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Let’s talk about succession. Not the best show on TV, which just ended its stellar second season; the presidential succession. Who will succeed Trump? Because, like Logan Roy, he must face the music.

1/ Odds are, Trump will either be 1) replaced by the Democrat on January 20, 2021, or 2) by his VP, Mike Pence, if he resigns or is impeached/removed prior to that. Those remain the two most likely outcomes. But there are complications with #2.
2/ It is a mortal lock that Trump will be impeached. Less certain is whether the GOP-controlled Senate will remove him—although when it gets that far, the preponderance of evidence against him will be damning enough to give Republicans cover to vote him out.
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Meet @IanRoberts9 and @JoanneB37379026, two curiously similar Twitter accounts that are in all likelihood retweet bots implemented by automating the Twitter website. (Amusingly, @IanRoberts9 was restricted by Twitter while we were looking at these accounts.)

cc: @ZellaQuixote
By examining other accounts that retweeted the same tweets as the two bots, we found 16 matching the pattern (web browser + 24/7 activity.) The newest batch (from 5/11) all have the same hashtags (#PresidentPelosi, #PelosiPower, #TeamPelosi, and #StillWithHer) on their profiles.
To the total surprise of probably no one anywhere, these accounts use stolen profile pictures easily found via reverse image search.
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1/ MINDING OUR [P]'s & Q's? Loads of speculation recently about @VP Pence, owing to Q drop 4/27 re: PENCE. And, Q noting early on that P will be saved for last. NeonRevolt suggests Payseur, linked to French royalty come to USA; many others say Pence is DS.
I'll posit P=PELOSI
2/ Quick overview then the granular details:
Appears that Pelosi = a Queen of sorts on the Dem side
Trump re: NP's getting House Speaker: "she DESERVES it"
#presidentPELOSI trended on Martin Luther KING day
Relationship w/Mexican President: NP= ALPHA to Beto's BETA
SOTU showdown
3/ Q drop 5 Oct 29 2017
Follow the $ - it's KEY.
Did Soros trans. $ to NP = Nancy Pelosi, NOT a 'Non-Profit'?
HINT: PM-Prime Minister. Do NP capitals mean she=Global Queen?
Nancy Pelosi's $$ is the 'One' example.
Memory mentioned as future 'cover' for indictment. Like NoName
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🚨🕵️‍♂️Sinister MLK events to #Impeach45
MLK2019 weekend during shut-down:
🔎Unfunded, unpaid, understaffed feds foil White House bomb plot late on Wed the 16th in GA…

🔎Attack set for Thu 1/17
🔎Trump in DC, remains in the WH nearly 24/7 during shutdown
🔎Pelosi tries to leave DC on a CODEL to NATO HQ in Belgium w/ her family before 1 pm Thu 1/17 but Trump grounds her military flight; tells her to fly commercial.
🔎She then complains of inadequate security because of the shutdown
🔎Brazile's sinister #PresidentPelosi tweet Thu 1/18 3:35 pm
🔎On a date commemorating an assassination,
tweet suggests plans underway to make Pelosi president sometime during the weekend. Pelosi has flown comm'l and is out of the country.
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1. #QAnon, If you're jumping OFF the #TrumpTrain, you were never on it to begin with. If you think this was just about a wall, you never understood #QDrops! The wall is paid for. The shutdown was about OPTICS! #TrumpWins again! Here's every #Q drop about the wall. LEARN THEM!
2. Drop #85.
"Who funds MS13?
Why did BO instruct HS & BP to release MS13 captures at the border?
What agency has direct ties to (2) major drug cartels?
Why is AG Sessions / POTUS prioritizing the removal of MS13?
Why is AG Sessions / POTUS prioritizing..
3. ...building the wall?
Who do you hire for a hit?
Who can be eliminated after the job is complete?
Seth Rich.
Who was found dead (2) shortly after his murder?
What affiliation did they have?

MS13 is a WORLDWIDE gang. Important to know.
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1. the #Pelosi / DeepState Coup
Yellow Submarine - a short story

a British Submarine is cruising off the US East Coast, deep under water,
200 miles from Washington DC, as part of a NATO drill in the Atlantic Ocean.

HMS Ambush, an Astute-class Royal Navy sub.
2. MIchael Steele is the Captain of the British Submarine,
friend of fmr GCHQ Director Robert Hannigan,
and acquaintance of fmr CIA Director John Brennan

fmr GCHQ Director Hannigan had arranged encrypted comms between Brennan and the British Captain, under Brennan request
3. Admiral Xxx Xxx, of the British Royal Navy, had previously instructed Michael Steele, the Sub Captain, to follow Brennan's orders.

Steele had been briefed by Benjamin Key and Robert Hannigan on the Plan, Operation FFPSLIP.

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1) This is the shit hitting the fan weekend jamboree!
Bruce Ohr’s closed door testimony is released proving the entire Russian Witch Hunt is absolute bullshit
Bob Mueller breaks protocol to
2) debunk @BuzzFeeds fake news
@donnabrazile Tweets:
#MadamSpeaker today
#PresidentPelosi soon thereafter
A guy gets busted with a rocket launcher and a floor plan to the WH
Pence is evacuated from @Fox Studios
3) due to an extensive fire
@SpeakerPelosi is grounded with all of her kids and grandkids and Liddle @AdamSchiff in tow before leaving for her Congressional Delegation is aka CODEL excursion abroad
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James Comey tweet decoded:

“The day has come to activate the sleeper cells that did the job on 9/11 and to perform attacks targeting high profile buildings on American soil, in particular the White House. Perhaps our amazing cast will be as successful at getting Trump... (1/2)
(2/2) as the actor John W. Booth was at delivering Lincoln’s vital message.”

