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I’ve long said a privilege of spending time with older people is hearing about their lives, these autobiographical stories can transform ones perception of an individual from frailty to one of admiration & awe -#BlackHistoryMonth has reminded me of such an encounter @nhs
Over a period of several years I got to know a couple who would visit my pharmacy, we would talk and chat about the usual pleasantries, until one day the husband let slip about his ‘thing on’ at the Victoria and Albert Museum. I was then presented with a copy of ‘their book’ #BHM
Modest by nature, I had to press hard for fascinating details of a whole lifetime of activism and campaigning now deposited in archives #BHM2019…
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I thought #BlackHistoryMonth (Europe) would be a great opportunity to make a video about 2 cardiac surgery stories that I love. Behind the blockbusting first Tetralogy operation & the first heart transplant were black men working in deeply racist times.
Followers/readers of @FredWuMD & @thomasngmorris will know these well. Hamilton Naki left school at 14 and worked as a gardener in Cape Town but ended up performing heart & liver transplants on dogs and is credited with devising the heterotopic heart transplant
Vivien Thomas saw the Great Depression dash his hopes of medical school so took a job as Alfred Blalock's lab assistant and proved himself a gifted and innovative surgeon, instrumental in achieving the first successful operation for 'Blue Baby Syndrome'
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[Day5: Communicating the Dark Side of #Science]
Let's get to the nitty gritty, intersectional #STEM issues today.

What are your thoughts on #SciComm around the complex, messy, imperfect scientific process & the dark history of Science?
MUST READ Examples: dealing w/ Race & Racism in #Science.

@AngelaDSaini’s #Superior (& #Inferior on gender inequity)

@PhysAnth’s statement on Race & Racism thoughtfully written by an intersectional, diverse committee…
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I'm continuing my #BlackHistoryMonth focus of #FundBlackWomen into March. March is #WomensHistoryMonth& I'm going to keep the focus on Black Women. I had a plan for this week & scrapped it when I saw @blackgirlinmain and @DebbyIrving in Portsmouth on Sunday (it'll be next week.)
This past Sunday @BlackHeritageNH had one of their Tea Talks. It was the first one I was able to attend, and I was so glad I did! Over 200 people were at Temple Israel in Portsmouth.
Moments after arriving, a work friend found me, which was great, (not just because I got to see her, but because she's attended all of them so far, so she gave me a little breakdown of what they were like before they started.
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This entire #blackhistorymonth has been this:
Black people:
White people: can’t be racist if you never define racism!
I mean, yesterday we watched a man trot out a black paid subordinate of Donald Trump to as a human shield for Michael Cohen’s declaration that Trump is racist. And then get upset when later a Palestinian woman colleague called him out on it.
We started the month with a famous actor saying that he’d imagined and attempted to perpetrate racist violence because of the violation of a white woman. And then acting surprised when people got upset, as if that very racist impulse didn’t kill dozens, maybe hundreds, of men.
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Closing out #BlackHistoryMonth, we are honoring 3 of our amazing members today!
1. Congresswoman @EleanorNorton is the second highest-ranking @OfficialCBC member on our committee. Also, she earned her ivy league law degree and a master's degree from Yale University.
2.Congressman @LacyClayMO1 is currently serving his 10th term & was first elected to Congress in 2000 after serving 17-years in both chambers of the Missouri State legislature. Did you know his father,the Hon.Bill Clay was a founding member of the @OfficialCBC. #BlackHistoryMonth
3. @RepRobinKelly was the first African-American woman to serve as COS to an elected Illinois constitutional statewide officeholder. She is also the author of the FIRST ever Congressional report on gun violence in America. #BlackHistoryMonth
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📅January 25, 1972:

👩🏿Shirley Chisholm (1924-2005), who died at the age of 80, was the first African American elected to Congress. She served for seven terms (1969-1983).

🇺🇸Her historic announcement to run for president as she was the first African American woman to do so.

No one thought Shirley Chisholm would last more than a couple of months, but at the 1972 Democratic Nat'l Convention, she received 152 delegate votes—10% of the total—amazing considering her skimpy campaign war chest.


