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Let’s talk about the software developed by #Ukrainian engineers to assist UA against #Russian aggression (Delta, MilChat, etc)
I have been researching this topic, their development cycles, and use in combat; and I want to share with you some findings.
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I would like to make it clear that this reflection comes from #OSINT, and that this thread will not compromise #Ukrainian #OPSEC
There could be interpretation errors (most sources were in Ukrainian, a language I do not speak), so corrections are welcome
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First, it should be noted that none of these tools could be considered a #Wunderwaffe
They will undoubtedly help #Ukraine in its war effort, but having them will not win the war. This software will be an element to be taken into account in combination with others factors
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2. How abt when 19 minutes after @POTUS was inaugurated the #WashingtonPost DECLARED the #IMPEACHMENT CAMPAIGN had STARTED?Was thĂ t when #Trump divided America? Did the ripping up of @POTUS' State of the Union,by #NancyPelosi right in front of the world,bring the country 2gether? Image
3. Remember the DONORS,so SĂšRE Hillary wld WIN,aka #Bloomberg,#TomSteyer,#GeorgeSoros & #MĂ€NY #MĂ“RE INVESTED #MULTIMILLIONS in #Hillary,they were PRĂ“MISED SHĂ“WERS w HĂšGE RETURNS when SHE became PRESIDENT,&THEY LĂ“ST all those MILLIONS,so they wanted TRUMP Ă“UTofthe #WH by any means Image
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NĂ“W @ @OANN the TRUTH abt #CoronaVirus!AGAIN @POTUS=RIGHT!The DAY Ă fter the Elections the TRUTH wld be told!Dr Brian Tyson,dr George Fareed,MD,#RECOVERED PATIENTS: #HydroxyChloroquine SAFED their lives!100.000 PEOPLE r #DEAD bc #OBSTRUCTION by #FMN & #DEEPSTATE LEFTISTS!SUE THEM!…
Have you been lied 2 4 the last eight months? What u r abt 2 C could change your life. The following documentary was made with the help of doctors and medical scientists, but that won’t stop YouTube, Facebook & all the other tech giants from censoring it.…
They don’t want u 2 know the truth,but that doesn’t matter bc.@OANN=committed 2 exposing the truth wherever we find it. Th= program cld be the most important 28 minutes of ur life &, in fact,it cld even save ur life or the lives of ur FRIENDS & FAMILY
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Going through the list of the DOT's Small Community Air Service Development (SCASD) winners for 2018. Begin thread :)
Farmington, NM, #FMN won a grant to support new service to either DEN, LAX, PHX or SLC opb SkyWest Airlines.

The market was historically connected to both #DEN and #PHX into the 2000s. AWA service in 2002:…
La Crosse, WI, #LSE received a grant to add service to an "eastern hub" with backing by SkyWest. Primary target is restoring Delta service to #DTW.
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