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1/ Here is my observations on HKSAR v Ma Chun Man (2021), which has a Chinese verdict and an English Press Summary for now:… (20 tweets,beware!)
2/x The reasons for verdict have 84 paragraphs, and only 4 of them discuss the court’s view on human rights jurisprudence. Sadly, they are insufficient, incoherent and not up to international standard. (See para.46-47, 64-65) #HK #NSL
3/x in para.46, The verdict cited the Jimmy Lai case at the CFA (FACC1/2021) to state article 4 of the NSL safeguards basic rights and freedoms according to Hong Kong law…
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1/9🧵 It's grievous #CDNmedia won't do its job so it appears I'm betraying my gender for contributing the facts

But problem with this narrative is they're omitting the part where Chu met the girl at a bar & that's what everything hinges on due to Supreme Court precedent #Thread
2/9🧵 Reason it matters that Chu met her at a drinking establishment is because Supreme Court ruled it's reasonable to ascertain someone is an adult, due to the pub's legal onus to check IDs to permit entry. Chu can't be prosecuted for luring a minor since she misrepresented age
3/9🧵 Now, with the amount of people who don't know the first thing about #CDNlaw + #CDNmedia failing its due diligence to inform, everyone is hopping on a political bandwagon to seek vengeance & claim the system is completely broken

💥This discourages women from reporting💥
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The #EUCO summit of EU prime ministers and presidents has just gotten underway here in Brussels.

There are many important issues to discuss, among them soaring #energy prices and a #migration crisis at the #Belarus border.

But the #RuleOfLaw row with #Poland may dominate.
Polish Prime Minister Mateusz #Morawiecki struck a defiant tone as he entered the summit, telling journalists he will not change course because of "blackmail pressure".

He repeated the assertion made at EU parliament Tuesday that EU's supreme court is overstepping its authority. Image
The Polish PM is being supported by Hungarian PM Viktor #Orban, who told reporters there is "a witch hunt in Europe against #Poland".

He said he agrees with Morawiecki that their EU accession treaties didn't establish primacy of EU law. Legal experts disagree. Image
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There is no recovery from #AryanKhan. Nothing is found on his person. Blood/urine reports are absolutely clear. Kiran Gosavi's affront on the Administration of Justice cannot be justified by a central agency like #NCB
Bail is a Rule and Jail is an exception. We can't turn this fundamental rule of Criminal Jurisprudence upside down to vilify #AryanKhan
#MundhraPort aka #AdaniPort massive drugs seizure is buried by the Media by focusing on the false and concocted #CordeliaDrugBustCase
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Polish PM Mateusz #Morawiecki and EU Commission President Ursula @VonDerLeyen will have a showdown in the European Parliament this morning over the rule of law.

Mateusz insists he's not looking for #Polexit. Other EU leaders say his actions are inevitably leading there.
There's a lot at stake here.

In the short term, Poland could lose €24bn in grants & €12bn in loans in EU pandemic recovery funds.

In the long term, Poland's continued EU membership could become untenable if Warsaw refuses to follow EU law - sparking a political crisis at home
Slovenia's Foreign Minister Anže Logar opens the European Parliament's #RuleOfLaw debate (he's currently chairing EU foreign minister meetings).

