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"Knowledge is Power: Missouri v Biden Deep Dive"
#ICYMI @ThaWoodChipper with @JenLawrence21 did a deep dive of the #MissouriVsBiden case, using the awesome thread done by @tracybeanz of @UncoverDC.
Links to #TwitterSpace recordings, analysis, and documentation can be found in…… Image
@ThaWoodChipper @JenLawrence21 @tracybeanz @UncoverDC 🔥"New #TwitterFiles Supplemental drop review. Additional #censorship tools and departments within our Government."

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New day, new flooding 🧵

Yesterday's thread is linked below, touching on:
🔹Russian scorched earth policy in action
🔹Extent/consequences of flooding and response
🔹How dams collapse
🔹Thoughts on Russian propagandists' thoughts

Key point from yesterday - local expert says explosion had to have come from inside the dam.

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I have no followers so I'm sure this post will be a waste of #TwitterSpace. I have personally been blessed and cursed by the whole medical system most of my life. To start off, my father shot himself when I was 7 due to mental health issues. Back then depression and bipolar 👇🏼
was treated with drugs like Valium. He had a really low moment and boom. “Tell Roger I’m sorry” is what they told me he said. I was introduced to #oxycontin at the ripe age of 15. My first dose was 40mg and I was sick as a dog for hours. That would trigger a lifelong battle 👇🏼
With addiction to #opiods. After my mom abandoned me when I was 16 and after some time in a homeless shelter
then rehab, I began to get my life together at age 22. 23 im married and doing ok and wreck an #ATV (4-wheeler) off a mountain in #NorthCarolina and become #paralyzed👇🏼
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We have some exciting conversations planned this week with many hard working builders in the #Arbitrum ecosystem.💙🧡

Set your #TwitterSpace reminders below so you don't miss out🧵👇
Tuesday | 1:30pm EST with @Flashstake…
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@DCPoliceDept body📸+@uscapitol📺

Did👮‍♂️action💥crowd 2 rush👮‍♂️?

2:25:22👮‍♂️Alioto throws CS
2:25:45👮‍♂️Khoury CS misfire
2:26:10 CS hits👮‍♂️Leslie
2:26:26👮‍♂️shoves👩↘️ stairs=crowd livid
2:27:38 Crows breaks👮‍♂️line…
@uscapitol Officer on January 6, 2021 @ 4:10:21pm:

“You guys have any good candidates for Chief?”

“We need a new one”

Perhaps allowing your police force to be operated at the whim of @SpeakerPelosi’s political intent wasn’t a good plan

@CapitolPolice inept all day on Jan 6
@DCPoliceDept Jan 6🎥

“U’ve been detained. @CapitolPolice is not going 2 process ur arrest 4 Xing👮‍♂️line so 2day is ur lucky day Ok? Don’t come back just take a walk. Go back 2 ur hotel & meet ur friends. Don’t do anything crazy” “Good luck”

DOJ & @January6thCmte didn’t share👇
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@DCPoliceDept Bodycam 🎥 of Lazewski

@DCPoliceDept scramble 2 figure out where the platoon’s gas masks are - parked in a van blocks away - as they were caught totally off guard about the CS gas

Lazewski & others warn fresh 👮‍♂️ arriving to mask up, as they continue 2 choke
@DCPoliceDept Lazewski Bodycam 🎥

🚨 Holy crap 👇🚨

👮‍♂️DC Metro angry, frustrated, complaining of CS gas & no prep by police leaders

“Let us know [about CS]!” “I didn’t know we were coming up 2 this, I woulda made sure we all had our masks” “They set us up to fail” “They did”……
Recall @DCPoliceDept Miller🎥

“We shoulda had ppl up here, I’m very pissed about that. [Boss says] we’re not going, we’ve got other responsibilities, can’t send our guys in there [@uscapitol] there’s ppl all over the city w🔫”

Fake/hyped Intel on🔫 =🛑 DC Metro being @uscapitol
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Media & DC elites ❤️ DOJ Indictments & 🎥 calling out “stack” or “tactical column” of Oath Keepers used 2 walk up stairs & stay together. Here’s @DCPoliceDept doing same maneuver

