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(1/6) Following the disappointing High Court decision for the #A303Stonehenge scheme last week, we’re keen to clarify a few things. Thread to follow: ⬇️
(2/6) This doesn’t mean the #Stonehenge #tunnel is cancelled (as you might have seen on #social media and in the press). The Secretary of State @transportgovuk is currently considering the judgment and the options. #A303Stonehenge #A303
@transportgovuk (3/6) The High Court ruling was not made about the merits of the #Stonehenge #tunnel #scheme itself – but concerned points of law in the way in which the decision was made to grant permission
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Comment réduire l'utilisation du #sable, ressource rare?
➡️modifier les méthodes de #construction et le design
➡️utiliser des matériaux #recyclés
Le Burj Khalifa aurait pu être construit autrement mais le sable aurait été importé
Le sable du désert est (trop) fin et rond, façonné par le vent. Le sable de construction est issu de carrières, du lit des rivières et de plus en plus des fonds marins. Ce sable façonné par l’eau est plus gros, avec une géométrie particulière, choisie en fonction du type de béton
Le sable est un type de granulat dont l’utilisation dans le béton est standardisée, comme pour les autres applications dont les enrobés ou les remblais. En Europe, la norme EN 12620 spécifie les caractéristiques des granulats issus de matériaux naturels, artificiels ou recyclés.
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1. We all saw the #destruction caused by visible #looting in #SAUnrest & communities are reeling from the impact. But about 1000 times of what it will cost to repair last week’s damage, was “invisibly” looted through #StateCapture & #corruption. Here are some highlights
2. According to @ShadowWorldInv1 the #ArmsDeal of the 1990’s cost SA an estimated R2,2 billion looted to pay bribes and kickbacks. To date nothing has been recovered. Money that could have changed the poor’s lives wasted on #GrandScaleLooting.
3. In 2015 @CompComSA found #construction companies #GroupFive, #WBHO, #BasilRead, Murray&Roberts, #Aveng & #StefanuttiStocks guilty of #colluding when building 2010 FIFA World Cup stadiums. This added R14 billion to construction costs. (Your taxmoney!)
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Britain has more job #vacancies than can be filled by the native workforce. That, in a nutshell, is why we need #migrants and millions of them. #Brexit was a con. Watch this 1½-minute video. Read my report on Facebook: LinkedIn:
It's not just vacancies. Britain has more JOBS than Britons to do them. That's why we need millions of migrants. It really is that simple. Why else would the government offer 3 million Hong Kong citizens the right to come to the UK? Leave voters were misled... big time.
Our country has an ageing population, and a low birth rate. So, the truth is that we have to import young people and skilled (and many unskilled) people to do the jobs that we don’t have enough Britons to fill. The government, of course, knows this only too well.
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#CVPR2021 #cvpr2021_cv4aec is Live!
@li_fuxin is opening the 1st "Workshop & Challenge on #ComputerVision in the #BuiltEnvironment for the #Design, #Construction and #Operation of #Buildings"
The winner of the 2D challenge is the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The winner of the 3D challenge is Purdue University

Congrats! #CVPR2021 #cvpr2021_cv4aec
First Keynote talk by Prof. Derek Hoiem @Illinois_Alma @reconstructinc #CVPR2021 #cvpr2021_cv4aec
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Construction output in April 2021 was 2.0% lower than March's recent peak (that was above pre-Covid-19 levels). Comparisons with a year ago are irrelevant given April 2020 was the nadir during the initial lockdown but...
#ukconstruction #construction…
... as a more appropriate reference point construction output in April 2021 was 0.4% lower than in January 2020, pre-Covid-19 so it remains a 'V'-shaped recovery for construction output so far compared with a 'W'-shaped recovery for UK GDP...
#ukconstruction #construction
Looking how the key sectors have evolved since January 2020, pre-Covid-19, there remains a distinct difference between the sectors in which activity is considerably higher than pre-Covid-19 (private housing rm&i & infrastructure), in contrast to...
#ukconstruction #construction
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South Africa’s #unemployment rate increased by 0,1 of a percentage point to 32,6% in Q1:2021 compared to Q4:2020.

Read more here:

#COVID19SA had an impact on data collection of the Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS).

Read more here:

#StatsSA #unemployment #employment
There were about 28 000 fewer people employed in Q1:2021 than Q4:2020.

