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#taekook au: Jungkook hates Kim taehyung but he hates his parents more and he can do anything to get back at them. Even date Kim taehyung.
• Fluff
• Angst
• Crack (maybe)
• Dates do not matter so ignore
• Quote don't reply.


• His parents Kim junghyun and Kim minji are A list actors of korea.

• Studies in SNU

• Theatre student

• friends with jimin , jin , yoongi
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#taekook #taekookau
where idol jungkook is known for being intimidating to everyone, except for his so called, “best friend.” the rest of their friend circle get fed as the two hide their feelings for one another. so, jimin divices a plan.
— profiles:

- taehyung & jungkook
— friend circle:

- jimin, hoseok, and jin
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now that he’s starting college, taehyung wants to live a normal life, away from home.

being the son of the biggest loan shark and leader of a crime syndicate is not something he was proud of.

he is allowed to leave but on one condition: take Guk as his bodyguard. Image
🥀they will be the same age
🥀angst 💀
🥀a lil fluff because uwu?
🥀tw will be added bc mafia shit
🥀tae is in love with guk, guk is in love with his work :)
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#taekook au —

Reserved, brooding, and shy Jungkook finally works up the courage to start a convo with his longtime crush, campus librarian Taehyung, by borrowing a book.

Only he doesn't read at all, and he surely didn't mean to check out an erotica novel
yes im going to write this... i think . just give me like 12 hours it's 3 am 😢😔
but i need to know do u want this 😢👄
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#taekook au 🔞

After a drunken one night stand because of a bad break up, Taehyung decides to move on with his life not expecting the new CEO at this office to be the stranger he slept with. Taehyung is set on ignoring him but the CEO might just have gotten a new obsession.
-top! jk x bottom! tae
-tae is the marketing department’s manager
-jimin and jin are tae’s friends
-joon is jk’s secretary and yoongi and hobi are his friends
-flustered tae and persuasive jk
-don’t forget to quote!
-do NOT reply!
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where taehyung and jungkook can’t go on a day without them bickering.
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#taekookau where Taehyung is tired of Bogum forcing him to have sex with him. He ends up posting a random picture from internet , calling him his boyfriend , not knowing the picture belonged to Jeon Jungkook, the most unapproachable person in the uni.
- crack
-angst? Maybe idk?
[Part 1 ]
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Taekook AU where youtuber Jeongguk do the “Ignoring my boyfriend for 24 hours prank” to his boyfriend Taehyung.

*camera focusing*

“Hi Goldens! It’s me, ya’ boy JK and I’m back with another video!” Jeongguk yelling his intro, smiling brightly at his vlogging camera, greeting his viewers in which he branded us “Goldens”.

“Alright guys, I’m home alone cause Tae is hanging out with +
+ Jimin right now but that’s okay! Because that’s make it perfect to execute my plan!” Jeongguk grins at the camera, eyes glinting mischievously.

“Okay, so you guys have been flooding my twitter and instagram & requesting to do this prank to Taehyung and after deliberating for +
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#taekook #taekookau

When Taehyung's girlfriend randomly dumps him for another guy, he decides to get some revenge by taking his best friend Jeongguk as his 'date' to her family's event at the country club.

They realize throughout the day that they like dating a little too much.
- fake dating
- best friends to lovers
- rich kids! taekook
- some underlying homophobia from tae's ex
- maybes some nsfw? i'll tag that if i decide to include smut along the way
- quote w reactions plz, we love to see it😓
"Hello /boyfriend/," Jeongguk greets Taehyung as he locks his car, the ray-bands on the edge of his nose being pushed up to rest above his hairline.

Taehyung rolls his eyes. Of course, he'd be joking about the situation.

"You were the one who suggested this, don't act annoyed."
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#taekook au where jungkook is asked to help the new trainees under bighit before they debut and he’s more than willing to help

everything goes great until he catches one trainee crying at 2am in the practise room asking for help
before i start this:

-quote don’t reply
-pls interact it motivates me 💓
1. tae and jk’s priv acc
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Jeongguk has a secret...well actually it’s not a secret, it was known to the whole town that he is a vampire, then why the hell this Kim Taehyung guy, look at him in awe with sparkling eyes, bright smile & face glowing like he just discovered the yamashita treasure?
“So you’re a vampire?”

Jeongguk grumbles as response.



“So do you have fangs?”

He looked at the male like he just asked the most stupid question /he is/.

“Do you?” Taehyung persists. He flinched when a slender finger pulled up his upper lips.

“You do! Wow!”
Jeongguk didn’t had time to react and stare at the curly-haired male, bewildered.


“How century old are you?”


“Are you born before Dark Ages? During Dark Ages? Or After Dark Ages?”


“Wait! Are you turned? Or natural-born vampire?”
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#taekook au

where Jeongguk and Taehyung are enemies who cannot stand each other, but things changes when Jeongguk posts a pic

#taekookau #taekook #vkook 🥴🥴🥴🥴
I need engagement
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#taekook #taekookau

"It's been a while huh"

"Met you in the 1500s last time. Haven't changed much."

"You neither." Jungkook rubs the dirt off his knees. The sudden landing had caught him off guard, flinging him away from his machine, onto the rough ground.
It was cold. If it wasn't for the heavily padded clothes he had worn, he would've gotten more hurt. The dust around made breathing difficult. Taehyung passed him a spare oxygen mask he had been carrying.

"Thank you."
"For someone who wanted to see the end of the world, you are quiet unprepared." the older let out a chuckle.

Jungkook threw him an annoyed look.

