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1. Reality is when people chose to vote 3rd party or stayed home* instead of voting for Hilary Clinton, which is their right, there were consequences. (*disinformation & bad press coverage influenced this)

Trump won and appointed 3 Supreme Court Justices who just overturned Roe.
2. Voting in 2022 & 2024 will be consequential again. Wanna expand SCOTUS (#TheJudiciaryAct), get money out of politics/protect our right to vote (#ForThePeopleAct), codify Roe (#WomensHealthProtectionAct) and end the filibuster? Then we must keep the House & expand the Senate.
3. Right Wing Media/Think Tanks, Republicans, conservative donors, RW judicial appointees have been planning this result for years. They have built a loyal base of voters who *show up at the polls*. As Democrats we must do the same thing to counter their assault on Civil Rights.
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🗳@SenatorWarnock just gave a speech on the Senate floor on the urgent need for voting rights legislation.

Here are some highlights from his speech⤵️🧵
"The American people have been pushing for leaders in Washington to address voting rights...They know their history. They are witnessing what is happening to our democracy in real-time. And they see the handwriting on the wall."
"They see the sweeping voter suppression proposals in 49 states and the dozens of new laws that have now popped up across the nation, fueled by the Big Lie that seeks to delegitimize the voices of millions of Georgians and Americans, who made their voices heard..." 1/2
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For those of us hoping that @BennieGThompson (leader of the @January6thCmte) will come through for us, pls note that he was literally the only Democrat to vote against the #ForThePeopleAct” voting rights bill. H/t @Matt_Fleming321 🥵 1/…
It gives me no joy to know this, much less to spread the word. But we must keep our eyes wide open. The clock to 2022 is ticking. We must not let ourselves be strung along yet again. 2/
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No I did not. I described their approach to * election security * as playing dead. When was the last time Ds messaged #HandMarkedPaperBallots and #RobustManualAudits? I’m told the latest version of the #ForThePeopleAct doesn’t even require manual audits in 2022. 1/
Which is a huge wasted opportunity. I’ve proposed this but they haven’t done it. 2/
My thread was about conducting due diligence as to unexpected or otherwise anomalous losses. You just changed the subject to proposed legislation that has nothing to do with this. 3/
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Last week @TravisCrumLaw & @ProfNickStephan wrote two great summaries of #HR4 *as introduced* on @ElectionLawBlog. This week, the House passed HR4... but not before a few final tweaks, one of which is really worth highlighting: *retroactive* retrogression liability under § 2. /1
The John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act moved swiftly from introduction to passage, but there was one set of amendments agreed to at the last minute that can be found in House Report 117-117. /2…
Among these is a change to the new provision allowing voters to bring retrogression challenges. This now covers laws enacted "on or after January 1, 2021" (i.e., all of the restrictive laws enacted at the state level over the past half year). Below is the before/after. /3
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"Race-blind" redistricting is neither legal nor moral (and no one who draws maps is unaware of the racial implications). What the #NCGA is proposing would have never passed muster under Section 5. We need the John Lewis Act and we need it yesterday! @civilrightsorg @scsj #ncpol
But anyone who says they can/will comply with Section 2 of the VRA without looking at current racial data (dropped from @uscensusbureau today) will be looking at a hefty court bill. NC and every other state must comply with the VRA. You don't get to omit that from criteria.
Once again, NC is the poster child for the need for vigorous federal voting rights protections. Until Congress gets its act together, @scsj will hold the line for racial equity in redistricting. #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct #ForThePeopleAct
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THREAD 🧵 : We’ve released our updated Dark Money report on groups that have capitalized on the Big Lie and the January 6 insurrection by funding efforts to restrict voting.

Here are our findings :…
The DISCLOSE act is a key part of the #ForThePeopleAct to combat dark money.

In 2020 $1 billion in dark money was spent on the election cycle.

Before the dreadful Citizens United decision over 80% of outside spending was fully disclosed. That number dwindled to 50% in 2020
💰 $250 million in dark money has been raised to push our courts to the radical right.
💰 $34 million alone was spent on Trump Supreme Court nominees:

💵 $17 million on Neil Gorsuch
💵 $ 7.3 million on Brett Kavanaugh
💵 $ 10 million Amy Coney Barrett…
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#VotingRights Alert: the NC budget will be on the #NCGA House floor this week. It includes anti-voter provisions. Learn more:…

