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THREAD for @FolkloreThurs’s #Underworld + #underground theme: Katabasis (descent to an underworld) is common in classical myth + lit, e.g. Odysseus, Aeneas, and Orpheus visit the Underworld. But this mythological theme is also prominent in fantasy literature:
Examples: in Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Farthest Shore, Ged + Arran journey to the Dry Land of the dead to discover why magic is “thinning” in Earthsea. Resisting the desire for immortality (or rather serial longevity) is key in Le Guin’s mythos.
@FolkloreThurs #FolkloreThursday
In @PhilipPullman’s The Amber Spyglass, Lyra and Will have their own katabasis and “harrowing of hell” (alternative to the Christian one) too. This visit will determine their fate and that of their worlds!
@FolkloreThurs #FolkloreThursday
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On my way to this year's #Tolkien Seminar of @GermanTolkSoc at the @UniJena!

Makes me proud to see what we've achieved in 20+ years of volunteer work.

First TS to offer a bursary for ECRs in Tolkien studies, e.g. Hither Shore, our yearbook, has been published since 2005...
Some impressions from early Friday morning Jena.

The city centre is an eclectic mix of old and modern industry, the university campus, shopping malls, medieval roots and GDR remnants.

Pretty cool mix, by the way. Goethe Galerie, Jena
Quick coffee read.

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Supongo que recordaréis que en #Naukas19 yo hablé de #Tolkien, seguí con su vecino Schrödinger y di unas pocas vueltas hasta llegar otra vez a Tolkien.…
Pero estaba pensando... ¿se podría cerrar el "ovillo" hablando de otro vecino?
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Well, here we are - and thanks to everyone who has kept his/her fingers crossed for me yesterday :D

Yes, there were quite a few critical questions on @LOTRonPrime!


But see for yourself :
@LOTRonPrime FYI:

The questions started with this article at the Guardian which was - unfortunately - rather faulty and got quite a few of the basics wrong.