"Still as sarcastic as ever."
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#taekookau Mafia boss Jeongguk wants to date this pretty florist. The problem? He doesn't know how to woo someone like a normal human.
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#taekookau nsfw drabble 🔞 -

Freshly out of a relationship, Taehyung decides to go clubbing and find a hookup. He doesn't expect to find one of the hottest men he's ever seen calling him over, nor does he expect him to be the shy boy who liked him in high school, Jeon Jeongguk.
"Don't you think it's too soon?" Namjoon asks as they head into the club, Jin already zipping off to try and score a free drink.

Taehyung rolls his eyes at the question, shoving his phone into the pocket of his slacks.
"We hadn't even seen each other in weeks, barely texted too. Plus, I'm pretty sure he was cheating on me," Taehyung says nonchalantly, noticing a few girls off to the side making eyes in their direction. "I knew it was over a long time ago, this was just the confirmation, Hyung."
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Where Tae fell hopelessly in love with his favorite game character named Uchiya. What happened when he finally found Uchiya lookalike in real life? 👀💘
Do you guys want me to continue with this? If yes, bookmark it 💜 if it happens, this AU will be a mix of my fanart and social media, texting au. I'm not a writer so this will be short and simple ☺️
Please take note I'm not a fanfic writer... just a fanartist and this taekook au will be a short simple one.
💜main pairing vkook/side jihope
💜text/sns au + my fanart/edit
💜 Please interact if you enjoy reading ☺️
⛔️Do not repost or copy my stuff

1. The gamers
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{ #taekookau }
after finally getting the phone number of taehyung, his hot new neighbor, jungkook builds the up the courage to text him.
what he didnt expect is that his 'loml' texts like a middle aged white woman.
basically guk as a stan twt person and tae as a local (or is he?)
1. yoongi stays unbothered
2. fake friends 💯😭
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in which jeongguk does one of those like for an indirect, and taehyung really wants to find out which one is his.

only it's hard to do so when you guys are exs and barely struggling to not pass the line.
originally i wasn't planning to do this but i had a change in heart and dabble on writing post breakup still friends type of thing. would you want this?
one last thing before i (maybe) start this, i'd like your opinion, some thoughts or question and go check out some of my other work while you wait! just check my pinned 🥺🥺😔 also leaving a follow would also be sexy
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#taekookau AU prompt

Taehyung has been in love with Jungkook since years, but Jungkook doesn’t know about his existence, or at least he thinks so.

Until one day Taehyung texts his rants about him to the wrong person

🔹 please don't reply to this thread, quote the tweets rather
🔹this will be mostly text + social media
🔹it’s our first au so feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed but please go easy on us 🥺
🔹time stamp don’t matter
🔹main ship: #taekook #kookv
🔹side ship: established #yoonmin
future #namjin
🔹lot of crack and fluff
🔹enjoy 🥺💜
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#taekook au where idol taehyung plays video games with his fans on his days off and on one particular night he gets extremely upset and frustrated when one player keeps eliminating him early in the game.

he doesn’t know it’s his ex-boyfriend, pro gamer jungkook.
— quote donʼt reply yʼall know the drill
— crack, angst(ish), happy ending
— will try to keep this short
— idol tae and pro gamer kook
— namjin married; joon is kookʼs manager and jin is taeʼs manager
— namgiseok as kookʼs friends
— yoonjinmim as taeʼs friends
— itʼs a mess
[PRESS START] #taekookau #taekook
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#taekookau Where Taehyung mistakes the owner of the store he works in as a newbiew employee. And it goes like this:
• Read this au only if you are masochist because my updating schedule is fucked up.
•This is pure crack.
•Language might get NSFW
•Read the first point again.

Let's get it masochists!
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(nsfw) #taekookau where #taekook are mutuals on their nsfw accounts. little do they know that they're about to become roommates in real life.
i literally only added the visuals pictures for the sole purpose of pushing the mullet taehyung agenda. sorry not sorry skjfksk
for my free space on my #tkbingo card
i decided to do identity porn (with actual porn lol) @taekookbingo
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Idols JK and Tae are well known rivals in the industry. So imagine everyone’s shock when Jeongguk’s heart beats very fast when he saw Tae’s pic during Heart Rate Monitor Challenge & Tae has made it his mission to rub it in the latter’s face whenever he gets a chance.
Note!! ✨💫

Inspired from the actual heart rate monitor interviews done by BBC Radio 1 to celebrities. I might write it. Starting from the beginning of May. 😘😘

✨Please do not comment under the thread cuz I’m afraid it might break. 🥺

✨ Quote tweets and likes are really appreciated. That would motivate me a lot too. 🥺

✨Plz ignore the time stamps. It will b a social media + written out au

✨Will start on May 1st hope u enjoy!
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#taekook abo au where : Jungkook accidentally got Taehyung pregnant.

It was unexpected, to say the least. Because Jungkook hated Taehyung. But one night, they’re suddenly mates. The night Jungkook turned 20, the night where the bombed was dropped that Taehyung is his mate.
Taehyung thought it was a joke. He thought his whole life was a joke, if he’s being honest. When his eyes met Jungkook’s own menacing eyes, he knew Jungkook was imprinting him. And that’s how things started to get worse.

#taekookau #taekook au complete ; One-shot
He’s at a cafe outside their university, brainstorming with his model Seojun when Jungkook entered the same cafe too.
Jungkook’s scent is too strong, it makes Taehyung’s mind go haywired, he’s already very affected by Jungkook even though they didn’t mark each other up yet.
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