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News Analysis🔎The @StateDept announced it will force anyone working as #Journalists for #Chinese state media in the US to reveal their identities to authorities and will also force state-run news outlets to reveal their real estate holdings. (Thread👇)…
These measures could help the US gov't get a stronger grasp on how deeply the #Chinese regime’s #Disinformation arms have penetrated the US media landscape.

This new requirement will place the regime’s main state-run news outlets under the Office of Foreign Missions designation.
Identifying them to the @StateDept as official foreign missions is notably different from a FARA, or the “Foreign Agents Registration Act,” designation.

The action will designate the outlets and their employees as official arms of the #Chinese state.
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Anybody saying “there’s too many people” is by definition MISANTHROPIC.

And intellectually lazy. If this girl‘s a #ClimateChange activist, a less lazy statement would be “people/tech are too inefficient.” That‘d give her a logical escape route… (1/4)
… that doesn’t involve “population reduction” (read: mass murder, a #OneChildPolicy/#TwoChildPolicy of forced abortions & sterilizations, etc.).

“Overpopulation” is a myth or — at least — a very sad, sick, & even evil way of diminishing the value of human life… (2/4)
… MOREOVER, while #China DOESN’T have “too many people,” they DO have too much LAND.

What the Chinese Communist Party (#CCP) today calls “China” is an amalgamation of STOLEN land. #EastTurkistan, #Tibet, #Ningxia, #SouthMongolia, #Manchuria, #HongKong & others areas… (3/4)
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#Kenya how prepared are we @StateHouseKenya @MOH_Kenya @InteriorKE the severity of #CORONAVIRUS #COVID19 is frightening. China CCP downplay the risk. #Apocalypse Being prepared is not a bad thing. The news leaks are out there but #Githerimedia is all #BBI
Chinese Ambassador talks about "15 days self-isolation" TRUE LIE. Incubation up to 45 days. Back home they weld shut their citizens in apartment blocks @dailynation @StandardKenya @citizentvkenya and all Kenyan media have no balls to report. Siku itafika tu.
Once locked in, they have no option but to risk their life trying to get basic food stuffs like rice and it's tragic
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#China's Ministry of Science says they need to strengthen the management of laboratories, especially #viruses. Chinese report: , I'll put google's English translation below. My comment: When #CCP says they need to strengthen sth, problems already occur.
1. Auto translation of official report: Ministry of Science and Technology: Strengthen management of laboratories, especially viruses
The State Council ’s joint defense and joint control machine is scheduled to hold a press conference at 15 o’clock on February 15 to introduce
2. the latest progress of drug research and development and scientific research.
Wu Yuanbin, director of the Department of Social Development and Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology, introduced at the meeting that in order to promote
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[The outbreak has been more than just #WuhanVirus spread]

1/ By covering up the severity of pandemic with force & fear, #China has turned whole crisis into the Chernobyl disaster of the 21st century. China's still clamping down on #coronavirus coverage as cases surge day by day.
2/ For the past decades, #China’s despotic rule has cracked down on any signs of dissidence on its territory. Lawyers are made disappeared, dissidents are put under watch, and whistleblowers are disciplined. While #Uyghurs are detained while churches are demolished.
3/ Under the surface, we see the powerlessness of power. Burnished by the personality cult, this rigid regime rules the people with fear and distrust. #Beijing's iron-fist control on citizenry also makes it unresponsive to social grievance.
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Irresponsible @WHO led by a subservient @DrTedros has praised China's response to coronavirus but 'at critical turning points, Chinese authorities put secrecy & order ahead of openly confronting crisis & risking public alarm or political embarrassment'.…
@WHO @DrTedros China’s 'initial handling of the epidemic allowed virus to gain tenacious hold.' It punished the doctors who 1st sounded alarm & played down the danger rather than warning Wuhan residents. When it closed the market that was the epicentre, it told people it was for 'renovations'.
@WHO @DrTedros 'Even as cases climbed, officials declared repeatedly that there had likely been no more infections.' 'By not moving aggressively...the Chinese government lost one of its best chances to keep the disease from becoming an epidemic.'
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What do Chinese whistle blowers say about #Wuhan #coronarvirus?

