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Meet @IanRoberts9 and @JoanneB37379026, two curiously similar Twitter accounts that are in all likelihood retweet bots implemented by automating the Twitter website. (Amusingly, @IanRoberts9 was restricted by Twitter while we were looking at these accounts.)

cc: @ZellaQuixote
By examining other accounts that retweeted the same tweets as the two bots, we found 16 matching the pattern (web browser + 24/7 activity.) The newest batch (from 5/11) all have the same hashtags (#PresidentPelosi, #PelosiPower, #TeamPelosi, and #StillWithHer) on their profiles.
To the total surprise of probably no one anywhere, these accounts use stolen profile pictures easily found via reverse image search.
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Russian hackers were 'in a position' 2 alter FL voter rolls: Spearphishing.

Former Sen. Bill Nelson says FL hacking claims vindicated by Mueller Report

OCR’d Searchable Mueller Report provided by Internet Archive

Audio Version of Mueller Report

Mueller Prosecutors: tRUmp DID obstruct justice.

FBI Warns of Russian Interference in 2020 Race + boosts counterintelligence operations.

Psychiatrists say Mueller Report offers more proof of tRUmp's 'unfitness'.

No collusion? - Read between lines.

NRA President 2 step down as NY's AG investigates.

NRA leadership fight spills N2 public.

NRA suspends top lawyer as infighting roils group.

Shooting at CA synagogue leaves 1 dead, 3 injured in what mayor calls 'hate crime' that 'will not stand.'
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Breaking: Marsha Fudge (D-OH) has just released a statement saying that she won't be challenging Nancy Pelosi for Speaker.
#TuesdayThoughts #TeamPelosi #116thCongress
2/"BREAKING NEWS: Rep. Marcia L. Fudge endorses Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s bid for House speaker, abandons any plans to challenge longtime Democratic leader Former president Barack Obama hailed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday as “one of the most effective legislative
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Opinion | Democrats want to dump Pelosi? That’s just plain dumb.
#TuesdayThoughts #TeamPelosi #116thCongress…
2/"According to lore or rumor, some ancient tribes used to place the old people on an ice floe and shove them into the frigid ocean. Whether this is true, I know not, but it is essentially what some 16 House Democrats want to do with Nancy Pelosi. Here the legend ends differently
3/"She ain’t going. Why she should be denied another term as speaker of the House is not entirely clear. One of those who wants Pelosi out is Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.), who promised her constituents that she would oppose Pelosi as speaker, expounding her reasoning in a Post
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The Democratic #Pelosi Opposition Letter has now been released, and signing it are: Anthony Brindisi (New York) and Ben McAdams (Utah),-who've yet to be declared winners in their races-and: Jim Cooper (Tenn.), Bill Foster (Ill.), Seth Moulton (Mass.), Brian Higgins (N.Y.),
Stephen F. Lynch (Mass.), Ed Perlmutter (Colo.), Kathleen Rice (N.Y.), Tim Ryan (Ohio), Linda T. Sánchez (Calif.), Kurt Schrader (Ore.), Filemon Vela (Tex.), and newly elected members Joe Cunningham (S.C.), Max Rose (N.Y.) and Jeff Van Drew (N.J.). THIS MATTERS. #TuesdayThoughts
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Let's talk about this letter signed by the 15 Democrats-elect who say they won't vote for Pelosi. (McAdams signed but his race isn't called yet.) 1/ #mondaymotivation #teampelosi
That's 15 out of at least 233 Democrats who will vote for Speaker in January. (3 seats are still too close to call.) That leaves 218 Dems, which is how many she needs to be confirmed.
But "not voting for Nancy Pelosi" and "voting against Nancy Pelosi" are two different things. 2/
Right now, there is no one challenging Pelosi, so it's hard to say who these Dems will be voting *for* if they aren't backing her, but let's back up a minute.

If a few of the people who say they aren't voting for Pelosi vote "present", those votes don't count for anyone. 3/
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Today I’m excited to endorse @NancyPelosi for Speaker of the House of Representatives.

It’s really important that all progressives push to elect her in the coming weeks, for 3 good reasons.

Short thread below.
1. From 2007-11, @NancyPelosi was the most effective and progressive Speaker of the House in many decades.

If the bills she passed out of the House had made it out of the Senate as well, we would be living in a dramatically better world.
On issues from climate change to labor law, a public option to financial regulation, campaign finance to voting rights, @NancyPelosi organized and supported a bold progressive agenda.

She has pledged to be even bolder next year.
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Fight for House speaker explodes into national political campaign #SundayMorning #TeamPelosi #BlueWave…
2/"Music legend Barbra Streisand retweeted a list of Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s biggest legislative achievements. Film director Rob Reiner called her “the smartest, toughest strategic thinker in our party.” And tennis champ Martina Navratilova wondered aloud why Pelosi’s job was at risk
3/"but her Senate counterpart’s position was in no such trouble. “Go figure,” Navratilova tweeted. “A man loses and keeps his place, a woman wins and gets booted?!?” While congressional leadership fights have historically revolved around insular matters such as committee
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1/With regard to the Speaker battle that we currently have going on in Dem Congress there seem to be two schools of thought. One, that Pelosi is 78 yrs old, is a very unifying figure for the GOP & therefore the perfect foil for them right now. As well, that it’s time for the
2/Dems to move in another direction. The other, that Pelosi is an experienced, tough & highly successful strategist & SOH, & that she’s well versed enough in party politics & the workings of Congress, the likes of McConnell, Graham et al, to be able to see their nonsense coming &
3/therefore will enable the Dems to put up the necessary fight that is before them in order to STOP the corruption as much as they can & move our Country forward. I don’t think that these factions are that polar. I think that all of us want to see the Dems succeed going forward
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If we want to inform our opinion as to whom is the best choice to serve as House Speaker, it is important to understand the complexities & responsibilities of the position.Thanks to Kirk Bailey at we can take a look at the job of Speaker of the House./1
The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, serves as the presiding officer of the U.S. House of Representatives./2 #SpeakerOftheHouse
The Speaker fulfills several roles, including representing constituents as a Member of Congress, acting as administrative head of the House, and serving as leader of the majority political party in the House. /3 #SpeakerOftheHouse
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This is not good news.

These #FiveWhiteGuys

@RepTimRyan, @sethmoulton, @RepPerlmutter, @RepSchrader and @RepBillFoster are leading a small group with tea party tactics to change the rules for how House Speaker is elected.

They are fighting to take down @NancyPelosi.

These #FiveWhiteGuys are willing to go nuclear in order keep the woman most responsible for leading us to, what turned out to be, the greatest Congressional #BlueWave in our party's history from the office she is the most qualified for, by leagues.

Damn, 2016 on repeat.

Because #FiveWhiteGuys ganging up on a far superior woman is just great optics for our new Democrratic majority to embrace.

I thought that shit had happened enough TO our
party, now we have it IN our party.

Such fun, except actually the exact opposite of that.

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#lgbt for #TeamPelosi

Always with us. 🏳️‍🌈🔥✊💯

Speaker Pelosi ALWAYS stood with us, we #lgbt stand with Nancy!
Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivers President Clinton’s message to marchers at March on Washington for Gay, Lesbian and Bi Equality and Liberation, April, 1993.

#lgbt Stan with Nancy,
she always stood with us.
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