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This is our new #prolife dystopia: A woman was arrested for "chemical endangerment" for using drugs while pregnant. The problem: She wasn't pregnant. So officers released her, but told her if she gets pregnant IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS she'll be re-arrested.…
There are all kinds of legal things adults do that potentially put fetuses at risk of harm or death. Fetal personhood laws put pregnant women in a different category of person, vulnerable to prosecution for doing totally normal things. What if a woman falls skiing? Drinks coffee?
Of course law enforcement go for the most vulnerable and least sympathetic women first. No one is like, "using drugs while pregnant is great." But addiction is a disease. Many rehab centers won't take pregnant women. Locking pregnant women up puts them at greater risk.
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We need to talk about women being pressured into abortions.

The European Court of Human Rights will rule today on a case where three women in a psychiatric institution were forced to have abortions against their will.

#ECHR #abortion #humanrights
Last month, the court ruled in a case where a 20-year-old had been forced to have an abortion by her parents, also against her will. The court strongly condemned this as a breach of human rights:
Forced abortion, they said, is
"an egregious form of inhuman and degrading treatment which had not only resulted in a serious immediate damage to her health – that is the loss of her unborn child – but had also entailed long-lasting negative physical and psychological effects."
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So abortion is healthcare and a human right no matter the reason. I wanted to highlight this. TW: Miscarriage, Forced Birth, Loss of reproductive ability…
This woman almost lost her life because she didn't have access to an abortion. She miscarried. Her water broke at 14 weeks, and the doctors told her she will develop a life threatening infection, but because Texas is so vague with it's fucking law they couldn't provide abortion.
There was no saving the child. They were dead. They begged the doctors. There was nothing that they could do to save this wanted pregnancy.

So she went home.

And she developed an infection and was sent to the E.R. her fever spiked to 104 and they finally got the abortion.
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It's Day 4 of #PregnancyHelpAppreciationWeek and today we really want to highlight the amazing work those in the pregnancy help movement and pro-life movement do.

A lot of blood, sweat, and tears goes into providing pregnancy help. Most official pregnancy help centers are...
...substantially run on volunteer power and community donations, for example. A lot of smaller pregnancy help and grassroots activism orgs and groups are also run on volunteer (wo)manpower and donated time, money, and effort.

Yet the effect we can have overall is massive.
Collectively, this movement helps *literally* millions of women, children, and families a year, all at NO COST to the woman herself. We freely provide material goods, education, support, connections, financial aid, housing, medical care, and more - help worth...
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1/ Here is an #ElectionDay thread about #Catholics and #democracy. You should read it all but here is the TLDR headline: Catholics have done our part to bring US politics to this point, and we need to fix it.

Let's begin with a long view.
2/ The #CatholicChurch spent 1900 years avoiding #democracy, quite comfortable with empire and monarchy. The closest the church ever got was the Council of Basel (1431-1449) that followed something like democratic procedure to challenge papal supremacy, suggested a conciliar...
3/ ...approach to the governance of the church. It did not succeed.

A century earlier Marsiglio of Padua had praised ideas very close to popular sovereignty & he remained "the accursed Marsiglio" into the 19th century.

Very little in Catholicism has pointed to #democracy.
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#Massachusetts lawmakers just voted to use tax dollars for a million-dollar PR campaign attacking the life-saving work of Pregnancy Resource Centers with lies and harassment.

Call Gov. Baker @MassGovernor
617-725-4005. Ask him to veto lines 1599-6072 in H.5374. @HowieCarrShow Image
Here’s the sickening details of this outrageous law, from @sbalist…
Thanks @KatieGlenn_ @sbaprolife @CatholicDrive! Great segment tax funded demonization of #pregnancy resource centers. Hear the details at the 16:30 mark of today’s show. @MassGovernor you listening? @CardinalSean @MassProLife @1060AM_WQOM #ProLife…
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Common pro-abortion "arguments" that come up repeatedly:
1. Don't like #abortion, don't have one
2. Pro-lifers don't care about born people
3. It's just about controlling women
4. How many kids have you adopted?
5. Children in foster care justifies killing some in utero.
1. "Don't Like Abortion? Don't Have One!" via @EqualRightsInst and @StupidRock #prolife
2. Thread of some of what pro-lifers do for people with unplanned pregnancies.…
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Do you call yourself “Pro-life?” Understand, there is a significant and growing internal conflict among the self-described #Prolife. It is not going away. Some know this and have begun to try to confront it. There are at least three groups within the current Pro-life Movement. 1/
Let's briefly consider each Pro-life group. This is so important b/c this modern holocaust 10x's that of Hitler’s is ours to steward and legally abolish. Where do you stand? (1) ESTABLISHMENT or BIG PRO-LIFE; (2) CONFLICTED-CONSISTENT; & (3) BLURRY MIDDLE.
GROUP 1: THE ESTABLISHMENT or BIG PRO-LIFE. On May 12, 2022, 70+ Pro-life orgs, self-described as “America’s leading advocates for life,” released a letter defining & defending their long-standing strategy. Here are four tenets of their position. 3/
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#ProLife #Abortion #idpol #KeepIdahoIDAHO 🇺🇸