Chinese youtuber/political show host Mr. Lude said following:

1. China held military drill on Sep. 18th. Before the drill, officials of Hubei province was given a medicine can block corona virus.

To be continued
2. Military World Games, was held from October 18–27, 2019 in Wuhan. They wanted spread the virus to the US military, but failed.…

To be continued
3. Zhou, Peng 周鹏was hired by Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2018. The job description:

who will use "bats to research the molecular mechanism that allows Ebola and SARS-associated coronaviruses to lie dormant for a long time without causing diseases."…
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This #WuhanCoronavirus🦠 situation is the type of #PublicHealth emergency where you want to err on the side of *over-estimating* so you allocate resources greater than what you need.

So far, it seems #China’s authorities have done the opposite. They are making a fundamental…
… miscalculation about what the greater risk is.

They seem to think the greater risk is creating a panic with the scary true numbers, which might lead to loss of confidence in the #CCP. That’s hogwash. The greater risk is a massive global pandemic that we’re ill-prepared for…
… because we’ve gotten consistently unreliable, understated information.

This virus WILL spread. We need solid info NOW to model that spread and prepare adequate clinical surge capacity.

Will it kill as many as seasonal #influenza? Unlikely. But will it be scarier? Damn right.
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I've been spending the whole day talking to sources in #Wuhan and the more I learned about how the #CCP has been handling the public health crisis, the angrier and irritated I get. Instead of addressing the emerging cases right away, they repeatedly downplayed the ...
... severity of #WuhanCoronavirus, making citizens think it's just another virus that won't affect them too much. Only when the virus started to spread beyond their expectation, did they come out to reveal the true extent of the virus, and now leaving the whole...
... city, province, country and the world to cope with the expanding crisis. Those who "praised" #China for behaving more transparent than in 2002 should know that #Beijing has known about the virus for weeks before they finally revealed it to the world.
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1/ It's terribly alarming that #HKGov barred Kenneth Roth from #HongKong for no reason. It well illustrates how #Hkgov now cooperates with #CCP to deliberately undermine our international human rights system.
2/ That is how #China’s global censorship regime works. First UK activist @benedictrogers, followed by reporters like @VJMallet and academics like @DanGarrett97, and now even US human rights advocates @KenRoth were denied entry.
3/ Bit by bit, #Beijing tightens its red line on #Hongkong, isolates this international city from the world, and puts #onecountrytwosystems in peril. The case is the best indicator of #Beijing ’s authoritarian expansion and weakening human rights situation in #China.
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1/ Congratulations to #Taiwan’s new President #TsaiIngWen @iingwen and also #DPP @DPPonline under her lead! 👏🏻#Taiwan2020 #TaiwanElection
2/ Also glad to know many young politicians can successfully take seats in the legislature, such as #DPP’s Lai Pin-yu, Hong Shen-hang, #TSP’s Chen Bo-wei, and Independent @FreddyLim. Unfortunately, it is really pity that @enoch_tw can't make it this time.
3/ Today is the day for the majority of #Taiwaneses to choose their fate, to safeguard their democracy and freedoms, and most importantly, to say no to #CCP's authoritarian invasion. People of #Taiwan also show the world their defiance of #Beijing’s lie of #onecountrytwosystems.
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(1/n) THREAD: Setting the stage for the #TaiwanElection—happening right now!

By the #s: The big race is between Tsai Ing-wen (bottom bar) & Han Kuo-yu (middle bar)

Red: Unify w/ #China
Green: Independence
Light grey: Status Quo
Dark grey: Depends
Black: Don‘t Know

Source later
(2/n) For #Taiwan2020 the most important issue people are voting on is how #Taiwan is to relate to mainland #China.

The top bar in this graph is overall sentiment of the Taiwanese people. As you can see, the vast, vast majority favor either Status Quo or Independence from China
(3/n) You can also see that the positions of the two presidential candidates are *dramatically* different.