Also note compliant protester asked by 👮‍♂️ 2 get down so he can stand higher 2 get view of crowd…
@DCPoliceDept Lapitsky sees👩shove👮in Rotunda -14:59:24

👮responds w face punch b4 she’s restrained by coworkers

Man🗣️👮‍♂️: “Take care of that officer right now, she’s going 2 cause a real problem”

Fight 1m later,👮‍♂️throws punches on down protester -15:01:04

That’s Bigo🗣️re:🇺🇸
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1/🚨 TODAY, @enaraxr will be talking to @justttmei and @FintechLuis about how, using technology, we can merge the digital world and physical reality, providing unique and interactive experiences for users in the #Metaverse

#TwitterSpace - 5.30 pm UTC 🔔

#phygital #web3education Image
2/@justttmei has +10 years of start-up product & operating experience, specializing in marketplaces, web3, e-commerce, creators, and the social metaverse.

Currently, she is part of @genies, leading avatar technology company empowering humans to create their own avatar ecosystems
3/ @FintechLuis is the Founder & CEO of Fayre Labs, an NFT marketplace and fan hub.

He is an entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and transformation. He blends technology, creativity, and audience insight to drive brand growth and engagement.
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Thread for AAP Ka News #E101 - 28th July 2022

Add your #news articles & links to the last post in this thread

#aapKaNews #aap #News #spaceshost #spaces

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018 @BhartiRajbir

#thread : post 1 / n
#thread 2/n
#AAP CM #ArvindKejriwal inaugurated 7 best-in-class #ElectricVehicles (EV) charging stations across #Delhi. These charging stations will be open to all EV owners & aimed at providing low-cost slow as well as fast charging setups…
#thread 3/n
The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) will conduct skill training workshops for 25,000 people over the next six months, in collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation…
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Mit @buehel vom @hk_net Politik #twitterspace zur Kapitalismus Diskussion. Danke! #zeitfuerneues sagt, wie haben kein (Kapitalismus) System-, sondern ein Regulierung Problem. Es braucht mehr Märkte & Preise, nicht weniger, aber besser reguliert & weniger Macht verzerrt. 🧵 1/8
Analog #2ndAmendment sind heute #Kapitalismus Prinzipien zeitgemäß zu erneuern, wie damals gegen Monopole. Macht Missbrauch & Verwerfungen zu Lasten Gemeinwesen bekämpfen. Freie Märkte sind in einer modernen Gesellschaft reguliert und stehen möglichst vielen offen. 2/8
Nachhaltige Kapitalismus Kritik ist daher Gemeinwesen Kritik, an Vertreter-Strukturen und Entscheidungs-Prozessen, wie Macht erteilt & ausübt wird. Nachhaltiger Kapitalismus braucht moderne Gesetze, die Markt Verwerfungen minimieren. Begünstige verteidigen eigene Interessen. 3/8
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1/ A short update tweet on where we are on the 🇷🇺🇺🇦 war. A lot to do for @ecfr, and our next #twitterspace will be about different things ... so here wer are.
Last week 🇷🇺 repaired the railway connection into #Izyum and you immediately see the results.
2/ Further offensives from Izyum towards #Sloviansk are expected in the comming days. This will make 🇺🇦 positions in #Severodonestk even more vulnerable.
Renewed 🇷🇺 attacks on #Bakhmut were repelled so far, but breakthroughs may happen any day. Any of them will force ...
3/ 🇺🇦 to retreat to the #Sloviansk - #Kramatorsk line. When this happens is hard to predict, but it can happen by tomorrow. A lot of prepared positions there, so this again should hold up 🇷🇺 for weeks.
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What will we do if Roe falls?

Southern abortion doulas say they'll keep doing what they've been doing: "Abortion bans don't scare us."

🧵 A thread on what abortion workers in the Deep South want you to know about a post-Roe future:…
2/ @4thwallisreal has worked as an abortion doula in Georgia for 5 years.

