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@NATO @jensstoltenberg The Ministry of #ForeignAffairs organized an official opinion poll on joining #NATO, which ended on Nov 23. The #Finnish people (92%) #REJECTED joining NATO.
The MFA, in #violation of the #PublicityAct, refuses to hand over copies of stats free of charge.
@NATO @jensstoltenberg @IntlCrimCourt #Eduskuntavaalit2023. @niinisto @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @Puolustusvoimat @kokoomus
The #People of #Finland will fiercely fight against all invasion attempts by #NATO #WarCriminals, freed criminals hired to fight and their equipment. ImageImage
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#Hursti's #Christmas party for the needy 2022 at the #Helsinki fair center on #ChristmasEve 24 December 2022. At 12.00.
The doors open at 11:00. 
There will be traditional Christmas #food, a Christmas program, Christmas #carols and a Christian #message.…
You can participate in the activity by supporting #Hursti with a #donation
-The organization began its operations in the 1960s and was founded by social worker Veikko Hursti. #Laupeudentyö ry's operations are currently managed by Veikko's son Heikki Hursti
#Finland have been years under the #auspices of the #European Comittee of #SocialRights.
- It adopted reports concerning Finland in 2008, 2012, 2017 and 2018
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#ElectionDay came and went with most disappointed the highly anticipated #RedWave didn’t leave Florida. But, with key races from #Midterms still being tabulated, all eyes are on to see who will prevail.

However, most have missed important concession speeches these last few days.
On the night of November 8th, some Republican candidates conceded pretty early. A few without any official results called from any major media outlets.

In this thread, I’m going to expose these RINOs for not even trying to contest the count well before the state cert deadlines.
Let’s start with the state where I live and saw the concession first hand, Colorado.

In District 8, @Kirkmeyer4CO (one tough woman endorsed by our local police/first responders) ran against @YadiraCaraveo (Latina daughter of immigrants endorsed by @PPFA and Dems from across CO)
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Hey y’all wanna see some #wins #chisme #copolitics celebrations & milestones on campaigns?! Join us on this 🧵 to get your #ElectionDay updates in #Denver #colorado starting with our FAVS @CBWPA 😍🗳❤️ #coloradovotes
We LOVE some of these #ballot initiatives & measures on our #colorado ballot but we are more excited about what our #community #Leaders think, like our lovely Bianka 💕🗳🔥✨ #copolitics #Midterms2022
#copolitics @CBWPA bringing it live to you from Veronika - local #community #leader and co-chair #denverliving #coleg #coloradovotes
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Vamos a repasar la gran mayoría de los cargos que se renuevan mañana en Estados Unidos. Sus candidatos y la posición interna en los partidos.


#ElectionDay #Election2022 #ElectionNight #Midterms #MidtermElections2022
Empecemos estableciendo algunos términos. Traté de ser lo más riguroso posible para establecer la posición de algunos candidatos, pero por supuesto, con algunos se complica (sobre todo si han hecho poca campaña o han sido decididamente vagos en sus posiciones).
Me basé principalmente en los criterios que pude encontrar: pertenencia a algún caucus ideológico en el caso de los Demócratas (Progresistas, New Coalition o Blue Dog) y, en el caso de los Republicanos, si Trump les dio o no su respaldo o sí estos se declararon partidarios suyos.
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Special coverage of #ElectionNight 2022, featuring our on-the-ground reporters in battleground states, the latest results, data analysis, plus insights on key issues from our hosts and trusted experts.

Updates Here👉… Image
Election Day Special: $1/week (60% off Regular Price)

Today we’re offering a special subscription price—less than a cup of coffee—for truthful, fact-based reporting. Plus you'll get two Election Special Reports (digital version) as FREE gifts. Image
Keep up with the latest #Midterms2022 updates here👇…
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🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #EstadosUnidos 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Este martes, los Estados Unidos de América celebrarán sus elecciones intermedias (o #MidTerms) para renovar parcialmente el Congreso y un sinnúmero de autoridades estatales y locales.

