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1 The current #Ukrainian #ambassador Bill Taylor called #Democratic #Presidential Candidate and former Vice President Joe #Biden a
“MAN Of INTRGRITY,” he had issues w/accepting the job due 2 @RudyGiuliani involvement.

Let’s review the secret #ImpeachmentHoax @realDonaldTrump
2 #HouseIntelligenceCommittee Chairman & #DeepState hack #AdamSchiff wasn’t able 2 get the former top envoy Ukraine Kurt Volker to admit 2 a #QuidProQuo no matter how many leading questions #Schiff asked. Ex-UkraineEnvoyTestifiedHeWas"Never Asked2DoAnything"He ThoughtWasWrong”
3 The exchange between #Schiff and #Volker leaked to the Washington Examiner & published Wed Oct 6 2019 re: the quid pro quo shows the extent to which Schiff was willing to go to get the answer he wanted & was unsuccessful bc he was basically asking the witness to lie.
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F B I Calls Q Anon National Security Threats = 2532 in
English Gematria and 422 in Simple Gematria.
#DeepState doesn't want us to know the truth. Too late, we already know a lot because, of Q and Q+
Thank you #Q & Q+ #POTUS
@realDonaldTrump Time of #POTUS tweet: 7:37 PM · Oct 18, 2019
[8] Delta
#QPosts 737 & 8
7+3+7=17 = Q
1+1+8=10 2+1+9=12 = 1+2 = 3
1 & 3
[13] Illuminati Number
17 Vs 13
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1 to 20. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
21. Israel's regime is the biggest threat to peace in the world 🤨👇🏼…
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Operation Timber Sycamore - How the West funded and trained ISIS terrorists with the objective of overthrowing the Government of Syria. The #DeepState project ultimately phased out by @realDonaldTrump.…
Operation Timber Sycamore - the hidden story of how #DeepState created ISIS - the brainchild of former CIA Gen David Petraeus who is Deep State's pointman in #India involved in #VGSIDDHARTHA suicide, #Kashmir conflict, meddling in Indian elections.…
CIA linked up Qatari & Saudi Secret Services with arms manufacturers in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia with the backing of #NATO which controls arms exports from #Balkans via EUFOR supplying weapons to ISIS for #DeepState's objective to topple Syria.…
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1. We were introduced to Lt. General Paul Nakasone in drop 1268. (1+2+6+8 = 17) He became the new director of the NSA and CyberSpace Command when Adm Mike [R]ogers retired. You will see through this thread, it appears he has also served with @GenFlynn!
2. And, you must read drop #2211 for the introduction of Mr Robert Storch and all the side info that QMap has put together on him. Storch has become a major player as the FIRST presidentially nominated Inspector General of the NSA. His role is VITAL.
3. I think it's interesting how little these two men are mentioned in Q drops and yet, their positions and responsibilities are MASSIVE in this "plan". Perhaps the slight mention was meant to inform us, yet also to avoid overdue exposure?

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Found Lisa @realDonaldTrump…
Did they threaten to TAKE his First Born like the SATNISTS ALWAYS Do
DID the #deepState try to 187 JOBS and DESTROY his name after he found them commiting TREASON back then Serial Brain 2 they SOLD out to CHINA 1.....
Devil in the DETAILS
I have a very weird gray Newton 2K serial adapter! It appears to be exactly the same as the normal black ones, except it is beige/gray and has "TAIWAN N 2" instead of China on the bottom. It has the same part number as the black ones.
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Might be strange to post but I think there’s a deeper meaning. I happened to see this a while back & saved it. This cartoon described a “dead man’s switch” relating to a train & I really never knew the meaning or looked up. 🚅
I also dreamt about a train last night.
2. Besides my crazy dream, This is why I’m posting this about the train. I need to add other comms & decodes that have come in & believe relate too.
💥Pelosi’s “bullet bracelet” which happens to be Orange 🙄😡 which is color code “FF” & so much more.
3. Great 👀 @Txgrown2020 for noticing the inverted Amtrak Texas Lone Star on the train. AND it’s the💥TRINITY LINE💥pulls into the VICTORY station. Aka 🔼 perverted Illuminati #symbolism. Seriously can’t make this up. Note 4:45 = 13 Happens to be another Illuminati important #.
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WOW!! Are we ready?

