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An eye got me back here! #Truth #SaveOurChildren "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." (2 Timothy 1:7)
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14 Oct
#CrimesAgainstChildren #HumanTrafficking
- Jimmy Panetta=son of ex-c_a dir Leon Panetta

- Plasha Will="Plasha has served on the board of Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte"…
- Joe Gunter=died 6-20, ex-detective, Mayor of Salinas, CA…
- Steve McShane=councilman Salinas, CA
- Bruce Taylor=CSU, Monterey Bay…
Common denominator is Monterey Bay!
Mex. multinational cement company, CEMEX has since 1906 had mine operation in Monterey:…
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11 Oct
😉#DigitalSoldiers buckle up & stay focused on Ghislaine Maxwell, as our friend says.
Posting my reply-tweet here, before it gets 'hidden' - more than enough to dig in to re TerraMar & connections:
@AreYouAFren @PatriotGrace17 - I created a separate tweet here w/ the Ghislaine TerraMar connections, so our replies don't get hidden so easily!
In link of next tweet, some basic frames are presented and a few names, we come across, 1 being Katherine Keating!
WHO is Keating actually?!
Yes, none other than the 1, who was visiting with Prince Andrew in Epstein's Manhatten residence. Image
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11 Oct
#HiddenCorruption #HappyDanes #SaveOurChildren
The Tvind Empire!
Little known political Danish founded & controlled cult operates WW in guise of "charity"! Connections to both Clintons, Ted Turner, China, Deep State powers.
Check in below tweet for link w/ many details:
For over 25y an investigative reporter, Frede Farmand, has attempted to alert people (Tvindalert)!
Since 2018, I've tried to alert here on twtr (prior no one listened anyway). It's Danish - heck, how sinister can that be, most say? Believe me, it goes beyond your imagination!
Modern windmills? Originate from Tvind (1st built modern wind-mill, still functioning in Ulfborg, Denmark) - raised by all volunteer work.
Leader, Mogens Amdi Pedersen - founded Tvind & Teachers Group (TG) w/ focus on communion philosophy based on communist ideology.
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29 Sep
#ClintonCrimeFamily #UnderTheRadar #DeepState
Supposedly scrubbed - here link to docs:…
An alternative link of the 1998 case with details:…
Lisa "Barsoomian, with her boss R. Craig Lawrence, represented Bill Clinton in 1998."
"Between 1998 and 2017, Barsoomian herself represented the FBI at least five times."
NOTE from above tweet that the court docs are STILL available (not completely purged)…
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24 Sep
#HunterBiden #CrowdStrike #Justice #ObamaGate_TREASON
Oh, yes, remember only too well! I'll connect my prior tweets/threads here (sorry if there are a couple of repeats embedded in others):
Remembering your advice on keeping focus on the markers (thread pulling pieces together):

From prior comprising of related tweets:
Connecting Pinchuk to Doug Schoen

Connecting Pinchuk to Michael Cohen:

Connecting to the intertwined web surrounding the CP server (Ukraine):
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16 Sep
#Cheating #Treason #MAGA2020 #ThePlaybook
THIS IS IMPORTANT - for prepping election aftermath!
Watch & listen to YT embedded in cue-post! Dems 'playbook' is mentioned, Norman Eisen!
HERE IS that Playbook, 2019 (100p):…
Now, be CAUTIOUS, when you read "The Playbook" - it is written from [their] viewpoint! So, what [they] regard as 'fair' may not be same connotation as yours! So, ASK yourself along the way, "what does this & that mean"?
For example, on p13, it is written:
"Even in well-established democracies, measures must be taken to guard against partisan efforts to manipulate the vote."