Read more here:

#StatsSA #unemployment #employment
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Generally speaking #infrastructure is defined as the basic #physical systems of any #business, #region, or that of any #nation... including #transportation systems, #communication #networks, #sewage, #water supply & #electrical #grid systems. #BuildBackBetter #logistics #stimulus
Various types of #infrastructure #construction based projects typically drive the bulk of conversations amongst those of us vested in the arduous process of "progress" moving forward.
#Highway improvement, #street & #road maintenance & #bridge building commonly take center stage.
Mass #transit, #airport & #airways, #municipal #WaterSupply, #waste management along with waste #Water #management,
#power generation & #transmission, #HazardousWaste removal & #storage ALL must be considered while addressing basic underlying societal frameworks. #sustainability
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UK construction employed 2.16 million people in 2021 Q1, which is 14,817 (0.7%) higher than in Q4 but it is still 154,429 (6.7%) lower than in 2019 Q4, pre-Covid-19 & 270,782 (11.2%) lower than the recent peak in 2019 Q1...
#ukconstruction #construction… Image
... & interestingly, male construction employment continued to fall in 2021 Q1 (by 10,717 vs Q4 & 180,237 vs 2019 Q4, pre-Covid-19) & this was offset by a rise in female employment in 2021 Q1 of 25,534 (9.0%) vs Q4 & 25,808 (9.1%) vs 2019 Q4...
#ukconstruction #gender Image
... which, on the plus side means that UK construction employment in 2021 Q1 had its highest proportion of females on record (albeit still a low proportion compared with the population). However...
#ukconstruction #construction #gender Image
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THREAD: Construction output in March 2021 was 5.8% higher than in rain-affected February & 6.0% higher than in March 2020 according to the ONS. Output was also higher than pre-Covid-19 & at its highest level since September 2019...
#ukconstruction… Image
... On a monthly basis, construction output in March 2021 was 5.8% higher than rain-affected February with increases in almost every construction sector & the largest rises public housing (+16.7%), private housing (+9.4%) & private housing rm&i (+7.7%) whilst...
#ukconstruction Image
... on an annual basis, construction output in March 2021 was 6.0% higher than a year earlier although it is worth noting that construction output from 23 March 2020 was affected by the social distancing restrictions during the initial lockdown...
#ukconstruction #construction Image
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THREAD: It is broadly a 'V'-shaped recovery for the construction industry overall so far... Construction output in February 2021 was 1.6% higher than in January 2021.
#ukconstruction #construction…
Construction output in February 2021 rose by 1.6% compared with January as activity picked up after the usual Winter slowdown but growth was affected by persistent rain affecting outdoor site activity so expect significant growth in March as well.
#ukconstruction #construction
Construction output in February 2021 remained 4.3% lower than one year ago (February 2020, the last month before the initial lockdown). Overall, it has broadly been a 'V'-shaped construction recovery but fortunes vary considerably by construction sector.
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Yet again, #Covid19 in #construction misreported @TheBusinessRTE

35 construction outbreaks in last 4 months (while sector mostly closed) of which 18 are currently ongoing & 4 are new construction outbreaks w/e 3 April

Let’s be open about the risks so that we can eliminate them
As with many other sectors, #Covid19 ‘risk’ to construction companies & employers ≠ #COVID19 risk to Ireland from that sector

When sectoral employers say they are “safe” they mean within their specific legal H&S obligations as employers, & this is small part of the full picture
employer H&S responsibilities stop at the gate & generally only extend to their own employees.. not sub-contractors, service providers, ‘bogus’ self employed etc.. or to transport, commuting, shopping, lodgings & other risks to a community that arise from activity in that sector
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'V'-shape recovery for construction so far. Construction output in January 2021 was 0.9% higher than in December 2020 & 3.0% lower than one year earlier (pre-Covid-19) according to @ONS...
#ukconstruction #construction…
... The 0.9% monthly rise in construction activity during January 2021 (was after a 2.9% fall in December &) was mainly driven by growth in public housing repair, maintenance & improvement (cladding remediation), commercial & infrastructure...
#ukconstruction #construction
... & construction output in January 2021 remained 3.0% lower than a year earlier despite activity in repair, maintenance & improvement activity & infrastructure activity that is already above pre-Covid-19 levels already because...
#ukconstruction #construction
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Looking forward to learning more about how #LocalCommunities can help to contribute to the #NetZero transition #OxMartinSchl
Firs @stv_smith opens explaining that the focus of the webinar will focus on the role #communities and #people can play in meeting #NetZero ambitions #OxMartinSchl
First speaker @KayaAxelsson welcomes the fact that, on #InternationalWomensDay, she is part of an all-female expert panel #OxMartinSchl
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Lumber Prices Are Soaring. Why Are Tree Growers Miserable?
Sawmill operators harvest gains while Southern landowners struggle with tree surplus; ‘I’m not making anything’…
Mortgage Companies Want In on the IPO Boom. Investors Aren’t Convinced. 

Initial public offerings for mortgage lenders haven’t worked out the way all the companies were hoping… #realestate #rates #home #housing #credit
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This is the biggest story in World #Sport at the moment

The way the narrative is starting to play out is so reminiscent of the #Trump election - It's a scary template!

Regulated media V's Unregulated Media competing to tell the story 🤯#Boxing #Tribal…
For any #boxing / #sport fan with no previous knowledge of these characters, we should be sceptical of simplistic caricatures that are served up by Online Fans OR stenographers masquerading as journalists!

There's a lot of sh*t out there! 🤳💻

Research & Critical thinking! 🤔
If we accept the @panorama programme #boxingandthemob then we have a situation whereby #OrganisedCrime has not only infiltrated BUT is dominating a Global/Professional Sport!

