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Analysis: #NASDAQ $CAKE

Case 403 #TheCheesecakeFactory Incorporated

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#CAKE 1/4
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: The strong decline seen in Feb.-Mar. 2020 has seen the complete breakdown of the control/pivot at 37.45 and with it the #SMA 200 - which had been supporting the trend since 2009. Support was eventually .....

CAKE 2/4
..... found at the #Fib. 0.786 at 16.46 and a $15 bounce ensued Mild #support at 2008 #pivot 14.08, below that major zone of 10.02-6.41.

CAKE 3/4
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In this thread, I'm live-tweeting @sgdambrauskas awesome talk for @AKUGlobal series on #COVID19 in #PedsICU

Critically important topic #Zentensivist #ICURehab #BacktoBasics #DoNoHarm
Defining iatrogenic via @sgdambrauskas #PedsICU
Critical Illness is an iatrogenic disorder- @sgdambrauskas highlights an important perspective by John Marshall in @CritCareMed #PedsICU
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So , vous vous rappelez de ce #thread #cultureBite @bite_culture de la semaine passé sur le #carrapide ? On avait fait le 1er tour du sujet avec son identité et son histoire au #Senegal
Dans cette 2eme partie ; nous allons nous amuser un peu à étaler ses influence culturelles.
En mai 2017 le @Musee_Homme de Paris réalise une série de court documentaire (dispo sur @YouTube) sur la symbolique du car rapide qui se termine par la révélation d’un replica du #carrapide au Musée à Paris. Vous comprenez ? ce “cercueil roulant” est symbolique 😊
Sir Instagram, il n’est pas inhabituel de voir que le hashtag #carrapide réunit un bon nombre de photographie. En effet, les photos de #car rapide dans les rues de dakar ont leur place sur @instagram et comptabilisé plus de 2,1k de mention ; c’est bon non ?
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Foreign language films on digital platforms..

A thread..
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A thread for #Baking twitter.

Back in the UK we make do with 3 types of flour. Plain, Self-Raising and Strong Bread.

Not so in Poland.

I took all the flour out of my pantry:
"But Gabi, is all that flour *really* necessary?"

Well, yes actually. All this flour is used for different stuff, each is milled differently, the protein content is different, the type of protien it contains is differen, the Ash content is different.... Let's take a closer look!
Ok #baking twitter here we go:

First up #Tortowa or "Cake flour".

Milled finely with a low gluten content and low ash content. It's a super fine, super white flour. Ash in flour is basically the fiber (or brown colour), the less Ash the whiter the flour.
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Bueno, lo prometido es deuda.


Para las mandarinas en 3 pasos=
1. Olla agua frìa con 5 mandarinas+ 3 cucharitas de sal.
Cuando hirvió x 5 min, tirar el agua.
2. Volver a llenar la olla de agua frìa y hervir nuevamente sin sal.
3. Repetimos el 2do paso.
En total hervimos las manda 3 veces, la 1ra con sal
4. Retiras del agua
5. Dejar enfriar
6. Cortas en rodajas sentido transversal. Sacas semillas.
7. Sarten. 50g de manteca y 100g de azùcar muscovado (mascabo)
8. Cuando azùcar se derritiò, agregas romero
9. Cuando romero larga perfume, agregas las rodajas d mandarine. Fuego bajo. Dejas dorar. Q el caramelo envuelva las rodajas y vas a rociarlas con el almìbar para q se impregnen. No las des vuelta xq se rompen.
10. Cuando estén doradas caramelizadas las retiras del fuego
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Fair warning... Get ready for a thread celebrating H.H. the @DalaiLama's 84th birthday 🎂! Performances included! Honored to join @IRF_Ambassador, @AmbDMitchell, @USAID & @officeoftibet @NgodupTsering7 on the visit of the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts to the U.S. & Canada.
First, a #quote. Whether #HongKongProtests or #girlseducation in South Asia, or a myriad of issues in #America, don't forget:

"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito." ~H.H. the Dalai Lama

Next: Get ready for some video! ⬇️
A beautiful evening begins w/ the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA), founded by the Dalai Lama in India, in exile from Tibet, in 1959. Then the Tibetan Music, Dance & Drama Society, it was established to preserve Tibetan artistic heritage, esp. opera, dance & music.
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Tiffany Blue = Secret info - parallel between Golden King with golden orb and Zucker with nothing "unhinged" is a joke about how 1 year ago (to the day) CNN did a special on the Vatican as the "most powerful man" (back when they had gold) check this thread for info #Qanon #MSM
Relevant to this thread - Russia Buys 1 Million Ounces Of Gold In February "Time to take power back from the financial and monetary system" #EndTheFed… #Qanon #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #GoldRush #Vatican #Russia #CentralBank #Gold #TickTock
Relevant to this thread - Head transplant doctors Xiaoping Ren and Sergio Canavero claim spinal cord progress. - This is #symbolism of replacing the gold from the Vatican as the primary way the cabbal pays cultists with tech money.… #Qanon #China #Facebook
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