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Here's a bit about my #prolife story. I’ve never had an abortion, but I gave thought in my younger years of what I would do if I found myself pregnant and alone. It would have been a desperate situation.
I can imagine an abortion seeming like an easy solution.

It breaks my heart to think anyone would consider abortion as their only option or the best option.
Growing up, I was never much of a baby person. I was 35 and single when I was elected to Congress. I didn’t know if becoming a mom would happen for me.

Today, I can testify that bringing a new life into the world was the best thing to ever happen to me.
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We're proud to endorse @GlennYoungkin for calling out Democrats’ pro-abortion extremism and committing to be a champion for unborn children and their mothers as well as taxpayers in the Commonwealth #VApol #VAgov
We're proud to endorse @WinsomeSears for #VALG. She's running against the most radically pro-abortion ticket in VA history. Winsome will be a strong and compassionate #prolife voice for the great state of Virginia! #VApol
It's time for change in VA and we're proud to endorse @JasonMiyaresVA. #proabortion AG Herring supports radical late-term abortion & infanticide, paid for by VA taxpayers. We need #prolife leadership and are proud to support Jason! #VApol
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Markus #Wojahn ist neA #Lebensschützer/#ProLife-Aktivist & Mitglied bei #CDU & #EAK.

Er behauptete, die #Jusos (Nachwuchs #SPD) würden fordern, Schwangerschaftsabbrüche noch im 9. Monat zu erlauben.

Ich habe nach Quellen gefragt, was dieser letztendlich als Anfeindung sah. /TN ImageImageImageImage
Dieser Fall zeigt exemplarisch, wie die Masche von #CDU/#CSU oftmals abläuft.

Man behauptet etwas, kann es nicht beweisen und wird dann ziemlich patzig.

Wäre ich nicht selbst immer etwas misstrauisch, hätte ich die Aussage von @Markus_Wojahn wahrscheinlich geglaubt. /TN
@Markus_Wojahn Ich finde es schade, dass das mittlerweile der Diskurs unter Demokrat:innen ist, unabhängig ob mir die Positionen gefallen oder nicht.

Wenn man etwas behauptet, muss man auch in der Lage sein, seine Behauptungen seriös zu belegen oder zu sagen, man hat Scheiße erzählt. /TN
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The tide is turning. A new Rasmussen Reports national survey finds that only 43% of likely U.S. voters oppose the new Texas law that effectively prohibits most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. 46% support the #TexasHeartbeatAct. 11% are undecided. #prolife
#Prolife and #Prochoice, let's help the women who don't want an abortion, but feel they don't have any other choice.
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Abortion wasn't always an issue for the evangelist right. Historically, church leaders believed abortion was a health issue, too complex & personal for government.…
In 1968 a symposium sponsored by the Christian Medical Society & Christianity Today, the flagship magazine of evangelicalism, refused to characterize abortion as sinful, citing “individual health, family welfare, & social responsibility” as justifications for ending a pregnancy.
In 1971 the Southern Baptist Convention encouraged legislation “that will allow the possibility of abortion under such conditions as rape, incest, clear evidence of severe fetal deformity, & the likelihood of damage to the emotional, mental, & physical health of the mother.”
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The Rehumanize Conference is about to start! Especially looking forward to Secular #ProLife's 4pm presentation "Deconstructing Three Myths about Abortion." #Rehumanize2021
We'll be live-tweeting all the abortion-related content, which also includes a "Global Perspectives on Abortion" panel, former PP worker turned whistleblower Mayra Rodriguez, SFLA's Apologetics 101, and (most timely) "Pro-Life Victories in the Law."
@RehumanizeAimee kicking it off with an introduction to radical inclusivity. "Our diversity is a strength, not a weakness."
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This is a thread of pro-life support orgs that support single moms. If you're single with an unexpected pregnancy, please check out the links below.

If you're not, consider donating to or volunteering with the orgs below.

