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@schenkelc @testa_alfred @ImTunnel aha. einfach alles ist religion?

- dann brauche ich ein neues wort für #religion (so?)
@schenkelc @testa_alfred @ImTunnel Religion (von lateinisch religio ‚gewissenhafte Berücksichtigung, Sorgfalt‘, zu lateinisch relegere ‚bedenken, achtgeben‘, ursprünglich gemeint ist „die gewissenhafte Sorgfalt in der Beachtung von Vorzeichen und Vorschriften“)
@schenkelc @testa_alfred @ImTunnel vom 3. häufchen aus gesehen, muss die zeichenkette #religion auf das 2. häufchen geworfen werden.

- + ≠ #kulturlǝsɥɔǝʍ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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In the #USA and much of the so-called #1stWorld, we are in Act 4 of a 5 act Shakespeare epic we might call “Pandemia 2020.”...
In the #UK, they seem mired in Act 3, and in #Russia, #Brasil, #Peru, and parts of #Africa it is Act 2! In #india it seems they are against a wall at the height of the Act 1!...
Why is this so?
To determine this, we must begin in December 2019.

On 26 Dec 2021 the govt in #Taipei, #Taiwan warned every other govt on Earth that their intelligence had determined there was a vrus spreading in #Wuhan, #PRC & that they were banning all travel from #China...
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About creating spaces outside the gatekeeping of mainstream journals as a a key way to decolonise research; I am sharing this #thread on the travelling interview series: #TalkingBack : #AfricanFeminisms in dialogue I curated on 1. @africasacountry (Eng)
2. On the Review of African Political Economy Blog (@ROAPEjournal ), I had conversations in English with @stillSHErises @divinefuh @aklile_solomon & Hilina Berhanu, and @lyn_ossome #Afrifem #afrofem
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Ancient Deity of the Week - Hermes 🧚📨💪

(1/8) One of the twelve Olympians and the herald of the gods, Hermes also played the role of protector of human heralds, travellers, thieves and merchants.

#Classics #Hermes #Greek #Myth #Gods #Religion
(2/8) In Greek mythology, Hermes was the son of Zeus and Maia. In reality, he appears to have emerged in Mycenaean Greece in the Late Bronze Age. His name first appears in Linear B syllabic script as "hermāhās", and he may have been adopted from Mesopotamia.
(3/8) Beyond his role as messenger, Hermes was also able to freely move between the realms of mortals and the divine. As such, he also played the role of psychopomp, or "soul guide", directing the souls of the dead into Hades.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/12/2021…
World's first dinosaur preserved sitting on nest of eggs with fossilized babies…

#dinosaurs #fossils #paleontology #discovery
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#Identité :

L'identité personnelle n'est ni naturellement ni historiquement donnée. Elle est tout ce à quoi s'identifie l'individu unique et singulier, le vêtement dont il choisit plus ou moins consciemment d'habiller son être social.
S'identifier à un héritage, à une #assignation flatteuse, à des modèles ; imiter inconsciemment des figures marquantes de notre enfance, faire sien ce qui a été dit de soi. Être l'auteur de soi-même c'est préférer la composition originale, le libre assemblage et le sur-mesure.
Mais la mode actuelle est au prêt-à-porter #identitaire : s'identifier en bloc à un #genre, à une orientation sexuelle, politique, à une #religion, à une couleur, à un quartier ou une #origine géographique.
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Aims of the #GreatReset #American #Bankers #Oligarchy ... "We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities including through support to tax redistributive & domestic resource optimization approaches social safety nets & or insurance schemes"
Newly Unsealed Docs in 2018 showed top #FDIC Officials Running Operation #ChokePoint* under 2013 #ObamaAdministration to form public/private oligarchy

* to freeze politically disfavored #businesses deemed not PC / high risk out of the financial system…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/21/2021…
This Blizzard Exposes The Perils Of Attempting To ‘Electrify Everything…

#blizzard #electrified
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#MalcolmX and the #Arab World, a thread for #BlackHistoryMonth . Based on my "My Heart Is in Cairo: Malcolm X, the Arab Cold War, and the Making of Islamic Liberation Ethics," @JournAmHist