"The EU is a union of law, and the primacy of EU law is the foundation of it."
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आज दि.१८.१०.२०२१ रोजी, किरण गोसावी, मनीष भानुशाली, प्रतीक गाबा, रीषभ सचदेवा, अमीर फर्निचरवाला या संघटित गुन्हेगारी टोळीविरोधात त्वरीत एफ.आय.आर. नोंदविण्यासाठी मा.पोलिस आयुक्त परिमंडळ १, मुंबई यांना लेखी फौजदारी तक्रार सादर केली.
#AryanKhan #RuleofLaw Image
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THREAD: In 2019 @HouseIntel criminally referred Erik Prince for lying to congress in 1/17. Raise your hand if you’d like to see this blatant crime prosecuted by @TheJusticeDept & @RepAdamSchiff before the statute of limitations expires in 3 months. 1/…
And the Senate Intel @MarkWarner made criminal referrals regarding Prince, #Bannon, Clovis, Trump Jr, and Kushner for lying to congress, but as with the House referral on Prince, Barr did nothing. Time for @TheJusticeDept to address these crimes. 2/…
I would also like to see the @HouseIntel @JacksonLeeTX18 @RepZoeLofgren make a criminal referrals regarding McGahn’s testimony this year on trump’s obstruction of justice. If not, what was the point? The Statute of Limitations expires in about 8 months. 3/…
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As #RRF is the biggest package of economic recovery ever created by #EU, we must ensure that the money reaches the intended beneficiaries, people in need, enterprises, regions and that ALL rules are respected. #EPplenary #RuleOfLaw
During #RRF negotiations, one of @Europarl_EN's main concerns was the respect of #RuleOfLaw because these are taxpayers' money & can be disbursed only if rules, rule of law & #EU values are respected. Hence, we must know more about the national plans of 🇭🇺 🇵🇱 🇸🇪 not yet adopted.
We see that #Polish government is threatening @EU_Commission to start blocking files which should be agreed in a consent procedure. This, while they further attack #RuleOfLaw & the independence of the judiciary. It's an attack on our democratic institutions & our way of work.
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Each morning I come onto @Twitter I pray there is some kind of @Hopeforjustice for #AmbroseGGBall.

But instead to witness @DavidLammy posting the most #sadistic #Facebook post to date knowing how he has treated the mother of murdered @forambrose1984 leaving her with a body in
@haringeycouncil without a single word from @NCLCCG_Haringey or #AndrewWalker since last June 2020.

Toni aka Ruth Lovell has been telling @GREATBritain how she has been treated by @metpoliceuk @MPSBarnet @MPSHaringey @MPSEnfield @CPSUK @IOPC_Help #CindyButts, @VpoDr
#bernardhoganhowe who has told the world how much we trust the #PoliceState, well 80% I do believe he quoted, to then be allowed to walk off
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#TonisArmy will not let this be buried.

If this case is not addressed, we will not and #DoNotComply with whatever @ukhomeoffice or @WHO has to tell.

#endofchurchage #UnitedNations as it all a system set up by @RoyalFamily #TheQueen as was @BBCOne
and until @Ofcom @CPSUK @MaxHillQC @UKHomeSecretary @UKHouseofLords deals with this #crimenews, there really isn't anything @PoliceChiefs @MHewittNPCC or any member of @MetTaskforce who feels what has been made known is acceptable then as Toni rightly states, we have no
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Membres del @coe impulsen una declaració demanant la retirada de les euroordres, i a favor d'una solució que satisfaci les aspiracions polítiques de Catalunya.… Obro fil per repassar-ne el contingut👇
El títol de la declaració que signen diputats de 13 països diferents és contundent: “La persecució contra els líders polítics independentistes catalans i partidaris de la independència s’ha d’acabar”.

El conflicte polític no es resoldrà mentre duri la persecució judicial.
“L’estratègia judicial del Tribunal Suprem posa en risc els principis de solidaritat entre membres de l’espai europeu”, segueix el text.

Espanya contravé el dret comunitari i el #ruleoflaw. Així ho demostren les decisions de la justícia alemanya, belga, suïssa i ara italiana.
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representing #TheQueen, am I right in saying this?

So it is the representation of the @RoyalFamily that needs to reassure us that what is the #RuleOfLaw is followed by the guidelines and process that follows, am I right in saying this @wabbey ?
Just as @BBCCareers have a process they have to follow as set out by @Ofcom, right?

Just as #CPS has a process they have to follow when investigating a #CrimesAgainstHumanity carried out by anyone be it a member of the #civilsociety or a #PoliceOfficer as
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1/5 🚨 Today is European day against #Islamophobia!

