and female?
His answer was: This is because after the flood, they could reproduce and give offspring.

People are no longer required to repopulate the earth, if some people want to believe these fables to be true. Therefore, in the 21st century, it is not necessary, nor is it required
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The first #Durban conference, with its #Antisemitic anti-Zionist 'Durban Declaration' keeps regenerating itself, like a virus
Sept '21 will see the @UN hosting #DurbanIV, which will double down on its '#Zionism-is-racism' slander, giving oxygen to Antisemitic anti-#Zionists
The original Durban Conference was intended as a conference against racism, but quickly revealed itself as a grotesque farce rife with #Antisemitic anti-#Zionism.

It has remained so to this day, promulgated by those who simply want a world without its only Jewish state.
The UK pulled out of Durban III in 2011 because of the grotesque Antisemitic-anti-Zionism

The UK is a self-declared friend of Israel 🇮🇱

The UK's @BorisJohnson must stand up for its friend, 🇮🇱, & against the #Jew-hate now synonymous with the #Durban conferences & Declaration
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Do you know why every mauzie on this earth is taught to hate #Jews ?

The richest #Jewish tribe Banu Qaynuqa, who were craftsmen, goldsmiths, money lenders & traders lived in two fortresses in the south-western part of Yathrib, now called Medina.
These #Jews were in close contact with Meccan merchants, supported pre izlamic Arab tribe Khazraj & others in Yathrib in their conflicts with their Arab rivals & hence resented Mohmmad’s attack on the Quraishs of Mecca in December 623, on 17th day of Ramadan (battle of badr)
To get rid of opposing #Jews , Prophet in 624, raided & besieged fortesses of Banu Qaynuqa for 15 days & expelled them from Yathrib…confiscated & divided their property, arms & tools etc among his followers & took for himself, 1/5 share of the spoils.. “
- Ibn Hisham.
3/n Image
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1/8 Hell yeah, let’s redefine #antisemitism in such a way that everything not mentioning explicit #Jews or compares #Israel with the worlds worst atrocities is NOT #antisemitic.

Ripping The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism (JDA) apart.
2/8 -12: Criticizing or opposing Zionism as a form of nationalism. Sure. Where is the bond between #Judaism & #Zionism? Forgotten and completely whipped of the table. I even suspect that the eternal bond between #Jews and #Israel is completely ignored.
3/8 -13: Racial discrimination. Settler-colonialism. Apartheid.
Nice sum-up. This implies that all 3 occur in #Israel and is an open house for the #Jew hating bunch.

Racial discrimination. Any country where it’s not? Hint – black face a worldwide phenomenon. BLM movement?
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1/15 Self-loathing (self-hating) #Jews and the existence of #Israel. After WW2 a lot of #Jewish survivors denied their #Jewishness all together. Converted to Protestantism, became hardcore socialists or even communists. Pretending to by one of the many, instead one of the few.
2/15 Examples in my little family. Another hiding place was to marry non-Jews. Male Jew & non-Jewish woman broke the bloodline. Female #Jew & non-Jewish male was a reason to not follow Jewish traditions. No Brit Milah, no Bar/Bat Mitswah, nada. Also examples in my little family.
3/15 Remember this was in the early 1950/60’s and the man of the house decided most. The deeper thought, no, the huge fear that something like the #Holocaust could happen again was the reason for this. Don’t show the outside world you’re a #Jew, you could be round up next time.
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What is '#Palestinianprivilege?

It's calling #Israel baby-killers while breaking and entering Israeli homes and murdering Israeli children.
Its rejecting Peace with Israel for centuries.
Its perpetual refugee statehood to extract money from the world.
Its perpetual victimhood. Its highjacking others cause to promote & justify the murder of Israelis.
Its blaming Israel while their own government is corrupt & cover the fact they have stolen billions of aid money.
Its paying terrorists with Israeli blood on their hands.
Its claiming murder of Israeli children is resistance.
Its mobilizing children to be used as human shields.
Its never taking responsibility .
Its raging 24/7, 365 days in a year about everything and anything connected to #Israel.
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@cityofsaintpaul: @DaiThao1 @abrendmoen @christolbertstp @mitrajunjalali @janeprinceW7 @NelsieYang @RebeccaNoecker Islamic org CAIR sponsored #AntiCAA resolution is NOT ONLY inaccurate, divisive & spreading false narratives, BUT has massive #antiHindu #antiIndia connotation.
@melvincarter3: What does a small city of St. Paul with a population of 304,442 (2016 numbers) in the U.S. has got to do with international law, sovereignty and democracy of India that houses 4 times more population than the United States?#Hinduphobia #antiHindu #antiIndia
Q. What does the city council want to accomplish by passing the resolution?
Q. Why is the city council so eager to pass this resolution?
Q. Why is the city council spreading misinformation without proper understanding?
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Here is an idea from this week's commentary essay on #Bo: 🇬🇧 / 🇮🇱 / 🇪🇸 / 🇫🇷 / Family Edition / Listen #ShabbatShalom Image
Cultures are shaped by the range of stories to which they give rise. Some of these have a special role in shaping the self-understanding of those who tell them. We call them master-narratives.
They are about large, ongoing groups of people: the tribe, the nation, the civilisation. They hold the group together horizontally across space and vertically across time, giving it a shared identity handed on across the generations.
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#Update #Antisemitic Incident!