The Abortion Problem for Republicans and its ONLY Honest Solution


Democrats are laughing at us on the right, ever since the overturning of Roe v Wade. I don't blame them, and I don't take offense.
2) The problem is quite simple to identify. Since 1972, we on the right have vastly more than not, gotten the entire question of abortion wrong. The label 'pro-life' isn't bad, but it misses the key issues by the proverbial country mile, the American mile. I'll list them next...
3) The first problem is that we're NOT merely pro-life. And who isn't? We're in favor of, we believe in the RIGHT to life. This has far too often been missed.

Second, we have more than not missed the basic question of when life starts, and when human rights imbue.
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#Prolife friends, as far as I can tell #MarilynMonroe never had an abortion. A 2004 biography addressed rumors that she had one or more abortions. "The abortion rumors began from statements made by Amy Greene, the wife of Milton Greene, 1/3
but have not been confirmed by any concrete evidence. Furthermore, Monroe's autopsy report did not note any evidence of abortions." Churchwell, Sarah (2004). The Many Lives of Marilyn Monroe. Granta Books. ISBN 978-0-312-42565-4. 2/3
In fact, Joyce Carol Oates' 2000 novel #Blonde, on which the 2022 Netflix movie is based, was nominated for a National Book Award for Fiction in 2000 and in 2001 for a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. 3/3
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Legislation sets a minimum national standard limiting abortion past 15 weeks. It would also allow states, which choose to do so, to take additional steps to protect unborn children.…
Today, in some states, there are currently no protections for the unborn. These states not only allow abortion on demand — up to the moment of birth — but are actively encouraging women to travel to their state to receive taxpayer-funded abortions.
In Maryland, a new "all-trimester" abortion facility is set to open that will perform abortions as late as 34 weeks. While shocking to the conscience, Maryland is not alone. Other states, including California, New York, Illinois, and Oregon are following similar paths.
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It amazes me how many people say the Catholic Church is just #probirth. Sure there are some high-profile sinners, but there are many more Catholics supporting people from conception to death. Here is a thread of some examples. #prolife
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The irony here is that there are a lot of Republicans who like to imply that those of us who are #prolife but who are now voting for Democrats aren’t really pro-life.

But meanwhile its these some of these insincere Republican politicians who are scrubbing their web sites.
A lot of these guys don’t really care about the issue of abortion one way or the other. They’ve never really thought about it at any level of depth. They espoused extreme positions (no exceptions for anything) because they thought that’s what people wanted to hear.
And now they change their positions because they think that’s what people want to hear.

There are a lot of sincere pro-life people who actually care about both women and babies.

And a lot of insincere politicians who will alternately say or unsay anything to try to grab power.
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Πρέπει οπωσδήποτε να μειωθεί ο αριθμός των #αμβλωσεις και δεν το λέω από ηθικοθρησκευτική σκοπιά αλλά καθαρά εθνική. Δεν γίνεται κάθε χρόνο να γίνονται περί τις 150.000 #εκτρωσεις (αριθμός διπλάσιος από τις γεννήσεις) και κάθε νέο ζευγάρι μεταναστών να γεννάει 3-4 παιδιά (1)
Ο μειωμένος αριθμός γεννήσεων σε συνάρτηση με τις αμβλώσεις, την πληθυσμιακή γήρανση του ελληνικού πληθυσμού και την δημογραφική έκρηξη των αλλοδαπών, σκοτώνουν την Ελλάδα. Συνεπώς ένα από τα μέτρα που πρεπει να παρθούν για την Σωτηρία του Έθνους είναι η μείωση των #αμβλωσεις (2)
και η αύξηση των γεννήσεων. Η Ελλάς προορίζεται να ζησει και θα ζήσει.

#Με_την_εκκλησια #αφηστε_με_να_ζησω #ProLife #υπερ_ζωης #prolifeGR #απελασεις_τωρα #Αντικατασταση_Πληθυσμων
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Why a new version of my 2019 book, Red State Christians: a #thread for #launchday

Link to new version:… (also available on @amazon and @BNBuzz + an indy bookstore near you (my favorite!))
I spent 2018 traveling across America interviewing Christians in red states + counties to unpack Christian support for Trump in 2016.

