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Let me tell you a story about #SelfLoathing, #GayRacism, #SexualRacism, and what #Asians deal with.

This is for everyone, y'all.

You might learn a little something about your own race biases and preferences from this.

Come join us #gaysian #gaysians for a fireside chat.

I was born in Idaho and grew up in Colorado, two places where I could count on one hand the number of Asians (and part-Asians) in my community and my school.

#Asians are used to living in a world where we're invisible. We aren't represented in LGBTQ+ or mainstream media.

We #EastAsians suffer from unique issues: the #ModelMinority myth, perpetual foreignness, sexual stereotypes, and #YellowPeril xenophobia.

When I realized I was gay as a teen, I became suicidally depressed and prayed to God:

"Make me straight or make me white. Pick one."

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The initiators of this #AntiRacist ideology were primarily traumatised Jews with their resolution of #NeverAgain.

It's a classic example of good intentions paving the way to hell, & all the more efficiently, because Jews lean Right as well as Left, so its not just a L/R thing.
To be clear: I'm not blaming Jews for this anti-racist ideology, which was an understandable response to the trauma they had suffered at the hands of the Nazis & their criminally insane racial ideology. But it IS misconceived & will have the opposite effect to that intended.
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🟢 What is the State of the European Union #SOTEU debate? It's an important moment of #EU #democracy, when MEPs hold the @EU_Commission to account, checking on work done & the #FutureofEurope.

🎞️by @Europarl_EN

#NextGenerationEU #EUGreenDeal @boell_stiftung @boell_EU_USA
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Hello! I'm @solveig_hanson & this week I'll be discussing uses of metaphor in 17th c. midwifery books as part of #EarlyModernPeriod🩸, a monthly series I created with Hannah Sparwasser-Soroka (@TheGlintOfLight). If you're craving more history this week, check out their tweets!
We started #EarlyModernPeriod🩸with a desire to see more #histcomm on twitter (like @Tweetistorian). I'm excited to be able to share some of my work with you this week! Many thanks to @DrWorsTen & @sasanianshah for inviting me to partake in #Twittistorian
I've changed the profile picture and banner to two images from James Wolveridge's Irish Midwives Handmaid (1670) - the book I work with the most. The first image shows an infant and its membranes, "fully formed". The second conceptualizes internal anatomy during pregnancy. ImageImage
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It is powerful and painful to actually see the map of neighborhoods impacted by #COVID19 in Boston superimposed on the maps of historical redlining. #Antiracist #Redlining #BLM @DrIbram @uche_blackstock @DrOniBee
"If a neighborhood is to retain stability it is necessary that properties shall continue to be occupied by the same social and racial classes. A change in social or racial occupancy generally leads to instability and a reduction in values." #Redlining #BLM… ImageImage
It shouldn't surprise me. These were the maps from April. And yet, we're about to go into the fall, the winter, and the virus is still spreading uncontrolled and a black man was just shot in the back 7 times by police in front of his children @divadocsbos…
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🧵Something I hope to get through to wyte scholars is that you don't need to collect us all as friends like we're pokemon cards. We are not a monolith. I am always suspect of ppl who "like" us all & can't recognize #raceb4race #medievaltwitter #blackintheivory #shakerace 1/9
different personalities or even areas of expertise.
NEWSFLASH: We don't all like each other altho we may be heading towards the same antiracist goals. I have said before that wyte scholars don't have to like us but they should support our aims for equity (& some still don't) 2/9
but at the same time, there are wyte scholars desperate to please & they do not see that a lot of us (BIPOC) are different &have personality clashes even w/ other BIPOC (which is fine/natural). This is what it is to be human. As academics, we learn to work w/ ppl even if we 3/9
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Clear need to increase interdisciplinary knowledge on #HVAC, #building, #smartcities &&& working across diverse groups — Adam Jacobs from Optimal Energy

#BuildingTrades #SummerStudy20 Image
Some quick thoughts:
US construction is male & white; leading to systemic & intergenerational siphoning of contracts, social relationships & $$$$

Diversity & anti-racist policies need to implemented in bidding & contractors
Existing efforts at Municipal, State, & Federal seek to do ALL the things: gender equity & racial equity --->
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The indigenous peoples of Europe are White, & our lives & RACE matter. We are NOT a social construct, as #BigBrother & his minions would have us believe. We are Native, #FirstNationEuropeans who oppose racial hatred AND racial self-hatred.
Where does this ideology of white racial self-denial, self-contempt & self-hatred, which now dominates the West, come from?

