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Así transcurre el #Geolodia #Asturies en #Salinas. Alguno, en vez de ☂️ paraguas ha elegido una bonita gorra para no mojarse la calva... ¿Quién será? Image
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Some piece of crap kicked a woman’s car door in at South SALINAS’ Nob Hill grocery. The woman had three kids in her car and was scared. A witness came to my house to tell me about the crime because this dude was following him on a bike. He knocked on my door and I was home.
Part 2 🤣

So I come out and this dude is talking smack to the witness, who is now a victim. The suspect comes up on my driveway and threatens the witness. So I gotta go back in my house - get my shoes on 🤣 and deal with it BUT

@SalinasPD (for once in a while) is in South.
Part 3

When I came out the door with my shoes on the suspect took off on his bike. (Yeah it’s a mentally ill unsheltered living on the Block dude). He blurts out my house number, says he will remember it and makes it down to the Temple Beth El which is at Riker and Nissen.
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@hometheater_z @TinaForSheriff @WendyRootAskew @knowledge1422 @supervisoraskew I did read that one. So my take on that, without having talked to the officer, is … Miller had multiple complaints filed against him when he moved over to Pacific Grove (his home town) to become Chief. Miller had bogus complaints filed because he was ripping through corruption
@hometheater_z @TinaForSheriff @WendyRootAskew @knowledge1422 @supervisoraskew at @PacificGrove city hall. It was really bad. (Guess who was on the front line of that too? ME). A couple scumbag @PacificGrovePD cops and a dirt bag meter maid filed complaints. All buddy buddy people with a sleazy mayor named Morrie Fisher

I wanted Miller to arrest Fisher btw
@hometheater_z @TinaForSheriff @WendyRootAskew @knowledge1422 @supervisoraskew @PacificGrove @PacificGrovePD The scumbags work out Miller getting fired. Wrongly. Miller sued and won, of course. The corrupt CM had arranged for a no at-will contract for Miller when they solicited him to come over from @JohnCarloMurray’s @SalinasPD. Miller and my mom left @CityofSalinas willingly
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What do I really think about @WendyRootAskew’s chances for re-election in #Election2024?

1. Askew has incumbency on her side, think @stevemcshane on @CityofSalinas or Kimbo Craig as Mayor having just BIFFED it in her favored supe bid. (Craig was re-elected)

2. ((People))
gave Askew $450,000 +. While that pales compared to McShane when he lost to Askew by 2,000 voted (McShane raised over $1,000,000 - that was reported to the @CA_FPPC) it’s a SHITLOAD of Interest money

3. Askew’s talking points are in line with what the community needs - generally
WHERE does Askew fall short?

1. Authenticity. Wendy has foolishly aligned herself with the scum of the scum in local politics. My belief is she did it for another SLEAZY Democrat named Plasha Fielding Will who takes money from Right Wing (the crazy kind) folks like SVLG.
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What was sexual predator fmr. Police Chief Kelly McMillin’s relationship with narco trafficker Soxie Silacci, District Attorney @JeanninePacioni? Other than landlord …

because this was Soxie’s chemist in the cocaine biz in the 70’s and 80’s - until he went on vacation.
Don’t be worried @JoshCopitch, you and @FelixKSBW are buddy-buddy with all the cool people like trafficker Mike Hackett and this is just * conspiracy theory I’m sure.

* fun fact, it’s not conspiracy theory
Because Soxie Silacci’s chemist got raided by the @DEASANFRANCISCO in the 1980’s, @JeanninePacioni.

Not good when the Florida and New York, Canada boys don’t need any more attention.
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Kelly McMillin is a sexual predator. How many right wing Christians backed him in all he has done to #Salinas? @JoshCopitch

@kimbleycraig pops up as the most recent and relevant public official to back a predator. #MeToo

Predator says what? @JeanninePacioni
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.@CityofSalinas mayor @kimbleycraig was keynote speaker at Christians in Commerce’s Christmas gathering.

She thanks Jesus Christ for all he has given her and then went on to talk about all she is doing for #Salinas. It turned into a promo for Kimbley.

She brought an entourage.

Part of that entourage was fmr. mayor Dennis Donohue (who should have gone to federal prison for his role in local fraud). Donohue gets up and gives himself credit for saying (something Dennis does) “You know, she’s going to me Mayor someday”. As though that’s achievement.

Full narcissism on display at a gathering that is meant to celebrate the selflessness of Jesus Christ - the politicians can’t stop themselves by Me talking.