Next year, the city of New York will erect not one—but two—statues in her honor near where she grew up in #Brooklyn #NewYork.…
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Today for #BlackHERstory Month, we recognize #TruthTeller, Sojourner Truth. She is best known for her speech on racial inequalities, "Ain't I a Woman?" delivered at the Ohio Women's Rights Convention in 1851.
#BlackWomenLead #BlackHistoryMonth
Sojourner Truth was an evangelist, abolitionist, women’s rights activist and author who lived grew up as a slave, serving several masters throughout New York before escaping to freedom in 1826. #BlackWomenLead #BlackHistoryMonth
After gaining her freedom, Truth became a Christian and, at what she believed was God’s urging, preached about abolitionism and equal rights for all, highlighted in her stirring “Ain’t I a Woman?” speech, delivered at a women’s convention in Ohio in 1851. #BlackWomenLead
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.@culturejedi debunks the secretive government surveillance program that tracks so-called 'Black Identity Extremists’ while linking it to their own family history. @mcsweeneys…
“Too many people believe that civil and human rights violations...can’t happen in America. They either don’t know that they’ve been happening for centuries, or wrongly believe that those days are long over." @culturejedi in @mcsweeneys #BlackHistoryMonth…
The Executive Director of @mediajustice, @culturejedi, traces the FBI's "high-tech surveillance of Black bodies" from the analog monitoring of their mother to the digital surveillance of the present. #BlackHistoryMonth…
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So this has been a very trying and upsetting #BlackHistoryMonth for the black people you know who engage with culture and politics. How do you help on this platform? Give us money. Promote our work. Engage us on our terms rather than your own.
Specifically you can start by joining my Patreon and helping me craft intersectional punditry unbound by agendas or financial interests.
I’m starting slow so that I can meet my goals every month, but the more patrons I have, the more work I will do. If the way we talk about politics isn’t working for you, help me change that:
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Today in honor of #BlackHERStory Month we are honoring civil rights activist Ruby Nell Bridges Hall. At the age of six, Bridges advanced the cause of civil rights when she became the first African American student to integrate an elementary school... #BlackWomenLead New Orleans on November 14, 1960. Ruby's mother kept encouraging her to be strong and pray while entering the school, which she discovered reduced the vehemence of the insults yelled at her and gave her courage. #BlackWomenLead #BlackHistoryMonth
Of the people who gathered at the school to taunt her, Ruby says, “They didn’t see a child. They saw change, and what they thought was being taken from them. They never saw a child." #BlackWomenLead #BlackHistoryMonth
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Today for #BlackHERStory Month we celebrate Rosa Parks for her role in the civil rights movement & her pivotal role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The United States Congress has called her "the first lady of civil rights" and "the mother of the freedom movement" #BlackWomenLead
Parks' act of defiance which led to the Montgomery bus boycott, became important symbols of the movement. She became an international icon of resistance to racial segregation. #BlackWomenLead #BlackHistoryMonth
Upon her death in 2005, she was the 1st woman to lie in honor in the Capitol Rotunda, becoming the third of only 4 Americans to ever receive this honor. California and Missouri commemorate Rosa Parks Day on her birthday Feb. 4. #BlackWomenLead #BlackHistoryMonth
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We decided to take a look at the accounts retweeting the 2020 Democratic primary contenders, beginning with @TulsiGabbard. We examined retweets of Gabbard's tweets from 2/13 through 2/23, and found 21860 accounts that retweeted her in that timespan.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded the profile information as well as the most recent 200 tweets from each account that recently retweeted Gabbard. This chart shows the primary languages the accounts use. 92% are in English; Spanish and Hindi are a small but notable portion.
Here are the hashtags most frequently used by accounts that retweet @TulsiGabbard. There's some interesting variety here: #GreenNewDeal and #MAGA both turn up, along with #GiletsJaunes/#YellowVests and various Venezuela, India, and Syria-related hashtags.
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THREAD: My 9yo nephew is learning abt segregation & civil rights movement during #BlackHistoryMonth lessons & asked me what happened to Indian ppl & Asian Americans during that time. This is the same question I had throughout my childhood when I felt invisible bc of my identity.
Race issues are usually explained to kids in binary terms - as Black and white - with no attention given to South Asian, Asian, Latinx, or indigenous identities.
I took the opportunity to explain to my nephew several of the SCOTUS cases featuring Asian Americans, incl Ozawa, Thind, Lum, Korematsu, etc. and how white supremacy has seeped into every institution (in terms a 9yo can understand).
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The Black ⛪️ Church

One of the oldest institutions opposed to #whitesupremacy.

In celebration of #BHM #BlackHistoryMonth, we pay homage to “The Black Ark”, to our teva ark in Hebrew (תבה) — The Black Church.

History of the Black Church in America

The Black Church was our ark in ⛈ weather, our refuge before any dove could be released!
After slavery was abolished, segregationist attitudes in both the North and the South discouraged and even prevented African Americans from worshiping in the same churches as whites.
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Today in honor of #BlackHERStory Month we are highlighting journalist and Civil Rights leader Ida B. Wells. As a great writer, Wells used her skills as a journalist to shed light on the conditions of African Americans throughout the South. #BlackWomenLead #BlackHistoryMonth
In the 1890s, Wells documented lynching in the U.S. She began investigative journalism by looking at the charges given for the murders, which officially started her anti-lynching campaign. #BlackWomenLead #BlackHistoryMonth
She spoke on the issue at various black women's clubs and raised more than $500 to investigate lynchings and publish her results. Her platform allowed her to shed international light on this issue. #BlackWomenLead #BlackHistoryMonth
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The #BrownvBoard ruling followed an arduous, spirited, and inspired legal strategy pioneered by Charles Hamilton Houston: taking aim at segregation and the pernicious precedent of Plessy v. Ferguson through a series of challenges throughout the country. #BlackHistoryMonth
The Supreme Court declared the longstanding doctrine “separate but equal” unconstitutional in Brown v. Board of Education (1954), one of the most important and celebrated legal cases in American history. #BlackHistoryMonth2019
Houston died in 1950, but his protégée Thurgood Marshall continued to carry the torch, litigating Brown, a coordinated effort which linked five lawsuits against school districts in Kansas, South Carolina, Delaware, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. #BHM
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1. #QAnon ~…📁
Justice Department preparing for Mueller report as early as next week

Right after BARR installed?
What a coincidence.
News moving fast?

