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If ever there was a villain in America that threatened our democracy from within, it is Trump. Joe McCarthy was a kindergartener compared to Trump. You'd have to go back to the Civil War to find an enemy so intent on destruction of our rule of law and morality.
People don't seem to understand how close he is to having absolute power. This is our opportunity to stop what happened in Germany with the rise of Hitler. Oh, yes, it is that serious.
That is why we can't allow him to stay in office, to continue his insidious scheme to take
away the influence of the voters on policy. He means to rule an oligarchy, where he represents the 1%, without IG oversight, or Congress oversight. And in complete control of the military, should he need to defend his rule against a popular uprising. He tried already, but was
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The pandemic playbook, assembled by a whole host of international experts, specifically says that the Federal Government is responsible for:
- finding emerging novel viruses in China and Africa
- working directly with WHO, UN to coordinate messaging
- working directly in country
of origin to contain the spread of a novel virus
- keeping a stockpile on the ready for use in the emerging country if needed
- keeping a stockpile of all PPE, medical equipment to be distributed directly to States as needed.
- announcing national health emergencies
- anticipating national needs for additional hospital beds, doctors and nurses, etc and to step in with military personnel, equipment if needed
- coordination of national tracing and testing
- working with medical companies to develop vaccines
- providing additional housing
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So, here is another way of looking at this pandemic.
1- If Trump had not demolished the worldwide pandemic team, our experts would have been on the ground in China, when it first was detected. That, right there, would have changed the course of history. It would have been
immediately isolated, testing and tracing would have been started, the world would have been notified, and WHO would have been side by side with the experts.
2- The virus would have been stopped in its tracks, or greatly slowed. The minute person to person transmission
was verified, Wuhan would have been locked down. No flights, not busses, nothing in or out. All infected would have been isolated and traced.
3- Anyone that had traveled from Wuhan to the US would be found and tested, quarantined for 14 days.
4- All health departments in the US
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There is enough reporting from multiple, fact checked writers to sink Trump 100X over. @sarahkendzior @PhilipRucker @CarolLeonnig Bob Woodward, @SethAbramson @TimothyDSnyder Mueller Report, NYT, WaPo, Politico, Vanity Fair, Rolling stone @businessinsider @MotherJones @RawStory
Atlantic Magazine, New Yorker, the Guardian, US News, AOL, NPR, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, AP, CREW, LAWFARE and on and on. THERE IS NO REASON NOT TO #ImpeachTrump for a deep barrel of crimes.
In my mind, his most recent attempt to command the military to DOMINATE the protesters
is the most disturbing, in that he was, in fact, marshalling the US Armed Forced against our own people. THAT. IS. EXACTLY. WHAT. HITLER. DID. On his final sweep to power. He eliminated dissent by raining terror down on people, savagely beating and even killing, with no
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This is the most disconcerting article I have ever read about Trump. He is intent on destroying America as we know it. I implore the leaders of progressive America to read this closely, and respond in the strongest manner possible. @SteveSchmidtSES @glennkirschner2 have been
the most vocal in their concern for the rule of law and survival of our democracy. This article is a no holds barred, brutal assessment of Trump's end game. And it should shock America to its core. I am a simple man, greatly concerned for the nation I love, but have not the
sophistication or intellect to suggest the way forward. All I can say is that we face an existential crisis. We are teetering on the edge of a dictatorship. Trump intends to eliminate any checks on his power, and is supported in that effort by a willing AG, a supplicant Senate
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To #ImpeachTrump in the middle of a national crisis would be outrageous! Witch Hunt! That is what GOP would scream.
I say to choose NOT to impeach Trump, in a crisis that he continues to make much worse, would be an outrageous betrayal of the American people. He will only get
more destructive, more tyrannical, more delusional. Chant: IMPEACH TRUMP AGAIN! Let it rip! He has shown depraved indifference to human suffering and the slaughter of 90,000 of his own people. That is first degree manslaughter, if not murder. He continues to promote unproven
cures, tells us that a vaccine will be ready this year, he wants to force people to go back to work that will cause the needless death of thousands more. That is another crime. First degree reckless endangerment or criminally negligent homicide. THESE ARE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.
Read 16 tweets… The Four Men Responsible For America’s COVID-19 Test Disaster
The White House’s inability to track the disease as it spread across the nation crippled the government’s response and led to the worst disaster this country has faced in nearly a century
Remember, since at least December, the virus was actively spreading in the US, WHO declared a public health emergency of international concern on January 30th. This quote is from Feb 29th.
Yeah, this. If shut down on March 2nd.....
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@SteveSchmidtSES @gtconway3d @HouseDemocrats @RepAdamSchiff @RepJerryNadler Is the House just going to sit by and watch the GOP stir up a controversy, while you do nothing to #impeachTrump for the needless slaughter of 82,000 innocent souls? You cannot allow them to take over
the narrative. To control the media storm. You were hesitant to impeach for the Mueller Report, when you absolutely had Trump dead to rights, and chose a phone call instead. PLEASE DO NOT LOSE THIS OPPORTUNITY. The timing is perfect, the outrage is palpable. America will rally
round the cause. The majority anyway. They seek to distract and destroy the Mueller Report premise, and drag Obama and company into the mud. DON'T LET THEM GET THE UPPER HAND! Take the battle to them. Offense, not defense. This will be a battle royale. But, you have all the cards
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#ImpeachBarr for obstruction of justice. Check this out. Start at Mike Flynn receives a text. This is all in the final Mueller Report. No question of guilt, but more than that - obstruction of justice by Trump - BIG TIME. #ImpeachTrump #ImpeachTrumpAgain…
Some excerpts:
Kill the story, lie about it.
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#Democrats #NeverTrump #ImpeachTrump #TrumpRussia #NotMyPresident #VoteBlue #Resist #FuckTrump #Patriots

