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Alle Popsender sind blaugelb!
Soeben lief mein Lieblingsmoderator Werner Reinke im Hessischen Rundfunk. Er hatte - wie andere Popstars & Sender - auch eine Spendenaktion unter ukrainischer Flagge ins Leben gerufen.
Erst spielte er dazu von Bob Dylan „You Masters of War“ - natürlich gegen den Weltverwüster #Putin. Dann lief Hannes #Wader mit „Schon so lang“, weil im Text auch das Wort „Krieg“ vorkommt.
Als Hannes dies zum 1.Mal gesungen hatte, war er Mitglied der Deutschen Kommunistischen Partei und in den meisten Popkanälen als nichtsendbar (Staatsfeind) gelistet. (Er hatte das Lied gemacht auf dem Hintergrund des Napalms auf Vietnam und anderer Kriege des US-Imperialismus.)
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Lots of questions going around about whether it is too late to pass federal redistricting reforms for this decade with redistricting data coming out tomorrow. Short answer: It is not. Longer answer in this thread 🧵 #fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 1/
Longer answer: It’s not too late, *but* states are going to start drawing and passing maps in a matter of weeks and to have optimal effect reforms would be in place before that happens. So the clock is ticking. #fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 2/
The longer Congress waits, the less robust reforms risk being. For example, right now, the bill has strong transparency & public participation requirements and mandates that states release an analysis of maps before they are voted on. #fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 3/
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The IPCC news this morning should surprise no one. I am scared, and angry. But I refuse to give up. You can't give up either. We're all in this together.

But first, we've got to be honest about the facts, and clear-eyed about how and why have failed thus far. Thread:
1/ In my adult lifetime, we have gone from global political consensuses to address planet-level risks (the Montreal protocol / ozone depletion) to politicization and obfuscation of climate change to hoping the next election will change things to "oops it's too late."
2/ There is only one uncertainty. And it's on us.…
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With another cycle of redistricting just a couple of weeks away, no voting reform is more urgent or time sensitive than fixing the broken redistricting process. My op-ed 👇#fairmaps #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople…
In short, you can’t “out organize” gerrymandering. In 2012 in PA, Democrats got 51% of the congressional vote but won just 5 of 18 seats. The map was so gerrymandered that even if Ds won 56% of the vote, they would have won only 6 of 18 seats. #fairmaps 2/
Contrast that to the pre-2011 map. Then Democrats won 11 of 19 seats with 56% of the statewide vote. (Or put another way, 58% of seats for 56% of the vote compared with 33% of seats for the same 56% of the vote under the gerrymandered 2011 map). #fairmaps 3/
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A congressional oversight panel is hearing from Texas House Democrats in DC about GOP voting legislation in the state this AM. Also testifying is one of the House Republicans, @travisfortexas. Watch live here: #txlege
Looks like some of the Republicans in the Texas congressional delegation not on the panel are sitting in on the hearing on Texas voting legislation. #txlege
Chairman @RepRaskin opens the hearing referencing the provisions that suppress the vote in different versions of TX voting legislation, incl. the one limiting Sunday voting in #SB7. He also talks about Toth's bill to audit the 2020 election in the biggest 13 counties. #txlege
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Voting Rights: The Constitutional Option

#HR1 #SB1 #ForThePeopleAct #VotingRightsAct

by @Thom_Hartmann

@SenSchumer @SenWhitehouse @SenWarren

1/Since 1917, the Senate has drilled several holes in the filibuster. It’s time to drill another.
2/Anything that can permanently block the Senate from doing constitutionally-mandated business is in violation of the spirit, if not the text, of the Constitution itself.
3/The filibuster was made possible by a senate rule change in 1806. It did not actually get used as a serious way to block debate on legislation until 1837. From then until 1917, it was mostly used to block discussion of civil rights legislation.
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America did not truly become a liberal democracy until 1965 with the passage of the Voting Rights Act. It's the most important civil rights law in U.S. history, & the Roberts Court has tried to dismantle it for many years (with Roberts himself spending his whole career on it)
While not the worst-case scenario, SCOTUS just delivered a major blow to the VRA by making it harder to strike down voting laws with discriminatory effects on voters of color.