(abro hilo)

#Election2022 #ElectionDay #Midterms2022 ImageImageImage
El Congreso de los Estados Unidos, rama legislativa del gobierno federal estadounidense, se compone de dos cámaras: el Senado (donde cada uno de los 50 estados tiene dos escaños) y la Cámara de Representantes (435, con una representación distribuida según su población). Image
La Cámara es elegida cada dos años por sistema uninominal (conocido allí como First-Past-the-Post). El país está dividido en 435 circunscripciones, representadas cada una por un congresista. Algunos distritos usan el sistema de segunda vuelta, en otros va por simple pluralidad. Image
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#Poroshenko-#Patria-#Niinistö -sotarikokset, alkaen #Maidan2014, #kansanmurha #Donbass'ssa paljastuvat salatuista #ETYJ -arkistoista.
- Valejuristi anoo raivokkaasti pikaista syytesuojaa sotarikollisjärjestö #NATO'lta.
- Elinkautinen myös salaajille.
#Patria-#WZM Ahmoilla ryssien kimppuun?
”Novorossijan kronikka | 11.02.15”, Sevastopol.
#Niinistö'n #Puola'n-valtiovierailulla 30.3.–1.4.2015
– "Sokka on irti ja kaikki variaatiot kolmannesta maailmansodasta, #WW3 on käyty vaalien alla", hän totesi.…
Death Toll Up To 13,000 In #Ukraine Conflict, Says #UN Rights Office | Feb 26, 2019
- Some 13,000 people have been killed, a quarter of them civilians, and as many as 30,000 wounded in the war in eastern Ukraine since it broke out in April 2014; the #UN.…
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Polls close at 7 p.m.!

That means you have until 7 p.m. to:

🗳 Vote in-person
🗳 Be in line to vote in-person
🗳 Drop off your ballot in a drop box (NOT in the mail)
🗳 Register to vote

#copolitics #ElectionNight #Elections2021 #ElectionResults2021
Election results will begin coming in 7 p.m., but are not final until they've been certified...

...which the state plans to do on Nov. 29th, barring any recounts.
We're keeping track of results here. You can, too:
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The suburban realignment is real and dramatic in the Atlanta suburbs.

Gwinnett County (>98% reporting)
2014: Perdue +10
2020: Ossoff +20

Cobb County (94% reporting)
2014: Perdue +13
2020: Ossoff +14

#GASEN #ElectionNight
My column in @TheHillOpinion from this past weekend, where I made the argument that Democratic gains in the suburbs would outlast Trump -->…
(This should say 2021 BTW - still adjusting to the new year).
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Infographic ℹ️ What Happened in #Atlanta on #ElectionNight?

In recent days, the fog of incomplete and conflicting information provided by interested parties has begun to clear. (Thread👇)…
It now appears that a state election monitor was absent for a part of the counting process.

It is also clear that GOP #PollWatchers were prevented from meaningfully observing much of the process, even though they were allowed in the room.
On Aug. 10, the State Election Board approved a new rule allowing election officials to start opening and scanning #AbsenteeBallots 3 weeks before #ElectionDay.

The state is currently being sued over the rule.
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MAJEUR. La cour d'appel du 3e circuit à l'unanimité des 3 juges (2 nommés par Bush Jr, 1 par #Trump qui doivent eux aussi appartenir à 1 complot gauchiste😉...)rejette l'appel de la campagne du président sortant en #Pennsylvanie. Car il n'a aucun fondement.
2) Le pire pour #Trump est que l'opinion unanime de la cour d'appel fédérale du 3e circuit contre sa campagne a été rédigée par le juge #Bibas qu'il a nommé lui-même. Humiliation supplémentaire...
3) Et quand on parle d'humiliation juridique, le juge Bibas, nommé juge fédéral de cour d'appel par Trump, donateur du parti républicain et membre de la Federalist Society depuis la fac, écrit noir sur blanc: "Les requêtes de la campagne #Trump 'n'ont aucun fondement."
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How #American #Elections Work: A Thread👇

