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👁 Q

Who remembers?
🍭 🍬
Say the words & you shall be healed …
.@YaOnlyLivvOnce, U always know …

We Have It All, All the Cheat Codes.
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You know—For someone who is viewed/Labeled as A “Evil Luciferian”, she sure does make AAAAA LOT of videos speaking the truth about life in A comedic way .. The same truths everyone else is talking about just differently, Using comedy as A way to put truth out into the world …
Laughter is what? The BEST medicine? …

I came across MANY of her videos she’s made ..
Videos of her making it known the children are not alright, videos how the kids need to be protected from evil & the paths real evil/corruption in the world has been steering society down
That’s Been setting the future up to fail or continue living life in A way that does NOT break the cycle …
Humanity has been for years/is being pre programmed, with lives “living” like the programs [EVIL] uploads into A CPU/world & the people fall for most of it by acting/
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For the last 1 week & (4)(3) days everyone has had A lemon or two chucked at them in some way shape or form, yesterday [they] threw the whole 🍋 🌳 …
Today as MANY feel they are at the lowest they’ve ever been in life, together as A whole, I’ve always promised I would be at my ImageImage
Very BEST …

Turn 10 .✍️ Image
Who are You Going to Call Upon? …
#SWEET Skateboards
#SWEET Water
White Water ImageImage
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.@SashaBanksWWE / .@NaomiWWE —Trust me when I say this, I Know how you feel & I’m always here for each & every one of you.

#BlueGreenTeam is & always will be Just Too #SWEET !
Go spend some time with your Husbands/Family, Take A deep breathe & Think about the Kids.
Wherever you go on your Journey, always Remember to bring an 🌂 ☂ with you …
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Just 2 #SWEET Skateboards to top off 1 EPIC Night of Real 2 Reel ! …
God finally Unleashed …
What’s it taste like taking A bite outa Crime? …

What’s it like when One is able to Break Off A piece of his snack for others?
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Side By Side

The MAGA King Returns, Side by Side with The King Of Kings …
This means Queen & King have an entire summer to ourselves to do whatever #WE Want ..

Only 1 Of A Kind
U N i 🌽
🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎
🏍 🏍🏍🏍
Earth Quack—Massive
The People don’t want Real & I’m 117% A O K with this ..

More time for Fun in the Sun with Her, such A Blessing !
Bag Delivery—CENTER Stage

#EXIT = Entrance #SONG #3

Fork Lift, .@VinceMcMahon —Thank You! … :)
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I've obtained private chats between RCMP officers. These people are evil. Here's a thread of their private messages 🧵:
Marca, an RCMP officer, thinks that the video of a indigenous elder being throat stomped by a horse is "awesome!!!"
It is so cool that she thinks they should practice doing it! Very neat Marca. Image
Andrew Nixon says "don't kick all of them out until next week's group gets their turn." For Trudeau's officers, sure - it costs them their soul, but at least they get paid. Image
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#BIN A esta hora, #V1brraXX10nes, la música de la posguerra... Este año, en junio, cumplirá medio siglo "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" de #DavidBowie, el álbum definitivo en su vida y también el que casi acaba con ella, como si tuviera vida propia
#BIN #ZiggyStardust fue el álbum fundacional del #GlamRock, más allá de las prendas femeninas, maquillaje y manierismos que anteriormente habían presentado #Sweet, #TRexy #Slade. Fue un álbum conceptual, lleno de letras inteligentes y con músicos que se harían legendarios.
#BIN #ZiggyStardust era un "extraterrestre bisexual", por lo que yo digo, inauguró el período espacial de #Bowie, más que #SpaceOddity (1969). El solo de guitarra de #MickRonson al final de este tema (cerca del minuto 3:25) es único, imposible de olvidar.
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Comms Good ...

At this point, i'm communicating ONLY with A select number of individuals, The Military, The 9, Wrestling, Skateboarding & A couple within REAL Government.

I refuse to get caught up in all the fake, drama & distractions so many choose to be caught up in.
I think it pisses people off that I can just be myself & still communicate within A language that MANY others just can't seem to comprehend or grasp..

5 years now EVERYONE has had to learn the comms too see the conversations that are being had right in front of everyone.
Most of the talk is about thing happening beyond the Horizon. Most are yes, kinda awake but still on the opposite side of the Invisible "Wall" that allows them to see beyond all the fake & distractions ..

My hand will always be there to pull others to the Reality we've
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'Do Me A Favor'
-Stone Sour

Maby of you think i'm 'Sour' or "Cold" ...
I Am NOT ! I'm Done watching the ones I love suffer when I could be next to them. Instead, I choose to stay behind & help awaken the world on this VIRUS OF LIFE PLATFORM. I'm literally watching everyone
Waiting for the rest to #LOAD. Hoping they do so it all makes sense. Give it A minute or ---#3 Seconds ...
Be distracted by all the things EVIL needs you to be distracted by so the ones I love get left behind.. The way so many are choosing to ACT is the EXACT reason there HAS BEEN no 'Savior' . . .
Now, there is A 'SAVIOR' & the world is just to damn blind to see or just to
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Look who I found, Top left ! ...

#Sweet !
Found some more Gems ...
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