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1. News: Government SUES Former Best Friend of Melania Trump, over ‘scathing tell-all’ 👏👏👏

DOJ requests all profits directed to a ‘constructive trust.’ -Thread 10.14.2020…
2. News: Amy Coney Barrett flips script on Dems: "I could empathize w/ people who lack HEALTH CARE ... was so striking to me when we went to get our daughter Vivian from the orphanage in Haiti was the lack of access to basic things like antibiotics."…
3. News: Judge Amy Coney Barrett's calm demeanor during hearings is her ‘SUPERPOWER,’ Harmeet Dhillon says… #FillThatSeat #ConfirmAmy
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It is now confirmed the shooter held tribalistic leftist beliefs.

We now find that he had NO record of a security license in the city of #Denver.

There are photos showing Antifa was present at the rally to counter protest.

Meanwhile, 🦗 from @GovofCO, @MayorHancock ImageImageImage
For the record, Mayor Hancock has put out his best wishes to the victim's family and this is an ongoing investigation.

That said, it doesn't take journalists to see that the shooter held leftist beliefs.

Mayor Hancock has made it clear extremists aren't welcome in Denver -
that said, extremists like the @pslweb have been openly supported by elected officials in the Denver area for months now.

Some elected officials have actually attended protests thrown by these groups.

Hancock and the Governor haven't addressed the fact that city council /
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Tried to sync what I saw in the video and the pics.
Was there a laser sighting on matts firearm?
Updated half the gif.
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1. News: 🚨🚨 WHO Official Urges World Leaders to STOP Using Lock-downs as Primary Method Against CCP Virus:

"This is a terrible, ghastly global catastrophe actually,” David Nabarro added. -Thread 10.11.2020… #Lockdowns #COVID #WHO
2. News: The 2nd Act Will Be Worse Than The First: Lockdowns Are Not The Answer… #Lockdowns #COVID
3. News: Another Leftist Hypocrite: St. Louis County Executive Sam Page Orders Strict Mask Mandates for All Local Citizens Then Is Caught Out in Public Without a Mask… #Lockdowns #COVID #MASKS #hypocrite
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Security guard contracted by 9NEWS was arrested following the shooting death of a far-Right Trump supporter in Denver after police dispersed Patriot rally + an antifascist counter-protest. Far-Right grifters online falsely claimed that 'Antifa' was behind the shooting. A thread.
On Saturday, October 10th, far-Right Trump supporters, militias, and Patriot groups called for a rally at the Colorado State Capitol in #Denver. The event was organized by John “Tig” Tiegen, a Trump supporters, Marine, and "Benghazi hero" who went on to work for Blackwater.
Tiegen is also part of the group, United American Defense Force, whose website proclaims: "Radical groups have gained control in the US. Police around the country are being defunded and disbanded. The enemies are promising to come to your neighborhood."
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Did the shooter have his gun out already? Prior to the spray, already pointed at his target? ImageImage
The draw and shot was fast as hell. Someone with more gun experience want to chime in.
Would it be considered menacing if his gun was drawn and pointed already? Image
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#Breaking: Video shows the moments a shooting occurs at the #Denver protest. One person was reportedly shot and one person has been arrested. The reason for the shooting is unclear.

#Denver PD tweets that 1 victim was transported to the hospital in an unknown condition and (2) suspects were taken into custody. #denverprotests (h/t @KittyLists)

#Breaking: ‘ The shooting is now being investigated as a Homicide.’ - #Denver PD
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BREAKING: ‘Antifa’ reportedly shot a member of the ‘Patriot’ side in #Denver. Initially, speculation was the opposite. Suspect is in custody.
UPDATE: Person shot has died and was reportedly a member of the group ‘Patriot Prayer’. Two suspects are in custody.
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1. News: U.S. Urges Nuclear Negotiations With North Korea After Kim Jong Un Reveals 'Monster' Missile 🙏
-Thread 10.10.2020… @realDonaldTrump #Peace #NorthKorea
2. News: Yes, Hillary Clinton Orchestrated the Russia-Collusion Farce… @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #JusticeSoon
3. News: 'Insufficient': Pelosi REJECTS latest White House COVID RELIEF AID OFFER 💰… #COVID #Stimulus #AID #Pelosi
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ALERT : Officers are investigating a shooting that occurred in the Courtyard by the Art Museum. 1 victim transported to the hospital their condition is unknown, 1 suspect in custody .
UPDATE: 2 suspects are now in custody in relation to this shooting .
Update: This shooting is now being investigated as a Homicide. Updates will be posted as information comes available.
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Denver, CO
Streamer is reporting shots fired on the "militia" side #denverprotests
Shots fired, looks to be someone on the ground and ambulance on scene. Denver, CO
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Happening: Oct. 10, 2020 - 1:30pm
#Colorado, #Denver, #CivicCenterPark.
#DenverProtests, #DenverProtest, #DenverRiots. ImageImageImage
From the DenverProtests sub-Reddit: Image
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No charges for the man who fled "Party for Socialism and Liberty" rioters who opened fire at him.

“If this guy wants to run into people he had plenty of opportunity to do that,” District Attorney said…

#Denver #Riots2020 #riots

Only people to be charged are

-Samuel Young, who faces multiple 1st degree attempted murder charges.