No one brought up Kimbley Craig and the other failed supe candidate @DennisDonohueD4 being the two promos of McMillin.
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@Tigerpaw101 @RepJimmyPanetta @cmarinucci We do know for sure - and one of cocaine trafficker Mike Hackett's donations to Panetta is recorded in the FEC database.

We also know Plasha Will has taken in hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash from Panetta donors. Will is Panetta's consultant and confidant.

AND ...
@Tigerpaw101 @RepJimmyPanetta @cmarinucci We know through interviews with sources (as does @Calkins_Royal and all of our notable paid local press) that felon Mike Bitar commissioned a custom desk for Jimmy Panetta and that desk was made by sleazy retired @SalinasPD copper Gabe Carvey during Panetta's first run for Cong.
@Tigerpaw101 @RepJimmyPanetta @cmarinucci @Calkins_Royal @SalinasPD That custom desk was parked at 115 Cayuga St. in Salinas. HQ to Grupo Flor a suspect cannabis operator headed now by Bitar.

That HQ is within walking distance of DA @JeanninePacioni's office but Jeannine doesn't have the fortitude to investigate, as she should. @Acosta #Salinas
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Good work @downinmonterey. Helen Kingsley was my grandmother who passed away in 1992 in a car accident. She was only 68 at the time. My grandmother was a fine community member and Dave Mora and the city council named a wing at the community center after her.

She got things done.

Ted Thau was a wonderful man and lawyer. He lived around the corner from my grandmother on Amherst Dr. near my grandmothers San Vincente home in S. Salinas. My grandmother's home was a frequent gathering spot for the civic minded and I was there often. My mother was my

grandmother's right hand and spent a lot of time with Richard, Ted and Helen discussing the $100,000 (a lot of money to raise for #Salinas back then).

My grandmother has a way of getting things done for the benefit of our wonderful community of #Salinas and she inspired me.
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... hit piece

Same press that is unable to figure out that @CASenCaballero is the sort of elected who IS a scammer and fraudster.

• Creekbridge home in Salinas with a bonus lot for $10,000 from developer / donor Hugh Bikle.

• Oversaw fraud PONZI deferred comp plan where Image

@CASenCaballero donors were given millions in loans at very favorable terms and loose lending standards (fund like tens of millions)

• Partners for Peace, a non profit that paid Caballero $100,000 in ED salary not including benefits when total 501(c)3 income

• PFP total income was under $350,000 per year and only because of a $1,000,000 grant from the Packard Foundation

• The Berkeley Hotel development fraud in Oldtown Salinas where Caballero pushed #Salinas to do business with a criminal fraud

• MAYA Theater Fraud
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🧵 I was always nice to this kid and worked with him equitably at the @MontereyHerald. Like 80% of the @mcweekly staff and owners he now blocked me here for telling the truth about 2014.

Steve Bernal's campaign blackmailed @phillipmolnar for some shit he did while at NYU.

The Steve Bernal campaign dug into every aspect of his life and found something that made Molnar (now at @sdut) feel vulnerable. Molnar backed off the campaign and turned a lot over to @anaceballos_ who was also a cub at the Herald - an aggressive one.

After the Herald laid

these two cub reporters along with @Calkins_Royal (@JoeLivernois was laid off in 2012 and went to later work for a non-profit in #Salinas the. later helped start @VoicesofBay) were laid off in late 2014. @mcweekly's Mary Duan offered both Molnar and Ceballos a job, Molnar
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Two races are going to go to November in #MontereyCounty. The Sheriff's race and the D2 County Supervisor Race.

A number of people are making money and enabling to corrupt/sleazy candidates - Joe Moses and Kimbley Craig. They are functionaries of the Panetta machine. I gave

Leon Panetta a lot of wiggle room over the years as he slowly revealed that he isn't into Monterey County politics for the greater good. Leon is into MoCo for the benefit of a select few and those interests reach DC and, unfortunately, beyond.

Moses and Craig are

obviously benefactors of the Panetta net. Look at their donors - it's the same people every time. The same people who backed Steve Bernal - a 12 year deputy with an apple pie look. He even plays guitar on the weekends. Dennis Donohue, in his sordid run to unseat Jane Parker.
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This is my history with @CASenCaballero, in part.

@SalinasPD promotions manipulation via rigged banding in oral boards

• City of Salinas' corrupt relationship with Berkley Inc. (Kehoe)

* below is @mcweekly editor hinting Anna is under @FBI investigation. @FresnoBee Image

@CASenCaballero corruption cont.