Did Comey awaken a sleeper cell?

Was it possibly this man? 👇🏻…

#Qanon #TheGreatAwakening #DoItQ #PatriotsFight #MAGA #KAG2020
“These people are stupid, we have it all” - #Qanon

Don’t fear, the patriots are in “full control”.
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on Tuesday Jan 29 2019 Everyone should pull there kids out of school.
#FalseFlag might take place GOD FORBID!! PLEAZE PRAY. #DeepState is Dirty Dirtu remember last year train incidents in east coazt the parkland shootings after #SOTU speech??
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Looks like SpeakerPelosi doesn't want to stay in Washington to work on border security, seen here at Reagan National Airport yesterday. #maga #TRUMP2020 #PresidentPelosi #AngelMoms #AmericaFirst #Cowards #VoteRedToSaveAmerica 👌🏼🇺🇲
Fucken Midget Clown
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Ready for another deep dive Anons? Ok, put on your conspiracy theory hats and hang on! The attached visual is a tweet from former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazille posted yesterday January 18th. This appears to be a cryptically coded message to Deep State members. If you've seen...
... the news the past few days, you are aware that Nancy Pelosi had planned to take a trip out of the country to Europe and the Middle East; however, was turned around at the last moment when President Trump canceled her use of military aircraft. Many people thought this was...
... a petty move on the part of the President in order to get back at Pelosi for canceling his State of the Union Address for security reasons. What you may not know is that traveling with Pelosi and a handful of other democratic officials were 93 family members. The Patriots...
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1) A few follow up thoughts on the #PresidentPelosi coup theory.

First, we need a Lee Harvey Oswald. So here's your patsy.

Hasher Jallal Taheb, 21, of Cumming, Georgia. #QAnon
2) Second, you need a cover story.

"Last March, a member of the community told area law enforcement Taheb had become radicalized."

We have the Muslim terrorist martyr cover. #QAnon
3) Third, you need the optics of a plausible plan.

Apparently this guy was looking to trade his car for anti-tank missiles and other arms. He had a hand drawn map of the West Wing, and the last, most important link:
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🤔🧐 Did you hear about the "terrorist" arrested in GA earlier this week?
I'd be surprised if you did, it got lost in the news.…
The day prior to that arrest, Pelosi cited security concerns as a reason to delay SOTU. She goes on and on about it in this video, prior to DHS saying it's not a problem.…
Also this week, a lot of stories were bubbling up online oddly about Pelosi being 2nd in line to the Presidency. Of course they came up as she became Speaker again at the beginning of Jan, but why again this week?…
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Re: “insurance policy” texts b/t PS & LP? Who is #3 in line—should both POTUS/VPOTUS be assassinated? Pelosi. Policy designed to rig the House —> insert to POWER?

Remember what Mueller’s role is. He is designed to “take in evidence”.

Truth would put 99% in the hospital. #QAnon
President Pelosi?

@donnabrazile please explain.
In a hurry to #fly# Nancy?

Do not underestimate anons.
We will dismantle [YOU].

#QAnon #PresidentPelosi
This is not a game. Do you think these articles are a coincidence? Think mirror—“coincidence or every detail planned?” Normalization is a tool used by the #MockingbirdMedia to slowly plant an idea in your head. Allowing you to accept eventualities. President Pelosi? Sick! #QAnon
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Was Pelosi's trip abroad part of her involvement in an assassination attempt against Trump and Pence so that she, being next in line as Speaker of the House, could swoop down like a buzzard and sieze power for the [family]?
The [scumbags] have been trending #PresidentPelosi for a reason. They are conditioning their base for her upcoming coronation. This is NOT A GAME.
Was Pelosi's trip abroad part of her involvement in an assassination attempt against Trump and Pence so that she, being next in line as Speaker of the House, could swoop down like a buzzard and sieze power for the [family]?
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"Today Is A Bad Day For Us"; CNN Has Their Night Ruined By Mueller’s Denial Of BuzzFeed Report [VIDEO]… via @ILMForg

#QAnon #MAGA #WeThePeople WILL WIN!!!🙏🏻♥️
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouseHstry #MSM #BUZZFAKE #BuzzFakeNews
CNN's @JeffreyToobin on Buzzfeed story and the Special Counsel's response: "it reinforces every bad stereotype about the news media." #BUZZFAKE #BuzzFakeNews

THIS IS PURE GOLD! #QAnon #MAGA #WeThePeople WILL WIN!!!🙏🏻♥️
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouseHstry
what @BuzzFeedBen told us on @AC360 tonight. "We really urge the special counsel to make it clear what he's disputing..."#BuzzFeedLied #BuzzFeedFakeNews @threadreaderapp unroll

#QAnon #MAGA #WeThePeople WILL WIN!
@realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouseHstry
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Wow. @BuzzFeed called out directly by Robert Mueller’s Office. Mueller takes the unusual step of disputing their reporting by saying it was "not accurate". You could also call the Buzzfeed report Fake News. What damage was done to @realDonaldTrump from their inaccurate reporting?
There’s only one way out of this for @Buzzfeed if they ever want to be taken seriously again, they have to reveal their sources and expose why they would have planted this story, if they used fake documents to plant this story and what they had to gain. CC: @BuzzFeedBen
Future @Buzzfeed piece: "15 ways to destroy your credibility, business, the institution of journalism and still slay lewks while you do it!"
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Don't worry, the terror attack that was planned for the exact same time that the Democrats were trying to skip town was foiled despite the shutdown.

Womp womp.
No #PresidentPelosi for you!
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