1. This thread is for YOU. Consider reading if you want to EASILY understand why there is unprecedented, worldwide, mass confinement and quarantine going on around the world.
2. Since JFK's death in 1963 there has been a massive, hidden criminal conspiracy running our world.

Many world's leaders have been compromised to do the bidding of the ultra-rich and ruling class. We are ALL but mere pawns in their game of #Monopoly.
3. Consider using this free time you have to educate yourself on WHO the criminals we are fighting really are by watching this fascinating documentary that exposes their satanic plan to rule over us... #EverythingIsARichMansTrick!

@RichMansTrick ----->
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@RudyGiuliani 1/“It began small. In 1973, one year after Joe Biden was elected to the Senate at age 29, James Biden opened the nightclub Seasons Change with what Politico, referencing contemporaneous local reporting in Delaware, called “unusually generous bank loans.” @newyorkpost @JoeBiden
@RudyGiuliani @newyorkpost @JoeBiden 2/When James ran into trouble, Joe, as a senator, later complained that the bank shouldn’t have loaned James the money. “What I’d like to know,” Biden told the News Journal in 1977, “is how the guy in charge of loans let it get this far.”
@RudyGiuliani @newyorkpost @JoeBiden 3/ “The paper investigated, and sources at the bank said that the loan was made because James was Joe’s brother.”
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Flatlined polls.
Senate acquittal.
Trump absolved of his worst crimes.
Trump accomplices home free.

Yes, #Schiff is smart and eloquent. But this sham process shows why establishment Dems keep losing.

A new CNN poll showing 51% want Trump removed got lots of buzz.

But “REMOVE” was at 52% in Oct. 2019 (Gallup).

50% in Dec. 2019 (Fox)

52% in Dec. 2019 (Politico/Morning Consult).

And Gallup and Politico dropped to 46% and 47% in January.

The last surviving Nuremberg prosecutor called Trump and Miller’s policy of kidnapping migrant children a “crime against humanity."

But Pelosi last year called it a “difference of opinion.”

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Quite awhile back the social media guru #ThomasWictor did a beautiful thread on this and I can’t possibly do it justice, but it’s worth mentioning.
So what is a Judas goat?
It’s a goat that is trained to become part of...
2/17 A flock of other animals, but with a difference.
It’s a dominant animal and becomes the leader of the flock.
The Sheep will follow this #JudasGoat wherever it goes.
When it comes time for the sheep to be slaughtered the goat will lead them down the chute and as they
3/17 get to the slaughter chute, the Judas Goat takes another door.
The sheep think they sre still following him but it’s too late... their fate is sealed.
So why am I talking about this?
I’m not laying any claim to know anything, just an observation.
#Think have the..
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1/11 PEASANTS‼️😊
I saw a #Poll, & the Question was “if HRC, BHO, SOROS, Comey et al don’t go to prison...will you still vote for @realDonaldTrump?”
My answer is YES, but I did see someone comment he’s leaning hard “No”. #MAGA ?
If that’s you then listen...#Think
2/11 ..if @realDonaldTrump
Had the power to lock them up we’d no longer live in a #ConstitutionalRepublic,We’d live in @SpeakerPelosi’s vision...A NANA REPUBLIC!🍌
Hate to burst your bubble but I have to state Phacts, and as hard as it is I live in reality.
3/11 The law & the constitution states @realDonaldTrump is the head of the #Executive Branch.
While he’s in charge of a lot of different things I’m going to skip ahead to the law part.
He is “required“ to enforce and obey all federal laws.
Can he have someone Arrested? YES
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From #abetterdeal to #forthepeople to #ImpeachTrump
@SpeakerPelosi and @SenSchumer have utterly FAILED the People. Only @realDonaldTrump has come through with #PromisesMadePromisesKept ❗️

THE LIE Launched March 2018 Better Deal
@SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @realDonaldTrump 2)
#abetterdeal promised to fix our Infrastructure
But remember @SpeakerPelosi & @SenSchumer walked out of May 22, 2019 meeting with @realDonaldTrump
@SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @realDonaldTrump 3)
#abetterdeal promised to lower Prescription Drug costs.
Did @SpeakerPelosi & @SenSchumer do it?

