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Apple’s disgraceful Tim Cook. Hillary Vaughn: ‘Hi Mr Cook. Do you support the Chinese people’s right to protest?’ @tim_cook : Silence - Vaughn: ‘Do you have any reaction to the factory workers that were beaten and detained for protesting lockdowns?’ Tim Cook: Silence 1/4
Vaughn: ‘Do you regret restricting airdrop access that protestors used to evade surveillance from the Chinese Communist government?’ Tim Cook:Silence - Vaughn: ‘Do you think it’s problematic to do business with the Communist Party of China as they trample basic human rights?’ 2/4
Tim Cook: Silence . @Apple and @tim_cook have iPhones assembled in sweatshop like conditions and also work hand-in-hand with the Chinese government to control and repress basic human rights. Watching our faux social justice warrior avoid tough questions shows the world 3/4
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Terörist #CCP hükümetinin bu simülasyonu eğer Çin'de başarıya ulaşırsa, her yerde uygulanacağından neredeyse adım kadar eminim.
Sandbox yapıyorlar.

Bu olanlara tepki gösteren hiçkimse yok.
Siz biz görüyoruz gezegenin kalanı görmüyor mu?
Sivil İradenin kırılması, kontrolü üzerine literatür geliştiriyorlar sanki.
Tam bir terör devleti, ne gezegene, ne kendisine, ne çevresine faydası yok.

Nüfusun kalabalık olması, özgürlüklerinden adım adım ödün vererek mezbahane yolu tutmuş uluslarda hiçbir anlam ifade etmiyor.

2009'a kadar refah ve gelir artışı, bu arada kaybedilen özgürlükler, anayasa ve kanunlar.

2013 sonrası ekonomi zayıflayınca kaybettiğimiz kanunlar, anayasa ve özgürlükleri yerinde bulamadık.
Baskı, dezenformasyon ve susturma.

Bizi de aynı yere götürmeye niyetliydi bunlar.
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Colorful & publicly unrestrained for such a high-level #CCP leader, #JiangZemin played a key role not just in the demise of #ZhaoZiyang's reformers, immediately after the #Tiananmen disaster, but in their resurgence. 1/n
In May 1989, as Shanghai's mayor, Jiang shut down the liberal (pro-Zhao Ziyang, Hu Yaobang)"World Economic Herald," which Party conservatives accused of having colluded with foreign forces against the CCP and socialism. 2/n
As the new CCP Gen Secy in June 1989, Jiang, like Deng Xiaoping, opposed the conservative push to elevate state planning over market forces. His compromise: declare "patriotism" to be the mission of PRC intellectuals while continuing economic reforms. 3/n
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1/2 #CCP police received orders to stop pedestrians, esp. university students and check their phones. If "illegal" Apps such as @Twitter(@elonmusk) @YouTube @telegram #TikTok #Potato, #Shadowrocket and #VPN are found, those apps need to be deleted. The person's ID, their parents' Image
2/2...ID, their phone numbers, photos, etc. should be registered and sent to #BigData center. They also need to sign a guarantee to promise that they won't install such Apps in the future.
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I've been studying various aspects of #protest & contentious #politics in #China for 25 years.

What's happening now is novel, interesting, & potentially quite important. But we need to be careful about drawing conclusions or making predictions. A🧵:
@CamGeopolitics @NCUSCR
Since 1989, we've seen 5 main strands/repertoires of contention in China:

1) labour protest
2) rural protest
3) student protest
4) urban governance protest
5) systematic political dissent

Each of these has usually been disaggregated locally and separated from the others.

Labour politics has seen millions of laid-off (xiagang) SOE workers take to the streets, as well as many hundreds of thousands of their counterparts among migrant workers in export-processing manufacturing industries.