That sounds fair enough, right? Now check, what they DO mean (for there is a tiny note-ref 17 to it)
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6 Sep
#Coding #TheMoreYouKnow
Code-'kew'-systems! From time of Ham Radio:…
Muriel Haworth died in 2018 (this obit barely mentions her time as coder):…
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5 Sep
From HW, #MeToo, Harvey Weinstein to Jerry Sandusky, from Omaha to Colorado, from UK to Pakistan, from Haiti to Epstein to Ghislaine Maxwell - uncountable victims world wide!
Common denominator for all - victims are rarely believed; it's often dangerous to expose perpetrators!
“…..sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, no matter how evil or wrong they are and no much evidence you have….."
Bill Colby to John W. DeCamp
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31 Aug
#TruthMatters #Justice
Wow, Oz! You sent me off on wild-goose chase😄! A good one, mind you (albeit, it paused me in my other research, I had started)!
This podcast brings extra, important details/truths on 9-11, I wasn't aware of, and I've gathered pieces to add!
The 1 being interviewed is Kirk Wiebe!
I didn't know abt Wiebe, nor him being both a friend of as well as fellow whistleblower to @Bill_Binney!
Here Wiebe is in 2014 interview, explaining abt insider culture of gov.-intelligence agencies+THINTHREAD
The other being interviewed is FBI-whistleblower Mark Rossini, who brings forward more interesting points abt 9-11 as well, underlining marker of Bush family close relation to House of Saud, procrastinating 'search for bin Laden' STRONGLY.
MR's website:
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27 Aug
#CrimesAgainstChildren #ObamaGate #HumanTrafficking
Are you ready for a roller coaster ride that will likely make you dizzy?
How does
a) Trump speech Ohio
b) FBI raid Cleveland
c) Kolomoisky & Boholiubov, Ukraine
d) Hunter & Joe Biden
e) Pharma
---connect with:...
f) Epstein & Maxwell
g) Les Wexner
h) Modeling Agencies
i) World-wide human trafficking
j) Mexican drug cartels
Let us dive into a complicated, convoluted rabbit hole!
Illustrate the enormity of a tangled web so complicated that it would take a minimum of 2 large volumes of books to list & present just the most crucial details of each part and how they connect.
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27 Aug
#SelfValue #RollerCoaster
Life issues & obstacles, bahhh!
Human psyche is an odd-ball! It has a bad habit of pulling one off track by 'playing hop-scotch' & other 'games' w/ one's mind, emotions, soul & body, when life hits, ......
.....causing confusion, lack of concentration abilities, uncertainty of direction & doubts in oneself, thereby decreasing one's sense of value to the point that one is mentally paralyzed & unable to take action beyond necessities!
Sorry for my absence!
It's an uphill battle w/ 'fogginess & road-blocks' getting back on track.
Self-preservation & -patience (baby-steps forward), life- & self-reflection (realizations), stubbornness, prayers for clarity & uplifting (listen to guidance) & energy (breath)......
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10 Aug
#BeirutBlast #Corruption
The Sec Gen of Kataeb Party (Christian Dem) Nazar Najarian in Lebanon was killed from explosion in Beirut!
I am sorry for his family! But what I've found needs to be scrutinized!…
Could Najarian have been a target re the blast?
Najarian (born 1959), of Armenian descent, founded an import-export company, Tetran Holdings Inc, in Montreal Canada!…
Per wikipedia+article above, he was already involved in politics at age 16 in 1975, and recruited at age 21 in 1980 to "mobilize individuals".
Moved to Qatar in '03, then to Montreal in '13 after which he got involved in the Party in 2018…
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28 Jul
#ReclaimingMyTime #ObamaGateIsReal
This is NOT a hearing!
This is primarily a one-sided inquisition from crony b*tchy Dems that has ONE agenda - spewing lies in favour of their own fairy-tale picture and to claim Trump as a devil!
Add Pramila Jayapal and McBath to the b*tchy as they only lie and attack!
And Nadler-penguin just had the AUDACITY to DENY AG Barr a RECESS???
Only thanks to Barr's quick back-fire of waiting 45min on Nadler in morning + Jim Jordan objecting the refusal did the penguin agree to a break!
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26 Jul
#ChicagoRiots #Foundations #ObamaGateIsReal #ClintonCrimeFamily #SaveOurChildren
Lori Lightfoot - Chicago's 1st black female & gay Mayor!
Her wife - Amy Eshlemann
Both connect through BHO!
Chicago is going amok!
Who is REALLY 'running' Chicago?
Lightfoot is promoting "defund police" & BLM riots!

