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CLIMATE CRISIS: Spain is currently flooding and we're nearly in JUNE. Holidays are being 'ruined' as a result: as i said the other day it's over: this whole 2019 lifestyle is over: never coming back: done. Will get much worse…
BENIDORM in Spain, which has long been a hotspot for boozy Brits looking for cheap holidays is going through huge flash floods right now: as is illustrated by the hashtags here at the bottom of the video: it's 'ruining' ma HOLIDAYS:… #severeweather #typ #fup #f...
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#US #BankingCrisis In abt 4 weeks, you will forget that a US regional Banking Crisis even happened. But IF AM WRONG, it will be WORSE IN EUROPE. A quick thread.
(1) US Banks Total Assets is at a current level of $23.8trn & $20.7 trn in liabilities. SVB, First Republic & Signature together is abt $500bn ~4% of Assets. Not Small.
But given this is more liquidity rather than Insolvency, I would not fret

(2) US BANKS are far more liquid these days. Back in 2008, banks had 23:1 ratio of deposit liabilities to liquid cash. QE & New regulations lead to a a fall in this ratio more like a 5x or 6x ratio these days
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🇲🇦🇫🇷#FLASH| Rebondissement dans l'affaire Hakimi.

L'Équipe rapporte que juste avant d'aller chez Hakimi, l'accusatrice aurait échangé une série de messages qui «apparaît beaucoup plus opaque aux enquêteurs» avec l'amie qui était venue la chercher juste après devant chez Hakimi.
La jeune femme aurait fait connaissance avec Hakimi sur Instagram quelques semaines auparavant après que le footballeur lui ait envoyé l'emoji 🥂 en DM.
Elle se serait rendue chez lui samedi dans un VTC commandé par Hakimi.

Elle avait auparavant refusé la proposition de Hakimi de se rencontrer dans un restaurant ou établissement de nuit à Paris. Elle aurait fixé l'horaire tardif après un diner plus long que prévu.
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This is gonna be BIG ! ..

Your wish is my command, PEACE ..

I forgive for what was being done to children, #CountChoca ..

Life is A Highway, some fix cars up as beautifully bad a$$ works of art & Cars represent
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🔴 #WonderWoman vs #SheHulk. Both fierce superheroes, but there are key differences in their abilities that could tip the scale in a battle. #DCvsMarvel

2/ In terms of fighting skill, Wonder Woman is highly trained in hand-to-hand combat, armed combat, and the use of her Lasso of Truth and indestructible bracelets but #SheHulk's raw power could give her the edge.
3/ She-Hulk, possesses superhuman strength, durability, and regenerative abilities. #GammaGoddesses It takes a lot to hurt her and most people just can't muster the type of force needed to take her down but her fighting style is more brute force than technique.
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No matter how benevolent a dictatorship is, it's still a dictatorship, and subject to the dictator's whims. We must demand that the owners and leaders of tech platforms be fair and good - but we must also be prepared for them to fail at this, sometimes catastrophically. 1/ Moses confronting the Pharaoh, demanding that he release the
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
Maybe you trust #TimCook to decide what apps you are and aren't allowed to install - including whether you are allowed to install apps that block #Apple's own extensive, nonconsensual, continuous commercial surveillance of its customers. 3/
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Silence Is Golden
Zelda Breathe Of The Wild
Link Up, Reconnect.
Fable: 9/14/2004
Fable Fortune: 7/25/2017
First = THE END
WrestleMania 1
33 1 Cross 3 Nails 1 🔑
WrestleMania 39
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It’s Time for the worlds most popular puppet “stars” of the past & Present who are misleading their “fans” be put in check ..
It’s time for all those dark secrets they don’t want the public to know about that are being kept on quite A few #FLASH DRIVES be brought into the
Light …

Maybe then they’ll care to spend more time asking for forgiveness for the sick things they’ve been caught doing rather than entertaining A false reality, MSM propaganda talking point or using their reach only to point fingers at who is to blame for what is happening
In the world ..

