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#Denounce, #deny, #deceive - 6 common tactics of media manipulators and why they work to sabotage public discourse

It is time to stop being naive about online discourse.

“The discourse holds so many traps for the unwary. It’s a bit like financial scams and gambling that are a tax on the financially naïve. A similar tax is being levied on the intellectually naïve.” —  @ArthurCDent

@ArthurCDent In the article, I lay out 6 common #manipulation tactics and why they work to sabotage discourse on scientific topics.

First up is "just asking questions" or "#sealioning", which uses social expectations and #framing effects to distort conversations.

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Tijd voor een #debunk van het artikel van #bbb in de @volkskrant
Ondanks het feit dat dit één van de weinige artikelen met kritische vragen is, wordt het #bbb boekje met onzin en drogredenen weer opengetrokken
We starten met een binnenkomer die op rechts heel wat hartjes harder laat kloppen. Immigratie! Dat, terwijl de landbouw verantwoordelijk is voor een zeer substantieel deel van migratie. De kas (uw tomaten en komkommers), de volle grond (uw asperges en bloembollen) 2/
Maar vooral uw stukkie vlees. Dat wordt vervoerd, geslacht en in plastic verpakt door de migrant.
Conclusie; zonder arbeidsmigranten kan de landbouw wel opdoeken. Mocht u het niet weten, arbeidsmigratie neemt binnen het migratiecijfer een groter aandeel in dan de vluchteling /3
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Appreciate this Mr. @malki . Did not expect to get a response from the original author of the comic work. You're correct in assuming that this was a 'good-faith effort' to describe the #sealioning expression in retrospect from an objective & historical point of view. 🧵1/10
Translators like me are in nature 'investigative' and we tend to explore the intent of the author and its context to understand the real meaning behind a certain expression or a term. To me #Sealioning was such new term. So as you said, I tried to do a 'deep-dive' into it. 2/10
In Japan, the context and historical background of #Sealioning is not fully understand, while there are many versions of translations of your original work. @annaPHd9pj 's was one of them I happened to come across first, and I personally thought it was well-translated. 3/10
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Seid ihr schon mal in eine Partie #Taubenschach verwickelt worden? Sagen euch #Sealioning, die Chewbacca-Verteidigung oder das Bullshit-Asymmetrie-Prinzip etwas? Ein 🧵 über die Spielregeln der wissenschaftsleugnenden Trolle und wie ihr sie durchschaut. 1/14
Der Begriff #Taubenschach stammt von diesem Meme hier. Er beschreibt eine sinnlose Debatte mit jemandem, der faktenresistent & siegessicher seine Agenda verfolgt. Genau wie die Taube euer Schachbrett zuscheißt, tut der Troll dies mit seinen haltlosen Behauptungen. 2/14 Bild von einem Mann, der mi...
Nun ist hier schon klar, dass ihr die scheißende Taube schleunigst von eurem Brett vertreiben solltet. Problem: Kein Troll sagt „Hey, lass uns Taubenschach spielen!“ Nein, er tut interessiert, stellt Fragen, will Quellen. Kurz: Ihr kriegt den Spielbeginn nicht unbedingt mit. 3/14
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So much #FactCheckBait being put out by IT Cell today and so many people biting.
What is #FactCheckBait? Fascists putting out tweets or messages with very obvious rebuttal properties. So non-fascists are distracted by rebutting or fact checking them. And the fascists get more name recognition. What have the top sanghi twitter accounts done other than provoke?
Why are so many sanghi bigot handles famous & well followed on Twitter despite having no notable quality other than getting called out by liberals? Cos that's all it takes. If they can fool liberals into QTing or even screenshot-ing them, they become heroes and then are like
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