@CityofSalinas Deferred Comp (457(b)) plan where Anna's donors were give millions in appraisal inflated loans, city employees lost millions. I personally stopped as many as I could from getting ripped off by advising employees.

• Bikle

of Creekbridge Development who through Caballero fundraiser, promoter of Anna and powerful land use atty. connected to Cannery Row, wrote developer impact fees that cost the community (IMO)

• Anna's tutelage of the "brothers Rivas" where @AsmRobertRivas makes play for
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.@ksbw reports just now that @AsmRobertRivas staffer called their office and (insert my editorializing) screamed and yelled and KSBW (end editorializing) that Rivas WILL BE THE NEXT SPEAKER.

My take away? Rivas weakened himself. While he works to shore up support our paid

journalists should take a deep dive into Rivas and his longer term relationship with a corrupt @CASenCaballero, who while Mayor of #Salinas committed various crimes that I can document - and wrote about to US Attorney Kevin Ryan at the time. (Nothing happened).

Caballero, often with the "brothers Rivas" by her side, abused her role as Mayor and was deeply involved in many criminal corruption acts.

The largest of those was the @CityofSalinas deferred compensation PONZI. No official was investigated or prosecuted for this scam.
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.@DemetrioStark - I'll go into my archived files and pull Kehoe's financials. They were completely fake. The @CityofSalinas got into bed with Kehoe, willingly. That was a direct result of @CASenCaballero's politics and a sleazy city manager named Dave Mora. They did it at our exp

There was a utility tax repeal on the ballot and #Salinas wanted good press for that and other more dark consideration. The story was never fully explored by our paid press and part of what Livernois referred to in his 2006 email to me was me pushing to get coverage on

the Caballero angle including a criminal complaint I wrote and submitted to the US Attorney in San Francisco at the time - Kevin Ryan a #CityFamily insider and @GavinNewsom lackey. I was told the complaint died because of shifting priorities, Iraq, terror focus. Clearly
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.@CityofSalinas' Mayor and candidate for supervisor using @SalinasPD as props.

Fun Fact: When SPD's Jeff Munoz was dating a tenant of mine, Julie Nix (CASP) Jeff told me @DavidDr34643165 had a bogus burglary of his house and the cops were told that Dave had a lot of cash stolen.

Officer Dodd (a deceased former Salinas Cop and Army Ranger) didn't believe Drew, didn't believe he had a bunch of cash laying around his house - so Dave takes Dodd to his bathroom and goes under the sink and pulled out a wad of more 💰 💵 to show him how much cash he stores.

Dodd put all that information in the 459 report.

Jeff Munoz told me Dave is a scumbag and he remembered him from when he was a kid and worked as a waiter at the Brass Rail, a bar / restaurant in Oldtown #Salinas which was at the center of a cocaine bust that was huge and
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Amber Heard Jr. here, Georgina Mendoza - who was working in the @CityofSalinas City Attorney's Office when a theft of public funds took place. Mendoza falsely accused Sheriff Miller of grabbing her rear end at Restaurant 1833, all in service of the clique.…

Julie Nix, a @CityofSalinas employee assigned to CASP - the bogus anti-gang group that pumps out fluff on Peace in #Salinas - was a tenant of mine. My brother-in-law, Bob Eggers a Salinas gang task force commander asked me to get her an apartment in 2008. I did. Nix became

a reliable source of information regarding Salinas bullshit and while Scott Miller was Sheriff Nix told me she frequently heard Georgina Mendoza talking about "awful Scott Miller" and how he grabbed her butt at Monterey Restaurant 1833. Nix told me Mendoza was "full of shit"
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Annemarie Conroy, Georgina Mendoza's buddy - a gatekeeper in the @USAO_NDCA office currently and hyper-political. Would Conroy brick wall am investigation into public corruption involving @RepJimmyPanetta?

I certainly hope not but in 2022, anything is possible.


A solid member is the #CityFamily Conroy was a SF Board of Supervisors member and has overlap with @GavinNewsom who wants to be President one day.

