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“You can take back your power by taking responsibility over your health, your life & your world. By focusing on your contribution & your circle of influence, you can create a + ripple effect ”

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Make small to SWITCHES to change your health..
#SWITCH Challenge
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#SWITCH Challenge
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1/n #黑苹果 就是这点好,可随时切Win玩游戏。实测 #塞尔达王国之泪#Ryujinx #龙神模拟器 里可以正常运行,PC玩家可以搞起来了。(Radeon™ RX 580可24帧左右) Image
2/n 喜欢玩 #游戏 & #Switch 的朋友肯定都知道"Switch520"网站吧,现在新网址是,但我更推荐大家收藏<NS模拟器资源中转站> (图二),简直是模拟器资源大合集。建议没有玩过模拟器的可以先看看“简易教程”,包学包会! ImageImage
3/n 最后力荐一款我用于管理 NS 模拟器的工具“Ns Emu Tools”,支持 #Yuzu & #Ryujinx 模拟器各种版本的安装/更新,集成 #Switch 固件版本安装,加上 #keys 密钥和金手指管理,一条龙服务打破 PC 运行 Switch 游戏的技术壁垒,小白也能轻松入门。祝玩得开心😁… ImageImageImageImage
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#Dominion-#Scytl #Italy revisited.
- Swiss-American author and researcher Neal #Sutz has revealed that not just #Switzerland but also Italy played a major role in stealing #votes.
'All Roads Lead To #Rome.'
- #Italy interfered with the #US #Elections. Let's first look at the possible players involved. #Obama and former PM of Italy #Renzi. The Story is developing. ImageImageImage
#SCOTUS declines longshot 2020 #electionFraud challenge | -4h
Supreme Court declines to hear another longshot 2020 election fraud challenge.…
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@JukkaDavidsson #Ohisalo myös.
- #Sisäministeri'stä tyynylomalle. Junaili #Torssonen syylliseksi #Auvila'n hylsy-VOK 'vasara-arapien' hyökkäykseen.
Torssosen #KRP sormenjäljet siirrettiin postipaketin teippiin.
- Torssonen vapaa, arapit himassa.
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A very special present from #TeamOneFist: Op.Switchblade, one of our largest #DataCenter attacks yet!
We hunted down every #networking #switch we could find in #Russia and tested them for vulns. From these, we conducted a #cyber strike against 55 strategically valuable devices 1/ ImageImageImageImage
We penetrated devices both large and small; many of them were at the heart of #ISP DCs like Rostelecom or Kuban-Telecom, but many also belonged to individual businesses. All had high utilization rates, uptime, and were rich in features: these were all core infrastructure 2/ ImageImageImageImage
These included #Russian, #Chinese, and #Western boxes like #Cisco and #HP!
We swiftly demolished them, before any of the sysadmins could react or notice us. After the initial strike, we kept reattacking if they were recovered (>8 times!). No uninterrupted service for them! 3/ ImageImageImageImage
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1) Good morning lads,
why I am CONVINCED that we are switching the night of October 4th to the Julian calendar. The world is in a stranglehold of Satanism. Most people at the political and CEO level have gotten involved in this system in one way or another.
2) Some of their own volition, but some by using blackmail. Many are forced under threat to brutally abuse children. This abuse is captured on video and put in the vault. After that, this person can never serve the citizen again and follow “assignments” from this cult.
3) Threatening to kidnap and do horrible things to children/partners of high-ranking people is also usually the way they have strangled "policy makers" for hundreds of years.

The satanic rituals take place on precisely exact dates. To defeat evil you have to expose it.
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My Grandfather Fought for this Country, for his HOME & FAMILY … He knew all of the secrets & all of the truths [they] didn’t want anyone knowing ..
Because he couldn’t speak about those truths to anyone, he left answers within Some of the things he left behind …
Those truths
Haunted him when he was alive, haunted him to the point he drank himself to death. .
He passed away before I was ever born but what he left behind, he knew it would be seen with the eyes it was all meant to be seen with ..

A Fathers Love For His Children KNOWS no Bounds.

Or #FamilyIsEverything ONLY for those ones within this movement who have been “chosen” by the movement & everyone else is the equivalent too the GUM on the bottom of your shoes?

Have A Nice Day, the truth sets the world free.

Yellow, The Y.
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News about the Elderly & Nursing homes is coming, this news will sadden all who see it ..

The Children & Elderly, Hold them all close to your hearts & be THE ROCK Everyone has been chosen to be for those in NEED of A Rock to lean on …

Family Is most important,
Unity within everyones HOMES is THE BEGINNING of Unifying the World/Country.

Be Courageous, Speak from the heart & say the things no one else within your families will say.
1 5 Letter word is always the HARDEST for so many to say & I’m willing to bet EGO/PRIDE has something to
Do with that..

Everyone, No matter what “side” they say/think they stand for wants the #SWITCH FLIPped & the one WORD that can make the #FLIP happen, the thing that unifies A #HOME—Very little want to say..