NO... It's @realDonaldTrump again 😊

Trump Administration takes historic steps to lower U.S. prescription drug prices December 18, 2019…
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1/4🎶 So, this is #Resistance And what has it done?
Another year over and @realDonaldTrump still won. 🎵
And so this is Resistance
I hope you have fun...pelosi’s a NUT JOB, & #ImpeachTrump is dumb!
A very merry Resistance And a crappy New Year... 🎵

#Trump2020 #LeadRight
2/4🎵I hope it was worth it
When the elections are here! (You gonna lose so big!).
And so this is #Resistance
A weak plan from the start.. what the hell were you thinking?
Donald Trump is too smart &
The the Dems are so wrong
And so happy Resistance...🎶
#WWG1WGA #Trump
3/4🎵dividing blacks and whites...not the yellow and red ones
...Their skin color ain’t Right!
A very merry #resistance
And a crappy Year!
it’s gonna be a good one...for a another Trump White House Run! (#Trump2020 is done)
And so this is Resistance & what has it done?
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Today we need to ask how anyone could defend Trump after all he's done! Clearly, Republicans would impeach a Democrat who did far less(see Bill Clinton)

#ResignTrump #ImpeachmentDay #impeachment
He's extorted Ukraine with taxpayer money!
#impeach #ImpeachTheMF #impeachTrump
#AdamSchiff is a national treasure! He lays out the case for the Constitution perfectly!
#ImpeachAndRemove Trump because he will do it again! Call the Senate every day! 202-224-3121 or Please Call Congress @ 202-224-3121 or text resist to 50409 to fax them.
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While we wait for the vote in the US House of Representatives on Articles of Impeachment against Donald J. Trump, I think it is worth taking some time to remember all the hard work that got us to this historic moment. A personal journey of 2019.... #ImpeachmentDay
Accountability began with the #BlueWave2018 in November 2018, where people all over the country said ENOUGH! Voters turned out in massive numbers to give a majority to the @HouseDemocrats. This was no fluke, but a MASSIVE effort by citizens all over America.
Then the real crazy started, with new offenses every day and a long gov't shutdown driven by Trump's racism and spite. It is here where Trump made his first major attempt to take away the power of the purse away from Congress with his #FakeNationalEmergency.
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"The president is an ongoing threat to our national security." - #Pelosi

Then why give him a massive military budget + space force?

Why give him a Patriot Act extension?

Why announce his trade deal on the same day as #impeachment articles?…


Why have Pelosi and the Democratic leadership and the mainstream media NORMALIZED TRUMP?


Even after he tortured children at the border.

Why has the political establishment helped bolster Trump?

And why #impeachment-lite instead of throwing the book at him?


✖️ Impeach Trump for child torture
✖️ Impeach Trump for emoluments
✖️ Impeach Trump for obstruction
✖️ Impeach Trump for violent incitement
✖️ Arrest subpoena-defiers
✖️ Impeach Barr
✖️ Impeach Kavanaugh

✔️#ImpeachTrump for Ukraine
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🧵 Live-thread. Impeachment of Donald John Trump. December 18, 2019. The House is voting now on a Republican motion to adjourn in protest of impeachment. Vote will take around fifteen minutes.

While we wait, for a frame of reference, let's recall that the impeachment trial in the Senate for William Jefferson Clinton began on December 19, 1998. The vote to acquit was announced on February 12, 1999.

While we are waiting, responding to the President's tweets here:

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🚨OCTOBER: @KyivPost published this guide of @realDonaldTrump’s #Ukrainegate co-conspirators.

NOW: @RudyGiuliani is in #Ukraine conspiring with members of this “Shady Cast of Characters” as part of a corrupt effort to enlist a foreign country’s help to influence our election.🤬
Exhibit A: Rudy Giuliani met with KBG-trained, pro-#Russia🇷🇺Ukrainian, Andriy Derkach, as part of his corrupt scheme to manufacture dirt to discredit the #ImpeachmentInquiry and smear a political rival.🤬

#Ukrainegate #ImpeachTrump
Exhibit B: Rudy Giuliani met with Andrii Telizhenko, another member of the #Ukrainegate “Shady Cast of Characters.”

And they are brazenly tweeting about it.🤬

#Ukrainegate #ImpeachTrump
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⚠ Thread | Republican Party Platform: Socialism for the wealthy. Biblical capitalism for everyone else.
Nearly 700,000 will lose food stamps with USDA work requirement change

🔗 #ImpeachTrump #Resist #Trump #GOPTaxScam
Welfare for the rich? A $1.9 Trillion tax cut giveaway.

Fun fact: In 2018, 60 Fortune 500 companies paid no taxes on a total of $79 billion of profits.

Welfare for the poor? 2 Thessalonians 3:10

#Evangelicals #Republicans #ImpeachTrump #Trump #Resist #Bible #GOPTaxScam
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