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I don't think that calling people who want to understand the mechanism by which people will be selected/elected for The Voice to be "Chicken Little"-like behaviour. To me it is ironic that Albanese is belittling this particular concern that it is a white person dismissing one of
2. the main concerns that my black relatives have about #TheVoice. It is not an answer to say "we'll tell you later" because human nature is subject to Akerlof's "Market for Lemons": people are going to assume that if information is being hidden that it
3. is being hidden because people would view that information adversely if they knew what it was. I'm not saying that the mechanism is good or bad - we aren't told, so I can't evaluate it: but I am saying that since we aren't being given details, and in law the Devil is in the
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I'm equal parts astonished and saddened at the lack of knowledge of how #TheVoice was developed, as well as people's basic lack of knowledge of the document that underwrites Australia as we know it - the Australian Constitution.

It's quite shocked me.
I've just had people on my timeline claiming they think the best way to create #TheVoice would be to go around to Indigenous communities speaking to Indigenous people - when the Voice was developed over years by going around to Indigenous communities speaking to Indigenous people
They've also claimed they need "coNcrEte deTaiLs" on this proposed constitutional amendment when the contents of the Australian Constitution do not contain specific, concrete details - it's a framework for others (parl, judiciary) to fill in.

That's the whole point of it.
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[A Thread] Today is modern New Zealand's birthday; #WaitangiDay. Today commemorates the day in 1840 when the Treaty was first signed between Great Britain and many (but not all) Maori Tribal Chiefs. #auspol #nzpol 1/7
The treaty gave sovereignty to Great Britain, but guaranteed Maori land, resource rights and political representation - all of which are still in place today (despite challenges along the way). #auspol #nzpol 2/7
Culturally, NZ Maori were far closer to European culture than Australian First Nations People. They had a common(ish) language, recognised land ownership, political hierarchies, had permanent villages and farming, and formal warfare. #auspol #nzpol 3/7
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#thevoice A recent former Chief Justice of the High Court (and technicality mastermind) co-authors an article with Emiritus Prof of constitutional law. As you'd hope and expect, they run through the amendment's language in a methodical manner. It also answers two important qs.
Why put it in the Constitution when we already have a race power? There's a three part answer. I'd also add a fourth: namely, that the race power has discriinatory origins. It is unconscionable to use it, in my view. The second question they answer is about detail. The answer ...
... is great. It is to the effect that there would be no real point, because it will be a matter for parliament to felsh out the detail anyway: 'the most that government can sensibly do is to indicate in broad terms the model it favours.' The authors also...
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🧵 1/- Starting new thread on The Voice (to Australian parliament).

Aim is to distil information to make it easier for people to access here.

Hope to provide a good balance between simplification and finer details (Yes, there are plenty.)

So here we go...

2/ -

The Voice to parliament comes from the Uluru Statement of the Heart.

In May 2017, over 250 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Delegates from all points of the Southern Sky gathered in Mutitjulu in the shadow of Uluru and put their signatures on a historic statement...

The Uluru Statement From The Heart addressed to the Australian people invited the nation to create a better future via the proposal of key reforms…
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[A Thread] Dutton's sole motivation is to undermine @AlboMP. Whether #TheVoice is a good (or bad) thing for Australia, and in particular our First Nations People, is completely irrelevant to him. #auspol 1/4
As a result, he is undermining #theVoice through obtuse demands for more information (that's already available) to attack on Albo. His actions are not based on what is best for Australia, they are based on getting what he sees as a personal win. #auspol 2/4
The people who will suffer the most from Dutton's actions on #TheVoice are First Nation's people. On a day to day basis it will have little material impact on the rest of us. He is using them as pawns in his power plays. It's disgusting. #auspol 3/4
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In “Avatar: The Way of Water,” the director James Cameron pulls you down so deep, and sets you so gently adrift, that at times you don’t feel like you’re watching a movie so much as floating in one. From time to #robo #Ronaldo𓃵 #TheVoice time he brings you to the bottom of an alien sea, shot with stunning hyper-clarity in high-frame-rate 3D and teeming with all manner of surreally strange fish — all oddly shaped fins, decorative tentacles and other vestiges of an otherworldly,… faintly screw-loose evolutionary timeline. You can imagine the fun (and the headaches) that Cameron and his visual-effects wizards must have had designing this brilliant ocean-floor nirvana. You can also see an astronomical budget (reportedly north of
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#TheVoice fans were left shocked after Blake Shelton appeared to snub his wife Gwen Stefani in brutal diss on air Image
During a recent episode, contestant Ansley Burns wowed the judges - causing Blake to turn his chair just 50 seconds into her performance
Viewers quickly caught Blake’s not-so subtle jab at Gwen when he blocked her from picking the contestant Image
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Eine Kurzgeschichte (Disclaimer: ohne Sebastian Kurz)
Ich sitze im ICE Hamburg Altona Richtung München. Ursprünglich komme ich aus dem Siegerland. Ich sage das nicht ohne Stolz, denn wer kommt schon gerne aus dem Verliererland.
Es ist ein Großraumwagen, aber ich weiß nicht, ob er aus dem Großraum Hamburg oder dem Großraum München stammt.
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Story time from the book:

Man, I’ll be the first to say, my sleep schedule is simply fucked up...

Been at home with the Consig kids everyday since the sports world stopped and Vegas closed...

I don’t know what day of the week it is until the kids want to watch a show at...
night. Monday is #TheVoice

Wednesday is @MaskedSingerFOX

Nobody in the house wants to watch past games despite my pleas

I tried again last night with the Yankees and Red Sox...

“Watch this. You won’t believe what happens.”

“Who cares? It’s old. This is boring...


Lose control of the goddamn remote again...

Without a job and without having to watch sports, they control the TV more often than not.

I’m glad we spend time together every night watching something together because we don’t normally...

It’s usually everyone in their...
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What was your favorite moment of premiere week?

Okay, fine, here are some of ours. (a thread)
The last five minutes of that #ThisIsUs premiere.

That's it. That's the tweet.…
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Even amongst her family,
She saw herself as a stranger
She iss the 2nd girl among three girls of her parents
Her brothers showed her more recognition than her sisters and Mom included
She was quite different from them
Beautiful yes but the rest were way prettier than her
When her elder sister got married,
She chose her younger sister to be the maid of honor
Soon after, her younger sister got married to an abroad man and everything seemed to be going well for her
She would always make time to go to her house and help with her baby
She's quite good
She suddenly had this outburst of acne on her face
The more she treated the worse they got until not a single space was left on her face
Honestly, it was quite bad
She couldn't get herself to go out
She'd lock herself up
Refusing to attend to strangers
The questions were too much
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When things got better for him
He decided to make an honest woman of his girlfriend
They've been together since their university days
After they graduated, he wasn't able to marry her but she stuck with him
Rejecting all others
Rich and influential alike that came for her
She was the definition of true love
She always spent all her leave at his house
The last time was pure magic
He decided to surprise her
He didn't tell her about the new house he'd bought and his new car.
She'd been the one supporting him all these years and not he had a break
He sent a cab to pick her from the park
He had a party for two set up at his house
When she came in, she was overwhelmed at the lavish decor
She looked at her man
He was different in a good way
There was so much confidence and control in his demeanor
She loved it
He was back
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