All the fortune, all the fame that came from being handlers & all the people deceived into funding it all—All for what?
The Blood of children/The Pagan fountain of youth?
To please your evil puppet masters & your ridiculous pagan “gods”?

The Horizon is here.
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Closing Act— #FLASH

*Future will prove past*

- Lightning Strikes
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PAT-On (FG&(3 Points ☝️🫵)thought it was sweet, he thought he was still apart of an “elite” club that held some kind of “power” & could just continue on playing the same stupid games all those once “elite” club members would constantly play throughout the years …
Well, NEWS #FLASH —PAPA Refuses to Play stupid games & The Monsters who love PAPA know the leashes are coming off …
#D #D

#DUDE !!
I remember where you parked the car !!

.@USMC —Send it ..
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Moving from spinning disk to all-flash is a lot like moving from internal combustion to electric vehicles. It’s simpler, cheaper, more flexible, and greener. And a little creative thinking goes a long way! /1
It’s as easy to swap out an ICE engine for electric/batteries in a conventional vehicle as it is to toss disks and use SSD in a storage array. But this really misses the opportunities of these technologies. /2
Really taking advantage of electrification in vehicles or all-flash storage requires a re-thought integrated design focused on customer needs. And a lot of the design is in user experience not just architecture. /3
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#ShowMustGoOn - 233


They can know everything about me—I truly don’t care. .
Social Security Cards are pretty much obsolete, what, should I give them that too?
Those numbers will blow minds!!
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Ukrainian telegram channels start spreading information about chemical attack in Mariupol, AzovStal. Clame the use of Zarine.
2 weeks ago and even before I reported that AzovStal is most likely place for this false flag operation.

I believe, Putin was always playing along.

It is not a war against Putin. He just plays a villain role. It was all planned to be.

The only question is what is the end game for world elites.

I hope to be wrong, but facts go in direction of my worst fears.
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Below, Not for Anons.

.@USNavy, #BOX 123 .. 🍎
#RED 1 #RED 2 [3][456]
KeySecured When?


23(3) John F Kennedy
[4] HELLO George
Fire Breaks Work

Barry, Knock Knock ..
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Shock N Awe …
Cutter ..

-#Scarface / GF III / RAZOR #Scooter
-Step Brothers—Wine Mixer, finding A Happy Medium & playing music PITCH PERFECTly !
-Redeeming Love, Beauty & The Beast are no longer colliding—Same page. . (little m)
-Hancock - Hero Flying around
Saving Grace … #SMITH
- A League Of Their Own—Hanks For Playing …
- 17 Again, No one comes to me until they go through Him …
- Precious—Wings Of A Butterfly, In Bloom …
- The Five Year Engagement—It’sTime100 …
-My Girl—The 🐝BEES!! (BEE MOVIE) Enough Is Enough
The bees just needed A little SMOKE & MIRRORS, that’s it. Story line changes, the twist no one saw coming, Save Ferris/Saving Private Ryann …
- The PUNISHER—The Beginning
- The PUNISHER War Zone—The End

-#HOT FUZZ—From this point down, things get A little interesting ..
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1.American citizen with a NYT press card (not employed by NYT since 2015) shot dead in a small fire attack at Irpen Checkpoint. Most probably by Ukranian territorial defense. ImageImageImage
2. Another wounded American describes the same incident in Ukrainian hospital. Says we're shot at checkpoint.
Ukrainian territorial defense member gives his take on an incident, you can see concrete blocks of a checkpoint in the rear.
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!!!! #flash!!!!
First proof of summary executions of detainees by Ukraine's army.
Men shown before execution.
2 executed most probably shot at the head (blood below the heads)
The blood flow from the body of dead person is minimal. This means that those 2 people were killed on this spot.
1. No blood trail from bodies dragging.
2. But blood under heads.
(The blood flow from the body of already dead person is minimal, but we have blood pools under heads of 2 bodies.)
3. Guy is clearly threatened with eminent execution.
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Prime Minister of Pakistan #ImranKhan will address the Nation at 7:15 pm (PST)
Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has challenged Imran Khan to announce his resignation and dissolve the national assembly in his address to the nation today so that fresh elections can be held.
Prime Minister of Pakistan address…
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40 Paxstan-backed Afghan terrorists plotting to infiltrate India, terror alert sounded in Jammu & Kashmir as per a Intelligence official
Ahead of the festival season, Intelligence agencies have warned of a possible attempt by terror groups to execute terror activities
"The agencies have got the input that around 40 such terrorists are stationed at a terror camp in the Nakyal sector of Pakistan near the Line of Control (LoC). They have been trained to enter Indian by crossing the Poonch River using tubes and snorkeling," added the official.
The Intelligence agencies said that they have got the input regarding the movement of Lashkar-e-Taiba, Harkat ul-Ansar (HuA) and Hizbul Mujahideen.

