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I have been on the job market for more than 3 years now. So, I am beyond thrilled to share I will join ESCP Business School in Paris as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Sustainability in June!

Lessons--not perseverance pays--in separate 🧵. But now 🍾!
Very excited to work with the fantastic #sustainability scholars of @ESCP_bs @ESCPknowledge @carboneval @aacquier @FrankFigge!
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FFS southern settlers stop building your careers by gathering mountains of money to pay yourselves to save the Inuit with greenhouses. How do I have to say this every gott-dam year?! There is a national collective amnesia that allows money to be wasted doing this over and over.
It’s been a really hard week. I don’t have the bandwidth to look into this right now and not scream curse words at people. Anyone in #nativejournalism interested in looking at how many greenhouse projects have wasted people’s money in the last 20 years?
They inevitably get positive press written by transient white journalists who are in the North for a few months. Then the Orgs or team members get some awards for innovation/social/environmental work. Then they go silent & disappear when cost benefit analyses show it’s pointless.
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‘Returns on social infrastructure’ and social R&D are topics that really resonate with me at the moment. Post covid renewal and recovery will depend on our ability to rebuild our social fabric in imaginative and creative ways. #SocEnt #socialinnovation
If the 90s-2020s Digital Revolution was the era that transformed society through mass adoption of digital infrastructure, hoping the 20s-2050s will unlock an equivalent Social Revolution that increases wellbeing & inclusion through renewed social infrastructure & human connection
I’ve been pondering for a few years now what restorative public services might be like in a circular economy sense. Instead of being an extractive wasteful race to the bottom, being a multiplier of nascent social capital and restorer of dignity, diversity, community and belonging
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Trying something here. Been thinking a lot about my role/responsibility in the #socialinnovation sector lately and one of the things that always plagues me when I talk about my experiences is that, I had never truly felt racialized until I was in social innovation spaces. (1/9)
Here's an example, that time when I was at a social innovation conference and during the morning icebreaker at a table of 8 other folks, I was the only POC - a white woman said to us, that her white sons are often the #visibleminorities in a room. (2/9)
I was dumbfounded. I had to pause and swallow my anger. I calmly explained that she misunderstands the term #visibleminorities - while her white sons might "visibly" be the only white folks in the room, they still get to leave that room as white males. (3/9)
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After the negotiators have come to a final deal on the budget of #HorizonEurope, we can look at the programme and its different aspects.

So what’s in for #SocialSciences and #Humanities?
In fact, #SocialSciences & #Humanities are prominently featured in the regulation, which will be the political and legal foundation of #HorizonEU…
Art 4 of #HorizonEU regulation on the general structure states:

"#SocialSciences and #Humanities (#SSH) shall play an important role across all clusters”

There will be Clusters on Health, Society, Security, Digital, Climate/Energy/Mobility & Food/Agri/Env
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Iyadunni Olubode is passionate about socio-economic development and has a deep commitment to developing people and enable them to reach their full potential.
She is our facilitator today at #SIPWorkshop2019 and she is speaking on "Building Effective Boards"

Open thread for more.
In creating a board, look out for individuals who reflects the values of your organization.
#LEAPSIP2019 #SocialInnovation #ScalingSocialInnovation #LEAPAfrica #SocialChange #SocialInclusion #SocialInnovatorsProgramme #UnionBank
On a board, there are different dynamics. You must choose a board chair who is able to lead people effectively.
#LEAPSIP2019 #SocialInnovation #ScalingSocialInnovation #LEAPAfrica #SocialChange #SocialInclusion #SocialInnovatorsProgramme #UnionBank
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