▶️IG Report due
▶️Size of phonebook
▶️NYPD suicides—silence witnesses😨

IG email investigation (weakest of set).
👇🏽Opened door to: 👇🏽👇🏽
Weiner HRC / Others - crimes against children.
Ref to Huber?
Non public.
CF investigation ongoing.
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#Guardian #UK Seize On Opportunity (#Syria Op) to Bash #Turkey’s President #Erdogan & Advocate for Gov change. This types of meddling by the West has the exact opposite effect on Turks. Don’t they know by now?!- - -…
When Western #MSM, #Soros Media & Neoliberal Think-Tanks come out overtly & meddle with #MiddleEast Countries governments they have the exact opposite effect on the people of these nations. Sometimes I wonder if they “intend” to use reverse psychology for the #Opposite outcome?!
... Because they can’t be that stupid- they surely know the perception that creates & the opposite effect it has. So is this their method to actually support who they say they oppose? Think about it.
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@OfficialDGISPR DG Bahadur, please save this thread in which you and your brilliant Tech-savvy and filthy-mouthed #InternEES will find your admirer the #UTTERIdiot @talaatkhurshid a retired army officer RT'ing a FAKE tweet attributed falsely to the great Kashmiri leader 2/
2/ Janab Syed Ali Geelani. (This FAKE ACCOUNT has earlier tweeted filthy porn!). How utterly and stupidly #MORONIC of a Retired Senior Officer of an Army who's raison d'etre for 70 long years has been Kashmiri freedom from the Indian yoke to bring a Leader of the Hurriyet 3/
3/ Conference into disrepute and disgrace! And YOU surely know why he did it: because some #InternEE/#Youthiya was TOLD to badmouth #ManzoorPashteen and #MaulanaFazlurRehman (who you and the #DEEPSTATE are not very fond of) USING Janab Geelani's FAKE account! You should get to 4/
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CAPTURED: #Zucker giving his #FakeNewsCNN zombies his daily #Propaganda orders to deceive the American public. Big buck$ paid to who'll perpetrate the deception. It is #ExposeCNNDay. So, yes, do #ExposeCNN!! Pass it on.
Thank-you #JeffZucker!!

3. #QAnon #Ghislaine started early working on #CNN networking. #ExposeCNN
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Operation Timber Sycamore - How the West funded and trained #ISIS terrorists with the objective of overthrowing the Government of Syria. The #DeepState project ultimately phased out by @realDonaldTrump.…
Operation Timber Sycamore is a covert operation authorized by Obama to train and equip the anti-Assad rebellion. However the op started way back when CIA was operating via Britain’s MI6 to avoid having to notify Congress that it was arming rebels in Syria.…
In 2012 Obama signed a top-secret executive order authorizing CIA to provide “non-lethal support” to the rebels in Syria aka #ISIS terrorists for the "Assad Must Go" Project.…
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BOMBSHELL: #IlhanOmar 's best friend *MUST LISTEN -
@JackPosobiec The hits just keep on coming! #qanon #DeepState
A Muslim Brotherhood Qatari Agent and he has the paperwork to prove it
Holy shit.
In 1995, Ilhan entered the United States as a fraudulent member of the “Omar” family.
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This is laughable. On 3/19 I reentered Twitter and found Chronic Pain Patients like me and joined the conversation. Ariana Grande sends a list of #CPP's. I of course had to change my profile and then added every single one listed also adding my own story. 'We educate, 5+5+ so on
Then I stay in the lane, only staying on topic of #opioidhysteria. After 5mnths, I am out of the conversation. I followed 720 #CPP's and almost no one followed me back. The thing about #DeepState is that sudden taper and no narcotics is all linked.
So, I start following a certain Political figure and all the lies involved and retweeting. I lose more #CPP followers. Every Single One of the Political I followed, Followed me back. Why? Because they are serious and realize there is a connection back to the Bush Era.
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#HRC tweet 7:11 PM · Oct 11, 2019
7+1+1=9, 10, 11, 12 = 4 DAYS of Blackout in California‼️🔥
44 years = BO?
🔥 cleans very well?
Tomorrow is Oct 12 = Children's Day (Brazil) = Discovery of America by Columbus 1492 = 16 from the 9-16 = 7 days of FIRES?
Capital letters: FHB= 16
Cal =16
Gaga (meaning senile, insane or infatuated), ga-ga and variants in other languages may refer to people…
@realDonaldTrump Time: 7:11 P.M.
Is #HRC referring to the 7-11 stores? Does she giving code messages to Joe DePinto, President and CEO of @7eleven?
"In 1946, the chain's name was changed from "Tote'm" to "7Eleven" to reflect the company's new, extended hours, 7:00 to 11:00, seven days per week."
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The Kurdis Question

Since theres lot of #DeepState propaganda floating around, heres a #thread on the Geopolitical history of the #Kurds and how they have been used again and again as a pawn in the game for larger objectives.