-6 people who are leaders/associated of Denver chapter of "Party for socialism and liberty" for charges ranging from theft, riot, kidnapping and more

Liberation not liberty. Thanks for pointing that out.…
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Low energy #Denver. Via Off-Meta Media on
Denver got spicy, wow🌶
Right before that confrontation this group Was of course being assholes.
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Nothing to see here, just #Denver City Council Member Amanda Sawyer using an official government Facebook account to spread far right, racist propaganda to further Trump's message about suburbs being in peril.

She also tries to call out @Yimbyindenver.… ImageImage
It gets worse! Because of course it gets worse! The video features failed mayoral candidate & gentrification posterwoman Jamie Giellis, who lost after a slew of racist social media posts she made previously were unearthed, & she embarrassed herself on @brothajeff's podcast.
You can see Giellis get caught not knowing what NAACP stands for in the video above. Here is one of her racist tweets. The screen grab was taken just before she deleted this old account. Image
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Denver, CO getting wild - smoke or gas deployed & thrown back
Denver, CO war zone
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1) What about the #BoogalooBois who were documented by police & other sources as planning to move in on the #GeorgeFloyd peaceful demonstrations to forment violence, riots & property damage. See my time line around Memorial day.
2) What about the #UmbrellaMan in #Minneapolis who likely came in on #BoogalooBois general call for the #GeorgeFloyd protests, and #BrokeTheFirstWindows? He was later identified and found to be affiliated with a #WhiteSupremacist group.
3) What abt similar episodes of agents provocateur in both #Denver & #Atlanta, recorded on video & on my timeline? White outsiders to peaceful demonstrations did violent window smashing (one at @CNN HQ) & triggered violence in previously peaceful demonstrations? Then they split.
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On 8/23/20, these criminal thugs targeted only small minority owned businesses for vandalism.
Indiscriminate rioting & vandalism always follows events by @AfroFrontCo, (@BlackDiamond_AI, Gabriel Lavine and supported by Denver City Councilwoman @CandiCdeBacaD9).
#DenverProtests Image
Let's not forget that Gabriel Lavine and @AfroFrontCo organized and destroyed the statutes in #Denver.

Here is the aftermath of the Aug. 22, 2020 #DenverProtests / #DenverRiots.
August 23, 2020. ImageImageImage
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Thread: Greenwood Village, a suburb of #Denver voted to exempt its police from some of the reforms in SB217 that #coleg passed during the protests. In a lot of ways this decision is driven by land use and the history of the town. #copolitics…
GV exists because of Freda Poundstone, who got a ballot measure passed to prohibit Denver from annexing surrounding communities. Some of this had to do with Denver's over-active urban renewal body, but the main issue of the day was bussing. #copolitics…
4 years before the Poundstone Amendment passed, there were even terrorist bombings in Denver to stop bussing and integration.….
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Thread for residents of #Golden, #Arvada and #Denver area recreation interests...

A developer is trying to rezone a flank of North Table Mountain to allow for large scale multifamily apartment complexes. Which would also set precedent for more. /1
Area residents are beginning to coordinate opposition to this potentially imminent rezoning on the basis of traffic, infrastructure, safety, environment, precedent and more. This is their website. /2
Here is an overhead view of the location in question and its proximity to the popular @JeffcoOpenSpace park. /3
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Thread: Dale, your son was shot in the eye by Denver police. As it turns out, the Denver Broncos donated $200,000 to a group that supplied them with protective riot gear. ImageImage
Almost 2 years ago, Von Miller and John Elway’s Denver Broncos, donated $200,000 to a group that supplies tactical vests and military grade helmets to law enforcement agencies, including the Denver police.…
Denver Police thanked the Denver Broncos-backed Shield 616 for the protective gear.

Denver Police have been wearing the gear as they have been actively harassing protesters, shooting rubber bullets at them, and attacking an elderly man in a wheelchair crossing the street. ImageImage
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The virus was planned as far back as last summer. People report have been sick w/ a cough that lasted six weeks in Aug & Oct. Nancy went to Wuhan in NOVEMBER & Beijing in Dec. The Impeachment failure was followed immediately by #COVID19 which showed signs of slowing & ending
2/ by the end of April. #JoeBidenIsARacist made his “you ain’t black,” faux pas (?) May 22nd. IMMEDIATELY a black man apparently died in racially tense #mineapolis & another Black man was shot while jogging in Atlanta. The second death received less press
3/ but apparently both cities were ready to riot, curtesy BUSED IN PROTESTORS. Who would have the money & network to enable such a massive response? #GeorgeSoros While he was at it, he alerted BLM & #Antifa Now we have #DomesticTerrorists at work in #Houston #Denver #SanJose
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Downtown denver. Some girl turned around to run this guy over #GeorgeFloyd #icantbreathe #downtowndenver #denver
He was not on the hood of her car before she started moving. He jumped up because she wouldn’t stop accelerating towards the people surrounding her car. “It’s illegal to jaywalk and block traffic.” It’s illegal to murder an innocent human being #GEORGEFLOYD
Black Americans do not deserve to die at the hands of police or other violent racists stemming from hatred of their existence. Video and images of license plate have been sent to Denver PD (and taken off of here). Keep demanding justice. #BLM
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