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I keep looking at the Middle Earth map on the wall.

Assuming that Tolkien drew it *intending* for it to be a medieval map style *representation* of Middle Earth.

Which is actually just Earth, a few 10s of thousands of years ago, with *much* lower ocean levels.
Say the Earth's axial tilt *and* orbital period were aligned just right so that most polar ice accumulated in the southern hemisphere.

And it is long enough ago that glaciers have since worn down a bunch of mountains, especially up north.
So assuming the 'Gap of Rohan' is *actually* the Central European Plain...

White Mountains = Alps. Gondor = Mediterranean region.

Misty Mountains = Scandinavia

Baltic is the flooded course of upper Anduin.

Shire was in Doggerland. Rivendell in Norway.
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4th #Tolkien session @IMC_Leeds: “J.R.R. Tolkien: Medieval Roots and Modern Branches”.
First up: Andrzej Wicher: “How Christian is The Lord of the Rings?: Tolkien’s Work Seen in the Context of the Biblical and Theological Tradition” @TolkienSociety @UofGFantasy
Wicher’s main thesis is that the more Tolkien tries to avoid religion in The #LordOfTheRings, the more he ends up including it. He begins with Tertullian and the idea of Christianity as a paradox. @IMC_Leeds #IMC2019 @TolkienSociety
Wicher: The One Ring as a peculiar avatar of the Anti-Christ, from a theological point of view. It’s history has resonances with the story of Cain and Abel. @IMC_Leeds #IMC2019 @TolkienSociety
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3rd #Tolkien session @IMC_Leeds: “Materiality in Tolkien’s Medievalism, III”!
First up: @EMuellerHarder on “Tolkien’s Elvish and Archaic First Map of Middle-Earth: Lost Connections in Space and Time” @TolkienSociety @UofGFantasy #IMC2019
@EMuellerHarder: Ptolemaic cartography as leaning towards modern cartography - still, how about chorography in medieval cartography? (Attempt to represent the world based on experience and experience) @IMC_Leeds @TolkienSociety @UofGFantasy #IMC2019
@EMuellerHarder: examples of chorographic maps in literature (including that for Winnie the Pooh!)
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2nd #Tolkien session @IMC_Leeds: “Materiality in Tolkien’s Medievalism, II”
First up: Gaëlle Abaléa on “Corpses, Tomb, and Barrows: The Materiality of Death in Tolkien” @TolkienSociety @UofGFantasy #IMC2019
How are people in Middle-earth dealing with death? Abaléa is drawing upon Louis-Vincent Thomas’s “Les Chairs de la mort” in her analysis.
How do the Rohirrim and the men of Gondor face death differently? Glorious/heroic death for the former - buried in mounds outside the city. The latter: tradition of ship building and ship burials (my book was referenced on this point! 😊) but also tombs inside the city. #IMC2019
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4 horsemen. .. The Apocalypse End of the Dem Party coming to theatre near you Fall 2020.
7 seals reference to 7 different Declass. . #Bucket5 #JESUSRETURNS BQQM BQQM WE ARE LIVING BIBLICAL TIMES. GOOD VERSES EVIL.
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q
Jesus Has Come Back..
hells opened up a Bit Wider to swallow all Evil in.
"This is No Conspiracy Theory either" It is the #truth .. no one will tell you this without expecting to get Paid. Knowledge is Free. Q drop 1295...
Careful who you Follow .
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Claudio Testi on “Frodo Surrealist: André Breton and J. R. R. Tolkien on Dreams” #s849 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
Testi argues that there are surrealist moments in The #LordoftheRings via dreams. Breton’s manifesto attempted to merge reality and dreams via surrealism. He also talked about dreaming while awake. #s849 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
Testi: 1936: International Surrealist Exhibition in London with an abstract and concrete show in Oxford. Tolkien was then working on The Lost Road and soon after The #LordoftheRings. #s849 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
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Joshua Richards on “Tolkien’s Agrarianism in its Time” #s849 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds #Tolkien
Richards: can we really accept that the early Middle-earth is the same as the later one? Themes may be the same, but the socio-cultural context is different. Focus on one version of Middle-earth in this paper: the earliest #LordoftheRings drafts. #s849 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
Richards: earlier stages of #LordoftheRings - use of agrarianism by #Tolkien to test its boundaries, especially in the Shire. The hobbits are creatures of an agrarian society, well-ordered and well-farmed. #s849 #imc2018 @IMC_Leeds
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.@LelieFairy on “Hobbits: The Un-Recorded People of Middle-Earth” #s749 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
.@LelieFairy: what do hobbits know about the world outside the Shire? In The Hobbit Bilbo knows very little, and so does the reader. In The #LordoftheRings Tolkien world have had two sort of readers: those who knew The Hobbit and those who didn’t. #IMC2018 #s749 @IMC_Leeds
.@LelieFairy: in their origin history, on their way to the Shire, hobbits meet Elves and Dúnedain, and learn letters and crafts from them. They promptly forget whatever language they spoke before. #s749 #IMC2018 #Tolkien @IMC_Leeds
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#Tolkien: Medieval Roots and Modern Branches, I: first up, Andrzej Wicher on “Some Boethian Themes as Tools of Characterization in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings” #s749 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
Wicher links Théoden’s lethargy with the amnesia/lethargy that Lady Philosophy can heal in Boethius #s749 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
Wicher: Gandalf and Galadriel as two sides of one character, both with androgynous characteristics #s749 #imc2018 @IMC_Leeds
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Kristine Larsen: “‘Forgot even the stones’: Stone Monuments and Imperfect Cultural and Personal Memories in The Lord of the Rings” #s227 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds #Tolkien
Larsen: (forgetting) family history in the #LordoftheRings: the hobbits mistake the Trolls as real, while Aragorn remembers the story of their petrification from Bilbo #s227 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds #Tolkien
Larsen: forgetting (“other”) cultural history: the Púkel-men at Dunharrow - the head of the Gondorian king on the way to Mordor. #s227 #IMC2018 @IMC_Leeds
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.@AnnaMSmol: #Tolkien’s Typological Imagination #imc2018 @IMC_Leeds
.@AnnaMSmol: #Tolkien would have been familiar with typological interpretations of the Bible. The term has also been applied to the study of myth. #imc2018 @IMC_Leeds
.@AnnaMSmol: Conventional Christian typology: defining of “types” who predict or look forward to “anti-types” and make spiritual links. E.g. Adam as a “type” for Christ. #Tolkien #imc2018 @IMC_Leeds
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