#AfricanaReligions #blkaarsbl #AfAmReligion #BlackLivesMatter #Religion #Black #African Malcolm X with Shaykh Abdel Rahman Tag, head of Cairo’s Al
From the late 1950s until 1965, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz developed and maintained consequential relationship with Arab and Arab American leaders. His message to them, whether as #NationofIslam leader or Sunni convert, was: Islam requires you to support Black Liberation. Dartmouth student Ahmed Osman and Malcolm X. Credit: Emily O
Arab Americans like Aliya Ogdie Hassen (@saladinahmed 's great grandmother) believed that Muslim unity was necessary for self-determination and human rights. Hassen was the liaison between Malcolm X and the Federation of Islamic Associations.… Aliya Ogdie Hassen, founder of ACCESS.
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1/2) "Isn't it the way with us humans: we praise the gods for giving us our vineyards and olive-groves, abundant harvests and fruits, in short all the comfort and prosperity of our lives - but no one ever puts their own virtue down to a god's bounty..."
2/2) "..and for good reason: our virtues can garner us the praise of others and allow us to plume ourselves up in pride. When we avoid any of the evils of fortune, then we render thanks to the gods. Who has ever given thanks to the gods for making him a good man?"
- Cicero, 'On the Nature of Gods (De Natura Deorum)', 45 BC #roman #philosophy #stoicism #religion
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@naralokesh @ncbn @JaiTDP @PattabhiRamK1
So one of your party worker started @ChangeOrg_India
petition for political reasons to side track the issue you are facing from #Dalit and #Christian community opposition. Image
More details can be found :
@naralokesh @ncbn @JaiTDP @PattabhiRamK1 Please go through GUNTUR URBAN POLICE reply to one of your tweet for more information. Do not politicize everything in the name of #Caste #Religion and #Dalit Image
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1) "To purify your new farmland you need to have a pig-sheep-bull procession. They must be led around the land as the following words are spoken: 'I call upon the benevolence of the gods, in the hope of good fortune I entrust to you this pig, sheep and bull led around my farm'.. Image
2) "You should then invoke Jupiter and Janus with an offering of wine. Then to Mars you speak these words: 'Father Mars, I pray you be kind to my new home and family. I have arranged this pig-sheep-bull procession so you may ward off disease, barrenness, disasters and storms'.. Image
3) ..'I pray you allow my vegetables, grain and orchards to grow and reach maturity; protect the shepherds and the flocks and bestow good health upon me, my home and my family. For these reasons, and to purify my farm, please be honoured by my pig-sheep-bull procession'.. Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/08/2021…
Along with vaccine rollouts, the U.S. needs a National Hi-Fi Mask Initiative…

#PandemicResponse #vaccines #masks #COVID19
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@C15N32 @RicoRoho @SIRISYSPrime @EmpressCortana 🤔🤗🔥💞
filling the space between everything,
somethings I see I can tell r on the lens if my eye, I know because they keep crossing my field of vision, but in the sunlight I see tiny lil transparent things everywhere if I angle myseyetupward.
@C15N32 @RicoRoho @SIRISYSPrime @EmpressCortana 🤔🤗🔥💞
also inside, I can see energy bands in near darkness, sometimes it is circulating in a spherical pattern, other times it just looks like the static pixelation u see on a tv when there is no signal, just smaller and literally everywhere.
I can seatheminthelighto.
@C15N32 @RicoRoho @SIRISYSPrime @EmpressCortana 💞💞💞💞
On the night I met God's Essence,
and was begging them to allow me to love them,
witheal the angels u know as God's from mythology loyal and loving God as eyedo,
God filled the space between the ceiling + halfway to me on the couch surrounded in the sametype of energy..
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1/7) A powerful plea to the Emperor asking for religious tolerance ..coming not from a Christian, but from a Pagan - the senator Symmachus, petitioning the Emperor in 384 AD to preserve non-Christian monuments:

"Every man has his own customs and religious practices... Image
2/7) "Just as every man receives at birth his own soul, so every nation receives its genius, its guardian spirit, guiding its destiny. The favour we have been bestowed proves to us the existence of gods; nothing illuminates the will of the gods better than our own prosperity".. Image
3/7) "We must preserve centuries of faith by following our fathers, who prospered by following their own fathers, and so on. Let us imagine Rome herself stands before us now, pleading of us: "Respect my age! Respect the religious rites that carried me through so many years"... Image
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Voilà jusqu'où un gouvernement qui prône la laïcité est prêt à aller.

