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#taekook #taekookau #omegaverse #prompt

[Fragments of Love]

💔 omega Tae
💔 disabled alpha Jeongguk (war veteran)
💔 single dad Jeongguk
💔 arranged marriage
💔 mutual pining
💔 blood/violence in flashbacks
💔 angst with a happy ending
💔 Taekook AU
🔞 Image
Tae, has silently loved Jeongguk since childhood, convinced the alpha would never accept a male omega, and so he buried his feelings deep within only to have to watch how Jeongguk got mated to someone else and left for war as an elite soldier.
However, fate takes a surprising turn when Tae is supposed to mate Jeongguk's older brother years later, only to find out about his fiance’s infidelity on their mating day, which his own parents blame him for.
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#taekook #taekookau #prompt

[Hidden Melodies]

🎤 idol Tae
🎤 idol JK
🎤 enemies to lovers
🎤 secret identities/undisclosed genders
🎤 angst with a happy ending Image
Idols are forced to conceal their genders from the public eye to be attractive to everyone.

V and Jeongguk are fierce rivals in the music industry. Both gifted with talent and success, they have captivated the hearts of millions with their mesmerizing performances.
Little do their fans know, their paths have intertwined more intimately than anyone could imagine.

Years ago, they shared a passionate one-night stand. V disappeared shortly afterward, leaving Jeongguk longing for answers.
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🧪 iPhone Image Prompts in #midjourney

I’ve been using quick snaps from my phone combined with the most basic descriptive prompts to create some “upgraded” photos from my vacation.

Fun little experiment! I’ll post the original iPhone snaps below.

#Prompt 👉🏼 ALT… cinematic shot, church in D...cinematic shot, wooden path...cinematic shot, lodges on c...
iPhone Snaps. Intentionally took random snaps to see the AI magic! 🪄 ImageImageImage
Sorry if it wasn’t clear: I’m using the iPhone images as image prompts + the text prompt you can find in the ALT!

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✨ Stairs shots with #Midjourney

Used an interesting prompt setup to create these, it emphasizes the camera and film used.

🧪 #Prompt technique and explanations in the first reply 👇🏻 ImageImageImage
So essentially I am using multi-prompt in order to separate the generation prompt from the setup prompt, and like that I can change the weight that I give to one or the other.

🧪 [generation prompt]:: [setup prompt]::(weight) [parameters]
For exemple:
gentleman walking up steep stairs at the end of dark tunnel:: shot with Canon AE - 1 on Kodak Portra 160::1.1 --ar 2:3

Here we have
- Generation prompt: [gentleman walking up steep ...]
- Setup prompt: [shot with Canon AE - 1 on Kodak Portra 160]
- Weight: [1.1]
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🐍 #Script en #python para crear contenidos con imágenes y vídeo por #IA en #WordPress con tecnología de #Openai (#GPT)

Mediante un fichero csv generas un contenido por cada keyword adjunta.

Os cuento el proceso que sigue el script👇
(enlace al final del hilo). Image
Lo primero que realiza es un análisis de qué es lo que está posicionando en top 10 para la #keyword sobre la que se va a trabajar.

Se revisan los #titles, #descriptions, #h1, #h2, #h3, #h4, #h5 y #h6.

Todo este análisis se hace por separado, y luego se une.
Después de definir la partes principales y la #estructura, se empieza a desarrollar el texto por partes.

Desarrollar el #texto por partes tiene su motivo.

Si le doy la estructura completa a la #IA, responde siempre con un sólo párrafo normalmente.
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📕AI Guide: Build a Business or Side-Hustle

→Tool: ChatGPT or Google BARD
→Benefit: Financial freedom & no boss

What guide do you want next?

#Bard #ChatGPT #chatgpt4 #Promptshare #Prompt Image
Here's an example of the results you get

the best part?