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Post GFC, the US ran a $3.3T deficit while #China, #Japan, #Vietnam, #bagladesh, #Korea, #Taiwan, #Brazil, #Mexico, u name it, used their relatively weaker currencies relative to dollar to dump steel and other manufacturer goods onto the DM markets 2/2
2/n The biggest consumer of these dumped widgets and other goods was/is the U.S.; The #CCP had explicit intent to destroy key industrial sectors from the United States in an attempt to garner our reliance on China and did the same to Europe, Japan, & other neighbors in the region
Naturally, beggar thy neighbor currency wars in those parts of the world offer the opposite of deflation to the us economy, due to its composition: 70%+ Services (we sit around and give each other back massages), 30% the rest. And as far as imports to, we are keeping #China alive
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If you ask any #UFWD org in Canada about their greatest achievement of 2022, it would be probably the MOU between CACA (加拿大华人社团联席会) and their Eastern counterparts that took place June 9-10 in Ontario, attended by every who’s who.🧵

#S237 #CCP
MOU is called Canada East-West Chinese Associations Mutual Aid Cooperation Agreement (加拿大东西华社互助合作协议), endorsed by Canadian Senator Victor Oh (胡子修), who gave CACA members a photo op in his office.

#S237 #CCP #UFWD
MOU signatories with CACA include (not exhaustive):
- Canada-China Realty Professional Association (CCRPA加中地产投资总商会)
- Canada Fujian Business Association (加拿大福建企业总商会)
- Confederation of Shenzhen Associations (加拿大深圳社团联合总会)

#S237 #CCP #UFWD
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The degree of wishful thinking by companies is extraordinary. I was the director of a publicly traded company (Next Digital) that was crushed by the HK government, in a freezing letter signed by John Lee, effectively stealing a US$150 million company and costing 1000 jobs.
Businesses shrug it off, thinking it’s somehow OK or understandable that the company was killed and 7 colleagues jailed because we published pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily or because the #ccp regard #jimmylai as a troublemaker. But this establishes a precedent.
Next time it will be easier for the #HongKong government to kill a company and the third time it will almost start to seem normal.
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“Why 2024 Is Year China Could Try To Reunify Taiwan”

In this thread, I cover why China moves on Taiwan earlier than expected, why 2024 is the year to be worried about, what it might look like, possible responses, & why Taiwan matters.

#China #Taiwan #CCP #DPP #KMT #PLA
To China, Taiwan is a Chinese province pretending to be independent. At 20th Party Congress, Xi Jinping said China would “strive for peaceful reunification” but China would “never promise to renounce the use of force” as it reserves “option of taking all measures necessary.”
In that same speech at the 20th Party Congress, Xi Jinping noted “the wheels of history are rolling on towards China’s reunification and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

According to Xi, “complete reunification of our country must be realized.”
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I bet you didn't know this about TikTok...

TikTok is owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance.

But here's where it gets a little weird 👇

TikTok is BANNED in China.

YET, there is a TikTok competitor called Douyin, which is what most people in China use.

And guess what...
they're BOTH made by ByteDance!

Why does this matter?

Well, there are a few key differences between TikTok and Douyin that paint a bleak picture...

For example, Douyin users that are under 14 years old are only allowed to use the app for 40 minutes per day.

Meanwhile TikTok
has no restriction on screen time for the same demographic.

Or, how about the fact that Douyin users that are under 14 years old are ONLY allowed to watch educational content...

Meanwhile TikTok shows everything and anything to our children.

So, it begs the question:??
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Some excellent podcasts analyzing the recent #CCP 20th Party Congress


Background on Xi Jinping with a recent post-Congress episode from @theeconomist team under @suelinwong…
@SinicaPodcast discussion of the personnel changes. @kaiserKuo talks with @macropolo’s @damienics and economist and journalist @wstv_lizzi…
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#COVID19 中国疫情管控愈加向不合理倾斜,#文革 已有复苏趋势,建立此推


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一张图告诉你 #中国 🇨🇳的「左派与右派」—中美对照

重点:中国的右派无法和 #美国 🇺🇸的右派进行比较。因为他们所拥抱和追求的是美国 #政治 里早就公认的东西;这些甚至是奠定美国政治的基石。客观来说,这些价值观被严厉打击、教育洗脑所摧残;莫说可望不可及,中国百姓有此想法都不可!#China #民主 Image
所谓「毛左」到底是革命派还是保守派? 通过 #中国 #中共 的党史来看:过去,毛左不仅是革命派,还是不断革命派;但这种革命:1.为了实现社会主义甚至共产主义2.在共产党的领导下。 毛的中心思想就是通过不断革命,来保护共产主义果实不被西方思想、价值观侵蚀破坏,使 #共产主义 能够绵远流长。1/

