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We found it! Bernie making another outrageous claim !!

"Making countries line up for food is a good thing." - Bernie
RT! TRUMPERS & PATRIOTS WHO STILL BELIEVE IN AMERICA- GRAB A COPY OF MY LATEST BOOK, "The Rise of the "Democratic Socialist" Fourth Reich" ONLY (((5.99))) FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS!#TRUMP2020Landside !!

PRE-ORDER your copy NOW!!…
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Fake News Blue Skid Marks will never be honest Mr President. I looked last night when they decided to "fact check".

IA 31,464 or 97.1%
NH 120,476 or 85.5%

Most Republicans likely stayed home believing there was no contest, that the only vote that counts is November 3rd.
@Jonejam222 ❤️🇺🇸 BEST PRESIDENT EVER❣️ Who else would give help out with a graphic 🗳️❤️🇺🇸 #TRUMP2020Landside
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Points from conservatives lack of protest. @POTUS #ImpeachmentDay

"We show up in different ways."

Battle Creek BLOWOUT in MI. tonight , record number campaign fundraising, -->why go to the streets, what does that accomplish?

They'll pay at the ballot box! And this jewel👇
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The CFR (Dems) are impeaching a President right now over a phone call.

This means anyone could be impeached over anything at any time, we've just never known.

Transcripts show nothing was being held over Ukraines head.

Ukraine Pres confirms this...
...yet they have gone through with this anyway.

The President ran on the promise to expose the swamp. As we sit here today they are exposing themselves.

As is their voter base...
...the crime he asked about came straight from the mouth of its perpetrator. Winter of 2018 Mr Biden had proclaimed that he had informed Poroshenko that they would not be getting their (third) Billion dollar loan unless prosecutor Shokin was fired.
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Q !!
Dec 17 2019 17:03:45 (EST)
First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.
First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction.
They will fight but you are ready.
Marker [9].
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn 3717 & 3716
Q sent this post 2 times. #Q emphasizes what is coming.
No later than [9]❓
Between today and the 26❓
If #Patriots, have not already done it...
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#TRUMP2020Landside, in that he'll be so physically frail that he will frequently topple over on his saintly Filipina caregiver.


Here's the thing about when I write; sometimes, people just show up. The person who walked into my brain was the six caregivers in a row my mother had, women of almost superhuman patience with a miserable and recently-racist old lady.
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Outrageous-Judge Rejects Flynn Lawyer Sidney Powell’s Request For Brady Material – Sets Sentencing For January 28
@GenFlynn⭐️⭐️⭐️ was set up #ExonerateFlynn #FlynnFighters #StopTheMadness…
@GenFlynn New Q RE: Gen Flynn
Obama set Flynn up
Pientka & Strozk interviewed Flynn
Pientka wrote the 302's that Lisa Page edited
The FISA warrant to spy on Flynn was illegal
The FBI/DOJ withheld exculpatory evidence
Pientka said Flynn did not lie
Watch what happens next
@GenFlynn Obama had the intelligence agencies spy on General Flynn
Brennan & Clapper listened to Gen Flynn's calls
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No longer safe to walk down the street? THE GREAT AWAKENING.
Q 1574
Micah 2:1-3
Vs 3: But this is what the Lord says, "I will reward your evil with evil. You won't be able to escape! After I am through with you, none of you will ever again walk proudly in the streets." #QAnon
And... Someone else no longer able to proudly walk the streets? Good on this Patriot! Patriot calls out Joe Biden at rally over #Ukraine
#WWG1WGA 🇺🇸💥🎄
#Biden #Schiff
#EnoughIsEnough #QAnon
#GreatAwakeningWorldwide #QAnon #TRUMP2020Landside #GodWins
And...#3 Abigail Spanberger gets called out by angry constituents about trying to impeach Trump. By golly, we have a pattern going here. Precedent? This IS #TheGreatAwakening!
At some point the streets (for them) will not be safe. #QAnon #WWG1WGA #MAGA
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Q 11/14 Intelligent agencies work for Obama
Clapper & Lynch signed Raw SIGINT Availability Procedures in accordance with section 2.3 of E.O. 12333
C_A cannot spy on American Citizens so they used UK, AUS via Five EVEYs to spy on Trump/Cruz…
Q 11/19 Step1: Hype an invented threat of POTUS working w/RUSSIANS
Step3: Justify SPECIAL COUNSEL spend💰
Step4:Open new Fake/False investigations

