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Sheriff Candidate Joe Moses, who is the named successor to corrupt Sheriff Steve Bernal on why he should be sheriff. NOTE: these shows are vanity shoes where the Podcaster is promoting his business and these "interviews" are not news or unbiased.…

The hard thing for @Calkins_Royal to get, though he is the best investigative journalist in Monterey County - who no longer lives in Monterey County - is the deep local secrets. Royal got here in 2001 or 2002, maybe later. I didn't realize his skill set until 2005 -

but he isn't local.

And neither is Captain Joe Moses, @MCoSheriff candidate and current Bernal employee with high level mgmt. experience in a department being investigated by the @FBISanFrancisco - out of Oakland for "enemies lists" in conjunction with @ksbw and @mcweekly.
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@CyFlys LAPD has a history of having very highly trained units which are capable of very serious investigations - unlike those that take place in Monterey County.

LAPD's special public corruption unit were the coppers that picked up the Communist Part in Los Angeles making a lot of 📞
@CyFlys 2/

calls to Fred Farr's law office in #Salinas. Fred Farr, Sam Farr's dad.

LAPD's special until - with the FBI picked up a subject on a wiretap a couple decades ago of organized crime figures in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Visalia, Bakersfield and Salinas talking about the need
@CyFlys 3/

for a card room IN #SALINAS, for organized crime type purposes.

What did Dennis Donohue make happen in 2007?

A card room in Salinas after he arranged for the @CityofSalinas to purchase a bunch of marginal dirt off East Market Street to be purchased for $900,000 from a pair
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Fun Seaside / Sand City fact:

Eric Dickerson had an interest in a note that was an asset of yet another Ponzi scheme "trust deeds" conman, named Don Lukens. Dickerson was a victim.
*note held a fractional share of interest in a piece of real property on the beach side of Hwy 1.
2/ That note ended up in the hands of a #Salinas based conman named Gerry Kehoe, @CASenCaballero's landlord when she first ran for State office.

Kehoe was and is an out of town loser from Key West FL, 🤔.

The OG conman, Lukins, is from Oxnard, CA.

The then Salinas City mgr
3/ working directly with Gerry Kehoe and, improperly, @CASenCaballero?

CM David Mora.

Dave had been the CM of Oxnard prior to landing at the @CityofSalinas.

Gerry Kehoe miraculously ends up with this "asset" which he buys out of Federal Bankruptcy Court in San Jose CA.
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Regarding the story of @SalinasPD getting @chief_filice as it's new #Salinas CA police chief, @ksbw ran down a list of all the law enforcement CEO's bailing on their jobs, locally.

@CarmelPD fmr. Chief Tomasi left to become head of security for the @MontereyAq.
2/ That's interesting because @Calkins_Royal reported on the @CarmelBTSea hiring a former Carmel cop to write a report on a spousal abuse investigation re/ Sheriff Steve Bernal's brother.

That cop? Bill Uretsky. Bill Uressky's brother, a former cop, was head of security for the
3/ Monterey Bay Aquarium. It's as though the @juliepackard run non-profit is a jobs creator for political insiders. Seems fair, right?

And Julie Packard's sister, Nancy Burnett, whose son Jason Burnett was mayor of Carmel for a minute, sold a 17 acre Carmel Valley property
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The statements made today by @chief_filice were embarrassing to the residents of the @CityofSalinas. Filice has been the acting Chief for a little over two months because of @AdeleFrese's extended vacation and the only question Sara Rubin of the @mcweekly asked him was about
2/ a crisis in staffing and then a follow up by @MontereyHerald reporter @wrightscribe about ... morale, or staffing? There were three questions total from the "press" one from the Weekly and another from the Monterey Herald. None of them hit the point that #Salinas is a city in
3/ crisis. Does the new Chief live in #Salinas?

We have a sheriff running away from office - 14 months ahead of time and a County Seat that is in trouble - that being #Salinas - the largest city in Monterey County.

As usual there was a lot of talk about how much the community
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This is a good story about what a scumbag @Kelly_McMillin is there @chief_filice.

So there I was getting a rapid COVID test (sold out) and who do I see? The guy who dumped #Salinas for #Marijuana.