→You will be able to customize it to your specific goals, interests & circumstances ImageImage
Step 1: copy paste this super prompt into your AI

"Please provide a concise plan to build a business or side hustle? Include an H1 bold headline alluding to “How To” achieve the objective, a bold subheading which concisely explains the benefits (in 1 or 2 sentences), and then a…… Step 1: use this super prompt
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🧪 House of Prompts Vol. 2

It's that time again! The next edition of #HouseOfPrompts arrives, taking us to a villa high up in the mountains!

Explore the different rooms in the thread below!

#Prompt 👉🏼 ALT
#midjourney #AIphotography #architecture… Cinematic shot, stunning mo...

We start in the majestic entry hall by @storybyphil setting the scene of this remarkable space. close up of a modern firepl...cinematic shot, featured in...cinematic shot, featured in...

From the entry hall, we continue in the luxurious lounge designed by @WorldEverett. Truly the perfect place to welcome your guests! a leather chair in  luxurio...luxurious, large and spacio...macro product photography o...large luxurious lounge, bla...
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DeepSquare integrates the neural network #text2image model #StableDiffusion.

This thread presents how we #designed and implemented the #workflow to execute Stable Diffusion on the DeepSquare Grid.
We designed the workflow as follows:

The #prompt is sent over an environment variable.
Most of the parameters are sent via environment varibles.
Images are sent to
The docker image is already compiled from… and is exported as…

The steps are as follows:
1-Generate the images. Rows are distributed into task per #GPU.
2-Combine all the images into one grid. Image
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⚡️ Impressive images of fiber-optic world by Midjourney ⚡️

Fiber optics: The highway for high-speed internet, connecting us all 🌐

A thread 🧵👇 (Earth, City, Fiber optics)

#prompt in ALT a blue earth and bunch of buildings made of fibe...eye iris made of transparen...single transparent fiber op...
Earth a blue earth and bunch of f...World map and transparent f...a blue earth and bunch of f...bunch of fiberoptic lines a...
City cityscape hologram structur...cityscape hologram structur...fiber optic lines travellin...Cityscape, fiber optic line...
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5 prompts pour transformer des heures de travail en quelques secondes 👇

#iaenbref #prompt
Améliore tes capacités à résoudre des problèmes

Prompt : Partage une approche systématique, étape par étape, pour résoudre [un problème ou un défi spécifique]
Résume des livres entiers en quelques secondes

Prompt : "Donne moi le résumé des étapes importantes du livre intitulé [Titre du livre]. Donne-moi les réponses sous la forme de bullet points"
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How I prompt engineered BARD to predict future stock prices.
1). First Prompt: "You are Finance Bard the advanced AI model that can predict future stock movements based on technical analysis indicators."… Image
2). Second Prompt - Understand what the model has said and prepare it to predict by asking it the closing price of the asset you want to use. "Understood now what did the SPX close at today?"… Image
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Minimalistic but expressive text -> image prompt:

Make photo. Format: Main subject + Action, Mood, Environment, Lighting, Colour, Film Stock. Reply least amount token; comma string. Dancer twirling, urban, dia...
Elephant playing, savannah, diagonal, golden hour, earth tones, joyful, wildlife photo, action Image
Porsche 911 cruising, Stylish, Mountain pass, Dusk, Bold, Agfa Vista Image
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👉 Pídele esto a ChatGPT

La Inteligencia Artificial no debe sustituirte a la hora de crear un texto para ti o tus clientes, pero si puede echarte una mano 😏

Por eso hoy te dejo 16 cosas que puedes pedirle a ChatGPT para que te ayude a inspirarte 😉

#ChatGPT #copywriting Image
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试了一个英语学习(纠正语法错误)的chatGPT #prompt ,感觉比英语学习app好用。记录下来了步骤:

1/谷歌搜索“voice control for chat gpt” Chrome插件安装完成之后,chatGPT下面就会出现一个语音交互框。 Image

native language = Chinese
target language = English
my level = ${my level}

what are the most common grammar mistakes a(n) ${native language} speaker with ${my level} level makes when speaking ${target language}?