#WednesdayWisdom #VindmanTestimony
Q 11/19 The Clinton Foundation has lost $49.6 million since 2016.
Pay for Play: When payments to the Clintons/foundation coincided with political favor
PAY-FOR-PLAY only works when you hold a position of POWER
It's only a matter of time

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1) Last night we were joking about Earth 1 🌎 vs. Earth 2 🌎 and the staunch beliefs of the inhabitants on both planets.

I was joking, well...kinda. 🤔

On Earth 1 🌎, we think POTUS is doing a GREAT job!

On Earth 2 🌎, they believe he will NOT finish his term as POTUS.
2) How did we get here?

Why are we "Planets Apart" in our thinking?

What do Earth 2 inhabitants generally think?


...why is it so challenging for us to communicate with each other?

@SirHublife @_hublette
3) As a former liberal Democrat, who walked away in 2012, many people close to me are "unhappily" living on Earth 2.

They are some of the kindest, most loving people that you could find.

I am terrified to speak with them about "Earth" issues because of this divide though. 😱
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I say this in the strongest possible terms if people do not get fired up & FIGHT like hell we are going to lose this country. It's not enough to be on Twitter you HAVE to get up get out there and rally people to save this country. It only takes a single spark to ignite a fire.
2) If you hear people denigrating the POTUS SPEAK UP and TELL THEM the truth about what is happening! Don't hide yourselves OR what you believe, by doing so you are allowing the left to silence our voices.
3) When you see people or hear people doing things that you know are wrong SPEAK UP and correct them. Yes it will feel uncomfortable at first but after some practice you will get really good at it!
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😲 Wow, those affected by TDS - the #HollywoodHypocrites #MSMFakeNews & #TheEstablishment - they actually admired & Idolised the Success & Winning of @realDonaldTrump
🔗 15 min vid - 1980 - 2017

🤔 Trump was their favourite American Role Model for Decades
🇺🇸 #StableGenius1980 @realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸
. . . somebody with the kind of views that are maybe a little bit unpopular; which may be right, but unpopular, wouldn't necessarily have a chance of getting elected against somebody with no great brain, but a big smile

🇺🇸 Trump2020
🇺🇸 #WinningBigly1988 🇺🇸 @realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸

. . wealthy ppl don't like me because Im competing against them most of the time, I LIKE TO WIN
when I go down the streets of New York the ppl that really like me are the taxi drivers, the workers etc, we really get along well
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I’ve noticed since my tweets criticizing @EricMcCormack , @DebraMessing & @MEGBusfield desire to create a blacklist of POTUS donors “not to work with” in the entertainment industry that I am now being trolled with negative, decade old Fake News stories about me...
.... It’s clearly a hit job serving three naive actors that want to bring back McCarthyism to Hollywood by urging an American news organization, The Hollywood Reporter, to conspire with them to publish a list of names for the purpose of harming specific individuals’..... prospects while also violating their First Amendment and civil rights. But why stop there? Why not hold hearings, bring in your union thugs from Canada to beat up our family members, like was done to me in a Broadway union insurance scam (Got the video to prove it!)...
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Bob Mueller arrived with heavy security at the Rayburn House Office per Catherine Herridge
Aaron Zebley being called a "personal attorney".
2 chairs set up at the witness table—NOT standard.
3 P's: Policy Politics & Procedure
Pay attention to House Rule 11 subsection 2
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❤️🇺🇸 Well said indeed Mr President ~
He had a number of interesting things to say today..
Sen. Graham on border debate in wake of drowned migrant father and daughter…
I believe Graham was right. None of this #WitchHuntHoax is going away. Just as @TheDemocrats never had a plan on how to win in 2016 ~ They didn't have a plan if they lost using the "insurance policy " written by Brookings for Mueller.
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