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A🧵 on why the #KYed ruling last week against #schoolvouchers tax credit scheme matters @NPEaction @Network4pubEd @PV4PS @BadassTeachersA @edvoters

First: a win’s a win. It’s good to see #schoolvouchers stopped anywhere. The push to privatize is so relentless, so well-funded by such a narrow swath of backers, it can feel like swinging in the dark against it.

But more concretely: the KY Court found that #schoolvouchers tax credit shell game was a budget commitment even though it’s not a direct appropriation. Reducing revenue by $10 is the same as spending $10.

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The push for #education privatization #schoolvouchers is now a cruel update to longer efforts to separate single out and separate children. @carolburris @Network4pubEd @NPEaction

Heritage announced its #EducationFreedom strategy early in 2022:
And Heritage has been branching out on this tactic by adopting itself as a pseudo sex-science shop

The goal here is to underscore differences as “choice” and “values” #lgbtqia #LGBTQ
With longstanding antipathy to #DEI baked into an #EducationFreedom agenda that in their telling is good for kids of color

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Imploring #edchat journalists to ask these data questions of current/proposed #SchoolVouchers schemes.

It’s how we know the so-called #COVID19 exodus for private/#homeschool will come back.

5-year voucher exit rates *before* COVID were near 💯

There are 3 groups of #schoolvouchers users—each giving lie to #EducationFreedom:

🤑 long-standing #privateschool parents cashing in—far the largest group

🤔 voucher-curious kids leaving soon after (most of the rest)

😵‍💫 some stray sorters—often susceptible to recruiting

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There is NO evidence that #schoolvouchers give long-term “lifelines” out of so-called failing schools. They’re a tax-giveaway to parents already sending kids private…

…and for the rest a crypto-like short-term gamble that they usually back out of soon after enrolling.

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To “Make the Economy Strong,” we must COMMIT to 1) balance the budget in 10 yrs & appropriate to it (stop spending $ we don’t have); 2) unapologetically expand reliable nuclear & gas energy by opening federal lands & permitting… (1/13) #StandUpForAmerica #CommitmentToAmerica
To “Make the Economy Strong,” we must COMMIT to… 3) end subsidies distorting toward unreliable energy; 4) use federal investment power & SEC regulatory power to end the anti-free enterprise woke “ESG” constraint on capital. (2/13) #StandUpForAmerica #CommitmentToAmerica
To “Make the Nation Safe,” we must COMMIT to secure our border NOW by 1) using the purse power to require turn away or full detention, no exceptions, 2) tightening asylum & eliminating loopholes, & 3) building the wall / roads… (3/13) #StandUpForAmerica #CommitmentToAmerica
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There’s been a pattern of lies coming straight from @azbethlewis over the past 3 months. Her claim of nearly 142,000 signatures was just the latest. After a weekend of hard work at the Secretary of State’s office, the petition count is final and it’s only 8175 total. 1/
Through public disclosure requests, we’ve sampled the petitions which average 10.2 signatures each, not the 13.9 claimed by @arizona_sos. Our estimate of their actual signature count is roughly 83,000, or less than 60% of what they claimed. 2/
Even if their 13.9 signatures per petition was correct, they’d have only 113,633 signatures. 5k less than required to put HB2853 to the ballot. Arizona voters truly have spoken, and they’ve rejected the disinformation peddled by @arizona_sos over the past 3 months. 3/
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During National School Choice Week we celebrate students, parents, and teachers in #TX21, across Texas, and across America, and the diverse schooling options that provide the freedom, opportunity, and high-quality education they ALL deserve.
As Big Education tries to push parents out of schools, indoctrinate our children, and do corrupt unions’ bidding, we need to keep up the fight for school choice and our students’ future. Parents in Texas, Virginia, and other states are waking up — we can never go back.
School choice is now more important than ever, that's why Rep. Roy is fighting to defund the bureaucrats trying to take away #EducationFreedom and re-empower American parents by putting them back in charge of their kids' education.
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.@POTUS’s FY 2021 Budget Request is a transformative, student-first budget that dramatically reduces the Federal role in education & returns control over education decisions to whom it belongs—State leaders, local educators, teachers, and parents. THREAD 1/8 ⬇️
@POTUS This budget proposal for @usedgov is about one thing—putting students and their needs above all else. It would restore the proper role of states, communities, and families in education—so those closest to students and students themselves are in control. Here’s how: 2/8
.@POTUS is calling on Congress to pass the #EducationFreedom Scholarships proposal. EFS creates a $5 billion annual tax credit for donations to state-based, locally-controlled scholarships and will help more than 1 million students across the country find their fit. 3/8
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Today, I’m testifying to the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health, & Human Services on @POTUS’s FY 2020 Budget – a budget that puts the needs of students, parents, teachers & local leaders first. Watch live here:
Doing the same thing—and more of it—won’t bring about new results. I propose a different approach: freedom.

This budget focuses on freedom for teachers. Freedom for parents. And freedom for all students.
This budget increases access to school choice. This includes #EducationFreedom Scholarships and increased funding for Charter Schools, the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, and Magnet School Programs.
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