For example: @LOTRonPrime is NOT "multi-series adaptation of The Lord of the Rings (...)" ;)…
@LOTRonPrime It is much better to go to the actual source which - I am proud to say as the founder of it - is the @GermanTolkSoc:…
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#FolkloreThursday In the 1850s Michael Aislabie Denham collected a vast amount of folklore of the north of England, known as The Denham Tracts, including a list of supernatural creatures with which in earlier times "the whole earth was so overrun." This is his list.
ghosts, boggles, bloody-bones, spirits, demons, ignis fatui, brownies, bugbears, black dogs, spectres, shellycoats, scarecrows, witches, wizards, barguests, Robin-Goodfellows, hags, night-bats, scrags, breaknecks, fantasms, hobgoblins, hobhoulards, boggy-boes, dobbies,
hob-thrusts, fetches, kelpies, warlocks, mock-beggars, mum-pokers, Jemmy-burties, urchins, satyrs, pans, fauns, sirens, tritons, centaurs, calcars, nymphs, imps, incubusses, spoorns, men-in-the-oak, hell-wains, fire-drakes, kit-a-can-sticks, Tom-tumblers, melch-dicks, larrs,
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For the past week or so, I have been searching through the History of Middle Earth for more information about Balrogs. Specifically, I want to know what they look like. The description in the Lord of the Rings is pretty vague #Tolkien #ClassicsTwitter (1/x)
In The Fellowship of the Ring, the Balrog is described as “a dark form, of man-shape maybe, yet greater” (321). And yet this creature has some animalistic traits, including a “streaming mane” (321), pretty vague. #Tolkien #ClassicsTwitter (2/x)
I am especially curious as to whether a Balrog could resemble a bull in any way--the depiction in the movies with the tail and the horns definitely suggests it (see pic below) and Balrog kind of sounds like bull... #Tolkien #ClassicsTwitter (3/x)
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Hoy ha surgido una pregunta sobre el nombre del caballo de #Aragorn. Nos ha hecho recordar los #Tolkienfacts que hicimos hace mucho tiempo sobre tan nobles animales en la #TierraMedia, así que queremos revivirlos.
Por cierto, el de Aragorn se llama Roheryn.
"Los caballos que montaban [los montaraces] eran vigorosos y de estampa arrogante, pero hirsutos de crines; y uno de ellos no tenía jinete: el corcel de #Aragorn, que habían traido del Norte, y que respondía al nombre de Roheryn" (LSDLA, libro V) #Tolkienfacts
Obtenemos más información sobre Roheryn, el caballo de #Aragorn, en el apéndice sobre #Quenya y #Sindarin de El #silmarillion, donde se nos indica que significa 'Caballo de la señora', ya que se trata de un regalo de la Dama #Arwen.
Despejadas las dudas vamos con el #Tolkienfacts
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4th #Tolkien session @IMC_Leeds: “J.R.R. Tolkien: Medieval Roots and Modern Branches”.
First up: Andrzej Wicher: “How Christian is The Lord of the Rings?: Tolkien’s Work Seen in the Context of the Biblical and Theological Tradition” @TolkienSociety @UofGFantasy
Wicher’s main thesis is that the more Tolkien tries to avoid religion in The #LordOfTheRings, the more he ends up including it. He begins with Tertullian and the idea of Christianity as a paradox. @IMC_Leeds #IMC2019 @TolkienSociety
Wicher: The One Ring as a peculiar avatar of the Anti-Christ, from a theological point of view. It’s history has resonances with the story of Cain and Abel. @IMC_Leeds #IMC2019 @TolkienSociety
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3rd #Tolkien session @IMC_Leeds: “Materiality in Tolkien’s Medievalism, III”!
First up: @EMuellerHarder on “Tolkien’s Elvish and Archaic First Map of Middle-Earth: Lost Connections in Space and Time” @TolkienSociety @UofGFantasy #IMC2019
@EMuellerHarder: Ptolemaic cartography as leaning towards modern cartography - still, how about chorography in medieval cartography? (Attempt to represent the world based on experience and experience) @IMC_Leeds @TolkienSociety @UofGFantasy #IMC2019
@EMuellerHarder: examples of chorographic maps in literature (including that for Winnie the Pooh!)
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2nd #Tolkien session @IMC_Leeds: “Materiality in Tolkien’s Medievalism, II”
First up: Gaëlle Abaléa on “Corpses, Tomb, and Barrows: The Materiality of Death in Tolkien” @TolkienSociety @UofGFantasy #IMC2019
How are people in Middle-earth dealing with death? Abaléa is drawing upon Louis-Vincent Thomas’s “Les Chairs de la mort” in her analysis.
How do the Rohirrim and the men of Gondor face death differently? Glorious/heroic death for the former - buried in mounds outside the city. The latter: tradition of ship building and ship burials (my book was referenced on this point! 😊) but also tombs inside the city. #IMC2019
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1st #Tolkien session @IMC_Leeds: “Materiality in Tolkien’s Medievalism, I”!
First up: Kristine Larsen on “Medieval Automata and J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Fall of Gondolin” @TolkienSociety @UofGFantasy
Larsen is talking us through the sort-of-mechanical dragons in the Fall of Gondolin. Are they mechanistic dragons? Surreal hybrids of beast and machine? Are they related to WWI tanks? #IMC2019 @TolkienSociety @UofGFantasy
Larsen: In Melkor’s fires foreground Saruman’s reliance on the machine - resonances of the Industrial Revolution and related philosophical perspectives.
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What I find strange about
eliminating 50 Million Tree program is that it’s exactly type of land stewardship program conservatives should like as it supports volunteer action by landowners rather than impose regulatory req. to plant trees on private property #WINWIN
The PR folks in Premier's Office are claiming that tree planting by the Forest Industry (which is a legal requirement and mostly happens in northern Ontario to reforest logged areas) some how makes up for the elimination of tree planting programs in southern Ontario. It doesn't.
Firstly, the Forest Industry is legally required to re-establish forests on crown lands that they log through tree-planting or other means. 95 % of lands in southern Ontario are privately owned and reforestation regulations don't apply.
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A thread on doing the #PhD you love regardless of what’s “trendy” or “canonical”. #phdchat
Mine was on J.R.R. #Tolkien, nearly 15 years ago. I had an amazing supervisor who was nearly taught philology by #Tolkien at Oxford (he missed him by a year!) My thesis became this book:
What got me thinking about this was this blog post by friend and #Tolkien scholar John D. Rateliff, best known from the 2-volume History of the Hobbit (an edition of all Hobbit manuscripts with notes):…
As you will see, back in the 1980s John was not allowed to do his #PhD on the emergence of fantasy as a literary genre (which would have focused on #Tolkien’s key role). The reason he was given was that it would be:
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NEWS FROM BREE: Amazon’s @LOTRonPrime series began its online marketing in GRAND GEEK STYLE with Fantasy lover’s favorite trope: a MAP of Middle-earth with details trickling in daily. LET’S EXPLORE THIS 🗺

“I’m acquiver with anticipation!”
- Bilbo

A THREAD by @Quickbeam2000
The silence from Amazon had been deafening for many long, dry months...

Since their first slam-bang press release we haven’t heard any news, nor casting announcements, nor anything beyond the reveal of the two young writers newly assigned.

It is a rather shrewd piece of early marketing.

Though at first listing NO place names or demarcations, it is meant to be PURE ENTICEMENT. A blank map of such a familiar landscape has a visceral effect of “inviting us in” and lets our imagination start galloping wildly ahead. /3
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We are just about to begin our first open research seminar of the year with world-renowned expert on fantasy fiction with professor Brian Attebury - first important matter is deciding how we're going to be pronouncing #anthropocene...
#Fantasy is more than just escapist nostalgia - Brian Attebury takes us back to Gilgamesh to explore how fantasy helps us convey the realities of our current reality
"Civilized man says I am self, I am master, all the rest is other": Brian Attebery employs #UrsulaKLeGuin to explore the myths of the anthropocene and the single story
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#tolkien #tolkienbirthday
This is a story in more than one part, but then I think that would suit J.R.R. down to his boots.