Conroy went through the same Panetta influenced "Homeland Security" program at @NPS_Monterey as Salinas Mayor Kim Craig. 🤔 Image

How would [SF] voters react if they learned Conroy's party affiliation? The [supe]had wisely downplayed her GOP membership and successfully wooed Democrats, particularly women. The Bush poll showed that Conroy would lose thousands of votes if she were tagged a Republican.
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.@ksbw sleazy former GM. The guy is buddy-buddy with all these insiders and is neighbors with Mike Kanalakis - exactly - KSBW was garbage to Sheriff Scott Miller when he was Sheriff and perhaps the public will learn more as time moves on. Some @CaliforniaRodeo insiders told me

that @ksbw is struggling and viewership is down along with ad rates.

Listen to what Kimbley Craig is saying here, Monterey County. She is saying she only wants to win a County seat by appealing only to getting out their voters and not the community at large or communicating

with the community. This may be a district election, (which the rigged up people love regardless of party affiliation) @kimbleycraig, with her locked Twitter account, wants to pump over $300,000 into literally a handful of MoCo residents.

Turn out is key to defeating
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Every single member of Monterey County's 5 board seats on the BOS are voting on Cannabis related matters - none have recused because of conflicts of interest.

@supervisoraskew's colleague @SupervisorLopez is currently paying well connected pol consultant Plasha Will for services

The @FBI must dig deep into Monterey County Cannabis because this board is giving away services and bending over backwards to accommodate the sector while failing to insure the public isn't footing the tab for businessmen like convicted cocaine trafficker Mike Hackett's cash


Hackett's straw CEO of Riverview, his daughter Michelle Hackett, spoke during public comment at the beginning of the presentation. Every speaker but one was an industry lobbyist or operator.

The head of the cannabis program said that they are working county employees
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... the guy who shitcanned a ten pg. complaint to re/ ⁦@CASenCaballero⁩ corruption in #Salinas

"He was appointed by President George W. Bush to be the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of California in 2002, where he replaced Robert Mueller"…

Oh look a Panetta guy:

"Ryan, who works as a defense attorney focused on white-collar crime, corporate investigations and commercial litigation, began his legal career in 1985 working as a prosecutor in the Alameda County"

Alameda County is where Jimmy Panetta interned and later worked as a prosecutor and where Jimmy met his wife who got two judgeships from @JerryBrownGov.

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Hoy denuncié cómo, en la reserva #BahíadeJobos en #Salinas, han deforestado y rellenado el mangle, construido ilegalmente casas de playa y amenazado a la comunidad para que mantenga silencio, con el aval de agencias estatales y federales. Fotos: 2014, 2021.
En el 2018, la NOAA ya había advertido al DRNA sobre construcción ilegal que interfería con los objetivos de conservación e investigación de la reserva #BahíaDeJobos, pero la destrucción en el área conocida como Camino El Indio sólo se ha acelerado.
La comunidad Las Mareas ha denunciado esta situación a costa de amenazas pero ha sido ignorada y abandonada por el DRNA y la policía. En octubre 2021, Machargo afirmó que intervendría pero no ha hecho nada.
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@CyFlys Caballero never cares about libraries. The public was complaining to her in front of the John Steinbeck Library when that happened and she snapped back "then you put your money in to save the libraries".

The story got some national attention a woman from Maryland gave an anon
@CyFlys 2/

$50,000 to start a save the library effort and the local media portrayed @CASenCaballero as a hero. She wasn't. She just happened to be in office as #Salinas was once again - broke - from mismanagement.

But that wasn't the angle guys like @JoeLivernois from @MontereyHerald
@CyFlys @CASenCaballero @JoeLivernois @MontereyHerald 3/

wrote it up. They wrote it up like Caballero was some sort of heroine who saved #Salinas libraries and she started using that in campaign adverts.

Who is Eddie DeCarli an Anna Caballero donor?

Wonder if our DA @JeanninePacioni knows? (doubtful).

DeCarli was a Caballero
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@DaytonPubPolicy this is like Monterey County giving $3 million to Watsonville Community Hospital - bankrupt because hospitals which get a sizable chunk of their revenue from the uninsured and underinsured have a history of failing, why? State and Federal reimbursement. It costs hospitals similar
@DaytonPubPolicy 2/

to complaints individual rate payers have with the current system.

The cure, however, isn't for a county under federal investigation for corruption, to commit to $3 million, $1 million coming from Cannabis - and we all know this contractual relationship will continue.
@DaytonPubPolicy 3/

Look at the County of Monterey and the transaction with Barnett Davis III and the Quadrangle building in South Salinas.

The County rents that structure after helping a Malibu turned Aspen resident, Mr. Davis, buy the Quadrangle with bonds (underwriting/financing) by #Salinas
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