The #TrumpCampaign and its allies have filed #lawsuits to try to block some key states from certifying #Election2020results results that show #Democrat @JoeBiden defeating President @realDonaldTrump.
After #ElectionNight , certifying the #results is a step #states take so that winners can be officially #confirmed. The @AP and other #media outlets on Saturday declared @JoeBiden the #WINNER of the #PresidentialElection2020
after analyses concluded that @RealdonqldTrump couldn’t gain enough votes from remaining ballots to surpass @JoeBiden.
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I got a little sidetracked yesterday with breaking news, phone interviews and Zoom meetings and apparently, according to some people, wasn't tweeting enough about Republicans not accepting the election results.

I interviewed GOP consultant @stusandler...

Thread continued...
Interview Sandler and @AdrianHemond for a Great Lakes Bay Economic Club about the election.

Sandler refused to concede @JohnJamesMI, one of his clients, lost.

"There are states where (Trump) is down by 2/10ths of a percentage point," Sandler said.
"Donald Trump was on his way to winning in a landslide before COVID hit," @stusandler said.

OK, but he didn't. Perhaps cause of his handling of COVID?

Stu acknowledged Trump may have been hurt in early absentee voting for not taking it seriously enough.…
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NEW: Around 50 people marched through Uptown #Minneapolis during a mobile dance party on #ElectionNight

The crowd played music, shot fireworks, spray-painted political statements onto boarded-up business fronts & erected barricades in the streets. [video]…
After the first loop through Uptown, dozens of Minneapolis Police cars followed the mobile dance party, eventually surrounding it & arresting 14 people.

Video (5min 23sec) encapsulates the party and the crackdown.
The dancing cmty members, who chose not to organize the party on social media, said they were there irrespective of who won the election & were spotlighting they’d learned they could “only rely on each other.”

They were celebrating the community & power they had been building.
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⚡URGENT - #EtatsUnis : Selon CNN, Joe #Biden sera donc le 46e président des États-Unis après une victoire en #Pennsylvanie qui a mis le démocrate né à Scranton au-dessus du seuil des 270 grands électeurs ! #Election2020 #POTUS46 #46thPresident #JoeBiden #ElectionResults2020
🔴SUIVI - #EtatsUnis : Après 4 jours de suspense, le candidat démocrate @JoeBiden et ancien vice-président de Barack Obama a été donné vainqueur avec 273 grands électeurs, grâce à un succès dans l'Etat-clé de Pennsylvanie, selon les chaînes CNN, NBC et CBS. #Election2020 #POTUS46
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1/ There was a time when the #USElection winner would be projected based on the #electionresults we are looking at today. But the US has been taken hostage by a #manchild.
2/ The anchors and journalists at the US networks are doing a sterling job. That’s despite the anchors and reporters lacking sleep, not to mention the newsroom producers & field producers, camera crew etc
3/ I've been glued to @CNN since Tuesday evening. The team is explaining in clear language the why’ and how’s of #USElection2020. CNN and its #KeyRaceAlert (I will miss those) tell us why postal votes favour Biden whilst on the day #ballots favour Trump,
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1. Habitude US de se fier à la projection des Etats par AP et les networks et non aux résultats définitifs prenant du temps. Or, avec 1 élection si serrée, ils n'osent pas.
2. C'est la concession de défaite qui d'habitude "vaut" résultat. Or, #Trump l'a bannie par avance
2) Cette élection renvoie à 1 réalité historique des scrutins présidentiels modernes aux #EtatsUnis. Pour les impératifs TV d'#ElectionNight, on se fie aux projections d'AP/ des networks parce que le dépouillement comté par comté dans 1 pays si vaste et divers prend des jours...
3) quand AP et les networks projettent un candidat à plus de 270 grands électeurs durant #ElectionNight, l'autre prend son téléphone, concède, le félicite puis va reconnaître sa défaite devant ses partisans, alors qu'en fait les dépouillements continuent encore des jours...
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All ‘Heroes of Trumpworld’ have been screenshot on @FoxNews and will be memorialized soon, @AOC.
1/ Heroes of Trumpworld — A @BadFoxGraphics Thread👇

