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At #ThaiCaveRescue news conference the football team members say they took no food into the cave and only drank water from stalactites.
All of the boys will go home tonight, says news conference moderator.
Team coach says all of the rescued boys will be ordained as Buddhist monks as a tribute to the ex-#Thailand Navy SEAL who died during the cave mission.
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Semua kanak-kanak dari Team Wild Boar telah berjaya dikeluarkan oleh pasukan penyelamat.

Tak mustahil, satu hari nanti kisah mereka akan diadaptasi ke movie.

Ini antara list survival movie based on true stories. Survival antara hidup dan mati.

#RekomenFilem #ThaiCaveRescue
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Its something of a miracle that the weather has been holding long enough to enable the #ThaiCaveRescue to take place. The monsoon season is settling in all around the mountains where the caves are. /1
These images show forecast rain fall over the next 18 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours in Thailand & the latest forecast. /2
Beyond the next two days the rain just doesn't stop. Here's an animation of rain for the next fortnight. The purple colour indicates rainfall of a foot (300mm) or more. /3
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They’re all out! All 12 boys are out of the cave, coach is in the third chamber...past the most perilous part of the journey. Wonderful! #ThaiCave…
All out including the coach. Modern day miracle. 🙌🏽 #ThaiCave
Love this toon honouring Saman Kunan & the Wild Boars soccer team. #ThaiCaveResue
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Just read about the water pumped out of the cave flooding nearby farms, instead of being angry the poor farmers said “we can harvest next time, we need to save 13 lives now.” And nothing restored my faith in humanity better than this. #ThaiCaveRescue
All Parents agreed on not find out which boys were rescued until ALL of them are out. Thai Navy Seal gave up his life. Farmers gave up their lands. Volunteers in all shape & form and no one asking for any compensations.
THANK YOU WORLD!! 🙏🙏 #ThaiCaveRescue #humanity
BREAKING: The entire soccer team and their coach have been rescued from a Thai cave after being trapped underground for over two weeks, sources. #ThaiCaveRescue
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THREAD: It's time to recognise the #UnsungHeroes of the #ThaiCaveRescue - this woman collects and cleans the divers clothes every night, for free. #CaveRescue 1/3
WATCH: This #UnsungHero knows one of the trapped boys - and now gives people free lifts to and from the cave. #Unsungheroes #ThaiCaveRescue #CaveRescue 2/3
WATCH: These #UnsungHeroes cook hundreds of meals every day for the #ThaiCaveRescue workers - for free #UnsungHero #CaveRescue 3/3
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Eight boys now reported to have been freed from cave.
The eighth boy has been carried out on a stretcher, according to witnesses.
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7th boy out, 8th is not far behind,,, such a nail biting ordeal... I guess the coach will come out last.
8 boy rescued too... way to go, Jai Shree Ram. well done divers!! #ThaiCaveRescue
WATCH: the perilous cracks and crevices the boys and the divers have to pass through. one word #Claustrophobia... #ThaiCaveRescue
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here’s the #ThaiCaveRescue thread for today. the rescue was paused last night to resupply oxygen, but divers are said to be entering the cave again “soon.”
now we’re at the multilingual school that half of the boys attend, about to hear from staff and classmates.
Teacher at Mae Sai Prasitsart School: “We have to prepare ourselves for when the boys return. We will follow the guidelines of mental health professionals.”
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Today's @RNBreakfast #ThamLuang #ThaiCaveRescue radio report, in Twitter Thread form:
To imagine what it's like for the boys on their way out of the cave, take a look at this headcam footage from the diving team:
Yesterday, a team of doctors including an Australian, assessed the trapped boys, and prioritised which ones would be brought out first:
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Rescuers begin operation to retrieve soccer team trapped in Thailand's Tham Luang cave, head of rescue mission says. #ThailandCaveRescue
A rescue mission is underway to pull out the 12 boys and their coach trapped inside a cave in Thailand. 18 divers (13 international + 5 Thai) have made their way inside the cave to rescue the boys one by one.
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Turned on the BBC #ThaiCaveRescue coverage.

Zoned out until I heard the theme music and just for a second, I felt like I was overseas again watching BBC on the hotel TV.

Some weathered hotel in India. Some sparse room in Vietnam or Laos.

Sigh. Not all flashbacks are bad.
I traveled a lot before my son. 35-40 countries maybe. I went to a lot of "hard places" figuring I could always hit the "easy" ones later in life.

I had all kinds of misadventures. Robbed in Costa Rica. Got Hep-A at least once and probably twice. Got lost. Sat through blackouts.
Got stranded in Africa and had to take seven flights to get home. Got run off the road on a rented motorcycle outside Hanoi. Got drunk in the very inland town of Sevilla, Spain and woke up close enough to the sea to smell it.
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(1) BREAKING: Divers have entered the cave in Thailand to start bringing the boys out. Worsening weather has forced their hand.

Live updates here:…
(2) Thai authorities spent the past 24 hours preparing the area with screens to keep the media out (good), and ambulances and helicopters on standby ready to ferry the boys to hospital. The mission is risky; anything could happen.…
(3) 18 divers went in just over an hour ago at 10am local time Sunday (11pm EDT Saturday). Expect the mission to take up to two days.
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“Thank you,” say the missing Thai boys as British divers finally find them inside the cave after 9 days. But it may still be months before rescuers can get them out. #ThaiCaveRescue…
The boys were found about 2.5 miles from the mouth of the cave on a rock shelf. It took expert divers several hours to get to the group through narrow, twisting passages. Bringing them out will not be easy #ThaiCaveRescue
The Thai Army says the boys will need to learn to dive or wait up to 4 months for flooding to recede before they can get out. Food supplies are being sent in and authorities are trying to get power & phone lines into the cave so the boys can speak with their parents #ThaiCave
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BREAKING: All 12 youth footballers and their coach has been found alive after being missing for nine days inside the Tham Luang Cave in Thailand. - Chiang Rai governor.
UPDATE: A major and complex rescue operation is now underway after Thai and international diving teams have found the 12 youth footballers and their coach with signs of life, after they went missing inside the Tham Luang cave.
UPDATE: First photos released by authorities, showing some of the youth footballers trapped in the Tham Luang cave for nine days, they seems to be in good condition.
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