Many Muslims are subject to discrimination, oppression & abuse because of anti-terrorist & surveillance policies in Europe, disproportionately targeting them as a threat to security.
2/5 ❌ The EU's 2020 Counter-Terrorism Agenda uses a flawed narrative that more surveillance is needed to guarantee security. This will only increase the over-policing of Muslims through data-sharing & biometric mass surveillance.
3/5 ➡️Read @ENAREurope's report about the impact of counter-terrorism law and policy on racialised groups in Europe:…

📣 Instead, the EU should emphasise and detail measures to support & promote the protection of #HumanRights, #Equality & #RuleOfLaw.
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35 days since journalist Craig Murray @cmurrayjustice was locked up alone 22h/day in a prison for serious offenders !
877 days since Julian #Assange was jailed in Belmarsh, 3364 days since he was arbitrarily detained and deprived of freedom & natural sunlight
Some thoughts...
Judicial torture & executions were routinely carried out at Saughton from 1386-1817. Saughton's barbaric history carries through neatly to the present day. Like other prisoners Murray is in his cell alone 22 hours/day. This is #torture & breaches rule 44 of the Mandela rules
Leave alone, the wrongs of jailing a journalist for honest reporting, on the flimsy pretext of jigsaw id, Craig's case, reflects badly on the quality & independence of Scotland's judiciary, because Craig was denied the option to do community service #ScotlandJailsJournalists
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🔻The addresses we heard today were especially useful, if inescapably pessimistic, since as you know #PressFreedom in #Europe, is a crucial pillar of #EU #democracy.>>>

#DRFMG @EP_Justice
>>>This is a very serious issue.
The @EFJEUROPE, of which every Greek journalist is a member, conducted extensive research, shedding light on the “big picture” of media ownership in Europe, which found that:>>>

#PressFreedom @Europarl_EN
#DRFMG @EP_Justice
📌The vast majority of Media belong -with various degrees of transparency- to multinational shareholders. Their relationship w/ gov'ts is constantly deepening and this concerns all not just the usual suspects>>>

#PressFreedom @Europarl_EN
#DRFMG @EP_Justice
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🔻Minister, I think it would have been good for the Slovenian Presidency to be present for the previous item as well, regarding Art. 7 procedures. I sincerely hope that this absence doesn’t spell what we fear it does.>>>

@Europarl_EN @EP_Justice
@EU2021S @SyrizaI @Left_EU
>>>Is the Slovenian Presidency @EU2021S really going to guarantee that hearings for the Art. 7 Par 1 procedure will continue as a matter of urgency?>>>

@Europarl_EN @EP_Justice
#EU2021S @SyrizaI @Left_EU
>>>Will the Slovenian Presidency @EU2021Sl address specific recommendations to these MSs, as per Art. 7 par. 1, setting deadlines for their implementation?>>>

@Europarl_EN @EP_Justice
#EU2021S @SyrizaI @Left_EU
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Here is my second thread on #COVID19, #ForcedVaccinations, #HumanRights violations and other aspects. Let us start it on a lighter note but the message is clear and pure truth as we are not living our lives due to fear. Go out and enjoy your lives today. #DigitalIndia #IndiaAt75 Image
I would also like to know more about and meet my two anonymous followers as they have been patiently reading my tweets without any interference and disruption. I appreciate your commitment and let us have a word now friends. DM me if you are introvert. #DigitalIndia #IndiaAt75 Image
Hi @jack and @TwitterSupport. I am unable to see my 2 followers and therefore I cannot interact with them and share my views and learn theirs. Is this a flaw or feature or both? I hope you would help me in communicating with them by making them public. #DigitalIndia #IndiaAt75 Image
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Bevor ich jetzt versuchen werde, etwas zu schlafen, noch ein kurzes persönliches Statement. Ich habe beruflich und (wenn auch weniger) privat sehr viel mit Flüchtlingen aus Afghanistan zu tun gehabt. Deshalb hat mich dieses Wochenende extrem aufgewühlt (habt Ihr wohl gemerkt).
Als Richter oder Beamter ist man an Recht und Gesetz gebunden, dazu faktisch auch an die ständige Rechtsprechung. Deshalb steht am Ende manchmal nicht das, was man sich persönlich wünschen würde. Aber das ist die #RuleOfLaw und gelebte Demokratie und Gewaltenteilung.
Unberührt lässt mich das nicht. Über manche Entscheidungen zu afghanischen Menschen bin ich nun umso froher, andere werde ich hinterfragen müssen und nochmal andere muss ich nun mit mir selbst ausmachen.

