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#DefundPolice? #RuleOfLaw #ThoughtPolice
Defund Police sounds so new for most! In shock we witness riots & destruction in NY, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Denver etc!
It was already planned long time ago & executing plans were cemented in 2015!
WHAT? you might say - read on!
Is it odd that specifically above cities have been forefront for riots & DEMANDING Defund Police?
In 2015, those same cities had announced their membership of a NEW 'policing', the SCN! Image
Scratching your head? SCN = "Strong Cities Network"!
Now wasn't it witch Gov-not Whitmer, who announced 'local social programs' & across the cities to focus on targeting hate crimes etc.
Well that's the soft implementing of SCN! The other cities attempting equal measures!
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The comparisons with #Orwell & 1984 now too numerous to ignore. It's something of a parody of a prediction of course (you hope), but the early days of #IngSoc and #BigBrother are described in terms that ring true right now. Here's how that society comes to be:

A thread 👇
There exists an eternal system of classes, the high, the middle and the low. Nobody cares much for the low and they're basically ignored. Revolution happens when the middle overthrow the high. They do this by taking over the institutions.
An leftist middle class sees a chance to get their way and take charge, and creates an environment of #groupthink where compliance is essential. Those who disagree are removed & must be re-educated. The #ThoughtPolice have infiltrated our homes with technology. Nothing is private
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“CONTROL WHAT PEOPLE THINK… that’s our job.”
— Mika Brzezinski

#ObamaGate #Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #MainstreamMedia #ThoughtPolice #MSNBC
“CONTROL” with Mika 🎤

#ObamaGate #Biblical #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter
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Police in #Bangladesh decides youth hairstyle ! Discovers correlation between deviant haircut and crime.

Note: #Magura is is district town in Bangladesh.

(Below are quotes from the news story.)
Magura Police have recently started an ongoing campaign against the town's youths sporting "fancy" and "flamboyant" haircuts.
Police, in behalf of the superintendent of Magura police, have hoisted notices at barbershops in Magura, warning the youth against getting any "bold" or "impudent" hairdos.
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It would be helpful if FB/NBC defined “pro-Trump Facebook ads.” They don’t. That’s intentional. FB’s new “political ad” classification considers anything positive about Trump as “pro-Trump.” Anything negative about Trump’s opposition = “pro-Trump”—It’s Lose-Lose by design. #1984
If Epoch Times reports a legitimate news story about Trump success, Facebook says that’s a political ad. If @EpochTimes puts out an ad that promotes NEWS coverage of Spygate, that’s pro-Trump. If a promoted story covers the failures of Trump’s opposition, that’s a political ad.
The reason that NBC is colluding with Facebook to hinder the Epoch Times is simple: Orange Man Bad. There’s the commercial motivation too: Epoch Times (a competitor of NBC) is surging📈 while NBC is in the toilet📉. #jelly
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What do you do when you see something that offends you?
Historical revisionism is ____.
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More T manipulation. I lost 200 followers overnight!
I am sure that my activity caused me to lose 163 followers while gaining 11. The #Cen$orship by T is so obvious. Image
#ThoughtPolice #MinistryofTruth @Project_Veritas

I checked. I just added 1 follower but netted 82 more after losing 163 overnight. Proof of targeted harassment of conservatives, identified to T as "bots" by #Leftist agitators & by T algorithms that flag conservative thought.
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