#WHY is this?

#BIG DADDY — The Calls ..
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Ce thread pour vous rappeler que l'équipe propose une compilation de tests de manette #Nintendo #Switch. Celui-ci s'enrichit de jour en jour selon les manettes que l'on arrive à dégoter. Evidemment pour le moment celle qui tient le haut du podium ...…
est la manette #NintendoSwitch Pro qui propose en plus d'une ergonomie au top le #bluetooth natif et fonctionnel (voir l'article pour rigoler sur certaines manettes). En deuxième on placera la pas trop mal @horiusainc HoriPad, qui reste filaire. Puis...
pour les moins exigent en nombre de boutons et stick analogique la @8BitDo_FR m30 (ready pour essayer SN30PRO V2). Pour le reste, on est toujours à la recherche d'une perle rare. On va tenter la @NyxiGaming (coucou les gars, n'hésitez pas à nous MP), la @ChereekiCN , la @QUMOX...
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#Narcissism thread 🧵 15 (more) questions to ask yourself if you are questioning whether someone is a #narcissist
1. Do they devalue, diminish, demonise or harshly judge you or act as the righteous ‘authority’ figure with you regardless of their age, status or employment? 🚩
Are they #superior? For e.g. A non lawyer preaching to a lawyer about law. 2. Are they #defensive? Do they seem only interested in trying to prove that they are right & you are wrong, in a defensive mode? 🚩They are #competitive not co-operative. Co-operation is a must #healthy
3. Do they demand #attention from you? For e.g., insisting on having the conversation when it’s convenient for them only &/or use emotional #manipulation to ensure conversation happens on ‘their’ terms? They may not answer the question, go off topic, deflect, defensive, accuse 🚩
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Do you know how many accounts i've KNOWN about (because this platform has been in control of the good guys for 3+ years now) that THOUSANDS have fallen in love with that were botts or people Purposely doing things A certain way that make others show who they truly are?
Everyone was told, "LEARN THE COMMS" ...
It's all been plain as day & EVERYONE was being/is being/ HAS BEEN #SHOWN but ones seem to enjoy only playing the popularity game or feeding into accounts who were literally put amongst EVERYONE Purposely to make it easy as TT to see who
Is who ...
"Why did this account get deleted or why did that account get suspended"? ...

It's truly been A blessing not being one of the ones the many tries to figure out. Those who know, know. They too just sit back, watch & learn. The many others who fall for all the traps,
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I can count the # of times on 1 hand in my 32 years of skating that i've pushed Mongo ...

Good Afternoon everyone !

Even when pushing #SWITCH, I would Push Regular ..

For 2 years staright I would skate around the City ONLY pushing #SWITCH ...
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You have more than you know, always have.
Every post made, every re tweet made, every response, every time stamp, every date matters..

Every reply, matters.
Every Post made along with the time In between each post, matters.

EVERYTHING I/WE do, you have to see MORE than what
Meets the eye.
It's ALWAYS been like this.

So many do it for others but even with all the others they "decode", they are only "cracking the code" to the shell of the EGG ..
There is so much more - hidden conversations happening, what's to come is being talked about &
So much more.
Unfortunately, ones choose to NOT see the yoke of everything that has been taking place right in front of them this whole time..
Don't get me wrong, there are some fascinating "decoders" in the world today & NO ONE is above or better than the one beside them
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I Know you are.

It's really tiring trying to save people who just should not be saved.
No matter what we show them, it seems like they will NEVER see with the eyes everything has always been meant to see it all with.

The part of life humanity never was allowed to make it too,
The life BEYOND the horizon, 144,000 are chosen as of right now,FOR SURE, to come see what is on the other side. Everyone else, they have to do that 1 Thing they all REFUSE to do and that's just COME CLEAN.. Admit their wrongs & being the reason WHY this world has gone ALMOST
completely to shit.

If EVERYONE comes clean, then EVERYONE moves on to A part of life MOST of humanity has never gotten A chance to see because the plug always got pulled. The plug always got pulled because the world that is waiting for everyone, is NOT for everyone but EVERYONE
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"Ladies & Gentlemen Boys & Girls, I Present to you, in A feature film, Danny W_ay #SWITCH Tre" ...

DIG Deep Danny!
You can DOOOO IT DANny!