#Germany #Gießen #Buchenwald

It was an incident that made headlines far beyond the borders of the 14,000-inhabitant city of #Grünberg (#Gießen).
At the beginning of November, it became known that several students from Theo-Koch School had #played and #sung #Antisemitic songs on their way back from a visit to the memorial in the former #Buchenwald #concentrationcamp near #Weimar.
Even then, the school announced the #consequences. Now school #community has turned to the public - with an #advertisement in a regional #newspapers. In the #ad, which appeared under the heading "Zero #Tolerance with #AntiSemitism",
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Ali Avaei, a candidate of the UK @LibDems in the Newcastle upon Tyne Central constituency for the British Parliament, is the son of Iran's dictator @Khamenei_ir’s representative & nephew of the regime's current justice minister.

@LibDems @khamenei_ir .@ARMilani_, born in Iran & moved to the UK at the age of 5, is the @UKLabour candidate challenging PM Boris Johnson in Uxbridge & S. Ruisli.

British voters should beware of #Iran's growing influence in their country.

@LibDems @khamenei_ir @ARMilani_ @UKLabour Listen to @ARMilani_'s remarks about Israel, Palestine, BDS, "the apartheid regime," "our movement" and ...

Interview with #Iran's state-run Press TV.

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In a few days, it is Yom Kippur. It is a time of reflection, of thought.

Your party has a problem. 1) #JewishDemocrats #Antisemitism #JewHate #Democrats #YomKippur
It refuses to condemn anti-Semitism among its members in Congress, many of its Congressional Delegation refused to condemn BDS one-sided boycotts of Israel. 2) #Antisemitism #Congressmembers #Democrats #BDS #Israel
Much of the Congressional & Senate delegations run to get the endorsement of anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, & few object, in fact, few of the Jewish Democrats in Congress object with the exception of Ted Deutch. 3) #Democrats #Endorsements #JewHaters #Farrakhan #JewishDemocrats
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** NEW BOOK ** - I am excited that “Deuteronomy: Renewal of the Sinai Covenant”, the 5th and final installation of my Covenant & Conversation series on the Hebrew Bible published by Maggid Books (part of @korenpublishers), is out now! More details here: Image
@korenpublishers I called this series #Covenant & #Conversation because this, for me, is the essence of what #Torah #learning is – throughout the ages, and for us, now.
@korenpublishers The text of #Torah is our covenant with #God, our written constitution as a nation under His sovereignty. The #interpretation of this text has been the subject of an ongoing #conversation that began at #Sinai thirty-three centuries ago and has not ceased since.
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There is a profound difference between #history and #memory. History is HIS story - an event that happened sometime else to someone else. Memory is MY #story - something that happened to me and is part of who I am.
To be a #Jew is to know that over and above history is the task of memory. More than any other #faith, #Judaism made this a matter of religious obligation.
#Pesach is when we recount not our history but our collective memory as a people, where the past does not die but lives, in the chapter we write in our own lives and in the story we tell our children.
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I’m an avid history geek 🤓 and I got this idea from @GippersChutzpah!
My follower count is currently stuck in the mid ages. I’ll tweet some Jewish history milestones from along the years, according to my follower count. So come on, I’m 4 followers short of the first story...
On 13/12/1204, Moshe Ben Maimon AKA #Maimonides (Greek) and Ha’Rambam (Hebrew), died at 69 in Egypt.
A Philosopher, Physician, Astronomer and one of most important #Jewish Scholars of all times.
Buried in Tiberias @Israel, upon final request to be buried in the ancient homeland
WOW! 3 followers away from yet another milestone of #JewishHistory!
So far we learned about some pogroms 😠(1171 France, 1190 England) and Maïmōnídēs dying 😢(1204 Egypt).
JewishHistory is filled with sorrow and darkness but it gets better in the 2nd half of the 20th century 😉
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