Now I've known this sick puppy since 1988 when he was hired by SPD. He tries to

shake my hand after calling me by name, the old pleasantries, and I told him to take his hand back, I'm not shaking it and he immediately blows up. Gets in my face and flips me off, comes up nose to nose with me like he wants to punch me and I ask him what's going on with

the marijuana business and he is still yelling fuck you's and calling me an asshole. (This is a complete change from the 32 years I've know the scumbag) and he is still throwing F bombs, crying out "why don't you go back to your basement and get on Twitter". 😂
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Said in response to a whole population of hs students who collectively commited horrid acts of anti-Black American racism.
See below.
It's just like a white supremacists to say "Sorry, didn't know better, please teach me".
Parents + fellow students are demanded suspension. 👏🏾

White and Latino students at #Salinas high school made a IG page featuring images of them being violently aggressive towards a Black doll they named #Shaniqua

Apparently they didn't know this was wrong so they just need a racial sensitivity workshop. ImageImage
These incidents clearly didn't stem from a singular, sudden idea. It takes a deep rooted hatred of Black Americans to cause something like this to spread within an entire high school. #salinas

#blackandbrown #poc #bipoc
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Salinas City Councilman Tony Barrera.

Who are the people with him, ⁦@chief_filice⁩?

@SalinasPD 😂 😂

Wait, what?

... what's going on in #Salinas, @chief_filice?

... are we getting somewhere, @chief_filice ?
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.@Kelly_McMillin was the Chief of Police of @SalinasPD for four short years. He did untold damage to SPD through his terrible example. Everything he did from CASP to "carrot vs. stick" gang talk was all bullshit. Kelly rented property from a long term convicted narco and we ImageImageImageImage

have all learned, you can learn a lot about a person by the company they keep. Kelly not only endorsed @kimbleycraig for Mayor of the @CityofSalinas - he campaigned for her, @SalinasPolice gave her over $50,000 for her Mayoral run (via the POA and Joe Gunter's funds).


Kelly was chief he protected narco-traffickers who are white and "cracked down" on brown people. Those are facts borne out by the data - data which none of our paid media has analyzed, ever.

I know. I helped clean up the @MCoSheriff's department from 2011 - 2015.
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📣📣Encuesta Regia 📣📣
Diputaciones Locales 26 distritos

Nuevo León hay ya definidos y distritos por luchar, no den por muerto a Morena, recuerden que aquí tuvimos plan A y B y las diputaciones son vitales

Recuerden #NLnoEsChairo
Gracias @GranEncuestaNL por su esfuerzo ❤️🥰
#Distrito1 Local Nuevo León
#Monterrey pelea de Regias, la ganadora y puntero de #PRI @alvarez_ivonne con un arrollador 43% dejando en la lona a la Petista @HERRERA_OLGA05

Lo celebró, patear el bastión PT y debilitar es una victoria Image
#Distrito2 Local Nuevo León #Monterrey el puntero indiscutible @CanavatiRicardo del PRI con un contundentes 44% dejó en la lona al corrupto Petista y líder de bancada @AsaelSepulveda lo cual celebró, hay que limpiar el estado de estos parásitos del presupuesto Image
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Missing and declared dead since 1992 - Brian Montes got involved with Monterey County's drug dealing and money laundering crowd.

@SalinasPD⁩'s Joe Gunter was the Detective who just couldn't seem to figure out who murdered and disappeared the 1987 Salinas High School

graduate - turned produce broker - turned truck broker.

The @salnews piece describes a drug dealer who was living in #Salinas when arrested in December of 1993 - after being tried in absentia in Yuma Arizona and convicted May 14, 1992. Montes wore a wire.

Montes got

people on tape.

The @salnews piece also describes a Brian Montes as someone who worked for a Truck Broker in Hollister CA - what the piece doesn't say is Montes had set up his own Truck Brokerage in Salinas prior to his disappearance and presumed murder.
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In 2002, Mike Hackett (convicted cocaine trafficker) was pushing to have his own @CityofSalinas Airport Hanger - just like Tanimura & Antle, and D'Arrigo Farms

Word on the street back then was Hackett was storing a Ferrari in a hanger at the airport and routinely made trips to

Vegas in a plane that was made available to him - one question is whose plane was it and what hanger did Hackett park his Ferrari?