Hillbilly Elegy by @JDVance1 had recently pubbed, and a certain sort of apologist narrative for white rural Americans was en vogue ...
This narrative had some merit (I've seen rural despair firsthand, + the ravages of the #opioidepidemic) - but it was often too shallow, and it lacked the theological depth that understood the role of religion + God in @GOP support for Trump
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#Prochoice and #Prolife, this is why the #RomanianOrphanCrisis came about. I think we can agree this is not going to happen in the US. "In 1966 Ceausescu’s regime made abortion illegal and each family had an obligation to the state to have at least four children... 1/6
"In a world where 10 eggs, 4 kilos of flour, 1 kilo of meat, and a pound of butter per person was the norm for a month’s supply of food, many Romanian families could not possibly support more than the required minimum quota of children, and that too was done with great effort 2/6
"However, with abortion being illegal, many parents could only keep their first four children and put the rest in orphanages.
Also, during Ceausescu’s reign, frequent malnutrition and low standards of living caused the life expectancy rate to be significantly lower than... 3/6
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1/ Ok. Serious question. Now that #abortion has been returned firmly to the status quo ante #RoeVsWade, to its status before the grave, urgent situation that mobilized #Catholics into a #ProLife mvmt, why was this article written?…
2/ And, I lied. That's not a serious question. I already know the answer. (I suspect @Pontifex does too.) I wrote it here 3yrs…

The answer is plain. "[D]ecades of binary cultural and political argument means that reversing Roe is no longer enough"
3/ We have been doing this so long, we simply don't know how to stop.

Don't believe me? Ask some serious people what the goal of the #ProLife mvmt is now. Their reply? I kid you not--

"A firm commitment to end #abortion"

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In my job as a pediatric neurologist, we consult with pregnant people if a brain abnormality was found on ultrasounds. We provide information on prognosis. If the prognosis is bad or high risk, elective pregnancy termination should be an option. (1/9)
We also prescribe anti seizure meds to people with epilepsy, who need to take these meds for months, often years. Some of these meds have potential to cause serious birth defects, or have unknown safety during pregnancy. (2/9)
Same goes for migraine meds, immunologic meds (treatment for multiple sclerosis, etc). Even if neurologists and insurance companies require a contract or proof of contraception, birth control isn’t 100% effective. (3/9)
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#ProAbortion activists harass Saturday church goers. At the end of the clip they begin singing ‘thank god for abortions.’

Credit: @poambrotherhood / Polish American Brothethood on YouTube Live Right now
It was live. My bad.
Full video:


the #ProLife group was on their way to #PlannedParenthood and the #ProAbortion group was trying to get in their way

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So my #prolife friends who haven't read #TheHandmaidTale have a better idea about the slippery slope some people in the US think we're on after the #DobbsDecision, in the novel Serena Joy was a public figure who helped bring about a theocracy ruled by men, in which 1/5
homosexual and premarital sex were punishable by death, and women weren't allowed to read or write and couldn't have their own money so they'd be dependent on men. Because Serena and her husband haven't been able to have children, they are allowed a Handmaid, 2/5
a woman who has somehow "sinned" against the theocracy and is known to be fertile. The Handmaids are ritually raped by the men to whom they are assigned in order to get them pregnant as surrogates for the infertile wives. 3/5
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Those of us on the #prolife side should keep an eye on the riot-friendly abortion activist take.

Keep an eye on media / unis that platform these takes, too!

They set the stage for #JanesRevenge attacks, now ranging from minor vandalism to serious arson.…
In 1993, an abortion militant poster read:
"Operation Rescue / Come to Our Town /
We'll Lock you in a church / And Burn the F--ker Down."

The poster showed a molotov cocktail about to be lit with a church in the background.…
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@Michael_J_New has posted beautiful tributes to #prolife heroes since passed. See thread.

Now Share your tributes and honor those who did not live to see the day that Roe fell.

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Today, as #RoeOverturned, some rejoice as others grieve. /thread #RoeVsWade
For those who rejoice: resist the temptation to over-simplify. Lean into the complexity. Ask the questions you were taught not to ask. Don't merely affirm pastors and leaders who say they are #ProLife. Insist they prove it with their actual, daily lives. (And do likewise.)
Align only with those who stand WITH and FOR those at the margins: the materially poor. The desperate. The terrified. Vote for those who work on behalf of the most overlooked (and hated) women in our country.
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