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The sledge hammer of justice fell heavily on a heartless middle aged sex offender in Nigeria as High Court in Sokoto State have convicted him for sexual exploitation of a minor of age 9. The High Court in Sokoto presided over Image
by Honourable Justice Muhammad Muhammad slammed the convict, Aminu Ibrahim with a 4 year imprisonment.
The convict was dragged before the Court by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP). It would be recalled that the Director General of the
Agency, Imaan Sulaiman Ibrahim, had promised hell for human traffickers and all categories of sex offenders in the Country saying that the Agency was ready to seriously contend with them.
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Code des Bros :
1- Un bro ne doit pas regarder son bro nu
2- Le Bro ne doit jamais pleurer
3- Un bro doit toujours avoir des préservatifs dans son porte-feuille pour ses bros et lui même
4- Un bro ne dois jamais porter des caleçons roses

#Thread 👇🏾
5- Si un bro te demande de garder un secret , tu dois emporter le dit secret dans la tombe
6- Un bro ne doit pas se sentir offensé si son bro ne prend pas ses appels
7- INTERDICTION FORMELLE DE PARLER AVEC L’EX D’UN BRO( ça finit entre eux ton amitié avec l’ex finie aussi)
8-Un bro ne fait pas la bouche sur les selfies
9-Un bro ne donne jamais le silent treatment à son bro
10-Un bro ne demande jamais à son bro de le suivre dans la salle de bain
11-Un bro n’est pas obligé de se souvenir de ton birthday(il ne marche pas avc ton acte de naissance)
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The ranting about rape on the media is over, yet the activities of rape increase day and night!
#Thread ImageImage
Just recently cases of sexual abuse and assault has increased ranging from little children to adults, nothing has been done, the victims are left in pain and then depression sets in!
We know writing about it on the media may not end rape cases but if we keep talking a lot can be done, people can be educated and broken souls can be healed.
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1. A Bro shall not gaze at a naked Bro.​

2. A Bro never cries.​

3. A Bro always has a condom in his wallet.​

4. A Bro never wears pink underwear.

A Thread 👇 👇
5. If a Bro asks another Bro to keep a secret he shall take that secret to his grave.​

6. A Bro is never offended if another Bro fails to return a phone call or text.​

7. It is never acceptable for a Bro to sleep with another Bro’s Ex.​

8. Bros DO NOT pout for selfies.
9. A Bro never gives another Bro the silent treatment.

10. A Bro never asks another Bro to come with them to the bathroom.​

11. A Bro is not required to remember another Bro’s birthday.​

12. A Bro of a Bro is a Bro to you.
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On rape. a #Thread
Rape has a number of things that falls into its definition. But simply put, it is any sexual carnal knowledge of a person without the person's consent.

I believe in Christian values so I'll rely heavily on the Bible in my submissions.
It's not a strange concept in our world. In fact, 2 examples jumped into my mind right now,from the Bible 😳🙆🏽‍
Don't forget Sodomites attempted to gang rape an angel 😇
But this one I want to show us.actually happened.
It is in Gen 34, about Dinah, Schechem and the Israelites
Ok. So this guy had a crush on Dinah and could not wait to marry her, he decided to have his way with her. Note that he actually lived her. in verse 3 of Gen 34 "His heart was drawn to Dinah daughter of Jacob; he loved the young woman and spoke tenderly to her."
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If you are a closet rapist, potential rapist, perv or a pedophile, read this thread now!

#SayNoToRapist #SayNoToRape #justiceforvictims #JusticeForBarakat #JusticeForUwa Image
Female Sex Dolls

A sex doll mimics almost every sexual pleasure a grown adult woman can offer. The downside; only the rich can afford to get one as the price of a sex doll cost at least N700,000! The govt could subsidise the cost.