#ncpol #ForThePeopleAct #NorthCarolina
We need to let ALL legislators know how important it is to protect the right to vote in NC.
They will be under a lot of pressure to pass this bill because there are budgetary provisions – spending, raises, and tax cuts – that a lot of constituents want. BUT THE VOTING PROVISIONS NEED TO BE REMOVED or should be voted down.
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This week, we are telling the Senate that #RecessCanWait because protecting our freedom to vote is too important to delay any longer. Call your Senator and tell them to vote yes on the #ForThePeopleAct, or to thank them if they’ve supported the bill in the past: 1.888.453.3211
.@uscensusbureau is expected to release their final Census data allowing states to begin drawing new maps for state&federal districts.That is why today, we are telling the Senate that #RecessCanWait until after they pass #ForThePeopleAct. Join us-call your Senator 1.888.453.3211
We need the Senate to pass the #ForThePeopleAct before the August recess and we need @POTUS to use every lever of power and influence at his disposal to get it done. Call your Senator and tell them that #RecessCanWait until they pass the #ForThePeopleAct: 1.888.453.3211
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The #ForThePeopleAct will guarantee that congressional districts are drawn to give fair representation for all. By August 16th, the @uscensusbureau is expected to release their final data allowing states to begin drawing new maps for state and federal districts.
Too often, gerrymandering favors one party and negatively impacts communities of color. #RecessCanWait until the Senate does its job and passes the #ForThePeopleAct to create a roadmap for fair redistricting and to remove barriers to voting.
Voters should pick their politicians, not politicians picking their voters.The #ForThePeopleAct will ensure district maps are drawn fairly and independent of partisan politics. Call your Senator and tell them #RecessCanWait and to vote YES on the #ForThePeopleAct: 1.888.453.3211
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THREAD: We have 12 days to end gerrymandering. The problem is that even though most voters hate it, many lawmakers love it because they get to pick their voters and stay in power. The Senate's new Manchin-approved #ForThePeopleAct needs to be passed before districts are redrawn!
If you're not familiar with how gerrymandering works, learn about the strategies of packing and cracking and how it enables politicians to subvert popular will and even gain and keep power despite getting fewer votes.


Definitely watch the CGP Grey video above as it also shows that traditional solutions to gerrymandering aren't really the best solutions. We have to go deeper if we really want to fix this problem, and that's where the Fair Representation Act comes in.…
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Welcome to August and to the #Pennsylvania Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending 08/01/21.

We’re here to help you keep an eye on what our MoCs are saying🗣 and how they are voting🗳.
#MoCTrack 1/25
@IndivisiblePHL @IndivisibleLNH @pa_indivisible @IndivisibleBUX @TuesdaysToomey @indivisibleccpa @indiwhitpain @IndivisibleHCAN @fridays_fire @indivisiblefohi The #Pennsylvania #Indivisible Legislative Scorecard shows you how our MoCs vote re: the Indivisible principles of
See how YOUR MoCs are doing and how they got these scores here.⬇️
#MoCTrack 2/25…
I know we’re supposed to be excited about the #Infrastructure agreement in the Senate, but I can’t help but think the #GOP succeeded in delaying and slicing it down to the bone.

This @NYTimes infographic tells the story.
#MoCTrack 3/25
learn more ➡️
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@SenMikeLee is doing one of his famous phone Town Halls right now, where you get no notice but if you're on the list, they call and say this is happening right NOW, stay on the line. Many of us have suspected the staff screens the calls and only allows in friendly questions.
So I am testing that theory.
I actually got in to the queue to ask a question, rather fast. The staff asked what the question is "in case we get disconnected". 🙄
Since I want to ask about the For the People Act, if I don't get to ask it, I'd say that's proof. We shall see.
I told them I'll ask which part of the For the People Act he dislikes, given we have successful & broad voting in Utah. And if his issue is voter ID, would he support a national voter ID card being given for free to all?

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Yesterday, top Trump donor & fund-raiser and inaugural committee chairman Thomas #Barrack was arrested & charged with illegally working to influence the foreign policy of the U.S. government.

Here's a thread with some of my thoughts 👇 #BarrackIndictment…
This case is about transparency and ethics, but this is also a tale of the problems and dangers of our current campaign finance system: a system that enables wealthy interests to gain outsized influence with our government, creating the conditions for the privileged access and...
...influence they enjoy and often utilize for their own personal gain.

Thomas Barrack, a billionaire, is close to Trump & was a major donor to Trump’s joint fundraising committee (Trump Victory) & Republican groups: since the 2016 cycle, he has personally given over $1 million.
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I keep this photograph in my office as a reminder of Congressman Lewis and the work we have left to do. Democracy is stronger when everyone participates—and is weaker when people are left out.
Today marks the one-year anniversary of his passing. As we mourn his loss, we reflect on the legacy of an American hero. Congressman Lewis fought tirelessly for our country's highest ideals: freedom and justice for all, and for the right of every American to vote.
I had the privilege of joining Congressman Lewis in Selma, Alabama for what would be his final walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, where, 55 years earlier, he and others were beaten bloody by state troopers as they marched for the right to vote.
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A year ago today, we lost Congressman John Lewis. As we celebrate the king of good trouble—his legacy of perseverance; his ability to find moments of joy and lightness in the midst of real struggle—we should also recommit ourselves to building the future he envisioned.
All across our country, the sacred right to vote that he marched and bled for is being threatened. That’s why we’ve got to do everything in our power to pass the #ForThePeopleAct and the #JohnLewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.
Everyone deserves to have their voices heard and their votes counted, and I can’t think of a better way to honor Congressman Lewis than by turning these bills into law.
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Excerpts from @POTUS #VotingRights speech:

“Election officials, the entire electoral system withstood unrelenting political attacks, physical threats, intimidation & pressure.

