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Jaykay Enterprises Ltd

Here is a thread on Jaykay Enterprises Ltd, a part of the diversified JK Group

#Multibagger #nseindia
@kuttrapali26 @KommawarSwapnil @caniravkaria @AdeptMarket @drprashantmish6 @stockguruindian @manojgupta1979 #BSE #bseindia #stockmarkets #Jaykay #nifty50
Jaykay Enterprise Ltd is a small-cap company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of construction materials, such as bricks, tiles, and cement.

#constructionindustry #Construction
The company was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Jaykay Enterprise has a market capitalization of ₹1.5 billion and a track record of profitability.

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The Weekly Recap (05.06.23 ~ 10.06.23) 🧵

Missed out anything from a week full of #Macro & #Markets? Don't worry - we got you covered.

Below we share all the updates & opinions threads from last week. Make sure to follow @prometheusmacro for much more.
1. We started the week by sharing updates on the latest #construction data. Overall, we noted that residential construction spending improved recently, that also flowed into our GDP Nowcast and real GDP estimate.

2. Next, we provided an update on the latest readings from our Market Regime Monitor and the latest Prometheus Trend Signals.

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On Construction Data 🧵🏚️

1. The most recent data for April show construction spending increased by 1.24%, with 0.2% and 1.04% coming from residential and nonresidential spending, respectively. Image
2. This data surprised consensus expectations of 0.2% and contributed to an acceleration in the twelve-month trend.
3. For further context, we show the composition of the most change in monthly construction spending. The strongest contributor to construction spending in April was Manufacturing, while the weakest was Religious construction spending: Image
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1/15 *Thread*🧵US Housing Market 2023: An investors outlook🏠

Key trend: Low supply, strong demand. Let's explore why investing in this market cycle could yield strong returns.
#USHousingMarket #RealEstateInvesting #EconomicTrends Image
US added 339,000 jobs in May '23, surpassing predictions of 190,000. Unemployment rate is at a near 50-year low despite being up to 3.7%, above the 3.5% forecast. A robust labor market is fundamental to a thriving housing market.
#JobsReport #Unemployment Image
3/15 Interest rates are rising fast, yet the labor market is holding strong. The strong labor market translates into steady demand for housing, maintaining a positive outlook for property investors.
#InterestRates #LaborMarket
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Unveiling the shocking truth behind #Bihar's notorious nickname, #JungleRaaj. Brace yourself for a riveting thread 👇👇 that delves into the tumultuous history.
#JungleRaaj, the dark legacy of @laluprasadrjd 's 15-year rule in Bihar, where our beloved state Bihar plummeted to the rung bottom of economic and social rankings. Law and order crumbled, kidnappings soared, and gangsters turned politicians thrived.
August 5, 1997, the fateful day when during a hearing, #Patna High Court declared, '#Bihar me sarkar nahi, Bihar me jangal raaj hai.' A moment of truth that exposed a state plagued by lawlessness, where progress was devoured by chaos.
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Hey everyone, let's talk about the business model of #prestigeconstruction! This company is a leading provider of construction and remodeling services for residential and commercial properties.
One key element of Prestige Construction's business model is its focus on providing high-quality, custom solutions for its clients. The company prides itself on its attention to detail and ability to create unique spaces that meet the specific needs and preferences of its clients
Prestige Construction also has a strong emphasis on customer service and communication. The company works closely with its clients throughout the construction process to ensure their satisfaction and keep them informed of progress.
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Certaines personnes, sous couvert d'humour, étalent le fait que manifestement elles ne maîtrisent pas leurs sujets. C'est leur choix. C'est celui de @MaxiBernard_ qui après 1 tacle à @Drmartyufml et son #théorème a eu envie de fêter le succès que représentent pour certains
la fermeture du site Fact & Furious. La liberté d'expression me semble s'arrêter quand des attaques #adhominem sont faites. @TonioDaoust @Acermendax @JulienPain et @arikouts seront dans doute heureux de savoir que vous essayez de faire rire la galerie à leurs dépens & sous pseudo
J'en profite pour poser ce petit réel de #JulienBodroff qui rappelle cette devise importante de la @royalsociety :
C'est l'importance des #preuves et de la #construction #robuste et #conjointe des #théories…
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Explore our Lunova #insurancelocaloptions for "#Commercial Liability Auto & Property Insurance in MA" (Boston, Framingham, Marlboro, Worcester MA), with "business insurance agents at Lunova Insurance":…… #Insurance #BusinessInsurance
Learn #about our independent auto, home, and business owners' insurance agents in Marlborough, #NEAR "Route 20 in Marlborough Massachusetts 01752" with "Lunova Marlborough Insurance Agents" #online for the best free insurance rates:…
"Find our #localMiddlesex County Massachusetts Insurance agency for great "auto, home, and business insurance in Framingham MA", with #our "Lunova Framingham MA Insurance Agents", #online at #LunovaInsurance:… #InsuranceFramingham"
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Importance of Cost Planning Your Building Project.