#ProLife #ProWoman #SingleMoms
Embrace Grace creates judgement free support groups to walk along side single moms.

You can start a group at your church.

#ProLifeSupport #ProLife #ProWoman
Mama Scholar offers scholarships to single moms who complete the @EmbraceGraceInc program.

Help moms complete their education by donating here!

#ProLifeSupport #ProLife #ProWoman
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Presenting "Thoughtful and Compassionate Choice: Abortion and the Buddhist Churches of America." As Texas severely restricts it, let us consider the history of the issue in the BCA, which was the 1st American #Buddhist organization to issue an official stance on #abortion.
The 1970 BCA Ministers Seminar featured keynote speaker Effie Chow from the San Francisco Chinatown Planned Parenthood. Her appearance was organized by the BCA Youth Department, which recognized sexual issues (including abortion) as main concerns of young Buddhists. In August 1970, Effie Chow ...
Rev. Tesshi Aoyama of the BCA was the world's first hospital chaplain (Buddhist clergy have visited hospitals since ancient times, but not as trained, official chaplains). In 1971-1972 he served at Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles, advising patients about abortion etc. In 1973, Rev. Tessho Aoyama...
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Texas women,
Your local pregnancy resource center & this thread of organizations are ready to offer you support! ❤ You got this!

Texans: Support these orgs if you can.

#TexasAbortionBan #LoveThemBoth #ProLife #ProWoman #ProChild #ProLove #AntiViolence
Abortion Workers in Texas,

If you want support transitioning to more positive & life affirming career, help is available for you, too!
This is a thread of state resources available in Texas for mothers and their children. Thanks for putting it together @BeccCobain!

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🎥 Precious Life are live from Warrenpoint for Day 3 of our Annual Pro-life Roadshow.

Abortion is not healthcare
Abortion is Not in Our Name

🎥… #RepealSection9 #NorthernIreland #Prolife #RestorePersonhood
Did you know there are politicians here in Northern Ireland who support the murder of babies in the womb?

Leaflet Request⬇️
Email with your name, address & the number of leaflets required to distribute among your church or neighbourhood
💥Warrenpoint & Newry💥 Day 3 of the Precious Life Annual Pro-Life Roadshow.

Thankyou to all our dedicated pro-life volunteers who stood for Life today!
Join the Roadshow at College Street abortion centre in BELFAST tomorrow 1.00-3.00pm.
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@aravosis I think it was that recent poll that showed over 80% of Democrats are vaccinated and around 50% of Republicans are and of the unvaccinated Republicans about 25% said they won't get vaccinated. #DeltaVariant is killing white people now. When they thought it was just POC they 1)
@aravosis Didn't care. Republicans know that by 2040 white people will be a minority in America & #COVID19 is hastening things along. I saw today that the life expectancy went down due to #COVID19. It's all about white people. They are fearful of being the minority.
@aravosis Why do you think they're so concerned about #CRT? If we teach children our real history they're worried that when they're the minority they'll be treated badly. Stopping abortion is all about bringing up white birth rates. Most abortions are performed on white women. 3)
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#Romapride #RomaPride2021 Student* medie superiori università una meraviglia una marea inarrestabile mi vengono i brividi anche ora a scriverlo “lasciate stare i bambini” intanto questə si sono fattə grandə un po’ più di qualcunə è pure #lgbtqiaplus e non vi pensa proprio!⤵️
Oltre al fatto che avete cercato sempre di ostacolare qualsiasi programma #antibullismo con la balla della #teoriagender che è una fissa di #popefrensis che risale ai tempi dell’Argentina che votava #unionicivili che poi state sempre a questionare su questo papà di sinistra⤵️
tirato per la tonaca da dx e da sx per lo stesso motivo cioè essere di sx Ma quando mai? Il Papa è il Papa e dice cose da Papa. Sul #gender dice cose che dovrebbero piacere alla dx invece che alla sx se solo le dichiarazioni fossero riportare fedelmente e allora cosa c’è come ⤵️
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Many wonder why #TxLege Republicans don’t “fight” for “what they believe in.” The fact of the matter is, they do. It’s just that what they SAY they believe on the campaign trail isn’t what they believe in Austin.

