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#NewsAlert: A young women Football fan in #Iran who wanted to go and watch a game, has died after she set herself on fire in front of the court building, after she was detained dressed as a man entering the stadium and could serve a 6 month prison sentence.
#Update: World Football organisation #FIFA has put the question on the table of #Iran, who was in violation of basic human rights and vows if this won't stop that the country can be suspended for entering the World Cup and other competitions.
#Update: Flashback "#Iranian Girl Celebrates without her #Hijab in Freedom in #Russia at the #WorldCup Without being prosecuted" #Iran
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With the dust settling on the #WorldCup2019 lets bring back the 'Not so Shady' Thread!

We will start with the Legend of Kami & his incredible leave during the T10 tourney 👏 - I have to say even Amir was surprised at how blatant this was 😂

Ijaz channeling his inner ballerina 💃

Peak Kami 😎

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Day before @USWNT #womenssoccer team took on #France in #WorldCup qtrfinal, Trump attacked his nation’s captain on Twitter. NOTE: She accepted @AOC Invitation to #USHOUSE @NFLPA @NBA @WNBA @MLS @MLB @NCAA @UniteWomenOrg @Womenworking @maddow @TheEllenShow
@USWNT @AOC @NFLPA @NBA @WNBA @MLS @MLB @NCAA @UniteWomenOrg @Womenworking @maddow @TheEllenShow Then Rapinoe, 33, let her feet do the talking, scoring two goals that led the United States to victory over the tournament’s hosts and to a Tuesday semifinal against England. #USWNT @USWNT @MLS @NBA @WNBA @NFLPA @WomenintheWorld @womensmarch @guardian @SkyNews @LGBTQ_Military
@USWNT @AOC @NFLPA @NBA @WNBA @MLS @MLB @NCAA @UniteWomenOrg @Womenworking @maddow @TheEllenShow “Rapinoe is, a walking example of intersectionality — not one aspect of her identity defines her,” Amy Bass wrote for CNN. “She is an outspoken #LGBTQ+ advocate. An outspoken advocate for #racialjustice and #genderequity.
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After days of back and forth between @realDonaldTrump and @mPinoe, before the #FRAUSA, Rapinoe once again stood silent while all but one of her teammates sang our National Anthem #WorldCup #USWNT #WWC2019 #WWC19
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Trying to understand the #Magabomber 's 2 twitter accounts @hardrock2016 & @hardrockintlent. They just seem plain bizzarre. I mean i suppose u have to be quite off in the head to think these actions were somehow reasonable and sane. There is alot to unpack in this archived data.
#Magabomber guy used 3 different hashtags in total for both accnts & very infrequently. Both @robreiner & @RealRonHoward show up in his Twitter archives so I would assume they have been contacted. Looks like the Meme was his mode of communication
I don't mean to pick on anyone but this certainly did not age well. I believe she tweeted it yesterday in fact. 0% ?? Here's a rule never say 0% chance for ANYTHING. #magabomber
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The #RWC7s match on DSTV isn't in HD broadcast.

France just won the 2018 FIFA #worldcup Cup.

Their rugby sevens team wants to win the #RWC7s
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Watching last night's recap of the Trump-Putin summit on Russia's most popular TV talk show. The episode begins with talk of "aggressive" American journalists "who were all about the past," and praising Russian journalists, "who were all about the future."
The host, Vladimir Soloviev, says Melania Trump "was absolutely ecstatic to get the ball from the #WorldCup, which was a very subtle move by President Putin."
And here's @anniekarni in the frame of Kremlin TV.
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Yes, I’m watching the #WorldCup2018 final.
Score now is 4-1 in favor of FRANCE 🇫🇷 #WorldCup2018
🇫🇷 4 - 2 🇭🇷 #WorldCup2018
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Congrats to #FRA & #CRO, the 2018 #WorldCup Finalists! Follow along during the game as we “pass” along some fun facts from of our#CIAWorldFactBook.

Check out our World Cup special one pagers found under each competing country’s Introduction:

Croatia made its first #WorldCup appearance in 1998 where they came in third. 2018 marks their 5th appearance. (PDF)

Competing 15 times since the first #WorldCup in 1930, #FRA won in 1998. (PDF)

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Who do you want to win? #WorldCup
I'm all in for Croatia, though France is a much better team IMO.
First time since 1962 that a small nation or one without a rich footballing history makes it to the #WorldCup final. Since then it's always been the usual suspects.
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Final standings (every ranking has France today) in my 2018 #WorldCup prediction evaluation exercise @SoccernomicsLtd
🥇Congrats @LloydsofLondon @CBSSports 1st place
🥈@GoldmanSachs runner-up
🏅@FIFAcom participant
✅Range 33-41
✅Range (2014) 34-43
Thanks for following along!🙏
Some big changes in ranking success from 2014 to 2018:
FIFA rankings -8
@AndrewGKYuan -7
538 +4
Goldman Sachs +4

In knockouts the rankings collectively averaged 8.15 correct
✅just above coin flip odds of 7
✅below favorites with 9

Such predictions are fun, but largely futile😎
@LloydsofLondon & @TMuk_news (Transfermarkt) both ranked France 1️⃣🇫🇷
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Why Croatia winning the World Cup would mark the most glorious banter era in football history. (Thread) #cro
Let's start on a high note. Croatia travel to Wembley with nothing to play for while England need just a draw to qualify for Euro 2008. A Scott Carson howler later and Croatia win 3-2 and knock England out anyway.
After an excellent display at Wembley, Luka Modric joins Tottenham and transfers a percentage of the transfer fee to a Dinamo Zagreb director called Zdravko Mamic. Everything that happens next started here.
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⚽️ Who are you supporting in the #WorldCup final?
It’s a tough call. France are our neighbours and Croatia are the underdogs.
Croatia are in the lead with 65% at the moment.
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Congrats to the 2018 #WorldCup Semi Finalists! Follow along during the games as we “pass” along some fun facts out of our #CIAWorldFactBook about each country.

