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Last month, I had some old business to wrap up in #NYC , it was my first visit since the pandemic. I was shocked to see for my own eyes, just how bad it's gotten. Went to the design district & saw lots of empty showrooms. Then right at the entrance to the building I entered ...
stood a guy, bent over, half naked and pooping right onto the sidewalk! It reminded me of the seeds planted in 2014. When that communist moron; DeBlasio and his communist cabinet he assembled, took public urination laws off the book, because after all, they were "racist".
Now New York is building a huge tent city. Thousands of migrants are arriving every week and the city under their #SanctuaryCity laws must find a bed for all, Homeless shelters are full. 6000 hotel rooms rented for them, and they just keep on coming.
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🚨SEVENTY NINE MILLION🚨towards legal services for ILLEGAL ALIENS in California $50 million was allocated for homeless!! These are your tax dollars at work #SanctuaryCity #Corruptifornia @GavinNewsom @NancyPelosi @KamalaHarris @AdamSchiff @tedlieu @SenFeinstein
No one voted on this shit, what about all the LEGAL immigrants that paid for their own lawyers? Are they just suckers, they should sue @CAGovOps
Assisting individuals to apply for DACA? It’s three f**king pages if they can’t fill out the form WTF are they adding to society? OMGGGG. Fuming. No wonder Avenatti ran to the border we’re paying them.
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Full house for @UrbanLeaguePDX conference commemorating 30-year anniversary of Mulugeta Seraw's murder by white supremacists on the streets of Portland. @rblazak gives attendees a brief history of Oregon's roots as a white supremacist Utopia.
Oregon's small Black population is not coincidental; it was by design-- the design of the KKK. The Klan elected Portland mayors and they marched in the Rose Parade. There were Klan rallies where the Timbers now play.

This anti-Black racism extended to Jews and Catholics as well.
This white supremacist foothold didn't weaken in the 1920s or 40s or 60s. It was still going strong (arguably strengthening as white supremacists from other parts of the county migrated to seek refuge here) in the 80s & 90s w rise of skinheads/neo-Nazis (inc Eastside White Pride)
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Yesterday @LAPDHQ was looking for more victims of this Lyft driver accused of rape, today he was released and no one knows why? Let’s take a wild guess #SanctuaryCity @ICEgov care to explain @AGBecerra why rapists are being let out of jail after days? #TakeBackCalifornia
This is absolutely nuts? How do you go from $2.2 million bail to just “released” and @911LAPD doesn’t know why? We need more than that @JerryBrownGov @DHSgov anybody?…
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Well @GovernorVA you vetoed the bill that tried to avoid crimes like this thanks to #SanctuaryCity this alienillegal was released by an immigration judge despite @ICEgov having him custody and now he’s a murderer you must be so proud @MarkWarner @timkaine #VoteDemocratsOut
Shameful really he should’ve stayed in custody for attempting to kill his wife or been deported because HE WAS NOT HERE LEGALLY but this is what Blue states want🤷🏼‍♀️BTW he was also a #DREAMER the family of the man that died should sue #Norfolk
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Another #SanctuaryCity celebrity! So far 130+ homes destroyed and precious land is on fire. @MayorHancock how is #Denver feeling about your "inclusive" city? #SupportICE…
Should've let @ICEgov deport him.…
His Facebook says #Anarchy2018 guess he wins seeing as 70k acres have now burned #DefundSanctuaryCities
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I hope @SenSchumer and Senate Dems will agree to start holding votes on immigration since they've insisted upon debating it for weeks. First they shut down the government over this, now they’re slow-walking a start to the debate.
.@SenSchumer says #SanctuaryCities have nothing to do w/border security or #DACA. My #SanctuaryCities amdt focuses on smart immigration enforcement. Following immigration laws & protecting citizens from dangerous criminals in our cities is the 1st step to a secure border.
Immigrants want safe cities and communities as much as anyone. My amendment allows cities to protect illegal immigrants who come forward as witnesses or victims of crimes. This is about everyone’s safety.
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As we begin to debate the issue of immigration, @SenSchumer is blocking a vote on my amdt to address problem of dangerous #SanctuaryCities, putting interests of criminals before public safety.
For there to be a good-faith bill on #DACA, dangerous #SanctuaryCity policies must be addressed: DREAM Act says if you commit certain crimes, you lose protections & can be deported. If local law enf. can’t cooperate with DHS/ICE, then this provision is virtually unenforceable.
I once again ask my colleagues to focus their attention on the serious problem of dangerous #SanctuaryCities. There's lots of misinformation about #SanctuaryCities so here are the facts.
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