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.@OANN files charges against Rachel @Maddow, @MSNBC for false and malicious libel, defamation… via @BIZPACReview
Calling the network “another boutique little news outlet that is designed specifically for Trump mega fans,” the deranged @Maddow went on to declare that the network “has a full-time on-air reporter who covers U.S. politics who is simultaneously on the payroll of the Kremlin.”
Herring called out Comcast’s “anti-competitive censorship” in an email to Comcast’s President of Content Acquisition and, a week later — according to the lawsuit — Maddow kicked off her show by telling her audience that @OANN “really literally is paid Russian propaganda.”
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Rep Jerry Nadler running the mouth as if what he says about President Trump and the Office of the Presidency is a farce. This from the man who has much to hide.

#Boomerang #MuellerHearings
Saying the AG has failed the Special Counsel is a JOKE! This witchhunt was based on a LIE! How much more spin can the DEMS spew?

AG Barr needs to flick this gnat aka Jerry Nadler off of his shoulders...tell Jerry and his faux outrage over being held accountable to shove it!
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@djrothkopf @SpeakerPelosi @LeaderHoyer @RepJerryNadler @AdamSchiff

This is not grounds for impeachment?

The racism
The sex crimes
The concentration camps
The corruption
The being a traitor
The obstruction of justice
The attacks on rule of law
The assault on freedom of the press...
@djrothkopf @SpeakerPelosi @LeaderHoyer @RepJerryNadler @AdamSchiff The pathological lying
The unfitness for office
The incompetence
The attacks on our most important allies and alliances
The systematic destruction of our environment
The violation of international treaties and agreements
The embrace of our enemies...
@djrothkopf @SpeakerPelosi @LeaderHoyer @RepJerryNadler @AdamSchiff The defense of murdering dictators
The serial undermining of our national security
The nepotism
The attacks on our federal law enforcement and intelligence communities
The fiscal recklessness
The degradation of the office and of public discourse in America...
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1) For those who have ears to hear... LISTEN!

Everything you’re about to hear from the Democrats like @SpeakerPelosi , @RepJerryNadler @RepAdamSchiff
(Whose been oddly silent lately)
That’s right... I mean EVERYTHING they’re going to say.
The plan...
2) The plan is simple.
Did you notice?
Mueller never mentioned an actual “crime” committed by @realDonaldTrump.
Just that he couldn’t charge him with one because he’s the president.
NADLER... his statement
“No one is above the law, not even the president!”
3) The statements made by both had 2 purposes.

1) Bloody meat for the self righteous ILL INFORMED liberals of #TheResistance

2) To strike fear into those of us in the #MAGA movement.

Sadly yes... some of us are weak and easily rattled so this is for you!
FEAR NOT ... 👇
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🚨🕵️‍♂️Sinister MLK events to #Impeach45
MLK2019 weekend during shut-down:
🔎Unfunded, unpaid, understaffed feds foil White House bomb plot late on Wed the 16th in GA…

🔎Attack set for Thu 1/17
🔎Trump in DC, remains in the WH nearly 24/7 during shutdown
🔎Pelosi tries to leave DC on a CODEL to NATO HQ in Belgium w/ her family before 1 pm Thu 1/17 but Trump grounds her military flight; tells her to fly commercial.
🔎She then complains of inadequate security because of the shutdown
🔎Brazile's sinister #PresidentPelosi tweet Thu 1/18 3:35 pm
🔎On a date commemorating an assassination,
tweet suggests plans underway to make Pelosi president sometime during the weekend. Pelosi has flown comm'l and is out of the country.
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💣It turns out Al Green D-TX and Brad Sherman D-CA did introduce House Resolution 13 on January 3, 2019.

Guess what HR 13 is?



⚖It was referred to the Judiciary Committee.…
🔮I know what you're thinking!

Who's on the House Judiciary Committee?

📱You know what to do. 👇
💣Not only that...

🤠There is a Texas House Concurrent Resolution 66 to...

You guessed it.

🍊Urge the U.S. Congress to impeach President Donald J. Trump.

From #Texas!! TX HCR66…
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#BREAKING Trump Wanted to Order Justice Dept to Prosecute Comey and Clinton. WH Counsel McGahn rebuffed him, saying he had no authority to order DOJ prosecutions and that it would be an abuse of power that would lead to his impeachment via @NYTimes…
Despite being told it’s an abuse of power, Trump continued to discuss using DOJ to go after— criminally prosecute—both Clinton & Comey. In fact, he’s repeatedly expressed disappointment in FBI Director Wray for failing to more aggressively investigate Clinton, calling him weak
Authoritarian Trump is frustrated with FBI Director Wray for failing to investigate “Uranium One”—a debunked right-wing conspiracy theory about Clinton & the Obama admin’s decision to allow the Russian nuclear agency to buy a uranium mining company.
#AbuseOfPower #Impeach45
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1: #RebrandTrumpRapistPedophileHumanTraffickerInvestigateImpeach
A LOT of are things reaching critical mass very soon in U.S. politics. This thread will show many of the more horrible things that Donald Trump @POTUS has been accused of and I never have or never will ignore them.
2: #RebrandTrumpRAPISTPedophileHumanTraffickerInvestigateImpeach
27 Women Who Have Accused Donald Trump of Sexual Misconduct @alternet…
If this isn't a big deal to you, you may be a miserable human being!
3: #RebrandTrumpRapistPEDOPHILEHumanTraffickerInvestigateImpeach
I'm am ANGRY about this & don't know which is worse, public apathy or media apathy.
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1/ If Nixon was in fact part of JFK assassination plot, that explains Nixon’s paranoia over Ted Kennedy every reaching WH placing him in a position to procecute Nixon.

So was Chappaquiddick Nixon’s dirty trick thugs doing to dirty up Kennedy before 1976 Elections?
2/ The Nixon/Kennedy & Clinton/Trump parallels are striking

Nixon/Clinton both had crimes to hide

Nixon/Clinton both had a Presidential hopeful who would prosecute them if became POTUS

Both had allies to stack biased lawyers on the special prosecutor Archibald Cox/Mueller
Of the 11 senior counsels Cox hired, seven had been associated with either Jack, Bobby, or Teddy. The Watergate prosecution was going to be a Kennedy operation and Richard Nixon couldn’t do a thing about it.
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@samjames67031 @resisterhood What if the “data” they are referring to was knowing that they were piggy backing Russia’s disinformation efforts. If they knew exactly who and where the Russians were targeting their efforts and they targeted the same people in the same places, voila!
@samjames67031 @resisterhood Especially if the cherry on top is just a little monkey business w/voter rolls and a recount or two in these same places. You know, just enough to give her a strinkingly small, yet consistent 1%-2% margin? Trump’s fucked. Mueller will connect all the dots.
@samjames67031 @resisterhood I think that’s what the Kennedy retirement is all about. They need the second SCOTUS seat, then they can go back to being the minority opposition, knowing the court will hold the conservative line for them for decades. They haven’t a clue how to govern and they know it.
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Add keep families together to the long list of ditched faux outrage🤣
Never forget the pussy hats #ditchedprotests
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