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Woah. @JoeBiden’s tech guy has me blocked?! This is unnerving. Hillary Clinton cited my work, but this is what her former tech person and Biden’s current tech person does?!

Hey Biden, pls don’t make me a Bernie voter. It matters who you hire, FFS. 😡 1/
2/ Job description for Hodges.
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Elizabeth #Warren has just proven she cannot unify the Democratic party.

For those not aware, she attacked Senator #Sanders directly today by reviving smears from the 2016 primary and recast herself in the performative victim role of Hillary Clinton that we all found so

very endearing. This is the first time either Warren or Sanders attacked each other directly and given the desperation one might expect with her declining numbers, it was Warren who launched the grenade. She used an unverified and heavily disputed report of a lower level
volunteer canvassing script that distinguished her GE electoral coalition as "affluent and highly educated" to claim that Bernie was sending volunteers to "trash" her. Quite a stretch. She then launched into a nervously delivered pathetic 2-minute long monologue
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Good morning, #KHive! Today, I’m kicking off the week with my thread of 46 reasons that Kamala Harris should be our next president! Let’s go! 👏🏽 #Kamala2020 #ForThePeople #KamalaHarris
1 - It’s time for a woman in the White House. More than that, it’s time for a WOC in the White House - for Kamala. She comes from a diverse background that understands how the majority of Americans live day to day + her 3AM Agenda speaks to what keep us up at night. #Kamala2020
2 - Kamala has broken barriers that noone has before. Kamala was the first female DA of SF + First black woman to serve as AG in CA. Kamala is also the second black woman and first South-Asian American elected to the senate! WHAT GLASS CEILING? #Kamala2020
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Why is it any time someone with a massive follower count starts lying about Bernie Sanders and his record on LGBT or racial issues, you can just do a simple search and find all sorts of gross racism and homophobia in their timeline?
She says she's "got receipts." Here's another receipt.

Here's another great receipt. Maybe the @ewarren campaign should vet its liars a little harder.

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Universal Healthcare was not invented by Bernie Sanders. Bernie fans need to stop saying that. Here is Hillary proposing it in 1993, Bernie Sanders never fully supported it in 1993.

#BernieSanders #HillaryClinton
My main account was suspended because Berniebros attacked this same post. When I responded with harsh words they deleted their posts and reported me for hateful conduct.

I need my Hillary, Beto and Kamala gang back. RT & Help me find you all again. ♥️♥️♥️
#Resist #StillWithHer
Here come the Berniebros.
Mute them, Block them, Ignore them. They have no clue, just the whiny bunch.
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Meet @IanRoberts9 and @JoanneB37379026, two curiously similar Twitter accounts that are in all likelihood retweet bots implemented by automating the Twitter website. (Amusingly, @IanRoberts9 was restricted by Twitter while we were looking at these accounts.)

cc: @ZellaQuixote
By examining other accounts that retweeted the same tweets as the two bots, we found 16 matching the pattern (web browser + 24/7 activity.) The newest batch (from 5/11) all have the same hashtags (#PresidentPelosi, #PelosiPower, #TeamPelosi, and #StillWithHer) on their profiles.
To the total surprise of probably no one anywhere, these accounts use stolen profile pictures easily found via reverse image search.
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🔥🚩1) Per interview with Author, Greg Miller on NPR today: McConnell knew about the Russian Election hacking in what 2015/2016 - CIA Brennan told McConnell. McConnell threatened CIA Brennan if he went public McConnell would retaliate. McConnell is guilty of TREASON!
🔥🚩2) @senatemajldr IS GUILTY OF TREASON! @MichaelAvenatti @FBI @NewYorkFBI @FBIWFO @FBISanFrancisco @PreetBharara @NewYorkStateAG @CREWcrew @JohnBrennan @CIA THE ENTIRE GOP AND TRUMP REGIME KNEW! The Apprentice: Trump, Russia and the Subversion of American Democracy!
🔥🚩3) From two-time Pulitzer Prize–winning Washington Post national security reporter Greg Miller, the truth about Vladimir Putin’s covert attempt to destroy Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump win the presidency, its possible connections to the Trump campaign, Robert
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No longer a NYC resident but watching #nygovdebate tonight. Nixon out swinging at Cuomo, Cuomo out swinging at Trump. Presumably trying to get that #StillWithHer
Cuomo is such a hack.
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Powerful article. For my part, I'm beginning to understand just what the end of Reconstruction looked like -- a national government too contemptuous of democracy to protect it while it was under assault by the states.
And Jim Crow lasted for 70+ years -- in some states, nearly 90 years.
The consequences of all of this are really too terrible to contemplate. And yet here we are.
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Those who have followed me for a long time can vouch for the fact that I remained neutral to positive about Bernie long after many others had taken on more negative views.

And I maintained strong relationships w/ persons most would now call 'Bros' well into the Fall of 2015. 1/
I'd sent small donations to the crank from VT several times over the years. Like many, I found him endearing, especially since so few seemed to take his far-left tilted rhetoric overly seriously.

He was that embarrassing uncle whose heart always seemed in the right place. 2/
And though his criticisms of the Democratic Party were often pointed, it felt as the years went on, like part of his schtick that he didn't know how to let go of. His own Linus's blanket.

I wasn't even put off by his inclusion in the Dem primary at first, for a few reasons. 3/
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#THREAD on @MichelleObama's "any woman who didn't vote for @HillaryClinton voted against their own voice" comment.

2. People like @TomiLahren @secupp & @JudgeJeanine have seized on the comment, calling it sexist...
3. Despite their defense of @realDonaldTrump's "you have to treat women like shit" & pussy grabbing" comments (@secupp not included in that)
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