She spends her days helping clients navigate their healthcare options and affirming their decisions.

Now, the job she loves and the bodily autonomy of millions are at stake.… Comic strip title reads: &q...
3/ For @4thwallisreal, serving as an abortion doula is really about being a trusted guide for patients.

"I love talking to people. I love hearing their stories," she says. "This is sacred work. I believe fully in bodily autonomy and self-determination."… Comic strip text reads: &qu...Comic strip text reads: &qu...
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1/ It's been a busy week for #SKALE. Here's a quick recap thread of everything you might have missed! 🧵👇

2/ On Tuesday we announced the Calypso #NFT Hub, in partnership with @MyLilius, @Afenblockchain @curateproject and @NFTradeOfficial.…
3/ On Wednesday we announced that @mcuban and @falonfatemi's company @FiresideChatApp would be building on #SKALE and leveraging our $100m Ecosystem Fund.…
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In today’s #RussianWarReport🇷🇺

🛩️ Geolocating drone footage of a failed Russian crossing
🇵🇱 A forged letter about #Poland, again
🇺🇸 Pro-Kremlin sources misrepresent US aid to Ukraine
🇱🇻 Flower removal from memorial in #Lativa sparks tensions

On May 11, Ukrainian forces successfully destroyed a Russian unit trying to cross the strategically important river of Siversky Donets in the #Donbas region. @DFRLab confirmed the genuine nature of the @DefenceU’s photos.
@DefenceU In one estimation, #Ukraine destroyed a Russian pontoon bridge and least 6 tanks, 14 BMP armored vehicles, 7 MT-LB amphibious vehicles, a tugboat and 5 other armored vehicles. A separate calculation by @Blue_Sauron showed 73 pieces of Russian equipment destroyed or abandoned.
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The English Language translation of #TearsOfWolkayit was introduced to me on Thursday in a Twitter Space holding what felt a lot like a digital vigil in the lead up the release of the University of Gondar research.


Tears Part-1 via @YouTube
The documentary which runs to a little over an hour in its two parts is a MUST WATCH for anyone who has embraced the false #TigrayGenocide narrative which TPLF has used as cover for its insurgency in Ethiopia.

Tears Part-2
There have been extensive war crimes and ethnic cleansing committed in the territory which is wrongly called #WesternTigray in western media, a lengthy one, of the people and the culture of Amhara people of Wolkayit.
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Set a reminder for today's #TwitterSpace with @peterpomeranzev a Senior Fellow at the @SNFAgoraJHU at @SAISHopkins and at the Institute of Global Affairs at @LSEnews where he runs the Arena Initiative, dedicated to investigating #disinformation…
@MykolaBalaban from @StratcomCentre will share insights on how narratives of Russian #disinformation has evolved to fuel #Russian full-scale #invasion of Ukraine.

Set a reminder to join our Twitter Space
@ksurrealistic our data analysts will share insights on what to expect from #Russian #disinformation on social media. Technology evolve, so does Russian disinformation, therefore it is crucial to understand how to face it's new wave fueling Russian war against #Ukraine
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Here’s why I currently own 63 @galactic_punks, including the rank #1, and why my goal to own and hold 69 GP’s might not be enough…

My prized possession @galactic_punk #6299, rank #1 GP.

A thread🧵


Before diving in I want to give an update on update on the Terra ecosystem and continue banging the drum of my unwavering support of the best layer 1 in crypto.

Firstly I am a firm believer that $LUNA will easily 5-10 X. There is so much going for it.

The smart money is coming to $LUNA in droves. Quality projects are being shipped constantly, these past days we've had @kado_money deliver its on-ramp with $2 fees🤯

Also, @OutletFinance is currently rolling out its debit card program, allowing US citizens ⬇️

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🕐 Comienza la jornada electoral en #CostaRica 🇨🇷

Te invitamos a revisar el material con los datos más relevantes del proceso y a seguir todos los detalles en este hilo del #MonitoreoElecciones2022.