As a contrast:
- prior to becoming Mayor, Lightfoot was:
Pres. of the Chicago Police Board & chair of the Chicago Police Accountability Task Force.
- she is not taking measures against the many BLACK people killed in Chicago
At "Obama Foundation Summit", Chicago Oct 2019, Lightfoot said in speech to BHO:

"Good to see you at tonight’s @ ObamaFoundation community dinner, and looking forward to collaborating on creating new opportunities for the city that we love,"
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3 Jul
#Ghislaine #Deripaska #Ukrainegate #TerraMar
Speaking of Roman Abramovich, see added link in embedded tweet - there is so much more on this oligarch!
R. Abramovich outdid the huge yacht, Trump owned for few years!
Aside from "Eclipse", a yacht w/ a submarine attached, his background leads straight into #Ukrainegate #RussiaHoax
"He sold his stake in Russian Aluminum to billionaire Oleg Deripaska"…
Again we come across Oleg Deripaska (part of whole Russia hoax re Steele dossier!)! To refresh everyone's mind:…
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3 Jul
Curious coincidence to today's news!
E brought attention to Trump being aboard Robert Maxwell's yacht "Lady Ghislaine" (adding image of the clip in case E's acct is suspended).
It's noted in paper-clip, Trump has a much bigger yacht!

That yacht was "Trump Princess", bought in 1988!
The $100m yacht belonged to arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, who defaulted on a $50m loan.
Trump bought her for $30m, used it for business purposes.
In 1991, she was sold to Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal!…
The 2 names, Adnan Khashoggi & Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, should ring a bell w/ most!
In May 2017, Trump was on 1st official visit in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh Summit).
In Nov 2017 billionaire Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal was arrested (note Citi-Group etc 👇)…
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30 Jun
#DefundPolice? #RuleOfLaw #ThoughtPolice
Defund Police sounds so new for most! In shock we witness riots & destruction in NY, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Denver etc!
It was already planned long time ago & executing plans were cemented in 2015!
WHAT? you might say - read on!
Is it odd that specifically above cities have been forefront for riots & DEMANDING Defund Police?
In 2015, those same cities had announced their membership of a NEW 'policing', the SCN! Image
Scratching your head? SCN = "Strong Cities Network"!
Now wasn't it witch Gov-not Whitmer, who announced 'local social programs' & across the cities to focus on targeting hate crimes etc.
Well that's the soft implementing of SCN! The other cities attempting equal measures!
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27 Jun
#Freedom #RuleOfLaw #DeepDream #Manipulation #Corruption #FutureProvesPast
Newest Q posts connect us back to Feb '18 to shed light upon current social media control beyond any scope most can imagine into daily life on all levels.

#4532 a grammar error "does" instead of "do"
Q#4533 the 'error' is purposeful. The 'es' from "does" is [ES] and the mistake illustrates "roadmaps to others"!
Many have confused ES for Snowden.
It is rightfully Eric Schmidt, now ex CEO of Google.
Let us go back in time, also to figure out what might be 'roadmaps'!
Q#914 Mar '18, clarifies that ES is Eric Schmidt and NOT Snowden (see post).
Why is Eric Schmidt suddenly of importance now, in Jun 2020?
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25 May
@OzRevealed @chris_cmselec Λυδία made a great thread bef. I got that far - sharing below! I had dug into Lodge link, I found. I ended up 'spamming' hers - us hiveminding re Lodge. She had FB pieces, I found them in Lodge link (but thread is 'hiding' them, so will add tweet replies)…
@OzRevealed @chris_cmselec Hive-minding #2 re Lodge (overlaps w/ above, but twtr hides these):
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25 May
@LT1424 @OzRevealed 👍Bob Wigley, who is also member of the Lodge 44!
😉you forgot to provide a UN link that showed, where you found him at that Commission!
But I DID find this 'interesting' piece (hint 2030 Agenda), but it seems, he doesn't have much influence!…
@LT1424 @OzRevealed So Ausia @LT1424 - I got your other non-direct UN link for a BlockChain meeting (U deleted tweet) in notifications. A certain member "Madam Marie Chatardová" caught my attention, then President of ECOSOC at UN. She mentioned 2030 Agenda. Your deleted link…
@LT1424 @OzRevealed Madam Marie Chatardová is Czech - HOW many 'non-religious' persons/orgs have PERMANENT REPRESENTATION at UN?? WHAT gives a person/org 'RIGHT' to such power on behalf of a country?…
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