A Thread 🏛🏗🧵

1. Construction projects are dynamic and continually changing.

✍🏿 You need to be able to anticipate challenges

✍🏿 Identify potential risks, and

✍🏿 Manage costs so you don’t get caught off guard when the unexpected happens.
2. Do it BEFORE ground breaking.

✍🏿 If you’re in the planning stage of a construction project, cost planning will help you set a budget for all project expenses that come with it.

✍🏿 Consider material costs, labor, subcontractor costs, and specialist services like Electricity
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Our Fireseal Class 0 Foam has the highest possible level of fire resistance of any flexible acoustic foam product, making it great for #construction applications amongst many others. Image
Each #Fireseal sheet measures 200cm x 100cm and comes with the option of a self-adhesive backing solution.
Want to know more? Visit our dedicated Class 0 Foam page at GB Foam Direct or get in touch with the team.…

#class0 #firesafety #foam #building
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A long thread on the initial direct & indirect impacts of the chaos in the markets over the past week on UK house building & construction ...
#ukconstruction #construction #ukhousing #housing
It's clearly early days into the government-made chaos in the financial markets but there are some impacts for the UK construction industry that we can identify (albeit quantifying them is a much greater issue)...
#ukconstruction #construction #ukhousing #housing
Firstly, Sterling depreciations mean further rises in construction materials prices, which in July 2022 were already 24% higher than a year ago. Sterling has depreciated 12% since the end of July &...
#ukconstruction #construction #ukhousing #housing
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Thinking about taking a loan for buying a house?
Worried what if the project fails and your money is stuck?

There have been multiple instances of real estate scams but now you help avoid getting into one yourself.

c.c - @dmuthuk @KirtanShahCFP @iam_balaji @abhymurarka
Here's the solution- "APF Code" which is the “Approved Project Financial” Code.

A. A developer is required to have a valid APF code or number for every project.
B. You should always ask your developer about the APF code or number of your project as it is an easy way to check whether the property/project is registered, and approved by Housing Finance company or bank.
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"You can't be serious."
You can't say I didn't tell you...…

Chapter 20, page 365, The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking

@NEOM #NEOM #SaudiArabia #MirrorLine
@NEOM Get up-to-date commentaries on how the cycle is turning, visit:
@NEOM More sign:…

Thanks @PorcoRoss1 for the link you sent.
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Got a ton of #constructionindustry #software product analysis cranking up to help #contractors make sense of the market. Check this stuff out ... lemme know if it seems on target for helping that selection team do due diligence ... Let's start w @SageERP…
And for folks in the #concrete or @asphalt industries, you probably know @CMDALKON ... Here, we look at their successful transition to a modern multi-tenant #SaaS with Connex product.…
This one is a bit close to my heart ... @ecobotapp digitizes and speeds up the process of #wetlands delineations. Feel free to forward this to the #environmental engineers you know.…
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A further rise in UK construction materials prices as expected as the spikes in energy costs & commodity prices continue to feed through after the Ukraine invasion. Materials prices in April 2022 were 25.2% higher than a year ago according to BEIS...
#ukconstruction #construction Image
... & the 25.2% annual increase in UK construction materials prices in April 2022 compares with 24.5% in March & the recent peak of 23.7% in October 2021 (when there were materials availability issues) & it is worth noting that, firstly,...
#ukconstruction #construction Image
... materials prices in April 2022 were not only 25.2% higher than a year ago but prices are now 38.4% higher than in January 2020, pre-pandemic, which affects contractors on fixed-price contracts signed up to over the last few years, secondly...
#ukconstruction #construction Image
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So about 2 weeks ago i was approached by a representative of the @KisumuCountyKE to do a design for their booth for @Africities9 it was such a short notice project but i did a concept which they insisted on because apparently thats how the government works.
After the preliminary concept was done they liked the work and asked me to continue with final renders. Thats when i told i need a show of comitment from your side either a contract or a downpayment.
He kept dodging the story saying he will talk to the @AnyangNyongo
There was so much back and forth so i cut my losses and forfeited the project. Only for them to implement my design concept 100% with no compensation and upon making a claim they denied it yet i have proof from conversations and even the design did.
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[#THREAD] En ce lendemain de la journée internationale des forêts @JIF_France, le conflit opposant certains militants écologistes et les gestionnaires/exploitants forestiers pose une question centrale : la #forêt était elle mieux gérée avant ? 🧐
👇Réponse illustrée
Sous l'ancien régime, la forêt est un espace multifonctionnel. On y prélève du #bois pour la #construction, la #marine, pour se chauffer mais également sous la forme de #charbon de bois pour l'#industrie sidérurgique, très gourmande en combustible.
On retrouve ainsi des massifs de #futaies (arbres de grande taille et de gros diamètre) prélevé entre 80 et 100 ans et des #taillis (bois issus de rejets de souches) exploités à TRES courte rotation, entre 10 et 25 ans, dévitalisant les sols.
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Let’s talk Property and Business