If that's the case, what's to stop these forces taking over #Football OR other major Sport next?

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Reconstruction of Lisbon 🏛 Architecture

[after the earthquake of 1755]
On a single apocalyptic day in 1755, Lisbon, Portugal, was hit with an earthquake, a tsunami, and destructive fires.
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🇺🇸 #Jobsreport +245k in Nov 👎

- Private +344k
- Goods +55k
- Services +289k
- Gov -99k w/ -93k #Census

- Job loss since Feb: 9.8mn☹️
- Share of #COVID19 loss regained: 56%

- #Unemployment rate: 6.7% (-0.2pt)
- LFP 61.5% (-0.2pt)👎
- Share LT unemployed (>27wks): 37%🚨
The "ok" news was that private payrolls +344k

- #transportation +145k led by +82k couriers!
- professional & biz services +60k
- #healthcare +60k
- #manufacturing +27k
- #construction +27k
The bad news:

- #Retail -35k with losses at brick & mortar stores
- Education -6k
- Restaurants -17k
> this could worsen in the winter given rising #COVID19

- Government employment -99k
- Census -93k
- State employment flat
- Local employment -13k
> Education jobs ⬇️
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Recap in progress... #FinanceMinister

There is strong recovery in economy
Covid cases, fatality rate easing
Stock market capitalization at record high
Forex reserves at $560 bn
Energy consumption see 12% growth in Oct

Note: Only English notes will be provided, no translation😎
GST collections good, Bank credit improves by 5.1%, FDI inflows see 13% rise.
RBI predicts the possibility of a strong recovery by Q3, 1 quarter ahead of expectations.

Moody's revises India GDP forecast for:

CY20 to -8.9% from -9.6% earlier.
CY21 to 8.6% from 8.1% earlier.
Progress of announcements made during #AtmaNirbharBharat 1.0, 2.0

Recap on important ones only😀
- Inter-state portability of ration card achieved, covering 68.6 cr beneficiaries, across 28 states
- 1.5 cr monthly transactions on intra-state portable ration cards
Img: CNBC TV18
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Some recent discussion has prompted me to do a quick thread on some UK road gantries (Disclaimer: Not A Designer). You may have noticed the latest road gantries have different designs and look bigger, & bulkier, than previous designs 1/ #roads #motorway #gantry #construction Image
Pic 1 is of a cantilever MS4 (large square matrix display) gantry, has been around for 10yrs+, it looks very sleek, slender and unobtrusive - contrast to pic 2, also for an MS4, which looks far bigger and bulkier 2/ ImageImage
The main reason is the tech - old 1980s road gantries were designed as accessible - there's a ladder access on the left gantry leg - to allow maintenance. However they didn't really get used except for by trespassers to unfold banners from (Remember the M1 in 2016 anyone?)3/ Image
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The trial into the 2016 construction site death of 21 year old Eric Ndayishimiye resumes today after a 9 month break. I’ll be there. Catch up here:… #yxe #saskatoon #construction Image
It’s time for Banff and Pilosio to mount their defenses, though hints of a blame game already emerged in the trial so far. Here’s a quick who’s who. #yxe #saskatoon Image
The trial is taking place at the Sheraton because COVID. Image
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Some funny goings on in #Liverpool under the stewardship of #JoeAnderson 👀

My current viewpoint might be influenced by some of the TV shows I watched during lockdown #Subura #Gomorrah #GangsOfLondon #LineOfDuty

But, it has a whiff of a Mafia fiefdom🤯…
- Merseyside Police investigating City Council
- Lancashire Police - #OperationSheridan
- Serious Fraud Office, North West Serious Crimes Unit & GMP investigating property scams
- Council finances not being signed off by an auditor for the last 5 years

Something smells fishy🐟👀
Now, I realise it sounds bonkers to link TV shows about the Italian Mafia and how they infiltrate local councils and municipalities - I mean, that wouldn't happen in Lancashire or Merseyside... would it!?

Well, ye. It would...

Have a look 👀…
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📢𝗦𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝗮𝗹𝗲𝗿𝘁!

We are thrilled to announce our new series #Tech4India as part of the #ETI in partnership with #NESTMEA @MEAIndia & @PrinSciAdvOff

Stay tuned for:

🔸Info on key #emerging technologies & sectors 📡🧬🚀⚛️ 🤖

🔸Details on participation in the #ETI Image

Recent advances in 𝗤𝘂𝗮𝗻𝘁𝘂𝗺 𝘁𝗲𝗰𝗵 can bring paradigm shifts in #computing #communication & #cryptography affecting all sectors in the process

Participate in #ETI & help India prepare for the #QuantumRevolution 2.0⚛️


1/2 Image

We encourage people from varied backgrounds to form multidisciplinary teams and send us EoI on innovations like #QuantumComputing #QuantumCommunication & #QuantumNetworks

Selected teams will be invited to prepare a consolidated tech dev & adoption roadmap 4 🇮🇳
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