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THREAD | Conhecendo a Apple TV+

Hoje vamos falar sobre as séries, documentários e filmes presentes no streaming e o que vem aí na maçã.

A Apple custa R$10 com 7 dias de teste ou se você comprar um aparelho da empresa você recebe 1 ano de uso.

Se gostarem, deem rt e curtam! 💞 Image
◽ Defending Jacob (Minissérie)

Um adolescente é assassinado e o filho de Andy (Chris Evans) e Laurie (Michelle Dockery - #DowntonAbbey) é acusado. Agora cabe a eles suportar o julgamento e fazer de tudo para inocentar seu filho. Jacob (Jaeden Martell) é culpado? ImageImageImage
◽ The Morning Show

Jennifer Aniston (#Friends), Reese Witherspoon (#BigLittleLies) e Steve Carell (#TheOffice) no elenco. Isso já deveria bastar, mas vamos a sinopse:
Quando o personagem de Carell é demitido por assédio, os bastidores do programa matinal são expostos. ImageImageImage
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Like many, I’ve had some extra fee time these days... After rebinging @theofficenbc and #theofficereunion I was inspired.

A thread of Trump’s handling of the #coronavirus (#COVID19) pandemic, as told by Michael Scott. #TheOffice
Way back in 2018, Trump decided it was a good idea to disassemble the #Pandemic Response Team – created by the Obama administration in case there was “an airborne disease that is deadly.” This can’t go wrong! #thiswaspreventable
Trump does nothing to replace this. He plays golf and insults people on Twitter – just the normal things that presidents do right?
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Upload (2020)

மனுசனோட ஆதிகாலத்து ஆசை சாகாவரம். மனுசனோட ஆதிகாலத்து கற்பனை சொர்க்கம்.

#upload #amazonprime #gregdaniels #theoffice #parksandrecreation Image
சாகிறது inevitable-ன்னாலும் வாழக்கூடிய வருடங்களை நீட்டிக்க கூடிய ஆராய்ச்சிகள் ஒரு பக்கம் நடந்துட்டு வருது. அடுத்த கால் நூற்றாண்டுக்குள்ள மனுசன் எப்படியும் 100, 150 வருஷம் வாழக்கூடிய அளவுக்கு வளந்திருவான்
அதே மாதிரி சமீப வருடங்களில் அதிகமா பேசப்படுகிற ஒரு விஷயம், நம் மொத்த மூளையையும் consciousness-ஐயும் மொத்தமா ஒரு கணிணிக்குள்ள இறக்கி, மூப்பு, பிணி, இறப்பு இல்லாத விர்ச்சுவல் உலகத்துக்குள்ள வாழ முடிஞ்சா அது ஒரு சாகாவரம் பிளஸ் சொர்க்கம் இல்லையா. #UploadTV
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#OperationParindey 3/10
#Mentalhood 5/10
#StateOfSiege2611 7.5/10
#FreakyAli 0/10 (wish minus was possible) and why did I see it? Coz I searched #Golf
#TheCourier 6/10
#ThePoisonRose 6/10
#EarthquakeBird 6.5/10
And now replugging a #golf cult classic..
#HappyGilmore 9/10
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In this time of fear and uncertainty, I finally started #TheWire. Here goes: a middle-aged white lady watches the greatest show on earth.
I’ve watched the first 5 so far. There will be SPOILERS, so if you haven’t seen it, feel free to mute this thread.

Of course, this applies to the kind souls who haven’t already muted me for my political rants and weak jokes.
So this show premiered in 2002 and People Magazine waited 16 years before naming Idris Elba the Sexiest Man Alive?

Insubordinate. And churlish.
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The Office: Coronavirus

Michael ignores the “work from home” memo because he thinks that everyone should be together at a time like this

Dwight acts completely normal & claims genetic immunity

Angela wears a hazmat suit

Kevin says that he’s had it for weeks & feels fine
Creed is somehow Patient Zero

Stanley is on a beach with a margarita as a video conference begins

Andy looked at WebMD & is now losing his mind

The episode ends with Michael shopping alone at Costco on a Saturday. He’s excited because he usually “can’t even get in the door”
You can go to @reddit r/DunderMifflin and see what others have added to this “episode”. So good.

@theofficenbc #TheOffice #Coranovirus #DunderMifflin
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#TheOffice — the No. 1 streaming show — will leave @Netflix + be exclusive to @NBCUniversal's new service.

Hoarding beloved movies + shows for the rights holder's branded #streaming services will soon be the law of the land. Prepare yourselves.…
The @WarnerMediaGrp streaming service — which supposedly soft-launches later this year — will reportedly be called "HBO Max"…
Branding Quiz 👨‍🎓

1. If you owned a vast collection of brands, and were aggregating ALL of them into one pricey, direct-to-consumer offering, would you choose to name that offering after just ONE of the brands?

2. Isn't there enough brand confusion already with HBO Now/HBO Go?
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So, I think it’s time for #ItalianJob (2003), not least because it’s the reason I drive a Mini to this day.

Also it’s a solid freaking remake to the 1969 original, so let’s give it its due.
F. Gary Gray, one of *the* best-named directors in the history of film, nails it.

For all the ‘eh’ acting (lookin’ at you, Marky Mark), Gray makes up for it with simply delightful, engaging filmmaking.
And my Amazon facts-whilst-watching tells me that the entire crew recognized that Charlize Theron was the best driver on set.

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Can we talk for a second about the pinnacle verse for fundamentalist Christianity when it comes to using Jesus to shit on other faith traditions?

Give it up for John 14:6. “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
I can almost hear Christo-fascists salivating now. Cut and dry, right? Other religious are FUCKED. Jesus wins. Let’s all go passive-aggressively pray for people we’ve never met who are going to hell, yea?
But those of you keeping score at home know what’s up.

Say it with me: fundamentalist Christianity doesn’t know shit about the Bible.
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Finally got around to watching #StarWars #TheLastJedi

Wow, is it horrifically bad. Like Caddyshack 2 bad. It's exactly what I was worried about when #SJW Emo #Millennial #Soyboy got hold of it.
The simply wrecked and ruined the character of #LukeSkywalker. I mean it simply makes no damn sense. Any of it.

He wants to be left for he leaves a #DanBrown map to find him?!? Pathetic.
And NONE of the actions of the characters makes ANY sense in #TheLastJedi!!

1. If the pink haired harpy was planning on being a sacrificial decoy, why not do the hyperdrive attack RIGHT AWAY?!?!!

2. Why don't ANY of the other smaller ships do this MUCH earlier?!?
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