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* Taekook AU * NSFW

Jungkook and Taehyung are the most shipped couple in Kpop.... If only people knew they were real.
They think they've been hiding..
Until ONE Vlive changes everything.

#taekook #vkook #kookv #taekookau #btsau #vkookau #kookvau #taekookfanfic
I've been wanting to write this AU for awhile...I write on AO3 but never on here so....should I write it? It may have been done but not by me. 😁 It'll have social media, crack and SMUT....retweet/reply!
BTS' private Twitter profiles....They hide in plain sight....some more obvi than others cuz they don't like to follow the rules of staying hidden. 😉
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Jeon Nata penulis indi yang sejak lama lovestruck dengan kaka tingkatnya Adam Kim, seorang asisten lab di jurusannya.
Tanpa Nata sadari, nyatanya Adam menyimpan apik rasa penasarannya pada Nata sejak Nata menjadi mahasiswa baru.

#taekook #taekookau #marz
AU pertama gue, tapi jalan cerita udh mateng semateng-matengnya.
Ready to serve pokonya!

Lanjut gak ya?
Ada yang baca kagak yaaa? :(
Ada yang tertarik untuk lanjut baca au ini?

Sekalian vote bisa saling follow2an kaliya kita biar bisa temenan gitu 👉🏻👈🏻
Gue terbuka untuk membuka circle baru, lets spread beautiful friendship 💜
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Taekook au
Tae, a preschool teacher, finally moved back to seoul after 3 yrs of teaching in Daegu. Jeongguk, a CEO, is a single father with a daughter named Jina. After 4 yrs of not seeing each other, Tae wasn't expecting to see the father of his favourite student is Jeongguk
- social media/ written
- please quote tweet thank you
- i hope you enjoy this au
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♡ fifty ♡: penis penis
[ #taekook #taekookau #vkook #kookv ]
♡ fifty-one ♡: wish they had :(
[ #taekook #taekookau #vkook #kookv ]
♡ fifty-two ♡: ruh roh looks like he saw it
[ #taekook #taekookau #vkook #kookv ]
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#Taekook college au where Taehyung tweets that he hates DOMS aka delayed onset muscle soreness but his best friend Jungkook, who is also secretly in love with him, freaks out because he thinks he's talking about people who are dominant in him.
K so I know I’ve been mia and haven't finished my other au but when this idea hit me I had to do it.

-mostly crack+floof
-maybe nsfw
-v minor angst
-misunderstandings lol
-not intended to be offensive at all
-OT7 are a group of friends in college
-Taekook have been pining after e/o for a while but both have been too scared to make a move
-ignore timestamps
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AU: Taehyung is fascinated by the arms of the guy in front of him in one of his lectures, and so he often doodles them, paying extra attention to the tattoos he has on both his arms. One day, he checks the drawings he did and notices the tattoos change regularly.

#taekook #vkook
So one day that the guy has his arms covered by his shirt, Taehyung decides to flip through his copybook to look at his already drawn pictures of the man's sleeves tattoos. Except everytime, there's a small detail that changes, until it's not the same tattoo anymore.
But he's sure he drew them exactly as he saw them. He didnt take art classes for THIS to happen. So he pays extra attention the next few weeks, and either he's completely mental or this man's tattoos change. All. The. Time.
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Taekook AU where Taehyung is a busker and his long-term boyfriend Jungkook, is a trainee at a famous entertainment company in Seoul.
Everything seems fine until Jungkook's career takes off, making him choose between his dream and his 'dream'.

#taekook #vkook
Taehyung is a graduating college student with way too many jobs and has a passion for singing.
Jungkook is Tae's talented a d caring bf for 6 years, he's also a trainee that's set to debut real soon.
#taekook #TAEKOOKAU
Yoongi: a famous actor who suddenly takes an interest on the boy with a deep voice singing on the street everyday.
Jimin: BH Ent. Soloist. A gentle and kind person who has a huge crush on a certain actor *coughs*
#TAEKOOKAU #taekook #vkook #kookv
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quote w/ a prompt & i’ll make a moodboard for it

