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1. We all saw the #destruction caused by visible #looting in #SAUnrest & communities are reeling from the impact. But about 1000 times of what it will cost to repair last week’s damage, was “invisibly” looted through #StateCapture & #corruption. Here are some highlights
2. According to @ShadowWorldInv1 the #ArmsDeal of the 1990’s cost SA an estimated R2,2 billion looted to pay bribes and kickbacks. To date nothing has been recovered. Money that could have changed the poor’s lives wasted on #GrandScaleLooting.
3. In 2015 @CompComSA found #construction companies #GroupFive, #WBHO, #BasilRead, Murray&Roberts, #Aveng & #StefanuttiStocks guilty of #colluding when building 2010 FIFA World Cup stadiums. This added R14 billion to construction costs. (Your taxmoney!)
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NÓW @ @OANN the TRUTH abt #CoronaVirus!AGAIN @POTUS=RIGHT!The DAY àfter the Elections the TRUTH wld be told!Dr Brian Tyson,dr George Fareed,MD,#RECOVERED PATIENTS: #HydroxyChloroquine SAFED their lives!100.000 PEOPLE r #DEAD bc #OBSTRUCTION by #FMN & #DEEPSTATE LEFTISTS!SUE THEM!…
Have you been lied 2 4 the last eight months? What u r abt 2 C could change your life. The following documentary was made with the help of doctors and medical scientists, but that won’t stop YouTube, Facebook & all the other tech giants from censoring it.…
They don’t want u 2 know the truth,but that doesn’t matter bc.@OANN=committed 2 exposing the truth wherever we find it. Th= program cld be the most important 28 minutes of ur life &, in fact,it cld even save ur life or the lives of ur FRIENDS & FAMILY
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A year ago I was undergoing tests, years of living with an #eatingdisorder had damaged my reproductive system. I was told it wouldn't be possible to have children naturally, a massive blow. I was given the option of IVF but I had to be in solid recovery. 1/3
I worked hard, tears, anger and a lot of involvement from professionals, I reached my set point maintained and was well. I started the medication to regulate my hormones and my cycle, 5 months of different pills, just before we started IVF we found out we were pregnant.
My eating disorder nearly took away my chance of starting a family. Last night I sat and cried on my husband, overwhelmed that in 7 weeks we are going to be parents.words can not describe how greatful I am for my treatment team @LPFTNHS for helping me reach my long term goal 3/3 Image
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I am so guilty of assuming the worst possible outcome, I often completely overlook the potential of a situation.
ED related example- if I eat this extra snack I may gain weight...... Alternative view, if I eat this extra snack it may aid my recovery and help me reach my goal.
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Life example - if I view my opinion in a meeting everyone will laugh at me....... Alternative view, if I view my opinion in the meeting my idea may help, if not at least I tried. 2/3
When you hear yourself jumping on the negative voice just stop and pause ...... How else could I view a situation. What is the best that could happen instead of assuming the worst and what would I say to a friend in this situation? 3/3
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Hello, I want to share my symptoms of COVID-19 to raise awareness and to make people calm.

I am a 24-year old Filipina who is currently residing in Berlin, Germany.

Last Saturday, I had sore throat (which is usual for me) cause I love sweets and cola. So, I ignored
Sunday afternoon, I had a headache! I knew i would be sick (this is the kind of headache I usually have before having fever). Checked my temp, everything is normal.
Slept early on that day, again another unusual for me cause I usually sleep late. I just couldn't contain the pain.
I woke up midnight feeling so warm! I thought it was just because of the heater in my room. But I could not stand, I was very hot and at the same time cold inside. I could not explain. And my head is hurting! So, i decided to get my thermometer and check my temp. It was 38.1!
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