And as you'll learn if you watch this remarkable election primer with Lev Nachman @lnachman32, the political reality is also a lot more nuanced.
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#China's total exports in 2018 were $2.65 trillion, of which approximately $477 billion went to the #USA, $441 billion went to the #EU, and $157 billion to #Japan. Add #SouthKorea and #India, and that is over 50% of Chinese exports.
China's strong economy depends on the good will of a handful of governments. Gradually increasing tariffs (or economic sanctions) on Chinese imports in these and other like-minded countries and the EU, if linked to demands for: 1) human rights improvements in #HongKong, ...
... #Xinjiang, and #Tibet; 2) military deescalation in the #SouthChinaSea and #EastChinaSea, the #Korea n peninsula, and #ArunachalPradesh; 3) progression down a truly democratic path for all of China; 4) improved conditions in China for global business; and ...
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Qassem Soleimani was killed in an air strike by the #US in #Baghdad. Equivalent to Jiang Zemin in #China, Soleimani was a dominant figure in the military, politics and oil industry of #Iran. Most of his family reside in #HongKong, #Shanghai and #Beijing.
#China’s Bank of Kunlun was established by Soleimani family in collaboration with the #CCP. The actual #Chinese main shareholders are Jiang Zemin, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu (and Zhou Yongkang before jailed). Its asset has increased from $17 billion to $28 billion.
#Bank of Kunlun is a tool of #Iran’s Soleimani, Khamenei and the #CCP kleptocrats to launder money and evade the #US sanctions @robert_spalding @MischaEDM @WarrenPlatts @geoff_p_wade @DanRDimicco @Jkylebass @BenKTallmadge @IndoPac_Info @BoycottHegemony…
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Police are making deceptive statements about the incident that lead to them ordering the march terminated. They charged into a march of hundreds of thousands to catch 1 person & then acted aggressively & arrogantly as if intending to provoke the crowd.…
Where police charged the march, rather than retreating immediately after detaining the suspect, they set up a cordon. This officer makes a mock lunge at me & then casually checks the press card of a journalist standing nearby. His behavior was typical.
Here police charge wildly into the crowd. See how far they’ve widened the cordon at this point: HSBC is far in the background. They suggest they arrested 5 for vandalising the bank, but only 1 was arrested there. The 4 others were arrested during such mad lunges into the crowd.
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1/ Fascistizing HK in 2020

(h/t @XinqiSu)
Via my formidable autotranslate skills🤪

#HongKong Educ secy #KevinYeung:

- #HKers are Chinese; we will punish problem teachers severely
- schools use improper biased teaching materials to mislead the mind…
@XinqiSu 2/ #KevinYeung (last yr he suggested HKers switch to Mandarin)

- 123 cases of teacher "misconduct" (incorrect views)
- 74 investigations completed; follow-up actions on 13 of them
- students who hv bn caught up in mass arrests will be threatened: "the consequences can be v srs"
@XinqiSu 3/ #KevinYeung

we have rec'd many complaints that teachers have made inappropriate comments on personal websites & we need to know if they hv done similar things on campus. Process usu takes > a mth to complete.

#antifascism #antiCCP
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Police suddenly rushed into crowd, apprehended at least 2, beat 1 badly w batons, peppersprayed wildly (I got it badly in the eye), raised black flag warning of teargas & called off #HK #Uighur solidarity rally. Angry crowd has scattered. So typical.
More photos of sudden police attack on #HK #Uighur solidarity rally. When police retreated w arrestees, they were pelted w bottles, then rushed forward, threatening teargas & calling off rally. Grossly irresponsible. Pardon if photos suck-can hardly see due to pepper spray in eye
Police swooped when a PRC flag was pulled down from the flagpole outside City Hall (next to Edinburgh Place). You can see the flag under one of the people police apprehended in the photo above.
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Edinburgh Place is full for the #HK rally in solidarity w #Uighurs . In our nearly 800 protests since 6/9, this is only the 3rd to stand for others. There was a small 1 at CUHK for Uighur uni pres rumored sentenced to death & 1 for Catalunya.
Great to see the #EastTurkestan & #Tibet flags flying at the #HK solidarity rally for #Uighurs. Our fate is tied to theirs. We all have to fight together for our freedom & our rights.
Free #IlhamTohti , Free All Political Prisoners at #HK rally for #Uighurs . Ilham just received EU parliament’s #SakharovPrize this week. He’s serving life in prison in China on the entirely false charge of ‘separatism’. His daughter @JewherIlham accepted the award on his behalf.
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US Atty John Demers gave a speech on the DOJ’s “China Initiative,” that targets Chinese espionage, IP theft,and other national security threats and helps reinforce President Trump’s national security agenda.