It is a pathological overreaction - esp. on the part of traumatised Jews - to the evils of Nazism & the Holocaust.
Why has this anti-White ideology become so all-pervasive & powerful?

Because it was embrace & weaponised by #BigBrother & his minions (esp. in academia, politics & the media) as an instrument of socio-political intimidation & control.
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1/ Rather than doing live national office hours on the topic, I decided to write this thread about #antiracist #teaching. I'm writing it to organize my own thoughts. Also, I'm hoping maybe it will be useful to folks gearing up to teach in the fall.
2/ Some parts of this thread are not discipline specific. Some are more relevant to #STEM. A few are quite specific to math.
3/ I think that when white people like myself try to take antiracist actions (which we all should... frequently), it is important to be humble.
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Orgs that are appointing #DEI leads & attempting to diversify their staff (usually not leadership) are engaging in symbolic change.

Consider where your org is on this continuum of becoming an #antiracist multicultural org & what progress is needed.…
A Fully Inclusive Anti-Racist Multicultural Org in a Transformed Society

“✅Future vision of an institution and wider community that has overcome systemic racism and all other forms of oppression.”/2
✅”Institution's life reflects full participation and shared power with diverse racial, cultural and economic groups in determining its mission, structure, constituency, policies and practices.”/3
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We are a group of people of colour who are supportive of #YesCymru and discussions in #Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 for #independence/#annibyniaeth.

We have created YesCymruPOC to adequately address topics of equality, representation, diversity and race in the #Welsh independence movement. 1/
Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 has a future beyond an unequal relationship in the Union🇬🇧, one that is based on exploitation, poverty and a lack of a developed public political sphere in Wales. 2/
Equally, we acknowledge the monolithic discussions on #independence/#annibyniaeth🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 that have, at nearly every turn, erased the voices+contributions of #PeopleofColour in #Wales and the lived realities of race, racism and the #HostileEnvironment.
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Grateful to learn from @DrDorindaCA @soutomanning @ilana_horn Manka Varghese & Jamy Stillman in the #DivKAntiracist seminar on "Centering Justice and Anti-Racism in Teacher Education"
So appreciative of the grounding in radical love and Black/ WOC feminisms during this #DivKAntiracist by both @DrDorindaCA & @soutomanning as we look towards a racially just world that does not yet exist.
Also loving the focus on #teacheridentity #agency & #advocacy as central to the work of anti-racist teacher education -- considering intersections of race, language, experiences, subjectivities w/in contexts of education #DivKAntiracist
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“I thought perhaps there was a time when a PM making a false statement in Parliament would apologise..” @MichaelMarmot on #childpoverty #healthinequalities2020 @ToynbeeHall @equalitytrust @FairLondon
“Our lives depend on public health...” says @khankfarza in her critique and talks about the need to understand racialise #trauma and address hierarchy #healthinequalities2020
High level of community involvement in health initiatives but lack of presence in the research highlights @khankfarza #healthinequalities2020
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1/ This is a crucial time for #OntEd ted: 3 school boards will be hiring Directors of Education - @PeelSchools @tdsb & @DurhamDSB. With any shift in power, opportunities exist for a rise in justice-oriented practices and/or a rise in corrupt, back-door deals.
2/ School boards need to hire anti-racist leaders, *especially* as Directors of Ed.

Trustees - what criteria are you giving to search firms to choose your next Director? Are hiring committees racially diverse including trustees with critical, anti-racist mindsets & experiences?
3/Leadership of school boards MUST BE INTENTIONALLY #AntiOppressive #AntiRacist. It is the only way to close gaps.

So, what might this look like?

Here are some suggestions based on the research and preliminary findings from our current study on anti-racist leadership.
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“Kendi found in his cancer the perfect metaphor for the nation’s ‘metastatic racism.’ It’s in every part of the system, but it’s treatable.”

Surviving, living, and thriving with stage 4 colon cancer. @DrIbram, you are a gift to America that we don’t deserve. #antiracist
“The heartbeat of racism is denial. The heartbeat of #antiracism is confession.

My society has racism. The most serious stage. Racism is likely to kill my society. My society can survive racism against all odds.”

Before I read @DrIbram's book, I wrote this thread comparing American systemic racism to metastatic cancer based on my time as a clinician in oncology, and why this chronic illness has pre-disposed #America to being ravaged by #COVID19 *far less eloquently
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Q: What's in a name?
A: A whooole lot, man.