Umso wichtiger ist es nun, dass wir die Augen nicht vor dem Elend
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Media and press freedom is no longer available under Polish law. #lexTVN #RuleOfLaw
(tried to postpone voting until next seating, didn't happen and was voted)
It's bad because it openly targets a TV channel whose work is let's put it politely annoying to the conservative government. It's annoying because who knows which country will be the next one. It's alarming because it took a Parliamentary vote to attack a TV channel.
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I called Centrelink yesterday to claim the disaster payment for lost work due to the 8 day lockdown in Qld. Apparently my account is locked. My AAT appeal is on 27.08 Friday week. I am busy preparing my brief of evidence for this. This is nasty. @Centrelink #auspol
Apparently, even as someone no longer in receipt of JobSeeker, they are now refusing me disaster cover for loss of work. If this doesn’t send me the signal they’d like to see me homeless and starving and die I don’t know what does. What “right to #SocialSecurity? #auspol
I am preparing now to visit my local @Centrelink office and apply for three things. 1. Reinstatement of JobSeeker, 2. Low Income Health Care Card, 3. Disaster Payment for loss of work in lockdown as someone not on JobSeeker - even as Indefinitely should still be. #auspol #LNPfail
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#RuleofLaw breakdown in #Poland: Let me try to evidence why Supreme Leader's recent announcement amounts to a variant of Orbán's peacock dance which should not distract from current 100% violation of both ECJ order of 14 July (204/21 R) & ECJ judgment of 15 July (791/19) (thread)
Let’s start with ECJ order = one which demands *IMMEDIATE* compliance/suspension of relevant provisions from day 1/until ruling on merits + imposes 1-month deadline to inform EU Comm of measures *ADOPTED* to comply with order failing what daily penalty payment can be requested 1/
1st set of measures ordered: *immediate suspension* of provisions empowering Disciplinary Chamber (DC) to decide lifting of judicial immunity, etc + suspension of decisions *already* adopted + no case to be brought before body which lacks independence = NO COMPLIANCE YET 2/
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I'm not a lawyer. I didn't attend law school. I'm the biggest skeptic of the #RuleOfLaw that I know.

Here's my thread of highlights (excerpts & passages) from #SupremeMyths: Why The Supreme Court Is Not A Court & Its Justices Are Not Judges by @espinsegall + my comments.
Preface | “It’s no great secret that the Supreme Court’s Constitutional Law decisions reflect the personal values of the Justices…that politics & personality affect the Court’s decisions is only the beginning of the story.”

#SCOTUS produces case law, hence, it's a legislature.
Prologue xiii | “If changing judges changes law, it is not even clear what law is.” ~ Judge Richard Posner

A law means whatever the hell the writers say it means or doesn't mean, based on definition of words & syntax. Writing laws is an art form, it's not mathematics.
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Another worth reading paper by @rumeliobserver @ESI_eu re way forward to deal with Poland's *deliberately* organised #ruleoflaw breakdown: impose financial sanctions equivalent to least 1% of GDP of country annually until full compliance with relevant ECJ ruling of 15 July 2021
What is possible in the short term at the very least is a daily penalty payment re non-compliance with ECJ order in Case C-204/21 R:…
As a point of comparison, Czech Republic has recently requested ECJ to impose a daily penalty payment of €5 million *for every day* Polish authorities continue to violate the ECJ order in Case C-121/21 R (Turów mine)…
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Four straight years of corporate media and liberal politicians (excuse the redundancy) pretending to care so deeply about the rule of law above all else -- including those who served in past lawless administrations -- only to now have headlines like this one above.
In 2011, the House of Representatives voted *against* authorizing Obama's involvement in the war in Libya, but he just ignored that and continued to fight there anyway, to remove Gaddafi even after he swore that protecting civilians, not regime-change, was the mission: #RuleOfLaw
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