On or around the same year, 2002, Hackett was forced out of Valley Pallet (a business his father and mother created) for "unknown reasons".

Just 8 years later (2010) as Marijuana legalization is on the table and coming to California, Hackett is well positioned to become MoCo's #Marijuana kingpin - he used money to buy greenhouses when the flower growers were going bankrupt from increased competition.
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Here is a blast from the past, and a @SalinasPD fail.

1. Who was the drug dealer arrested because of Montes' testimony?

2. Who was the man "with a flat top haircut" where the claim is this man was with or arguing with Montes and a passenger in Montes' 1987 pickup?

The least reassuring part is Robin Stuart and Joe Gunter worked on the case.

Fast forward to 2018 and @CityofSalinas Mayor Joe Gunter (now deceased) was writing letters of support for narco trafficker Mike Hackett (friend of @bradleyzeve's managing editor at the Weekly)

#Salinas in 2010, where a handful of corrupt cops and a local judge wrote letters of support for a major player in drug dealing during the same period as Brian Montes - Dave Drew - the guy @JerryBrownGov pardoned in 2018.

tick tock.
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John Fickas has a Marsden Hearing today where he will claim he had ineffective counsel following a plea deal that got him 28 years 8 months for multiple rape cases.

The twist? Fickas is a key figure in a MoCo bribery probe involving many public officials. His counsel? A 43 year

old @GavinNewsom appointed to the local judicial bench.

Gavin Newsom made John Fickas' public defender a judge.

That smacks of a pat on the back for a job well done - putting out a huge dumpster fire.

Fickas sued Mike Hackett and Sal Jimenez (and others) on a PI claim.

The story was NEVER reported on by @bradleyzeve's managing editor @maryrduan - who considers Hackett a WYSIWYG sort of "buddy".

Sal Jimenez is partners with his Uncle Hector Campos in Bankers Casino a card room in #Salinas.

The card room was a long term desire for the boys
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#Elecciones2021mx 🧵Votar por quien sea, nunca es una equivocación, es una #obligación ciudadana, una #elección basada en lo que cada quien percibe que pudiera ser la mejor opción en un momento dado, o la menos mala, y en esto no hay verdades absolutas...
Como decía mi abuelita «a toro pasado, cualquiera es buen torero». Yo voté por #AMLO, y decir que me equivoqué y que me reclamen por ello, es tan absurdo como decir que quienes votaron por #PeñaNieto, #Calderón, #Fox, #Zedillo, #Salinas, etc., se equivocaron en su momento...
Si una aplastante mayoría decidimos votar por un opositor como #AMLO fue principalmente consecuencia de los recientes y brutales excesos del #PRI y el #PAN. Para muchos ya era insostenible darles más oportunidades, decidimos arriesgarnos a un cambio que seguir por donde íbamos...
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.@SALINASPD chief @adelefrese hates #Salinas so much she tried to get hired in Texas for another job. Frese has done nothing to make Salinas a better city, a less corrupt city, a department with officers who are accountable to the public.
Case and point?


.@SALINASPD OFFICER GABE CARVEY has an extremely unusual and close relationship with Rolando and Ricky Cabrera.

This is the Cabrera brothers scumbag brother who murdered a young, single mother from Fiji for insurance money so he could put more money into an organized auto

theft ring that involved a number of prominent businessmen from MoCo and Castroville and a car dealer in Hollister CA.

That was over a decade ago.

And what's going on now?

It's worse, Monterey County is becoming more dangerous.

I hope this sinks in.
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You know what this scumbag, bribe-taking-politician isn't talking about?


Hector Campos is 1/2 of fmr. Salinas Mayor @DennisDonohueD4's
(who ran away from office after a corruption probe and placing his family home in his wife's name, solely) Bankers Casino gift of Salinas largesse.