Prepare for a rant…
#TxLege Republicans don’t lack the courage of their convictions, they merely lack any convictions for the ideas on which they campaign.

They fought tooth-and-nail… for corporate welfare.

They fought hard… to put the renaming of bridges ahead of #prolife legislation.
There might be a few #TxLege @TXGOPCaucus members who actually believe the things they claim to support, but they lack the mental and moral courage to advance them.

They cover up their governing impotence with the veneer of “Christian” kindness.
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Let's define 'bodily autonomy,' with the assumption that it is even a right. THREAD 1/

If BA existed, that would mean at best, it is a negative right against being compelled to enter a situation that encroaches upon autonomy. "Enter" is being the key word since it...
...would be a negative right against being being deprived. However, like any other right, it can be voluntarily given up. When it is voluntarily given up, then the BA negative right is no longer applicable.
As a result, bodily autonomy is not a freestanding right to create...
...a situation of dependence and then abandon their duties or harm dependents. For example, helicopter pilot cannot kick out passengers mid-flight or fly dangerously.
This is because they are past the point where a claim of bodily autonomy applies.

Think of it like this:
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cw: suicide, reactionary bs

One thing that really pissies me off are those facist reactionary "#ProLife" bigots.

And I'll explain in detail, WHY they are bigoted.

So strap in and hold tight...
Regardless if those advocate for the [very facist] idea of de-facto criminalizing #suicide or #abortions, "#ProLife" advocates aka. bigots are not willing to provide even a halfass alternative substitute as a figleaf to pseudo-legitimize their ideas.
I mean, regardless whether or not one person should be allowed to have a say into the health, life and well-beijng of another person is something agrees with [I think #ProChoice is the only non - reactionary-facist answer!]...
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@Goodtweet_man @melbataj @GaussNP @kwhitaker_ @wbbcctv @xpstudiospnguin
I am considering making a Facebook group for #ProLife for the #Whole Life (#ConsistentLifeEthic) Christian leftists of various kinds, from #socdems, to #socialists, to #distributists, and
others, to combat these following false stigmas about #Christianity(including #Catholicism) and #leftism:

1. That #Christians(including #Catholics) can’t be #leftists/#socialists/etc.
2. That leftists can’t be #religious
3. That leftists can’t be #ProLife

Do you think this
is a good idea? I want to find more people who have a similar mentality of me. Or maybe I could expand it to just do prolife religious leftists in general, considering some other pro-life whole-life religious leftists may also face scrutiny by both American leftist and
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Ah, the #prochoice trending hashtag: breathe that sweet, servile odor of prochoicers singing their allegiance to their capitalist bosses.
Pointing out that the child-killing is the fuel by which large corporations are able to scrape more labor out of women isn't even a subtle point anymore: Behold, @RhiaVentures, VC consultants who will make your company more money by making sure your workers can abort.
Their report is called "Hidden Value: The Business Case for Reproductive Health," which says about everything you need to know: Businesses can make more money if their workers kill their children. If they don't, businesses will make less.
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In this time of reaching out across the aisle, I would like for each of you to remember that Trump did this:

Lifted the ban on the importing of elephant trophies and endangered species

Knowing that elephants are sentient animals with families who mourn their dead
Took back Bears Ears/other sacred native lands for fracking & oil

Lifted restrictions for clean water & allowed chemicals from mining, fracking, & oil to pollute the earth & waterways

Approved bear baiting/killing of hibernating bears, cubs & wolves so his own kids could hunt
Lifted bans on #chlorpyrifos which eat our human babies' brains. Google it.