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#Panic #PainComing #StormIsUponUs
2. #QAnon ~ 2/20/19

We really started something, didn’t we?

Well, now we know he’s a bad apple.



#Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
3. #QAnon ~ 2/20/19 >>5286620

What an amazing coincidence.

#Qanon #Trump @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#Panic #PainComing #StormIsUponUs
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Why #BlackHistoryMonth?


It seems right that WE should show gratitude to our ancestors who came to this foreign land so long ago, and be responsible about conserving the best of what they left us ...
Because it seems prudent and right that We, the progeny of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, the progeny of “the largest long-distance coerced movement of people in history” stop to accurately tell their story.

If not us, who?
If not today, when?

— The Black Conservative
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1/I thought about this tweet a lot in the last 24 hours. I am going to parallel this guys @studioexec1 idea of acting to Scalia's idea of the constitution and why that limited framework hurts us all. Bryan Cranston having to defend himself for playing a disabled person is a prime example of the ridiculous culture we’ve created for ourselves. He’s an actor. For the love of Christ we all need to get a grip and stop the daily assault of outrage and nonsense.
2/ Antonin Scalia was a Constitutional originalist, meaning he felt the courts should interpret our Constitution as it was understood at the time it was written.…
3/Scalia didn’t see the Constitution as a living breathing document. He saw it as 'dead.' My friend and business partner @QueenMab87 could talk more succinctly about that idea, so I will just leave that there.
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A little known story of the first urban labor strike in Brazil for #BlackHistoryMonth. In 1857, for 10 days the Black street porters (ganhadores) who moved all goods and people throughout Salvador refused to work, paralyzing the city.
Because Salvador is so hilly, and it’s waterfront is situated on a steep bluff, animal driven carts were of little use, meaning everything had to be conveyed manually. This labor, performed by enslaved Africans and Afro-Brazilians, was done on a contract basis, & organized
Thru labor gangs called cantos (meaning street corner or song in Portuguese). These cantos were self organized by enslaved and freed people themselves, ties of solidarity between workers in these cantos were forged through shared ritual and culture.
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This month's #ethicalCS Twitter chat on Wed, Feb 27, will be a special edition focused on #BlackHistoryMonth and Black Lives. We are inspired by #BlackLivesMatter and #data4blacklives. More details coming next week. The chat is brought to you by @CSforAllNYC & @ProcessingOrg
@CSforAllNYC @ProcessingOrg Please join us this Wed, Feb 27, at 8 pm ET for the next #ethicalCS chat when we hear from @bxmani @profnicolej @aricianoo @mutalenkonde @DrDesmondPatton @workplacehobo @britannaka @drturnerlee discuss Black Lives and the STEM fields, cohosted by myself & @Robinsony811 #CSforAll
#ethicalCS chat is back tomorrow night, Feb 27 at 8 pm ET with @bxmani @profnicolej @aricianoo @mutalenkonde @DrDesmondPatton @workplacehobo @britannaka @drturnerlee @katrinelldavis to discuss Black Lives and STEM fields, cohosted by myself & @Robinsony811 #CSforAll #CSforAllNYC
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As we continue to honor #BlackHistoryMonth, we recognize Rev. Dr. Samuel McKinney and his instrumental role in the civil rights movement.
Raised and rooted in advocacy, Dr. McKinney served as a pastor of the historic Mt. Zion Baptist Church, fought for equality, organized Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Seattle visit, and established the first black-owned bank which worked to challenge discriminatory practices.
Dr. McKinney’s legacy still holds true today. We honor his decades of service and the impact he left on generations to come.…
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Students at Oconomowoc High School distributed 'Ni**er Word' passes.

In 2019 America, during #BlackHistoryMonth no less, kids are distributing racist hate speech as a joke.

But it gets worse

See my next tweet to understand just how serious this is.…
The name "Oconomowoc" sounded familiar.

Here's why:
•2018—Oconomowoc School District limited discussions on social privilege after an MLK exercise "made white parents uncomfortable."

•2019—Oconomowoc School District distributes "Ni**er Word" passes😐…
400 years of genocide and slavery
•Get over it already!

Discussing the results of that genocide & slavery to learn from history
•How dare you hurt our feelings?

Kids ignorant to history distribute racist hate speech
•How could this have happened!?

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