社会发展最该改革的,应当是提倡政治和司法体制改革,参照学习西方普世价值观,提倡普选和言论自由等等。但积极提倡的大多都在监狱、拘留所或流亡海外……2/ #自由 #民主 #China Image
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中国🇨🇳#中共 #二十大 闭幕,新一届领导班子成员已公布,预计未来五年 #中国 将进入一个与“过去三十年”完全不同的「新时代」
下面整理一些中国大陆 墙内社媒严格封锁、全面封杀的内容,欢迎推友补充。#China #CCP
#中共二十大 闭幕会上,前国家领导人 #胡锦涛 令人意外的 #被请离 会场,相关视频和照片在网络上疯传。ABC西班牙语记者拍摄下了胡锦涛 #被请离会场 “视频”之前的过程,起因可能是由于一份文件,胡抬手要翻阅文件,栗战书按住文件不让他看,习进平见状叫来了时任中央办公厅副主任的 #孔绍逊 1/2
命令下达 #孔绍逊 后,习又叫来一名身着黑衣的「工作人员」,抬起右手作出指示,胡脸色苍白表现得略惊讶,#栗战书#王沪宁 表情则明显感到震惊…之后就有了网络上疯传的视频和照片 2/2
附📎#ABC 网址链接:…
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中国 #二十大 闭幕,新华社公报 #中共 二十届一中全会新一届领导班子成员名单。值得注意的是 #团派 最后一丝希望 #胡春华 未能入列常务,连政治局委员都不是。
此刻起,什么这派那派 全部“清零” 形成高度统一、极权架构!只有一个核心—习核心!名单上其他成员的名字已然没有了意义。

