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#TheOffice — the No. 1 streaming show — will leave @Netflix + be exclusive to @NBCUniversal's new service.

Hoarding beloved movies + shows for the rights holder's branded #streaming services will soon be the law of the land. Prepare yourselves.…
The @WarnerMediaGrp streaming service — which supposedly soft-launches later this year — will reportedly be called "HBO Max"…
Branding Quiz 👨‍🎓

1. If you owned a vast collection of brands, and were aggregating ALL of them into one pricey, direct-to-consumer offering, would you choose to name that offering after just ONE of the brands?

2. Isn't there enough brand confusion already with HBO Now/HBO Go?
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So, I think it’s time for #ItalianJob (2003), not least because it’s the reason I drive a Mini to this day.

Also it’s a solid freaking remake to the 1969 original, so let’s give it its due.
F. Gary Gray, one of *the* best-named directors in the history of film, nails it.

For all the ‘eh’ acting (lookin’ at you, Marky Mark), Gray makes up for it with simply delightful, engaging filmmaking.
And my Amazon facts-whilst-watching tells me that the entire crew recognized that Charlize Theron was the best driver on set.

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Can we talk for a second about the pinnacle verse for fundamentalist Christianity when it comes to using Jesus to shit on other faith traditions?

Give it up for John 14:6. “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
I can almost hear Christo-fascists salivating now. Cut and dry, right? Other religious are FUCKED. Jesus wins. Let’s all go passive-aggressively pray for people we’ve never met who are going to hell, yea?
But those of you keeping score at home know what’s up.

Say it with me: fundamentalist Christianity doesn’t know shit about the Bible.
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Finally got around to watching #StarWars #TheLastJedi

Wow, is it horrifically bad. Like Caddyshack 2 bad. It's exactly what I was worried about when #SJW Emo #Millennial #Soyboy got hold of it.
The simply wrecked and ruined the character of #LukeSkywalker. I mean it simply makes no damn sense. Any of it.

He wants to be left for he leaves a #DanBrown map to find him?!? Pathetic.
And NONE of the actions of the characters makes ANY sense in #TheLastJedi!!

1. If the pink haired harpy was planning on being a sacrificial decoy, why not do the hyperdrive attack RIGHT AWAY?!?!!

2. Why don't ANY of the other smaller ships do this MUCH earlier?!?
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