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🚨BREAKING: Drone set photos of the castle battle set at Swinley Forest for #TheRingsOfPower season 2 filming!
#tropspoilers ImageImageImageImage
🚨Graphic Warning
Lots of dead bodies 👀 ImageImage
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Of Galadriel, Mirrors, Water and #TheRingsOfPower : A thread

One of the things TROP has done well and I think will continue to build on is exploring why water is an important element and a theme for Galadriel's story from both Tolkienian and purely creative angles 1/20
Let's start with Tolkien & move on to TROP. In Silm, we meet Galadriel who rebels against Valar and probably fights for the first time in defence of her kin, Teleri elves, who are also known as Sea-elves. The Teleri side of Galadriel is a defining characteristic of her 2/20
which one can interpret as something that differs her from some Noldo counterparts. On exile, she lives with a yearning for the sea in her heart, like others, but she is unique in the sense that among all who left Aman, she is the last one to cross the sea back to Aman 3/20
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#Nielsen’s Weekly Streaming Rankings for OCT 03-09 are in & #Netflix is still the Queen, as crime series #Dahmer dominated both Overall and Original lists with another 2.3B minutes watched on its 3rd week (10.4B cume) in the US, more than 2x the second place #HocusPocus2.
1/4 ImageImageImageImage
Speaking of #HocusPocus2, the spooky film once more dominated the #Niesen’s Movies Ranking with 1.1B minutes watched on its 2nd week in the US (3.7B cume) but dropping -59.3% from opening week.
On #HBOMax, #DCLeagueOfSuperPets disappeared after just 1 week in the list.
2/4 ImageImageImage
In #Nielsen’s original list, #PrimeVideo’s #TheRingsOfPower had 988M minutes watched on its 6th week in the US (6.3B cume) when Ep 7 was released, a +2.3% boost.
On #DisneyPlus, #StarWars: #Andor almost left the list, 356M minutes watched on 3rd week (1.5B cume), -26.6% drop
3/4 ImageImageImage
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Amazon's debacle known as #TheRingsofPower has a lot of bad writing. And while I am not a #Tolkien purist by any stretch of the imagination, willful violations of continuity & lore for no reason other than flexing is inexcusable. What follows is an example. Spoilers ahead...
🧵 - Case in point - "Dead" or "Missing" Celeborn. There was just no reason to mention him at all - but when Galadriel name drops him, it unravels her whole motivation for pursuing Sauron - namely that her brother died while fighting Morgoth's forces...
🧵- We are beaten over the head constantly with her brother's death. Now, we know that Celeborn isn't dead. They are at least careful to write that he wasn't "seen again." Because if he's dead, it screws over a lot of lore, least of which is that he is in #LotR.
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Charlie Vickers

Nerdist interview — a thread:

#Sauron #HalbrandNation #TheRingsOfPower
They spend a lot of time in the morning turning me from just a regular dude into this figure who is Halbrand and now Sauron. But yeah, just playing the character is the most exciting thing. Image
Also things in letters & in Morgoth’s Ring about him really desiring perfection & order & rehabilitation. As well as this idea of his repentance, which Tolkien never really specifies. That’s great, that he leaves it ambiguous about whether he’s genuinely repentant or not. Image
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1/ This might be a risky statement: The primary problem in #TheRingsofPower isn't that that they're changing Tolkien. It's that it's poorly written, poorly plotted, poorly paced, poorly directed, with poorly constructed characters... The entire project is an amateur exercise.
2/ The poor writing began early in episode 1. We learned that rocks look down and ships look up--and this was supposed to be some sort of wonderful guiding statement about how to live--but it's so clunky and unimaginative. And the entire show suffers from this.
3/ This show is smeared with bad writing... "The Wine of victory is sweetest for those in whose bitter trials it has fermented." “Sweep the enemy from the land like salt off the table.” “Where there is love it is truly never dark.” And thats when they're TRYING to write well!
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Sauron's proposition to Galadriel in #TheRingsOfPower was an excellent scene. But here's a thread on how I think it could have been pulled off even better. 🧵
Sauron and Galadriel are alike. Tolkien deliberately parallels their characters. They're both immensely proud and have a desire to rule.

Galadriel left Valinor in part because she wanted to rule a piece of Middle Earth. Not so different from Sauron's motives.
The show took pains to parallel Galadriel and Halbrand. Both castaways with short fuses.

In episode 6 this is most clear when both of them stop each other from killing Adar. The bloodlust in both is apparent.
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Wrote this thread to explore the Tolkien concept of Incarnates (Mirröanwi) to possibly explain why mithril is not the solution to Elven death.

This is really just an excuse to share some summarizing thoughts before the @LOTRonPrime finale.

#TheRingsOfPower 🧵 Image
1/7. All living things in Arda are classified as either being of the Incarnates ("spirits put into flesh") or not.