#China #ChinaInitiative #CCP

👇 👇 👇 👇 👇
The CCP/China has been implicated in over 80% of all DOJ economic espionage charges since 2012!!
Part of it goes back to Wilbur Ross and the US Trade Dept's #China Section 301 investigation.…
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ATL🇺🇸 in #HongKong: THREAD 1/n

Today SO MUCH in one short video:

* Melee of press, #police, protesters & tourists
* #HongKongProtester being arrested
* UK tourist watching atop the silver sculpture
* Sound of pepper spray being sprayed (fountain-style)
* Tear gas being shot
#HongKong THREAD 2/n

I'm not here to be at the front lines (this guy👇👇👇 is), but to visit with some #HongKongers & their supporters involved.

Think of it as American Thought Leaders🇺🇸, #HongKong Edition, & why not ATL🇺🇸—it's been said that this resembles, in some ways, 1776.
#HongKongProtests THREAD 3/n

Meet conflict reporter @Michael_Yon (with gas mask & orange vest) & #HongKong videographer Eric Fok @RazvenHK (donning mask).

Ok, before you meet them, meet the rather assertive #HongKongPolice. Big blue sign means "this protest is unauthorized."
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.@MikePillsbury says Chinese hardliners fear that #SteveBannon & the #CPDC (Committee on the Present Danger: #China) “want to bring China to its knees and destroy it.”

Nobody wants that. People just want to see the end of the #CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Those who… (1/3)
… naïvely think that a #TradeDeal will somehow lead to “reform” in #China are mistaken, and I question whether “reform” is even a wise goal, as that implies a continuation of the #CCP.

Should our goal not be an implosion of the #PRC/#CCP Party-State, à la the #USSR/#CPSU? (2/3)
… As #Aristotle states in his Nicomachean Ethics, “evil destroys even itself, and if it is complete, becomes unbearable.”

Perhaps it‘s better then for us to pump the brakes on “reform” & instead allow #China’s Communist Party to live out its own nature… & destroy itself. (3/3)
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In past week (11/18-25), 22 #HK protests, most small except for Save PolyU protests 11/18 involving 55,000. Protest numbers were down due primarily to District Council elections, in which 1,673,834 voted for pro-democracy candidates.

Overall, 662 protests, 11,348,806 protesters
#HK protests by month. Half a million people on the streets this month is still a lot, but down compared to previous months, 1 reason why previous to the District Council elections, #CCP & #HK govt believed they were making progress in crushing protests. Still 5 days to go in Nov
1 of the main ways #CCP & #HK govt have tried to crush the protests is by banning all marches since Sep8. Court injunctions, MTR closures, mask ban & police attacks on 'unauthorized' protests are also used. Govt regards almost all protests now as unlawful.
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#Viewpoint】District Councils are powerless, the most important implication of the election results is on the composition of 2021 Chief Executive Election Committee.

#DistrictCouncil #ChiefExecutive #CCP #China #HongKong
In 2012, Li Ka-shing openly voted for the scandal-troubled Henry Tang (who secured 285 votes), while Leung Chun-ying was only barely elected despite of Beijing's strong mobilization (who secured 689 votes).
In 2017, democrats and pro-local capital Liberal Party tried to stop the re-election of Leung Chun-ying by organizing ABC campaign, and Beijing defended its control power by replacing Leung with Carrie Lam (who secured 777 votes after abandonment of pro-local capital John Tsang).
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At 3:50 a.m. local time, 4 individuals dressed in black and wielding batons entered the print shop and warehouse of the #HongKong edition of @EpochTimes and set a fire.

This is our response. (Thread 👇)…
The telescopic batons carried by the thugs in the video are similar to those used by the #HongKongPolice. Two of the thugs who carried out the attack were dressed in black with masks, like the #HongKongProtesters.

This was apparently done in an effort to confuse…
…the situation, as this tactic fits a pattern we have seen in #HongKong. Police and thugs have pretended to be protesters, journalists, and citizens, and committed violence, including beatings and arson, then blamed the protesters in an attempt to discredit them.
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