write them out as concise bullet points Image

grammar issue = ${grammar issue}
my topic = ${my topic}
paragraphs = 1
Let's focus on ${grammar issue}
Write me a 1 paragraph story about ${my topic}
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#Prompt #Taekook #TaekookAU

[Left & Right]

🌸 Omega chaebol Tae
🌸 Alpha idol JK
🌸 Ex couple
🌸 Getting back together
🌸 Angst with a happy ending
🌸 Secret pregnancy
🌸 Awesome parents
🌸 Engaged JK
Famous idol JK and chaebol heir Tae were the It-couple of Korea.

A relationship between the handsome alpha and his agency's owners only omega son that was documented thoroughly by the press, shared online by the couple themselves.

Their popularity and love unmatched.
Everyone thought this love was perfect, until a nasty public fight ended everything with a bang.

While JK went on to start a new relationship with the American singer Olivia after a few weeks, Tae only appeared a few times in public and then vanished.
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#prompt #Taekook #TaekookAU

[The List]

✂️ Omega hair stylist Tae
✂️ Alpha idol JK
✂️ Cheating (not Taekook)
✂️ Domestic abuse
✂️ Angst with a happy ending
✂️ Strangers to friends to lovers
✂️ Long distance relationship
It was nothing but a party joke when Tae participates in the insistence of his boyfriend in putting together a list of ppl they are allowed to have sex with - because, ofc, none of them will ever meet those celebrities.
But then, just a few weeks later, Tae is dragged by a man out of the small hair salon he works at and finds himself being the emergency replacement for a stylist in the agency next door - for none other than the only name he put on his list, famous idol Jung Kook.
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#prompt #Taekook #TaekookAU


🖤 Omega Tae
🖤 Alpha JK
🖤 Angst with a happy ending
🖤 Heavy angst
🖤 Hurt/comfort
🖤 Past abuse
🖤 Strangers to lovers
JK hasn't seen his family since he left his hometown after school to start a new life far away from expectations and the traditional world views he has been brought up with. The last words his parents and brothers were that he will never make and come crawling back.
But JK made it. He runs a successful photography studio with his two best friends, has a nice place to live and an occasional one night stand.

Life is good. Life is great.

And he doesn't waste a thought of his past.
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La mayoría utiliza Chat GPT para generar texto, pero también puede graficar.

Primero, hay que buscar la base de datos. En este caso vamos a utilizar los datos de homicidios dolosos en México durante 2022.

#homicidios #violencia #Mexico #ChatGPT #DataViz
Pegamos la información en el chat y le pedimos que la ordene en una tabla.
Le damos la instrucción (prompt), en la que le pedimos que simule a una persona experta en DataViz y que genere el código para visualizar la información de diversas maneras.

#Prompt #ChatGPT3 #DataViz #Python
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Can DALLE answer riddles from the Hobbit? Let's find out!
#dalle #openai #experiment #dalle2 #aiart #AiArtwork #hobbit #LOTR #AI
This really is an easy riddle! #dalle2 #openai #dalle2 #aiart #AiArtwork #hobbit #LOTR #AI #riddles
(Except that the answer is mountains, not trees)
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I started playing #guitar in college. Some of my friends back home played, so I thought I'd learn. It's been years since I kept up with it. With no job and an empty house, I had time. Plus, I could crank up my amp. Ava would have hated it. All the more reason to do it.
Strumming a few chords or playing a riff through a loud amp usually makes me feel better. It's more of a distraction this time. My amp is a little old. Even a #ragpicker might pass on it. "If you're not going to play it, sell it," Ava nagged. Life always got in the way.
Or I got in the way. Not even ten years ago I kept getting sick all the time. Painful stomach cramps would radiate weakness throughout my body. I learned how to wash it away like healing #rainwater. That's when I really started to figure out who I was and what I could do.
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