Ever since the US invaded #Syria, the US and #Israel have supported the semi-autonomous #Kurdistan, with Israel purchasing $3.84 billion dollars worth of OIL from them, a move that has geopolitical and economic ramifications for all parties involved.…
In 2015, the Financial Times reported that #Israel had imported as much as 77 percent of its OIL supply from #Kurdistan. The sales were a sign of Iraqi Kurdistan’s growing assertiveness and the further fraying of ties between Erbil and #Baghdad.…
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Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army #TFSA Commanders gathering their forces for the upcoming #OperationPeaceSpring in both Northem #Syria and Northem Aleppo after US #SyriaWithdrawal
Ready to launch #OperationPeaceSpring
#TFSA enroute to the frontlines #OperationPeaceSpring
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Look here👉🏼"Islamist hydra"

Do not look here:
"society of vigilance",goodbye privacy, internal #DeepState, 2030Agenda,etc.

🙄 A script already seen.

#WWG1WGA #QAnon #SheepNoMore #Spygate #GiletsJaunes #8ottobre #DrainTheSwamp…
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#Democrats may appear to have no message, no platform & no viable candidate, but all of that is irrelevant. The Democrats ONLY quest is to destroy our President at any cost. And I do mean ANY. Getting #Hillary back in the White House was merely to give Democrats access again
2/ the government printing presses. America was to finance the entire NWO and the Elites along with it. The #DeepState is an elaborate cover used by BOTH sides of the political aisle. I find it highly ironic the DNC has been exposed, along with Joe Biden, his son, John Kerry and
3/ HIS son, as well as Nancy Pelosi & her son, as beneficiaries of countries like #Ukraine #China & #Iran We have heard stories of different companies funded handsomely in large part using TAXPAYER DOLLARS & at the behest of AMERICAN covert agencies: the CIA, the FBI & NSI;
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#POTUS tweet 7 Oct 2019 - 5:54:13 PM
#POTUS RT the same Video at 11:42:58 PM
Text "TRUMP" to 88022 = 212 &
1st Tweet [5.01] Delta
2nd Tweet [0] Delta
@realDonaldTrump #POTUS as Q+ is communicating with us. He emphasized the Video.
#QPosts 554, 248 Video length, 1142 & 501
[5.01] h Delta
RR problems
@realDonaldTrump Text "TRUMP" to 88022 = 212
Simple Gematria
There Are No Coincidences = 212
They Think They Are Saved But They Are Damned=419
#QPost 212 & 419
Do you believe in coincidences?
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Former AG Jeff Sessions got played by #RodRosenstein. If Judical Watch was able to emails showing Rosenstein in cahoots with Mueller, why aren't Republicans outraged? This is the stuff we need to drain the swamp. Stop listening to the NYTimes and Wapo. They are left leaning.
Sessions didn't know what hit him. Rod was in it for himself. AG Barr threw him a life line on the Russian Collusion hoax. Making him agree with the findings.…
Rod is a traitor at the highest level. A never Trumper I hope he and all the other never Trumpers perish in hell. What they have done to this country with the Democrats and liberal media is unconscionable, and they don't even care. #RussianHoax #Whistleblower #DeepState
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1. Today's 🧵 is for @GenFlynn 🇺🇸🙌⚖️

First and foremost, pray with me patriots that God BLESS this #GreatAmericanHeroGeneralFlynn ✝️🙏🏼

This man has sacrificed EVERYTHING for his country, and he would do it all over again.

Let's take look at why #FreeFlynnNow is important
@GenFlynn 2. Before I continue, HIGHLY recommend @GenFlynn 's book #FieldOfFlight 👌💥🇺🇸

Read between the lines. #DoYourOwnResearch 🤔

This man is a true genius who is integral in this #GreatAwakening 👀👏🇺🇸
@GenFlynn 3. This man was set up. And he didn't commit any crime. As America was under attack by the #DeepState and all these clowns were running their rackets, @GenFlynn knew from the inside out what was going on.
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Or So says the woman who helped create #ISIS, destroyed #Libya, and caused what we see in #Syria Today. #HillaryClinton
#MSM Completely Distorts & Spins the Latest #USA #Trump’s #Syria-#Turkey Move. I’ll explain ...- - - “Analysis: President Trump hands over northern Syria to Turkey”… via @ABC11_WTVD
1- #Syria was #HillaryClinton #Obama State Dep #Libya2 Concoction & Plan. 2- Since his early campaign days #Trump made #SyriaExit goal clearly. 3- #Turkey has been using & abusing #Syria card for threats-bluffs & pressure card in its relation with #USA. To Be Continued ...
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