(1)I was in Ireland, I was 20 years old, and I was on a missions trip. First time overseas, first time missionary, first time to Ireland
(2) At first, the team dynamics were great, the idea behind it was great, and helping others was great. But fast forward six weeks. Team dynamics were souring, the situation was intolerably soul-squashing, and I was trapped on the other side of the sea from home.
(3) Then my team leader and his new wife went on their belated honeymoon and asked me to take care of their cat. She was my excuse to get away and disappear during free-time. I even fell asleep more than once, listening to the rain on the roof with the fluffer beside me.
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Brad Eden on “A Man of His Time?: Tolkien and the Edwardian Worldview” #s849 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds #Tolkien
Eden will take us through ideas and concepts of the Edwardian cultural milieu that he hopes will inspire further research on #Tolkien’s cultural context. #s849 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds #Tolkien
Eden: there are subtle shifts between Victorian and Edwardian cultures which we need to take into account when examining #Tolkien’s context. #s849 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds #Tolkien
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Claudio Testi on “Frodo Surrealist: André Breton and J. R. R. Tolkien on Dreams” #s849 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
Testi argues that there are surrealist moments in The #LordoftheRings via dreams. Breton’s manifesto attempted to merge reality and dreams via surrealism. He also talked about dreaming while awake. #s849 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
Testi: 1936: International Surrealist Exhibition in London with an abstract and concrete show in Oxford. Tolkien was then working on The Lost Road and soon after The #LordoftheRings. #s849 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
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Joshua Richards on “Tolkien’s Agrarianism in its Time” #s849 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds #Tolkien
Richards: can we really accept that the early Middle-earth is the same as the later one? Themes may be the same, but the socio-cultural context is different. Focus on one version of Middle-earth in this paper: the earliest #LordoftheRings drafts. #s849 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
Richards: earlier stages of #LordoftheRings - use of agrarianism by #Tolkien to test its boundaries, especially in the Shire. The hobbits are creatures of an agrarian society, well-ordered and well-farmed. #s849 #imc2018 @IMC_Leeds
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Anna Vaninskaya on “Longing for Death: Tolkien and Sehnsucht” #s849 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds #Tolkien
Vaninskaya will focus on the recurrent motif in #Tolkien of the desire to voyage to Elvenhome via the concept of Sehnsucht (Longing) #s849 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
Vaninskaya: William Peter’s “imitation” of Schiller interprets the “other” land of desire in a non-Christian context - compare with Tolkien’s Undying Lands. #s848 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
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.@LelieFairy on “Hobbits: The Un-Recorded People of Middle-Earth” #s749 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
.@LelieFairy: what do hobbits know about the world outside the Shire? In The Hobbit Bilbo knows very little, and so does the reader. In The #LordoftheRings Tolkien world have had two sort of readers: those who knew The Hobbit and those who didn’t. #IMC2018 #s749 @IMC_Leeds
.@LelieFairy: in their origin history, on their way to the Shire, hobbits meet Elves and Dúnedain, and learn letters and crafts from them. They promptly forget whatever language they spoke before. #s749 #IMC2018 #Tolkien @IMC_Leeds
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#Tolkien: Medieval Roots and Modern Branches, I: first up, Andrzej Wicher on “Some Boethian Themes as Tools of Characterization in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings” #s749 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
Wicher links Théoden’s lethargy with the amnesia/lethargy that Lady Philosophy can heal in Boethius #s749 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
Wicher: Gandalf and Galadriel as two sides of one character, both with androgynous characteristics #s749 #imc2018 @IMC_Leeds
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Robin Anne Reid on “The Grammar of Historical Memory in Tolkien’s Legendarium: The Tale of Beren and Lúthien” #s311 #imc2018 @IMC_Leeds #Tolkien
Reid: project on computational linguistics comparing “Tinuviel”, “Beren and Lúthien”, and “Aragorn and Arwen” in terms of text statistics, archaisms, geographical terminology, and “keyness”. #s311 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds #Tolkien
Reid: more onomastic richness (in terms of place and geography) in Beren and Lúthien, rather than Tinuviel. Evidence of the development of #Tolkien’s worldbuilding? #S311 #imc2018 @IMC_Leeds
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Nathan Fredrickson on “Invented Language and Invented Religion: Tolkien’s Innovative Symbolic Systems and New Religious Movements” #s311 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds #Tolkien
Fredrickson: there’s an essentialist humanistic way of thinking in #Tolkien, but also a critical, almost post-modernist emphasis on the constructiveness of things.
Fredrickson: linguistic invention has been neglected in fiction-based religions. There is some acknowledgment but not a proper consideration in #Tolkien-inspired religious movements.
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