Proving racist intent is often impossible, which is why banning racist effects has been so effective
Your reminder that a majority of 5 GOP Supreme Court justices were confirmed by Senates where the Dem minority represented more people & had won more votes than the GOP majority, with 3 of those justices appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote…
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Watching GOP Senators talk today about federalizing state elections is completely head spinning - because, of course, the federal government has *long* set election rules and standards. #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 1/
The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is an obvious example. But more recently, UOCAVA (1986), National Voter Registration Act (1993), the Help America Vote Act (2002) - the first and last of which were signed into law by Republican presidents. #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 2/
In some cases, these federal laws forced states to change longstanding practices. The Help America Vote Act, for example, required states to have a chief election officer - something many states did not have at the time. #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople 3/
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And voting on the motion to proceed to debate on the For the People Act (S.2093, formerly S.1) has begun. #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople
And, as expected, the motion to proceed on the For the People Act fails 50-50 on a party line basis. #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople
Now on to a summer of negotiating, action, pressure. #S1 #HR1 #ForThePeople
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The #ForThePeopleAct is “a baseline standard of voting access for all Americans” which is “critical right now,” @DanWeiner329 said on @CNNnewsroom ahead of a Senate vote on the bill later today.
“Everyone should have a reasonable opportunity to cast their ballot, and that’s what this bill does,” @DanWeiner329 said on @CNNnewsroom.
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We need to pass the #ForThePeopleAct.

Learn how you can get involved in the fight to protect voting rights with #S1/#HR1 ⤵️🧵
📞Commit to @fairfightaction's #HotCallSummer and call your senators every day to demand they pass the #ForThePeopleAct. ☎️: 888-453-3211
👯Join @WhenWeAllVote for #CallsForThePeople. Call your senators TOMORROW (6/18) and tell them to support the #ForThePeopleAct. Then ask 3 friends to do the same! Friends don't let friends fight voter suppression alone.
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Potentially huge news for efforts to strengthen democracy!

The For the People Act would enact the most significant voting access expansions since the 1965 Voting Rights Act, ban congressional gerrymandering, & adopt new campaign finance/ethics regulations…
Of course, if Manchin still won't curb the filibuster in some way to let Dems overcome GOP obstruction, this won't matter much, but the necessary first step toward setting up a filibuster showdown is to secure majority support & thus Manchin's vote on the bill itself
The reports of the death of the For the People Act (#HR1/#S1) at the hands of Dem Sen. Joe Manchin have been premature
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New polling by @MorePerfectUS and @DataProgress:

- Voters support the #ForThePeopleAct by a 32-point margin
- Voters support the #PROAct by a 16-point margin
- Support for these bills *increase* as voters learn more about the policy specifics…
The PRO Act would overhaul existing labor law and expand workers’ rights to form a union, so that more workers could collectively bargain for better wages and working conditions.

After hearing a brief summary of the bill, likely voters supported it 53% to 37%.
We then asked likely voters about 13 labor reforms included in the PRO Act. Pluralities supported 12 of the 13.

By a ~40-point margin, voters backed provisions to reinstate illegally fired workers, block immigration status discrimination, & prevent worker misclassification.
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Mississippi is 40% Black state & must have a majority-minority congressional district to be in compliance with the VRA.

But instead of a 55% or 60% Black district, Republicans drew a 67% Black district (the 2nd CD).

1st CD: 29% Black
3rd CD: 35% Black
4th CD: 24% Black ImageImage
Drawing the maps this way helps ensure that white Republicans have 3 safe districts and Democrats have one safe district.

A 55-60% Black district could've resulted in a relatively safe Dem seat but also another competitive district.
Rep. Bennie Thompson of the 67% Black 2nd congressional district was the only Democrat to vote AGAINST the For The People Act #HR1, apparently because of it threatened the existence of such heavily racially packed districts as his.…
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New from @BrennanCenter: At least 14 states have passed 22 laws this year that make it harder for Americans to vote.…
And it's likely to get worse - roughly a third of legislatures are still in session this year and more than 60 bills with restrictive provisions are advancing in 18 states.
The need for federal reform has never been clearer. The For the People Act would block many of these restrictions for federal elections. #ForThePeopleAct #HR1…
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Swap the party labels, and this headline/description could have run in 1890-1, when Congress almost passed the Lodge Election Bill.

Designed to protect black voters in the South, it narrowly passed the US House but stalled in the Senate.…
Some Republicans had other priorities and feared electoral fallout.

Senate Democrats filibustered. Key GOP Senators defected, sealing defeat.

A wave of constitutional disfranchisement followed in the South. American democracy didn't recover for decades.…
To be clear on a few things:

1. No, the current crop of voter suppression laws don’t threaten the kind of wholesale disfranchisement that Black Americans suffered at peak Jim Crow.

But they’re enough to swing key states, and success likely begets more attempts.
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Rather than using the slimmest majority in modern history to enact bills that would fix problems in our election system, Democrats seem maniacally focused on making sure they maintain power.