Nature of ME— Incarnates include the likes of Eruhíni, Ents, Eagles, etc. Their bodies have 'souls' as Eru has endowed. Plants & most animals are not Incarnates. This painting appeared in t...
2/7. The Great Tree of Lindon isn't an Incarnate.

The Life of the Tree (being w/o a soul) is not equal to the Life of the Eldar (beings w/ souls).

Yet Elves value life in all. Violence upon trees involves the death & ending of its own physical life— it grieves Elves. (NOME) Image
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Warner Bros. Discovery has performed a quick U-turn on its decision to close its Writers and Directors Workshops. The company has said that that the two schemes will be houses within WBD’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion unit, in partnership with WBTV…
They will now be led by Warner Bros. Discovery DEI Vice President Grace Moss and overseen by recently elevated Warner Bros. Discovery DEI US Lead Karen Horne…
It comes after much criticism for the decision to close them. The DGA had committed to fight against the decision saying that it would not “stand idly by while WB Discovery seeks to roll back decades of advancement for women and directors of color” Image
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The Fëanorian Twins & their smart & sexy uncle... Celebrimbor.

Celebrimbor was in love with Galadriel but never told her because she chose Celeborn. It didn't stop him from making the Elessar (Elfstone) for her!

Galadriel later gifts the Elessar to Aragorn.

#TheRingsOfPower Image
Excerpt from 'The Elessar' in Unfinished Tales... Image
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S1.E7 Breakdown of #TheRingsOfPower 🧵

Galadriel's eyes have opened to a new reality: Udûn ("Hell"). A "red" horse races past her revealing the aftermath of an apocalypse.


1. Four LED lighting tubes were strapped to a horse running at Galadriel. Flames were added in post-VFX.

Flames on structures, floating cinders, and swirling ash were also added in post. Wet paper was used for ash on set.… Image
2. Galadriel finds an unscathed Theo. Isildur and Míriel rescue Valandil.

Míriel is hurt by flaming embers while rescuing survivors. Isildur sacrifices himself to save his Queen before the structure collapses on him.… Image
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Introducing the Lords of the Rings.

The first-time showrunners behind TV’s most expensive series ever made break their silence about #TheRingsofPower fandom backlash, season 2, Sauron speculation and landing the biggest gig on TV Image
“Some of what’s been hardest to hear is the cynical point of view that this is a cash grab,” Patrick McKay says. “It’s like, oh my God, the opposite. This is the most earnest production. This is not a paycheck job for anybody. This is a labor of love" Image
Netflix “completely freaked out the Tolkien Estate” by proposing “a Marvel approach” to adapting #TheLordoftheRings, while HBO wanted to remake Peter Jackson’s movies. Amazon ultimately won out with #TheRingsofPower Image
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S1.E6 Breakdown of #TheRingsOfPower 🧵

This episode was very explosive. Not much #Tolkien to breakdown but very fun all the same.

Theory: This is Sauron's gauntlet. Adar claimed it as a trophy.

#TheOneRingQuisition Image

Adar plants some alfirin seeds and says a prayer before battle.

Quenya: `Vinya coivië... na vírië...`
English: "New awakening... To life..."
1. `My children, we have endured much...`

Adar's plans laid bare:

S1.E4— `That [the Southlanders] may live if [they] forsake all claim to these lands and swear fealty to him.`

S1.E5— `And soon [the sun] will be gone. And with it, the part of me that knew its warmth as well.` Image
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Retour sur cet épisode 6 ou comment le show reste mauvais en donnant pourtant tout ce qu'il a ⤵️ Image
Si je passe sur l'esthétisme et les moyens, colossaux, et qui donnent les 3/4 du temps une mise en scène magnifique et impressionnante, l'épisode montre bien les énormes faiblesses du show. D'abord, non, ce n'est pas 1h de bataille, on est très loin des champs du Pelennor. /1
Ensuite, qu'est-ce que c'est petit dans ce que ça raconte !
On a quand même juste 3 navires qui partent de Numenor pour arriver au secours de 2-3 villages perdus dans le Sud qui combattent une grosse compagnie d'orcs. Certes, y'a de l'effort, mais c'est tout petit en fait. /2
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Amazon Prime Video’s “The Lord of the Rings” expansion #TheRingsofPower took the No. 1 position on Nielsen’s streaming rankings for the week of Aug. 29-Sept. 4, with 1.3 billion minutes viewed.
#HouseoftheDragon ranked No. 5 and was watched for 781 million minutes. However, this isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison, as #TheRingsOfPower is a streaming exclusive, while “House of the Dragon” has cable viewership that Nielsen doesn’t account for. Image
Also charting higher than “House of the Dragon” this week was its predecessor. #GameofThrones took the No. 3 position for the second week in a row with 792 million minutes of streaming viewing thanks to fans rewatching the series.
Get the details here:
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S1.E5 Breakdown of #TheRingsOfPower 🧵

Nori (Markella Kavenagh) and The Stranger (Daniel Weyman) are eating walnuts on a plateau in Central Otago, South Island, NZ.