现在需要墙内外至全球重新认识 #中国、重新认识 #中共 ,这一定是个“新时代”
国内百姓,无论从精神上、生活中都将可能迎来一个全面、不留死角的“高压社会”运作模式,已不仅限于 #核酸 动态清零,请忘掉过去的以经济建设为中心;国际上,这条东方巨龙不仅是苏醒,它已打算要做些什么了。
精神思想与生活方式上形成新时代 #文革,从网络媒体上继续控制和引导思想方向,会进一步打压一批学者、公众人物;经济上实施 #闭环、国际上进一步 #脱钩 的一种“自给自足”模式。
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#CCP congress: [Long thread alter] I have done a tally based on our database of the Central committee. Here are the findings: 1. at least 161 full and alternate members of the 376-seat 19th central committee will reach retirement age.…
2. 7 caught by anti-corruption agencies. Most prominent ones include former justice minister Fu Zhenhua, deputy chief judge Shen Deyong, Industry and Information Technology minister Xiao Yaqing, Yunnan party chief Qin Guangrong and China security market watchdog chief Liu Shiyu.
3. 4 passed away during their term, including former emergency management minister Wang Yupu, Beijing’s top envoy to Macau Zheng Xiaosong, Tianjin deputy mayor Ren Xuefeng and Chairman of China Construction Group Guan Qing.
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1/2 When I was in #China, a #CCP cop said to me, "You know what? Even if your #FalunGong practitioners stop creating trouble, we'll create some trouble for you. Why? The 610 system (a system set up especially to persecute Falun Gong) has now hired over 1M people. If you don't...
2/2 make more trouble, these people will lose their jobs."
So now you understand why #CCP's #ZeroCovid policy can't end. It's the same principle. Even if there is no COVID, #CCP will make some cases. This COVID-fighting industry needs to go on. These ppl need jobs.
In case you don't know what is "610 system", check this:…
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1/2 Wow, you'll never imagine this new #lockdown method at Zhongliangguobing (中梁国宾府) community in Pizhou, #Xuzhou City, #Jiangsu Province, #CCPChina. Every household is to put a lock on the front gate. So unless ALL the families agree to open the gate at the same time...
2/2 no one can go out. They call this new method "Not a single is to be missed 缺一不可". The #CCP is forcing the public to monitor & lock up one other. If you still don't understand, see the locks inside the red circle in the picture. #COVID19, #CCPVirus #AmazingChina #COVID
Sorry, "Not a single one is to be missed"
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Still remember #Xishuangbanna? Where #CCP police pointed machine guns at tourists to prevent them from leaving a while ago. Now this city looks like this. They call this precise control of #COVID #COVID19 #CCPVirus. What a joke! What a tragedy!
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Breaking: "Remove dictator & national traitor #XiJinping! Go on Strike! Boycott Classes!"
“We want food! We want freedom! We want votes!"
Rare protest in #Beijing right before #CCP's #20thNationalCongress
I'll talk about this tonight. Sub:
One man was arrested. The #CCP is censoring all related videos, photos, and comments.
Will talk about this tonight. Sub:
Content of banner 1: "Go on Strike! Boycott Classes! Remove dictator & national traitor #XiJinping! "
Content of banner 2:
“Say no to #Covid test, yes to food. No to #lockdown, yes to freedom. No to lies, yes to dignity. No to #culturalrevolution, yes to #reform."
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Take a look at how #China #Russia #Iran and #DomesticExtremist conduct influence operations – #disinformation and #misinformation campaigns – to disrupt and influence US #Midterms2022 elections. Read the full report here: Image
The #Russophobia theme emerged on a #RussiaTimes interview with #DmitryBabich and in June 2022 with FSB-directed #Southfront. This appeal to ethnic Russians could drive tension between them and US govt, possibly motivating a hack-and-leak or hack-and-fake #OctoberSurprise. 2/7 Image
Russian state-controlled media are diversifying existing infrastructure through registration of alternative website domains – website “mirrors” – and are increasingly using country code Top Level Domains within existing infrastructure. Chart shows mirror mentions for #Sputnik 3/7 Image
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1/6 A #CCP influencer, who has over 7M followers on #Weibo, is calling for #China, #India, #Pakistan, & #NorthKorea to throw
#nuclearweapons together at #NATO countries, esp. the #US to save the world.
What is his rationale? The following is the translation of his entire post:
2/6 The United States + Europe (NATO countries), in terms of territorial area, are at least 3 million square kilometers smaller than #Russia, but their population is Russia's six or seven times, and the density is great. The number of nuclear warheads on both sides is comparable.
3/6 Russia and #Europe are adjacent, so if NATO and Russia really start a nuclear war, throwing nuclear weapons at each other, NATO must be damaged faster, greater - - of course, if the Earth is completely destroyed in this case, that is another story.
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From quarantine straight into lockdown. This morning 6am I should have left my #quarantine hotel in #Shanghai after 10 days. Instead, I stood in front of a locked door with my suitcases already packed. The quarantine hotel is under #lockdown.

Welcome to #ZeroCovid #China (1/6)
Inbound travelers are subject to 7 days of centralized quarantine, followed by 3 days of home monitoring for most cities. However, not everyone can go home after 7 days. Local authorities have the final say and often say no. (2/6)
Quarantine in China means being locked up in the same room for 24 hours a day. And a lot of nose and throat swabs. Seven in total. Twice they even tested the surface of my cup, my mobile phone and the sink. (3/6)
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Shocking speech made by a so-called Democracy Activist on American soil, inciting the Republic of China Army to revolt and destroy the Democratic Progressive Party in #Taiwan, and work with #CCP's #PLA to "unify" #Taiwan.
Don't underestimate it. It could well be the CCP's plan.
What shocked me more is, 5 members, including Wang Shujun, Feng He, Jie Ji, Ming Li, and Keqing Lu, of "Hu Yaobang & Zhao Ziyang Memorial Foundation" have been identified by @FBI as #CCP spies, how come this foundation can still host such kind of seminar in New York?
News release from US Department of Justice:
U.S. Citizen and Four Chinese Intelligence Officers Charged with Spying on Prominent Dissidents, Human Rights Leaders and Pro-Democracy Activists…
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