#ObservatorioReformas Image

🗳️ Hoy la ciudadanía de #CostaRica 🇨🇷 elige los cargos de:

✅ Presidencia
✅ 2 Vicepresidencias
✅ 57 diputaciones a la Asamblea Legislativa

#ObservatorioReformas ImageImage

La renovación de la Asamblea Legislativa se realiza cada 4 años. Este órgano de Estado está integrado por 57 curules dividas en 6 provincias:

✅ San José: 19
✅ Alajuela: 11
✅ Cartago: 7

(continúa 👇)
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🔴 C'est parti pour #AlloMelenchon ! Posez-moi toutes vos questions sur #TwitterSpace et sur #Twitch ⤵️
J'ai eu une tortue quand j'habitais dans le Jura. 🐢

Le direct ⤵️
L'augmentation du SMIC à 1400 euros net, on le fera par décret. Pour le blocage des prix, je veux notamment faire payer les pétroliers.

Le direct ⤵️
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🔥#efDialoga I Da inicio el #TwitterSpace de esta noche. Hoy conversaremos sobre “Las voces ignoradas por los firmantes de la paz”.

‼️Acompáñanos para conversar sobre los vacíos existentes en una propuesta de ley de justicia transicional.…
@MaLu_Nochez, coordinadora de #efOpinión y moderadora de este #TwitterSpace comenta que esta conversación ha estado pendiente dentro de los marcos sociales y a 30 años de la firma de los Acuerdos de Paz, es más que necesaria.
La abogada especializada en género @pauscuellar comenta que: "La comisión de la verdad no recibió un entrenamiento previo" para tratar el tema de las violaciones sexuales durante el conflicto armado en #ElSalvador.
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V2 Version für mein #Applet zu #VerstecktesAnwachsen ist online.

Wenn wir es nicht schaffen, die Verdopplungszeit von #Omicron auf mehr als 3 Tage auszudehnen(*),
dann hätten wir in den nächsten 40 Tagen rund 30Mio Infektionen, 5* so viel wie in 22 Monaten zuvor.
(*) Unter Annahme, dass aktuell 0,8% #Omikron, und dass aktuelle Maßnahmen für 9% Rückgang Delta reichen.
Andere Werte ausprobieren:

0,2% #Omicron wird vom @rki_de als Anteil für KW47 angegeben. Seither wohl 2 Verdopplungszeiten, daher: wohl 0.8%. ➡️
Natürlich ist mein "Modell" nur ein sehr schlichtes, eher kurzfristig für "ab wann dominant" als für einen Ausblick in der Nähe von "die meisten in D haben's gehabt" nutzbar. Zumal ja (irgendwann) Politik dochmal reagieren muss /müsste.
Bei @dpaessler gibt's heute nachmittag➡️
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Ok so I'm done with the write-up on the #RishtaTrolley System, a #TwitterSpace on which was hosted a couple hours ago by @fay_alif
Hang on guys, this is going to be lengthy (but super useful).

@fayalif recently hosted a space on the topic of #RishtaTrolley system, which first made me feel irked, but then curiosity (more like #FOMO) got the better of me.

So join, I did.
Quite a few people were sharing their experiences, and opinions on a few related / sub topics as well. And it was a well managed space, maza aya to be part of this online baithak. This thread covers most of what was discussed and shared there.
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Corporate life is not only about the work you deliver. The relationships you build and how you interact impact your journey - @rkabushenga #40DayMentor #TwitterSpace on How to Get Ahead.
To determine how to get ahead, you need to have an honest decision with yourself on:
✓ What ahead means for you.
✓ What ingredients you need to go ahead.
✓ Tools you need to get ahead are determined by what represents progress to you.

@rkabushenga #40DayMentor #TwitterSpace
"What progress means, varies from one person to another.

Whether it means getting to the top of the hierarchy,

Recognition as employee of the year or making lots of money,

Be in charge of the process of your getting ahead. Nobody else will.

@rkabushenga #40DayMentor
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