#HR1 is a straight up power grab. #electionintegrity…
Many solutions that until recently had bipartisan support as set forth by the Carter-Baker Commission have been set aflame by the Democrats drunk with power and beholden to the radical left.
#HR1 would codify many of the very problems America experienced in 2020 & leaves the door wide open to election fraud. Instead of bringing America together, this bill would pull us further apart as elections would become more politicized, as Dems use #SB1 to secure lasting power.
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Don’t believe disinformation you read about #HR1 (a/k/a the #ForThePeopleAct or #S1). Here are answers to some of the most common myths floating out there.…
No, #HR1 is not a “partisan power grab.” Key provisions like automatic voter registration, early voting and redistricting reform are based on policies Republicans overwhelmingly support at the state level, and under which they have done very well electorally.
It’s not a “federal takeover” of elections either. State and local officials will continue to run elections. #HR1 simply sets a federal floor for voting access, as Congress is explicitly permitted to do under the Constitution and has done many times before.
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The secret Heritage video exposed by @ariberman makes abundantly clear what we’ve known all along: despite what Brian Kemp, Barry Fleming, and GOP officials across the country have said, #SB202 and other anti-voting bills are part of a nationwide GOP-led attack on voting rights.
This attack has been engineered by the far-right Heritage Foundation to disenfranchise voters of color in response to the Big Lie surrounding the 2020 election.
Heritage is, at this very moment, conspiring with Republican state legislators in states like Texas, where voter suppressors are finalizing bills behind closed doors.
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Less than an hour after its passage by the Arizona State Senate, Governor @DougDucey rushed to sign SB 1485, a devastating anti-voter bill which could remove over 125,000 voters--more than 30,000 of whom are Latino--from Arizona’s highly popular Permanent Early Voting List. (1/6)
The newly-signed #SB1485 is one of over 400 proposed anti-voter bills across the country stemming from an election cycle with historical turnout of Black, brown, and young voters. (2/6)
These actions are a direct and wide-ranging assault on democracy that spans across 48 states from Arizona to New Hampshire, and from Michigan to Texas to Georgia, and demands a response from all stakeholders in America. Silence cannot be an option. (3/6)
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Terrible news for American democracy: Joe Manchin becomes the first Senate Democrat to come out against the #DCstatehood bill, ensuring that 700,000 citizens remain disenfranchised & increasing the likelihood of a return to GOP Senate minority rule…
Because of how the states were drawn & malapportioned, the Senate imposes a huge penalty against Black, urban, & Dem voters like those in D.C. The GOP has run the Senate most of the time since the late 1990s despite never winning more votes than Dems once
Dems represent >56% of the U.S. population despite holding just half the Senate seats. We're stuck in a democratic doom loop where our lack of fair elections makes it impossible to make elections fairer. Manchin's vote wouldn't be needed if the Senate didn't already penalize Dems
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In your #Oscars acceptance speech, and on the carpet, don’t forget that you’ll be on the biggest stage in the WORLD. 🌎

Make sure you say something that matters: tell everyone about how the #ForThePeopleAct would protect voting rights across America. 🗳

What will #ForThePeopleAct also known as #HR1 do?

💪 Make voting accessible in all 50 states
💪 Prevent billionaires from buying our elections
💪 Ensure Congressional districts are drawn fairly
What can you do to help pass the #ForThePeopleAct?

Make a call to your Senators (script below) A U.S. Capitol Switchboard operator can connect you directly with your Senators’ office. (202) 224-3121
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1. "Yesterday was such a frustrating day that by evening I had to go to bed with chest pains..."

Thread. What is a #Hybrid #VotingMachine & Why Do I Care?…
#SMARTelections #ElectionProtection
2. "It started out a good day. The day before I celebrated my 14th anniversary with my husband. The cherry blossom tree we planted in the backyard was exploding in pink taffy balls, and the smell of the lilies he got me floated through the living room as I walked to my desk."
3. "From there it went downhill pretty quickly ... For the last 2 years, I have been trying to protect New York voters, and voters across the country from a particularly “bad” type of voting machine known as a “hybrid”.

What is a “hybrid” voting machine?"
#Hacking #Voting
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Title III — Election Security

This title aims to improve the security of U.S. election infrastructure to counter the threat of foreign interference.

#PassFTPA #HR1
#FreedomToVote #DemCast
• Establishes new grants to fund election security upgrades
• be owned & controlled by citizens or permanent residents of the US
•report cybersecurity incidents of goods & services provided to the EAC & DHS

#ElectionSecurity #FreedomToVote
Part 2 — Grants for Risk-Limiting Audits of Results of Elections

🔥 Conducts risk audits 🔥

• election officials manually recount a sufficient number of

💥->paper ballots<-💥

to ensure with a high level of statistical probability, the electronic tally's accurate.
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