#TheOneRingQuisition Image

1. `Perils`

Nori first taught the Stranger to speak using sign language (E2).

Weeks later he speaks in the same dialect as Nori. Not surprising as he patterns his speech after her. He's also learning new words & with that a sense of right vs wrong as Nori sees it.


Nori's explanation of perils and death pushes the Stranger to consider that he has the capacity to cause death (`fireflies` in S1.E2).

He recognizes that death (or destruction) is not a desirable outcome. Image
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Dear #Tolkien Fans,

It's hard to see the vision with which #TheRingsofPower is using the source material (#LOTR/#Silmarillion) to make visual/dramatic art.

But I say we ought to treat the source text with some skepticism as well. (1/5)

In the words of the late #HilaryMantelImage
Tolkien was brilliant at writing Epics. It's why we love his works!

However, you are not giving Tolkien enough credit (as a global thinker) if you don't see that he wrote his works from the pov of certain characters that carry implicit biases; him included.
#LOTR— Written from the pov of Hobbits. Hobbits who were considered the least of the races of Middle-earth; they also saw themselves as less compared to others.

Why wouldn't they write Elrond as one of the most flawless/most wise/most honest Elf they've ever met?
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What is 'The Song of the Roots of Hithaeglir' and where does it fit into #Tolkien? Is #TheRingsOfPower making up new lore?

This goes out to my fellow Tolkien aficionados who are mulling over its purpose in the ROP story🧵

#tropspoilers #fantasy #folklore Image
1. What is `The Song of the Roots of Hithaeglir`?

Well, Mellons, in the words of Elrond himself, it is `An obscure legend regarded by most to be apocryphal`. Elrond is underscoring the point that this legend is folklore.

[A meta point: #Tolkien is based in folklore!]

(1/5) Image

Now, this is what makes folklore interesting— Their origins are often based in truth.

Not literal truths but something akin to parables & fables that HINT to the truth. Afterall you have heard it said, "the truth is [more frightening] than fiction". Image
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S1.E4 Breakdown of #TheRingsOfPower 🧵

I’ve watched E4 5x now. Still like it but can’t shake the feeling that it could've been better. Feeling a bit nervous about the Númenor storyline now that S1 is finally taking off.

The gorgeous sail-master tho 😍

#TheOneRingQuisition Image

`We gather daily to hammer out our island's the Blessing of the Children, we gather to welcome those who will live that future. One as boundless as a sunrise over the rolling sea.`

1. Is Númenor's future as 'boundless' as Míriel dreams it might be?

(1/4) Image

The 23 kings Númenor following in the footsteps of Eärendil & his wife Elwing [the bird]

[There should be 23 kings but I only see 21 excluding Eärendil...] Image
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S1.E3 Breakdown of #TheRingsOfPower 🧵& the current state of my hair as illustrated by hull Galadriel.

#TheOneRingQuisition Image

1. Orcs

In the time of the coming of Elves, Morgoth ensnared many. By slow arts of cruelty, he corrupted & ensalved them. Thus, Morgoth 'breed the race of Orcs in envy and mockery of Elves'.

The Orcs multiplied; they became the bitterest foes of Elves. #TheSilmarillion Image
2. `Anchor him.`

As the Orcs multiplied, they grew strong and fell where 'their dark lord filled them with a lust of ruin and death.' (chp 3, Sil)

Of all races, they know enslavement. Yet they are so corrupted, they exact the same cruelty on the other races. ImageImage
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Since it seems unlikely we'll get a course-correction on this oath in #TheRingsOfPower, here's a thread I've wanted to do for awhile now about why Finrod's oath of sacrifice mattered for the outcome of the whole 1st Age.

Buckle up, this is one of my absolute favorite topics:
Thesis: the 1 Silmaril wrested from Morgoth w/o direct intervention of the Valar is only acquired b/c another oath from the doomed House of Finwë is fulfilled that serves as a counter-balance to the Oath of Fëanor.

So let's do some oath analysis:
2/25 Image
Oaths by the House of Finwë basically drive the First Age of Middle-earth, so let's look at these 2 side by side. They both move in three parts:

1) the action the oath promises,
2) the group it is promised to, and
3) the relation of the swearer to an associated object

3/25 ImageImage
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So, a 🧵 about #TheRingsOfPower and why adaptations have to make changes.

This is Bilbo's journey in #TheHobbit. Bilbo left his house on April 27th and arrived at the Lonely Mountain shortly before October 19th of the same year. 1/8 Image
This is Frodo's journey in #LordOfTheRings. Frodo left his house on September 22nd and arrived at Mount Doom on March 25th of the following year.

Now, that should give you a sense of how long it takes to cross these maps on foot. #TheRingsOfPower 2/8 Image
This is the journey of the #Elves in the First Age. As you can see, they travel through many of the same regions as Bilbo and Frodo. Their journey is at most 3 times the length of Frodo's.

So, how long do think it took. Two years? Three?

No, no. 280 years! #TheRingsOfPower 3/8 Image
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