"We have got the inputs that these terrorist are trained in making Tiffin bomb.
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If you think this is "EGO" talking, you're sadly mistaken.
This is, i'm tired of MY people being mislead by ones who DO NOT care about them. Every day, i see so many complaining, kicking & screaming & or giving up because they chose to listen to ones who DO NOT care about
Them. They chose to listen & be misguided by ones who were/are Purposely distracting them from being exactly where they should be so they know exactly WHAT is happening & WHY it is all happening. Not only WHY all this is happening to this Country/World but WHY this is all
Happening to each & every of you/them ..
It's like, ones want the truth but reject where the truth is coming from because they FEAR where it's coming from, they will be judged by the "Cool" kids in this movement. News #FLASH, No one is above another & it sure does seem like MANY
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1/ Ενώ ο ΔΟΛΟΦΟΝΟΣ της #Καρολάιν στα #Γλυκα_Νερα (όχι `φερόμενος ως δράστης` βλ. #Μανδρου) βρίσκεται στην φυλακή, ακολουθεί #thread με ανάλυση της δικηγόρου της "ψυχολόγου" στην #ώραελλάδος ( 15/6) από πλευράς #bodylanguage και λεκτικής επικοινωνίας...
2/ disclaimer 1:Τα παρακάτω δεν αποτελούν επιστημονική/τεκμηριωμένη γνώμη παρα μόνο προσπάθεια ανάγνωσης της γλώσσας σώματος και της λεκτικής επικοινωνίας της συνεντευξιαζόμενης.Δεν είναι σκοπός της παρακάτω ανάλυσης να υποκαταστήσει σε καμία περίπτωση την δουλειά της αστυνομίας
3/ disclaimer2:Το μόνο που κάνει είναι να παραθέσει ορισμένες παρατηρήσεις και να τις αξιολογήσει σε μία κλίμακα παραπλανητικής συμπεριφοράς.Οι αντιδράσεις κάθε ανθρώπου,ειδικά όταν μιλάμε για ακραίες καταστάσεις,μπορεί να είναι μοναδικές και να παρεκλίννουν από τις αναμενόμενες
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🔥I am excited to share the outstanding interim results from #FLASH registry that were presented yesterday at #SIR2021!!💥

#medthread #tweetorial
1/11 Image
The treatment of #PE has been plagued by high acute mortality rates. Current risk stratification relies on #thrombolytics which carry a significant bleeding risk. #medthread #FLASH

2/11 Image
The #FlowTriever System, the first FDA-cleared mechanical thrombectomy system for #PE, is purposely designed to capture and remove large clot burden from big vessels in a single session without the need for tPA or prolonged #ICU stay. #medthread #FLASH

3/11 Image
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Amanhã são as últimas 24h do #FlashPlayer, a base da internet nos anos 2000 e da vida de muita gente por aqui - em 2021, o suporte dele acaba de vez


Segue o fio (e dá RT!) #Flash #ripflashplayer
Na época, o Flash era facilmente a melhor opção pra fazer sites mais "modernos" - dava pra dar cor, movimento, ações dinâmicas, tudo que vc precisava também pra animações e jogos em Flash
Mas com novas tecnologias surgindo e o HTML5 sendo basicamente um substituto perfeito pra ele, o Flash foi condenado ao desligamento desde 2017, com previsão de fim total pra esse ano…
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