“They did so w/unyielding courage & faith in our democracy.

“With recount after recount…
“court case after court case, the 2020 election was the most scrutinized election ever in American history.

“Challenge after challenge brought to local, state & election officials, state legislatures, state & federal courts, even to the United States Supreme Court
“- not once but twice.

“More than 80 judges including those appointed by my predecessor heard the arguments.

“In every case, neither cause nor evidence was found to undermine the national achievement of administering the historic election in the face of such extraordinary
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Voting Rights: The Constitutional Option

#HR1 #SB1 #ForThePeopleAct #VotingRightsAct

by @Thom_Hartmann

@SenSchumer @SenWhitehouse @SenWarren

1/Since 1917, the Senate has drilled several holes in the filibuster. It’s time to drill another.
2/Anything that can permanently block the Senate from doing constitutionally-mandated business is in violation of the spirit, if not the text, of the Constitution itself.
3/The filibuster was made possible by a senate rule change in 1806. It did not actually get used as a serious way to block debate on legislation until 1837. From then until 1917, it was mostly used to block discussion of civil rights legislation.
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My Democratic colleagues and I are leaving the state to break quorum and kill the Texas voter suppression bill.

We’re flying to DC to demand Congress pass the For The People Act and save our democracy.

Good trouble. #txlege
Special session is over. #txlege
Just landed in Memphis on our way to DC. Thank y’all for your well wishes.

We left behind our families, our livelihoods, & our beloved Texas. But our sacrifice is nothing compared to the sacrifices brave Americans have made throughout history to protect the sacred right to vote.
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On March 3, 2020, Hervis Rogers stepped in line to vote in the 2020 primary at Texas Southern University, a historically Black college in Houston, Texas. After 6 hours of waiting, Rogers cast his ballot at about 1:00 AM.

Now, he's been ARRESTED for voting. THREAD🧵⤵️👇
Rogers was arrested for voting in the 2018 general elections and the 2020 Democratic primaries while on parole for a felony conviction. Rogers had been on parole since 2004 and his parole ended in June 2020. In Texas, people with felony convictions/on parole cannot vote.
Texas Attorney General chose to prosecute Rogers, claiming that Rogers “knowingly” voted while ineligible.

Rogers said he was unaware that he was ineligible to vote while on parole.
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NEW: Texas Republicans have a new voter suppression bill that's even worse than the one Democrats stopped in May.

This time, Republicans want *monthly* voter purges and a ban on drive-thru voting.

They've just launched a special legislative session to ram it through. Image
The ban on drive-thru voting and the voter purges would disproportionately impact disabled voters and Latino voters.

“They’re actually going backward because of these discriminatory acts, and frankly, it just pisses me off," one disabled voter said.…
Democrats & activists rallied in Austin on Thursday, promising to do whatever was necessary to block a new voter suppression bill.

They also called for the Senate to drop the filibuster and pass the #ForThePeopleAct to end the GOP attack on voting rights.
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Thank you @TeamJamie4OR for this powerful statement in support of the #ForThePeopleAct.

Each year, the Fourth of July is a strong reminder that the work – and promise -- of American democracy is far from complete, and the last few years have shown this even more clearly.
With our Democracy at such a fragile time, we need the For The People Act more than ever to provide tools to make sure it doesn’t break.
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Powerful event in Bend for #DeadlineForDemocracy! Thank you, @RonWyden & @JeffMerkley! Keep fighting to pass the #ForThePeopleAct! This critically important legislation will make our democracy stronger and more equitable. @CoinOregon @IndivisibleTeam

How can you help? Thread 👇
If you're in Central Oregon, DM us and we'll get you a snazzy #DeadlineforDemocracy car sign to display until the #ForThePeopleAct gets a vote!
Write a letter to the editor of your local paper in support of the #ForThePeopleAct. Safe, secure elections and equitable access to the vote should be 100% nonpartisan. Vote by Mail in Oregon rocks, and it was implemented with completely bipartisan support!
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#BackToSchool Conservatives like to insist that they revere the U.S. Constitution, though many have very little familiarity with it. There’s many more amendments than just their favorite, #2.
1/ Thread #Constitution #DemsWork4USA
We have 3 Branches of Government:
1. Legislative: makes laws; Article 1
2. Executive: enforces laws; Article 2
3. Judicial: interprets laws; Article 3
2/ #backtoschool #Constitution
When the Constitution was written there were two entrenched factions. Federalists: supported the Constitution; wanted a strong central government,;  Madison, Hamilton, and Jay wrote Federalist Papers trying to get the public to support the Constitution.
3/ #backtoschool
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