For the last few years, at the start of intern orientation, I ask residents to answer these questions:

1. My name is ____.
2. It is pronounced ____.
3. I prefer to be called ____.
4. I'd actually prefer you not call me _____.
This isn't just for "ethnic" names. It's for ANY name that is yours.


I kick the FIRST meeting off this way because folks seem to believe that there's a statute of jacking-up-names limitations that can't be overcome.

Which reminds me. . .
It is NEVER too late to pop the chain back into the bicycle that is your NAME. Nope. Even if it's been your whole life.


Since we ALL know about how inertia can be, the same happens with names. Folks just keep it going. And, often times, it isn't intentional.

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Interview on @abc7newsbayarea about Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in schools & the 1000 brave educators ready to get to work this weekend! Happy to support an #antiracist movement. Thanks @abc7david. Sign up for my July 18-19 workshop:
Hey @CNN @donlemon where y’all at? @nytimes @nhannahjones can y’all amplify this? @kenrya @Colorlines let’s do an interview!
Hey brother @DrIbram Kendi, help me amplify this message, and let me know when you want to be a speaker at a future conference. I go you.
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Watch this Now!!! 🔥🔥🔥Abolitionist Teaching and the Future of Our Schools featuring @BLoveSoulPower @DenaSimmons @GholdyM
#Antiracist education needs to be in white schools... if we’re gonna have a better world of justice & love, this is what we need.” @BLoveSoulPower
“Small acts & little acts of resistance... How do we empower families to know they have the power?” [to make change] @DenaSimmons
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Been reflecting on recent events and wondering whether we in the legal profession can truly say we are consciously
#antiracist in the way that we preside over, present and defend cases. We often criticise policing but what do we do in court? For example:
[A thread]
1. I've seen Criminal Behaviour Order applications being made referencing points like the number of times a defendant has been stopped and searched without contemplating the fact that Black people are x40 more likely to be targeted in this way by police:…
2. Gang affiliation or association is often the subject of bad character applications even though the Gangs Matrix and categorisation of gang "intelligence" is HEAVILY criticised by very well respected human rights charities…
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Are you a college prof who wants to address institutionalized racism, transmisia, colonialism & other -isms but don't have authority to hire or a budget?

You can still work on:
a. Your Syllabus
b. Your Evaluation Strategies
c. Student Handbooks
d. Any document labeled "Policy"
2/ Thx to those who’ve already added their suggestions- here are some links to other Tweets with just a few of the many many MANY resources #onhere (in no particular order):

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It is particularly poignant for non-Black people moving to gentrifying neighborhoods to be demonstrably #antiracist & recognize #gentrification as an issue of #racism and #publichealth. I’m speaking in particular to the new #interns that are relocating all over the country. -MH
@mindphul’s groundbreaking book “Root Shook” is a great place to start to better understand the impact of gentrification on Black communities. -MH
My mentor and friend @Rainacroff is doing great work to preserve the health of older Black Americans that are affected by the forces of gentrification.… Follow her! -MH
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It might be tempting to write "Put questions about #structuralracism, #whitebodysupremacy & #antiracist praxis on the #NLCEX!" but then you'd have to grapple with the reality that the exam & whole testing industry that surrounds it is a profound example of #whiteness at work.
I mean, if you've ever worked anywhere in prelicensure nursing education, what drives the curriculum?


Why? It's not just rankings. It's also:


Who'll shut you down if you don't keep them high enough. So programs are forever striving-
3/x keep those NCLEX pass rates high. Which means what?

A. Bending the curriculum around NCLEX content areas
B. Purchasing & integrating the products & services of Test Prep Companies like Kaplan & ATI

Which leads to -
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The #LEADatStanfordMed is hosting our graduation event tonight! Our scholars from diverse backgrounds and specialties have spent 10 months with us focusing on leadership capacity building and developing educational materials to advance #diversityandinclusion.
We've even adapted to #COVID19, and showed activism on campus in solidarity against #RacismInAmerica

#BlackLivesMatter #WhiteCoatsForBlackLives #LEADatStanfordMed #SoMeDocs
One voice can create a unified message
Why don't we speak up?

Be part of the conversation. There are multiple ways to use your voice.

#LEADatStanfordMed #crucialconversations #WhiteCoatsForBlackLives #BlackLivesMatter
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