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I don't know about you, but we’re tracking 22 active lawsuits about new voter suppression bills passed so far this year. And it feels like a perfect morning to take a look at the cases and what laws they're challenging👇🧵
🐗In Arkansas, @lwvarkansas is suing over 4 new laws: #Act736, #Act973, #Act249 and #Act728. The laws require signature matching on mail ballots, cuts the time frame to return an absentee ballot, enforces stricter ID rules and bans line warming.…
☀️Over in Florida, 4 lawsuits are challenging #SB90.

In the first lawsuit, @LWVFlorida, @BlackVotersMtr, @LULAC and @ActiveRetirees claim that the restrictions on drop boxes, mail voting, line warming and more in #SB90 violate the 1st and 14th Amendments.…
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⚖️There are now 4 lawsuits against voter suppression bill #SB90 in Florida.

Find out who's involved in the fight to protect the right to vote in the Sunshine State⤵️☀️🧵
The first lawsuit was from
@LWVFlorida, @BlackVotersMtr, & @ActiveRetirees who claim that #SB90 violates the 1st and 14th Amendments.

"#SB90 is a bill that purports to solve problems that do not exist, caters to a dangerous lie about the 2020 election..."…
@NAACP_LDF, @DisabilityRtsFL, & @CommonCause filed the second suit on the grounds that #SB90 violates the VRA, ADA, and the 1st & 14th Amendments.

"#SB90’s curtailment of... VBM removes an important option for vulnerable voters with no legitimate purpose."…
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Less than an hour after its passage by the Arizona State Senate, Governor @DougDucey rushed to sign SB 1485, a devastating anti-voter bill which could remove over 125,000 voters--more than 30,000 of whom are Latino--from Arizona’s highly popular Permanent Early Voting List. (1/6)
The newly-signed #SB1485 is one of over 400 proposed anti-voter bills across the country stemming from an election cycle with historical turnout of Black, brown, and young voters. (2/6)
These actions are a direct and wide-ranging assault on democracy that spans across 48 states from Arizona to New Hampshire, and from Michigan to Texas to Georgia, and demands a response from all stakeholders in America. Silence cannot be an option. (3/6)
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Breaking: Ron DeSantis signs Georgia-style voter suppression bill #SB90 restricting mail ballot drop boxes, making it harder to vote by mail, criminalizing giving food/water to voters in line & expanding partisan challenges to vote counting. Only Fox was allowed to cover signing
It’s extremely telling that DeSantis claims new Florida voter suppression law intended to boost “election integrity” but barred all media except Fox News from covering bill signing. It was a Fox & Friends “exclusive”
DeSantis called Florida a model for election integrity but just signed new bill rolling back voting access after 680,000 more Dems than Rs voted by mail & Black share of mail voting doubled in 2020…
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Breaking: Florida legislature passes Georgia-style voter suppression bill #SB90 criminalizing giving food/water to voters in line, restricting mail ballot drop boxes, making it harder to vote by mail & expanding partisan challenges to vote counting…
For two decades GOP cited Florida as model for mail voting. Now they’re rolling back voting access after 680,000 more Dems voted by mail in 2020 & Black share of mail voting doubled. Republicans changing rules the minute they don’t advantage them
Most ridiculous part of new FL voter suppression bill: instead of being available 24/7 every mail ballot drop box must be staffed by an election worker at all times & election officials will be fined $25,000 if they don’t comply. Absurdly punitive
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Breaking: Florida Senate just passed Georgia-style voter suppression bill #SB90 criminalizing giving food and water to voters in line, severely restricting mail ballot drop boxes & making it harder to vote by mail
FL Senate GOP bill limits drop boxes, bans food/water to voters, adds new ID requirement for mail ballots & makes them harder to get, gives more power to partisan poll watchers

It passed on Confederate Memorial Day in Florida. You can't make this up…
Only reason Florida Republicans undermining mail voting, even though Trump & DeSantis used & praised it, is because more Dems than Republicans voted by mail for first time in Nov

Instead of appealing to more voters they want fewer people to vote
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