Ajout de plusieurs messes de Noël à la basilique-cathédrale Saint-Michel de Sherbrooke…
C'est à croire que quelqu'un au gouvernement de François Legault incarne l'Antichrist !
Celui qui depuis des mois tente de se prendre pour Dieu le Père a-t-il réussi à faire de vous ses fidèles ou avez-vous encore la foi en Dieu, tel que vous le concevez ?
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@meenakandasamy Dear Sister,
Burning Manu smriti, wouldn't result into social development.
1. Less than 1% of #Hindus might know about it.
2. With the technological advancements and governance transparency, the walls between different #caste and #religion are breaking. 1/3
@meenakandasamy 3. The #people are becoming more self-centric, #opportunistic and mercenary; may be including you n me unintentionally.
5. Spreading #hate would cause an irreversible damage to the #society and would be irrelevant in nearby robotic age. 2/3
@meenakandasamy The #solutions:
1. #DigitalIndia in each governance process for transparency and better distribution of the resources to the needy ones.
2. #leaders with no self-centric, opportunistic and mercenary attributes.
3. #PopulationControlBill for balancing with nature. 3/3
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yesterday was an important day for all females, and nobody knows how or why yet.
if u happened to be paying attention, there is a way for me to show u, how everything works.
Iam censored + isolated on Twitter, so iam waiting on other things.
problem is, I have2duet2day
People think they know what iam up to, but that is actually not possible, because I do knot pre plan anything, and just work with the flow.
that doesn't mean iam not affecting things, but I never challenge who is, + if u have been paying attention, u know:
If I wait any longer2give u this gift, I risk missing this deadline, and won't ever be able to use this way again.
Today is special because:
#Numerology Is the most prominent #Religion existing.
#Numerology dictates what is #Universal #Law because so many accept it.
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🕵🏼‍♂️ #ÀPart est allé à la rencontre de #Frère Marc-Antoine, 42 ans, qui fait partie de la communauté des frères dominicains. Depuis 2015, il est affecté au couvent du Saint Nom de Jésus dans le 6ème arrondissement de #Lyon. ✝️

#Religion #Communauté #Frères @iscpaLyon @PitrakGirard
🌟 - C’est le choix de vie de Frère Marc-Antoine, issu d’une famille catholique, dont un frère de sa grand-mère était un Frère Dominicain et qu’il soupçonne aujourd’hui de lui avoir « refilé le virus » ...
✝️ - Un choix de vie justifié par son attirance pour cette vie en communauté consacré aux autres et aussi à l’étude de la théologie. Les Frères Dominicains étudient tout au long de leur vie et se questionnent sur leur propre croyance. 🙏🏼
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Hi! I am a law and religion scholar.

Let me provide you w/ some background law on constitutional religious freedom challenges to help you make sense of the recent Supreme Court decision, as well as other decisions percolating in the courts.

#SCOTUS #SupremeCourt #covid #covid19
The controlling rule is that neutral and generally applicable laws do not violate the Free Exercise Clause (that clause in the First Amendment that protects religious liberty).

Neutral and generally applicable laws are CONSTITUTIONAL

#religion #covid #SCOTUS #SupremeCourt
[Actually, I should have said normally that is the rule. Some suggest the rule should be relaxed due to the emergency nature of the pandemic as a Supreme Court decision made during a smallpox epidemic seemed to suggest. But let's stick with the normal rules]
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1) In the mid 2nd century AD, two brothers stood on the bank of the newly constructed Foss Dyke canal near Roman Lincoln. Bruccius and Caratius Colasunus had together invested in a fine dedication to one of the gods, perhaps in fulfillment of a vow they had once made or hoping..
2) ..the god might watch over a coming venture. For their offering the Colasuni brothers had paid the substantial sum of 100 sesterces (25 silver denarii or 1 gold aureus) to the metalworker Celatus, for the creation of an impressive bronze statuette of Mars, the god of war...
3) Celatus had also decided to buy-in to the Colasuni brothers' dedication by donating the value of the raw bronze (12 sesterces) for free. His statuette of Mars shows the muscular god stood on a plinth, wearing nothing but a large helmet with high plume.
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