Sean Hannity: For minimizing the coronavirus pandemic from the beginning (2/27/20) and for services rendered to unconvincingly prop up Trump as a viable second term candidate

2/ Heroes of Trumpworld — Tucker Carlson

For serial racism that culminated in dismissal of your top writer, Blake Neff, but failed to exclude you from prime time #ElectionNight coverage on @FoxNews

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🔴 DERNIÈRE MINUTE - #EtatsUnis : 463 voix d'écart en #Géorgie; 11,438 au #Nevada; 18,229 et #Pennsylvanie et 47,052 voix en #Arizona. #ElectionResults2020 #Election2020 #TrumpMeltdown #Trump #elections #Biden Image
🔴 MISE A JOUR-- #EtatsUnis : 🇺🇸 Élection américaine :

🇺🇸 Georgie: (99 %)

🔵 Biden: 49,4 % (2'449,371)
🔴 Trump: 49,4 % (2'448,454)

Différence: 917 votes.
#ElectionResults2020 #ElectionNight #Elections2020 #Elections2020 Image
🔴 FLASH #EtatsUnis : 🇺🇸Joe #Biden passe devant Donald #Trump en #Géorgie avec 917 voix d’avance à présent pour le candidat démocrate dans cet État. Il y a 16 grands électeurs a prendre en Géorgie (@CNN). #Election2020 #Elections2020 #ElectionResults2020 Image
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So I guess the question is if they are able to keep scanning batches of 300 votes whenever they want, or if they have to wait 20 minutes each time.


Some Clayton County math:

If we have to wait 20 minutes per scan and Biden wins each 300 vote scan ~90% - 10%, he would net ~240 votes per scan, and we'd need 6 scans for him to cut Trump's 1267 vote lead down to zero.

That would be about two hours.

Say we're hoping to save 20 minutes. What would it take for Biden to overtake Trump in the span of five 300-vote scans?

1267/5 = 253.4
300/2 + 253.4/2 = 276.7
276.7/300 = 92.23%

So Biden would need to win ~92.22 to 7.33% to overtake Trump in five scans.

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In the first batch of mail votes from Clayton County GA, Biden appears to be getting the type of margin he needs to close the statewide gap once future batches report.

#Election2020 #ElectionNight

Apparently the remaining Clayton County GA mail ballots are expected to arrive "by midnight tonight", per @CNN.

#Election2020 #ElectionNight
If the remaining ~5726 Clayton County GA votes come in at the margin the first batch of votes came in (Biden +74%), Biden would net 4237 votes.

And that would put him in the lead statewide (Trump currently leads by 2497 votes).

#Election2020 #ElectionNight
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A look at what people are saying in a 'Deplorables for Trump' Facebook group.

Note the shit welovetrump "news" URL.

More from same thread.

A look at some of the Facebook groups that come up when searching for 'steal election'.
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NEW: Protests took place across the #UnitedStates on Nov 4 specifically demanding that the country uphold democratic #elections and also generally demanding that the fight for social progress not waver, whatever the result.…
“Voting Isn’t Enough” and “Jews Against Fascism” were 2 signs carried by protesters in #Boston.

Demands from protesters there included increased consultation with #Indigenous tribes, getting #police out of schools, and the need for #COVID hazard pay.

In addition to defending the vote in the #UnitedStates, the People’s Mandate protest in #Minneapolis demanded community control of the #police, a halt to racist attacks on immigrants, housing & economic relief for all in need, and #HealthCare for all.

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