1 Of, More coming. Stay Tuned ..
2 Of 4

"You can't bring ME/WE/US Down"

FAMILY Protects Family.
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La info de ayer te desperto el bichito de meterte en #ciberseguridad? ¿Querés ser hacker? te cuento un poco de como arranque y algunos consejos para que logres progreso y te vayas enamorando. En el hilo anterior mencione aprender de sistemas operativos. Acá hay principalmente 2
Sé que estas pensando! sí! #Mac y #Windows, pero NO. Me refiero a #linux y a #windows. otro día hablamos de Mac. Es importante que conozcas a detalle como funcionan estos sistemas operativos. Para esto te podes bajar #virtualbox y crear dentro una virtual machine con un @ubuntu
y otra con #windows10 o el que tengas licencia. Hay que entender como funciona por dentro, cual es el tipo de file system que utiliza cada uno, porque se utilizan permisos, que tipo de archivos hay en cada directorio, que hacen esos archivos? cuales son ejecutables y cuales
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[INFORMATION IMPORTANTE] Il se passe actuellement quelque chose de pas très joli joli dans le monde de l'édition physique. Comme vous le savez déjà, #StreetsofRage4 bénéficie d'une édition physique chez Limited Run Games sur #PS4 et #Switch. La fin des pré-commandes (1/4)
est désormais annoncée pour le 10 mai. Une version japonaise a également été annoncée. Il courrait des rumeurs concernant une version européenne depuis un moment, elle est désormais confirmée : c'est Merge Games (Signature Edition) qui va s'en charger. Seulement voilà : (2/4)
l'information est sous embargo jusqu'au 7 mai. Pourquoi ? En attendant, tous les européens qui ignorent cette information vont pour la plupart se précipiter sur la version LRG, sans avoir cette précieuse information. Sachant que ces derniers refusent les annulations de (3/4)
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Est-ce que ça veut dire qu'on est confiné depuis trop longtemps quand on commence à recréer son labo dans #AnimalCrossing ? #ACNH #Switch Image
De nouvelles acquisitions pour mon laboratoire, bientôt la publication dans Science Crossing 🤓
#AnimalCrossing #ACNH Image
Plein de nouveaux équipements dans mon labo grâce au financement ANR (Affiliated Nook Research) que j'ai décroché ! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH Image
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I've finished setting up #Microsoft #Teams for one of agencies in major city in Poland. They have to #switch to #remote because of #coronavirus

Not bragging but - as IT crowd we have huge opportunity to help. It took me an hour and it will make their life easier. 1/2
There is urgency and they want to act - sometimes what is needed is a bit of knowledge and will.

Ask your local gov agency/service provider/NGO if they need help with switch to #remote.

It might be one hour for you - it will save them tons of time 2/2
On the sidenote: it is amazing were we landed with pushing compute to commodity. I got it up and running for them in 15 min. #Office365 and #AzureAD #FTW!
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Hilo con las películas #am2020cine, las series #am2020series, los libros/cómics #am2020lectura y videojuegos #am2020gaming de todo un año.
G1.- Trine 2 / @TrineSeries
Puzzles ingeniosos y un arte de fantasía muy resultón. Algún nivel he jugado en coop con mis hijos pero es un poco difícil para ellos. Ah, jugado en #ps3, que todavía la uso. Y con platino incluido. #am2020gaming
C1.- 6 en la sombra #sixunderground
@michaelbay con barra libre. Acción a raudales y explícita, con un poco de humor. Me han encantado las secuencias de parkour. #am2020cine
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Burnout 2 : Point of Impact
Nintendo GameCube (2003)
Un jeu de course où l’on roule à grande vitesse sur des axes urbains en évitant le plus grand nombre de véhicules.
Si vous voulez une anecdote personnelle concernant ce jeu, ça se passe sur Instagram : Image
VR Ping Pong
PlayStation 4 (2017)
Un jeu de simulation de Ping Pong en réalité virtuelle proposant 4 modes : Pratique, Solo, Tournament et Arcade.
#1Jour1Jeu #PlayStation #VR #VRPingPong #PingPong #PSVR Image
Darkest Dungeon : Ancestral Edition
Nintendo Switch (2018)
Un mix de RPG et dungeon crawler dans un univers dark fantasy très sombre et à la difficulté élevée, où l’on doit gérer le niveau de stress des héros, leur mort étant définitive.
#1Jour1Jeu #Switch Image
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1} My Dear Friend Geri,

With all due respect to current #NonProfits serving Refugees & Immigrants - their Branding & Messaging are #Tragically #Weak.

#OurAmericanKids🇺🇸 are BEING #SCAPEGOATED & #WE, the Liberals of #OurCountry we call the United States of America...
2} ...get OUR #Truthful-#Propaganda #LUNCH handed to us - #EVERY #DAMNED #TIME there's a watershed political issue.

My opinion as a 25-year #Duke MBA-trained-#Strategist, is that "Dreamers" is a well-intentioned, but desperately INEFFECTIVE MONIKER for #OurAmericanKids. Scapegoats for American Fascists
3} My dog #Sadie is a very #Active #Dreamer. Hitler #Dreamed about ruling an #AryanPlanet.

Un-@realDonaldTrump dreams of building a wall "SO fucking HIGH," that planes can't #LAND in #Texas without traveling 100-miles North of our Southern Border - just to pull a #giant U-ey✈️ Hitler Dreamed of an Aryan Planet-Earth.U-Turn in the sky
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