• Residential Zoning
• Business Zoning
• Industrial Zoning

(Thread) 👇🏽
• Introduction

Understanding the business you want to start before buying your property is crucial.

You will need to adhere to regulations and zoning categories.

Let’s take a look at what I mean 👇🏽
Residential Zoning

It consists of 4 categories,

and restrictions on buildings or buildings to be constructed are determined by 3 things.

• Coverage (40% coverage)

• F.A.R ( floor, area, ratio)

• Density
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Abu Simbel أبو سمبل are 2 massive temples cut in sandstone along a cliff in #Egypt. The complex is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Nubian Monuments. The complex was relocated in its entirety in 1968 on an artificial hill. #Archaeology #history #ancientEgypt
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A year ago, we posted this cool video explaining how #3Dprinted homes are better than traditional ones. Still relevant. We now started talking with developers, and they love this value proposition as well
1. Our homes are #sustainable and produced with nearly #zerowaste because we only print what is needed. We even recycle the scraps
2. We offer a turnkey solution which means we take care of all the city permits dealing with contractors through the installation and delivery and anything else needed for your project. So all you'll have to do is sit back and relax
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And here we go...
PART TWO: Visualizing the Accumulation of Human-Made Mass ⚖️🏗️🛠️🧱🔩 (incl. 🧵) #anthropogenicmass #biomass #construction #mining #dataviz #infographics #sciart #datavisualization #visualjournalism #science #scicomm #scienceillustration #anthropocene Infographic/data visualization comparing the total dry weigh
Since 1900, we've been making a LOT of stuff...and it's been piling up. In 2020, the material output of humans on Earth SURPASSED the total (dry) weight of all living things on Earth!
One grim part to this story (there's many 😵‍💫) is that we've now produced double the weight of plastic than the entire Animal Kingdom. Two groups of blocks, representing data, showcasing that the
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Vous connaissez le pont du Gard ? Oui bon ok, mais est ce que vous pensez bien le connaître ? Aller, laissez moi vous parler de ce mastodonte de pierre ! 1/17 ⬇️
Bon déjà commençons par le début, le pont du Gard n’est pas un pont. Enfin oui et non. En réalité il s’agit d’un pont-aqueduc, permettant de fournir les besoins en eau à la ville de Nemausus (Nîmes antique) 2/17
Le pont du Gard c'est aussi un beau bébé de 275m de long pour près de 50 000t, soit plus ou moins les mensurations du Titanic. Ça en fait de la caillasse. Malgré sa taille imposante, il n'est en réalité qu’une toute petite partie d’un aqueduc long d’environ 50 kilomètres. 3/17
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Lee Rowley is the new Construction Minister, making him the 9th Construction Minister in the last 5 years and the UK currently averages 1 construction minister every 7 months...
#ukconstruction #construction
... Looking over the longer-term, Lee Rowley is also the 20th Construction Minister in the last 20 years, averaging 1 every 13 months. The lack of stability in the position is a long-term problem but it has clearly got worse in the last 5 years...
#ukconstruction #construction
... Unfortunately, government views the Construction Minister position as a 'stepping stone' position whereby, if you succeed then you get promoted to a higher-profile position or if you fail you get relegated (back) to the backbenches....
#ukconstruction #construction
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According to the ONS, construction output fell 1.6% in July 2021. It has fallen for 4 consecutive months & is 2.5% lower than in January 2020 although note the ONS appears to have issues estimating private housing output...
#ukconstruction #construction… Image
Looking across the sectors, the main contributors to the 1.6% fall in total construction output in July were private housing (-7.5%) & private housing repair, maintenance & improvement (rm&i) whilst the largest rise was in industrial (warehouses)...
#ukconstruction #construction Image
Looking at the evolution of construction output in the key sectors since Covid-19, infrastructure continues to go from strength to strength whilst industrial is rising sharply from a low base as warehouse projects are finally coming through &...
#ukconstruction #construction Image
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