#SayNoToRapists #justiceforvictims Image
Sperm Extractor

The 'hand movement' act can be hectic & uninspiring sometimes, welcome the Chinese made 'Sperm Extractor'. As the name suggest, this machine, which can simulate a vaginal environment, through massages, twitching, sucking & vibration was created to 'aid' sperm.. Image
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I'm worried about the turn of events here, following the #JusticeForUwa campaigns. Two things worry me in particular 》》 A thread
1) There's a clear lack of institutional capacity of @policeng to fight the scourge of rape and sexual violence
Rape and sexual violence are specialist fields that require special resources, training, and attention. Not every cop on the beat has the capacity to investigate rape and sexual violence, for instance
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I just received the lovely news that Akintoye J. of the High Court of Lagos State yesterday delivered judgment in the case of The State v. Onuoha where the court convicted and sentenced the defendant to 16 years in imprisonment for the rape of a 14 year old girl. #SayNoToRape
I became acquainted with this case in my former law firm @Babalakinandco when we received the report of the rape incident several years ago and even though we didn't have the first right of prosecution, the firm diligently supported the good team from the Lagos State Ministry...
... of Justice and sent a lawyer from the firm to attend the proceedings every single day from the arraignment until the conviction yesterday. Kudos to Team B&C and in particular Martina Aguocha @LlilMizRed for her diligence and steadfastness.
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Dear Arewa,

I am angry! They say 'ana barin halal dan kunya'. The famous motto we live by to prohibit what Allah S.W.T and His Prophet declared as halal. We are quick to condemn everything foreign to our culture. In fact, we regard our culture sometimes above our religion.
It is a thing of pride for a parent to be seen as very strict. You dont know what kids of 12 years know these days. You have no idea! In this troubling times, as a parent, you need to be as close as possible to your kids, especially your daughters! Be her close friend & confidant
We condemn sex education thinking it will destroy our values. Let us quit deceiving ourselves, our children are already aware. As a father or mother, it is your duty to be close to them so that you can discuss such topics with them, or one boy outside will help & teach your girl.
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Good husbands, responsible boyfriends, compassionate brothers, uncles, fathers, all taking the hit and hate for the animalistic conduct of some perverted men. An innocent girl got raped & deserves justice, & your little misandristic mind chose to reduce this to gender banter? 🤮
I’m disappointed at celebrities and public figures, who rather than mobilize advocacies for stronger laws against rape and police reforms to tackle force brutality, have chosen to minimize this big issue to mere demonization of men and pointing of moral compass.
The victims of Police brutality in Nigeria especially as perpetuated by SARS are always mostly Men. We adopted the #EndSARS campaign to advocate for reforms. The focus wasn’t on how only males were being targeted. Even when one Kolade was killed, we called 4 end to the brutality.
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"INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS AN INJUSTICE EVERYWHERE "Says Ore ADETIBA the Director of Gender NANS Zone D representing Ekiti State Axis
Our attention has been drawn to our dear colleague in Edo State Miss Uwa Omozuwa who on the 27th of May fell victim of Rape and brutally injured.1/5 ImageImage
2/5....which eventually took her life as a result of the complications from the disheartened incidents.
The entire female students under the aegis of NANS Zone D join our voices with thousands of voices accross the federation and demands for justice for Uwa.
3/5 We no longer feel safe,our pride as a girl child is being dragged to wallow in the mould on daily basis,we as a girl child is not an object of rape therefore we should not be subject to rape or sexual harassment of any kind....Our dignity,our pride,and our self esteem ...
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The court will draw the line by evaluating the evidence before it. If the prosecution can prove it beyond reasonable doubt that consent was absent, the court will be convict the accused. The evidence may be oral testimony,documents eg police reports, pieces of bloody clothing etc
The burden to proof that rape occured is on the prosecution. #SayNoToRape #AskGavel
Further, a Court can deduce rape from a medical report or admission of the suspect through recorded voice calls, text messages etc.
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I oppose rape or sexual assault. I think it's a mental illness and/or cowardly of a man or woman to do such.
It is important that in order to curb this menace, an example must be made of a sexual predator and the bigger the fish the more feat covered, however,
the level of emotional approach which I see even celebrities, engaged in this case is astonishing and anyone that speaks from an angel of objectivity is tagged a rape apologist. I'm speaking from that angle of neutrality and objectivity.
Being cynical about how her story was told or was expected to be told really has no bases as to if she's telling the truth or not, we've seen good orators that have lied people behind bars. It must have been very traumatic and shameful, so those saying why didn't
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I am a member of COZA, I joined almost 8 years ago now. I am not a worker or a member of any inner circle. But I wholeheartedly subscribed to the mission of the church and many of the programmes and messages.

My attendance of the church was primarily because of my.....
.....relationship with God, and secondarily because of the level of excellence that spoke out in the ambience that is constantly presented. I saw church done differently and in a manner that I subconsciously desired. One thing I know is always repeated is the importance...
.....of your personal relationship with God. You are tutored and admonished to build that personal relationship with God. Like me, there are many other people, who out of the innocence of their hearts and desire for fulfillment in the pursuit of their faith joined the church.
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