Lifted restrictions on safety at chicken and pork plants. Took away protections from the farmers and gave them back to the chicken and pork sellers. Made it ok for us to eat tumors/cancer in our chicken
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With our partners WSO PAC & Pro-Life America PAC we went all in, spending $5M to hold the #ProLife majority in the Texas State House and WIN in key battleground congressional districts… #Election2020 #TxLeg

The pro-abortion lobby has had their eyes on Texas for years, hoping to flip the legislature to redistrict U.S. congressional districts. #TxLeg

In each of the 23 state house races, we exposed pro-abortion Democrats whose extremism has been soundly rejected by pro-life Texans

Our targeted campaign in Texas state house & U.S. house races included:

🗳️ 650k voters reached

🚶 110 pro-life canvassers

🏡 337k home visits to voters

📫 3.6M voter mail pieces

💻 15.9M digital ad views

📞 1.1M live voter calls

📳 2.4M texts

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We're celebrating this morning as 13 NEW proudly #ProLife women (and counting‼️) win their races for the U.S. House!!

#FL27 @MaElviraSalazar

#NM02 @Yvette4congress

#MN07 @FischbachMN7

#SC01 @NancyMace

#OK05 @stephaniebice

These courageous women join the 13 current incumbent #ProLife women in the U.S. House who ALL won their races last night.

We're so proud of these women who will be a bold voice for moms and unborn babies on Capitol Hill & we look forward to working with them to save lives!

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Congratulations to our hero, Senator @joniernst on her re-election victory! #IASen #IApol #ElectionNight
Re-electing Ernst was a top priority of SBA List this cycle. WSO PAC's $500K GOTV campaign included:

🗳️ 251K targeted voters reached

📫 338,000 voter mail pieces

💻 1.6M digital ad views

📞 171,000 live voter calls

📳 353,000 texts
Ernst is a co-sponsor of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act & the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Her leadership in the Judiciary Committee was vital to #ConfirmAmy! We're excited to continue working with this #ProLife hero!…
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President Trump wins Montana! Our SBA List/WSO PAC team reached 120,000 voters sharing with them how extreme the Biden-Harris ticket is on abortion, & urging them to get out and vote. #ElectionDay #ProLifeVoicesForTrump
Congratulations, Governor-elect @GregForMontana!
A longtime supporter of life-affirming pregnancy centers, Gianforte is a steadfast advocate for the unborn & the #ProLife citizens of Montana. He brings welcome change after abortion extremist Steve Bullock #ElectionNight
Our team's GOTV efforts in Montana this cycle included:

🗳️ 120K targeted voters reached

🏡 78,222 visits to voters

🚶 ‍47 #ProLife canvassers

📫 198,904 voter mail pieces

💻 654,029 digital ad views

📞 89,357 live voter calls

📳 65,432 texts
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Breaking news! @LindseyGrahamSC is victorious in #SCsen! #ElectionNight
WSO PAC's six-figure campaign to help re-elect this #ProLife hero included:

🗳️ 500K targeted voters reached

📫 664K voter mail pieces

💻 1.6M digital ad views

📞 171K live voter calls

📳 353K texts
As chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Graham has championed the confirmation of 3 SCOTUS justices & 200+ lower federal court judges in 4 years. He's also the lead sponsor of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

No wonder he was target #1 for the abortion lobby...
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SBA List and our partners, Women Speak Out PAC and Pro-life America PAC have been working tirelessly across the Lone Star State to:

1) HOLD the #ProLife majority in the Texas state house

2) WIN 5 key congressional races

See our efforts to defeat abortion extremists like Wendy Davis & Colin Allred:… #TXpol 2/
Our field team reached 650,000 Texas voters including:

🏡 337,000 home visits to voters

🚶‍‍110 canvassers

📫 3.6M voter mail pieces

💻 15.9M digital ad views

📞 1.1M live voter calls

📳 2.4M texts

Watch the video ads:… &…

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