//i physically reject angst tho
not even a prompt just like a general idea you want to see in a moodboard iM BORED
oh like if you want me to write a prompt from a general idea tell me, i will and you can keep it and do whatever with it just credit me
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After his number got leaked, Jungkook, member of a famous band, blocks every single delulu fan who messages him directly on Whatsapp. One night, however, he makes an exception when he receives a drunk text from a gorgeous fan named Kim Taehyung.
#taekook #taekookau
insipired by:
*inspired lol
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#TaeKook /#Taemin au

Where The first person Tae fell in love with, Jimin, passed away. Tae tried to process losing his first love. His life would never be the same. When he starts college he meets Jungkook. Tae feels like he can move on. Then Jimin suddenly returns...
*Important info*
- Tae and Jimin were eachothers first love, first kiss and first time. They met in high school and dated for 3 years until Jimin supposedly passed
- Jungkook and Tae met freshman year and have been dating for a year. However, Tae never told Jk about Jimin
- Tae has one friend who also knew jimin. Jin used to be Tae's neighbour back when they were in High school and is the only one that knows about Jimin and how Tae loved him
- Jin has had a boyfriend for 3 years that he met in college ( the same college Tae and JK go to) Namjoon
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#taekook ABO au
Alpha Jungkook catches Omega Taehyung staring at him in the library. When the alpha confronts him, Tae panics, blurting out he has a crush on Jungkook's bff Jimin. Intrigued, Kook declares that he'll play cupid. The issue? Tae is actually in love with Jeongguk
I can start writing this if anyone's interested but if not then you never saw this ok bye #taekook #kookv #taekookau
It's happening! Before I start here's some bg:
OT7 are at uni, in the same yr
-TH and HSK are bffs + roommates living in dorms
-Yoongi lives in the room next door + is their friend(?)
-Jin is friends with T,H+Y
-Jk and Jm are bffs + friends with NJ
-Jin + NJ are together
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taekook au where bad boy heir Kim Taehyung decides to look for a sextmate coz he is bored and ends up with Jungkook, an obedient sub, who also happens to be his father's assistant.

#taekook au #taekook #vkook taekook social media au smut nsfw 🔞🔞🔞
I will start this in a few hours coz I need to sleep now lol 😘
who knows who:
tae, jimin, hobi
jungkook, yoongi, jin, joonie
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Taekook au -where Kim Taehyung sent his crush, Jeon Jungkook, the vocalist of "BTS" (a famous band from their school), of a nude picture of himself.

+side!yoonmin (maybe?) ❤

#taekook #taekookau
Taehyung's Friends
Park Jimin- roomate & bestfriend (dancer & business major)
Kim Seokjin- just graduated college, plans to create a food blog while working in his Father's company
Jung Hoseok-choreographer and temporary bass player(BTS)
#taekook #taekookau
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✧・゚: *✧・゚:* taekook *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
• texting au •

where jungkook is a naive boy who's cheated on and initially wants to kill taehyung but ends up killing his heterosexuality
Taehyung|20| aspiring artist
Struggles to make it until the end of the month because he spends money on pretty unisex clothes he never wears

Jimin|20| dancer
Makes sure Taehyung makes it until the end of the month

Jungkook|18| student
Left his gf in Busan to study in Seoul
•sitcom au
•no mary sue here. they're all rather unlikable
•kook isn’t honest to girls and thinks they’re all the same but he gets feelings
•tae isn’t honest and uses girls to release tension from being closeted
•it’s all fun and games until feelings are involved
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NSFW Texting AU 🔞🔞 #taekookau

Jeongguk, who still believes he's straight, thinks that he and Taehyung shouldn't see each other anymore, so he texts him about it.

Taehyung has other plans for the night.

(Basically, texting turns into sexting)
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Genius chemistry professor, Taehyung who’s only 22 and already teaching in a university because he’s skipped grades and well, is genius. He ends his lecture one day and asks, “Any questions?” There’s only murmurs of no till someone says, “Yeah, are you single?”
“Who was that?” Taehyung asks, frozen in his spot. “That’ll be me,” a boy answers, raising his hand and waving it a bit without a pinch of guilt or regret on his face. “Stay back after everyone’s left,” Taehyung says calmly while arranging his desk nonchalantly.
While everyone leaves slowly, Taehyung sits on his chair and taps his fingers over the surface of his desk calmly as if he isn’t furious and agitated. When the boy does walk up to him as soon the the hall is empty, Taehyung grits his teeth. “What’s your name?” “Jeongguk.”
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