England is the largest country in Great Britain & the UK, & the only team in the World Cup Semi-Finals ruled by a queen.

Croatia is located in Southeastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea, between Bosnia & Herzegovina, & Slovenia. It is geographically diverse with flat pains, low mountains & highlands, & coastlines.

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A quiet day on the Brexit front, so let's think about the coming days:

Today, assuming no resignations, it's about May getting some +ve support from EU leaders at #NATOSummit

(I assume no resignations, as #WorldCup will drown any other story for next 24hrs, plus we seem to have moved from Cabinet to P'y posts)

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#FRABEL thoughts: This #WorldCup is a gift that keeps on giving. This semi-final matchup lived up to its potential, with 22 stars producing excellence all over the pitch. Watching Mbappe play this well on the biggest stage is inspiring and he's younger than me...
Just about every player showed up today for both teams. Do not fault Lukaku, he has been great all tournament, and arguably the best striker during this world cup. Deschamps drew up a game plan to cancel out Lukaku's presence with two world class centerbacks, Varane and Umtiti.
Not to mention, Kante & Pogba were phenomenal in the midfield, blocking & intercepting key entry passes from De Bruyne/others through the middle for Lukaku. Very tough task for Romelu, give full credit to the french partnership of Varane & Umtiti rather than quickly bashing him.
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Congrats to the 2018 #WorldCup Semi Finalists! Follow along during the games as we “pass” along some fun facts out of our #CIAWorldFactBook about each country.

France, the largest Western European nation, is slightly more than four times the size of the state of Georgia or slightly less than the size of Texas.

Belgium became independent from the Netherlands in 1830 & is located in Western Europe, bordering the North Sea, between France & the Netherlands

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With increased interest in #Croatia due to #WorldCup success, here's a short history lesson about the place:

A Slavic tribe named Croatians came to the area of modern-day Croatia in the 7th century, then promply began having sex with everything that moved for the next 200 years.
Some scientists suggest the word 'Croatian' means 'friend', which, with all the Netflix & chill going on, sounds just about right. Anyway, after 200 years of bow chicka wow wow with anything with a pulse, a modern-day nation of Croatia was born.
Croatia wasn't huge on offensive wars, and if you ever went to the place, you'd know why. Advisers to the king were like, yo, dude, we have one of the most powerful countries in Medieval Europe, and there are bunch of little ones around us to invade. How 'bout Duklja?
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MK Bar: not using interparliamentary power enough, use more governmental connections; think it's a mistake 37/
(not going to bother to delete that tweet, but has a pic of the text because I take notes on OneNote and it interfaces oddly with twitter) 38/
MK Bar: Don’t mix our aspirations for peace with our natural right to defend ourselves 39/
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Big boys game this one
Who will reamain? Who will go home ?
Watch only on @DStv_Kenya in HD for as low as 950 Bob
It's a Manchester and Chelsea affair 😎. Sorry arsenal fans 😂😂😂😂 .you wish you were us
#ConnectWithGreatness #WorldCup
Are you ready?
This evening issa fire game .
Belgium about to win this cup
#ConnectWithGreatness #WorldCup
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NEW on coming #Putin @realDonaldTrump summit: (2nd THREAD)
1. In recent days #Moscow passed a two-page document to #Washington that should serve as a basis/draft for a bilateral communique the two Presidents should present after the #Helsinki talks.
2. According to #Rus sources #US accepted the paper but insisted an issue of "#Russia/n interference into American elections in 2016" is mentioned with due guarantees that this doesn't happen again.
3. Other statements on paper allegedly include themes of"sustaining dialogue b/n #Russia/n, #US officials,diplomats,military&security services" as well as development of economic ties,promotion of people-to-people contacts.Bilateral coop called one of factors for global stability
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This is going to be a long thread. With the successful qualification for the #WorldCup semifinal it seems that now everyone is interested in & an expert on #Cro politics, nationalism and football. Since I've been studying that nexus for years, let me point out a few things /1
Nationalist gestures by players & fans, the president in a full-on checkered outfit celebrating with players, a public debate over #Subasic’s “ethnic background", a divisive media discourse & all of that while the #Cro “Golden Generation” has been playing some decent football /2
That has been the #World Cup for #Cro thus far. If you want to know more about why football is so political and so fiercely debated in Croatia (& on social media), here are a couple of thoughts, reading suggestions and potential #ff for you. /3
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Rescuers begin operation to retrieve soccer team trapped in Thailand's Tham Luang cave, head of rescue mission says. #ThailandCaveRescue
A rescue mission is underway to pull out the 12 boys and their coach trapped inside a cave in Thailand. 18 divers (13 international + 5 Thai) have made their way inside the cave to rescue the boys one by one.
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And now, a word on 🇷🇺 Russia vs Croatia 🇭🇷 from our sponsor, Sadimir Putin #SadimirPutin #RussiaVsCroatia #CRORUS #RUSCRO #WorldCup2018 #WorldCup
We caught up with #SadimirPutin on his way home after the match and asked him why he hadn’t been able to execute any nerve agents in the Croatian team’s half time water #RUS #RUSCRO #Croatia
Sadimir assured us that he would be sending in Wagner mercenaries to ensure both #England and #Croatia didn’t leave the next match alive, but then he remembered America obliterated their last team of child-killers in less than ten minutes and made a video out of it #SadimirPutin
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