Dennis made sure a few dirt lots at Division & East Market St.

were purchased by the City/Salinas Redevelopment Agency just in time for Campos and his relative Sal Jimenez to buy the old Moose Lodge on Monterey St. turned it into a card room.
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This is former @CityofSalinas city manager Dave Mora (formerly the city manager of Oxnard CA) who laid cover for the Gerry Kehoe fraud he and @CASenCaballero perpetrated on the good people of the MoCo community 👇

To show the community the City wasn't engaged in fraud

Bruce Taylor assoc. formed a group calling itself "SALINAS CITY CENTER LLC".

That group began buying up property around Oldtown Salinas. Property Kehoe didn't lock down (Greyhound, 201 Main & a dda for the 100 block of Main dirt lot).

Who is Mora speaking with here?

An Oldtown property owner named Jay DeSerpa who inherited property from his dad around Oldtown Salinas.

Who is Dave Mora also speaking about?


The same Mills who, with his brother, ripped off #Salinas Deferred Compensation.

Anna Caballero was
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... let's be clear on who these scumbags are that get hired by other scumbags who were involved with various scumbags.

Filice was hired by @adelefrese who was hired by Ray Corpuz, #Salinas' city manager. Adele Frese is trying to flee Salinas as a special unit of the @FBI

and this is the odd one - a division of the department of defense (and that's all I'm able to say about that - FOIA) - investigates public corruption, after decades of neglect.

Filice and Manny Martinez were hired to "help" Frese.

Again, all this was authorized by Ray-Ray.

Ray Corpuz came to Salinas following a bizarre stint at the City of Seaside - a micro-corrupt city with a corrupt police department. (Sense a trend? more on this later *)

How did Seaside end up with Ray-Ray?

Ray Corpuz left Tacoma Washington where he was CM.
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Boom. #Salinas council member Steve McShane says he will not support the motion to proceed with #BACS and stands up for the community.

District 1: @SupervisorAlejo
District 2: @PhillipsForSupe
District 3: @SupervisorLopez
District 4: @WendyRootAskew
District 5: @MaryLAdams

Literally the best local political drama right now in the discussion of a housing vendor for unhoused. Alejo is suspect of the process seemingly aiding with McShane!


District 1: @SupervisorAlejo
District 2: @PhillipsForSupe
District 3: @SupervisorLopez

The looks on the faces are priceless.

Oddly Alejo, McShane ... sounding like voice of reason? Ok Steve maybe but Alejo? 😂

District 4: @WendyRootAskew
District 5: @MaryLAdams Image
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Congressman @JimmyPanetta,

Who is Mike Bitar and what is his history in Monterey County politics?

Why is every sub-lease Bitar creates for his primary lease of Nader Agha's Moss Landing Marijuana Grow Facility requiring that tenants use your political consultant Plasha Will?

Did you have any knowledge of Mike Bitar's felony fraud case that was prosecuted by the Monterey Co. District Attorney's Office where you worked?

What is the full history of Bitar's business relationships:

1. Mike's Auto Sales

2. Frank's Auto Sales

3. Der Weinerschnitzel

4. Executive Estate's Real Estate.
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John FICKAS is a political consultant who just plead out to rape (multiple counts). Fickas' case was initially buried (while @Kelly_McMillin was chief of @SalinasPD) and only came to light a little over two years ago.

And then the @FBI came to #Salinas to interview connected Image

people about campaign finance money laundering (A VERY BIG DEAL) after decades of abuse, behind the scenes deal making and bribery.

Fickas was funded, in part, by Mike Hackett - a Salinas based pizza maker and cocaine trafficker who is a major player in the local marijuana

a multi-billion dollar market in Monterey County's #Salinas Valley.

Mike Hackett isn't supposed to be in the weed business because he is now a convicted felon but MoCo never ceases to amaze in its lawlessness and corruption.

Mike Hackett runs around with
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.@MCoSheriff has the same problem x10.

Run by a crooked Deputy turned Sheriff in 2015, @SheriffBernal should be deported. 😂

"The state Fair Political Practices Commission this month agreed to open investigations into two complaints filed by Schneider. One accuses the Monterey County Counsel’s Office of improper partisanship. We’ll get to that one in a bit."…

"Over the past year, his research has revealed an apparent pattern of campaign law violations throughout Monterey County and an unwillingness by local authorities to take action"…
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