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@FitzgeraldFrncs @helenadalli I'm guessing that she didn't mention this to you -…
@FitzgeraldFrncs @helenadalli Her husband harassed a journalist - @muscatcar on a case she reported on. The case involved a company of which @helenadalli and her husband owned a 99% shareholding.
@FitzgeraldFrncs @helenadalli @muscatcar One cannot help wondering how high her commitment and ability to fight for press freedom is seeing that she was unable or unwilling to do so in this matter.
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@JolyonMaugham Thanks Jolyon. Just a few quick points, some of them obvious. 1/
@JolyonMaugham #Brexit has taken us into uncharted waters. (Who would have thought that a UK PM would ever prorogue #parliamentt and threaten the #ruleoflaw This means that by definition there is no precise precedent to guide us. 2/
@JolyonMaugham Furthermore legal provisions such as #Article50 may be vague and their text offer little direct guidance. The law ultimately may be uncertain until pronounced upon by a Court such as the #ECJ 3/
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Miller vs Odey: the Brexit crisis explained through the medium of fund managers, with a bonus survey… 🤓✊ (thread) #RuleOfLaw #StopTheCoup #StopBrexit 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺
Compare and contrast Gina Miller and Crispin Odey… Both are British fund managers, and both are wealthy, but their very different responses to Brexit are most illuminating. 🧐 #Brexit #StopBrexit 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺
Odey was born into a wealthy family of industrialists, and was educated at Harrow & Oxford. He set up Odey Asset Management in 1991, and it now has several billion pounds under management. He was briefly married to Rupert Murdoch’s daughter. His net worth is c£775m. #StopBrexit
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MORALE BOOST There is quite a bit of Remain despair on my timeline today… Don’t be down: the cabal is on the ropes, and we’re winning this. (short thread) #RuleOfLaw #JohnsonMustGo #JohnsonOut 😠✊🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺
There is no room for complacency: we must focus and redouble the fight, but we’re now in the endgame of the disgraceful Johnson regime. They will try all the nasty tricks they can, but they are losing and they know it. #RuleOfLaw #JohnsonMustGo 🤓 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺
Consider: does a triumphant Prime Minister, in command of the agenda and masterfully executing his diabolical plans, have an angry meltdown in the voting lobby in Parliament..? 😃 #meltdown #JohnsonMustGo 🇪🇺
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1. Democracy is not a free ride. Remember Franklin, asked by a woman: ‘What manner of government have you bequeathed us?’ And Franklin replied: ‘A Republic, Madame - if you can keep it’.
2. Can we keep our democracy safe? We have a government misusing prorogation to limit debate on a potential no-deal Brexit. We have Michael Gove - a former Lord Chancellor - declining to commit the government to abiding by a law passed this week.
3. So: what are we going to do? Call out the #LeaveElite. Ask ministers again and again if they respect the #ruleoflaw. Demand answers on what, exactly an #adequatefoodsupply means. Speak truth to power. Act as citizens, not rebels. Act with rage, not hate.
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#PoliticalKarma has a brutal sense of humour & #Africa’s history offers lessons for powerful men who want to get ahead by retarding the legal process - those who degrade it often end up in need of it, usually to save them against their own collaborators.…
In many parts of the continent, the #RuleOfLaw is undergoing chastening times, with ruling parties inventing convenient devices to eliminate uncertainties of democratic competition, kettle their opponents (both real and imagined), disrupt vocal civics & enable abuse of power.
Kenya's Chief Justice narrowly survived a suspicious car crash in Dec 2018. The next month, #Nigeria's ruling party decapitated the Chief Justice's tenure on the eve of an election. Gabon just suspended judge who agreed to hear petition on medical certification for @PresidentABO
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#InvestigateCPS 🔎🧐
#CaseOfNationalInterest 🇺🇸
#SaveOurChildren👶🏽 👦🏼👧🏾
#RuleOfLaw ⚖️

This thread will chronicle the Families being ripped apart by the destructive #CPS/#FamilyCourt system

See our faces and #JoinUs


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Session 1 of the MANE Forum: #UNCITRAL Secretary Anna Joubin-Bret and Rimsky Yuen SC form the panel "The UN Convention & Cross-Border Mediation in our Global Landscape". Moderator Prof Nadja Alexander. #mediation #singaporeconvention @SingaporeConv
Ms Joubin-Bret refers to the helpfulness of an IMI-administered survey in informing development of the #SingaporeConvention. #mediation

We have just launched the IMI Biennial #Survey:
Mr Rimsky Yuen, SC, describes the #SingaporeConvention as a human milestone in dispute resolution. #mediation #ADR @SingaporeConv
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Re: Chinese espionage in the US. #MoscowMitch is now married to #ChinasBitch @ElaineChao, who called the 1999 Cox Report on Chinese Espionage, ‘racist.’
#MoscowMitch’s ‘wife’ is current Secretary of Transportation, #ChinasBitch @elainechao. Article from 2007:…
And if that doesn’t bother you, then this fucking should: #PutinsBitch hired #MoscowMitch’s ‘wife,’ #ChinasBitch @elainechao as SecTrans. Her in 2017: “We are going to sell our infrastructure to foreign investors. Oops not foreign, I didn’t say foreign.”
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The most important fact that came out of Mueller’s testimony today that should be flooding the airwaves is that we cannot trust the @FBI, @TheJusticeDept, or U.S. lawmakers. There was not one question about Hillary Clinton paying for that dossier. @BarbaraRedgate .@SidneyPowell1
Republicans failed to focus on the primary questions conceding a blind acceptance of the narrative that Russia hacked the election. The origin of that info is the DNC’s private contractor Crowstrike who refused to relinquish the server to the FBI. FBI/Mueller never investigated.
"Mueller declined to answer nearly 200 questions during his congressional testimony" .@POTUS…
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There is something terrible happening in India. The ruling party & its leader @narendramodi have decided to target two of the countries' leading constitutional lawyers & human rights activists, with harassment, legal action, raids on their homes. 1/…
@narendramodi Indira Jaising & Anand Grover have represented the homeless, the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy, have been at the forefront of the fight for human rights, including that of LGBTQ people, women facing domestic violence, people living with AIDS. 2/…
@narendramodi Their work has been internationally recognized. Anand Grover was the UN General Secretary's Special Rapporteur on the right to health, and is a member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, the UNAIDS Reference Group on HIV and Human Rights. 3/…
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In half an hour @vonderleyen will make a last ditch effort to convince MEPs to back her candidacy for the European Commission. The vote- unless the EP president puts the last minute amendment- will take place in the evening. #Thread
1. There are various controversies around her candidacy. Some say that she has had bad track record as a defense minister in Germany and that she has limited knowledge about other important EU dossiers.
2. Others simply don't like the fact that that she was not a lead candidate and that she is a compromise candidate and acceptable to CEE countries- they even imply that this already disqualifies her.
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1) Today we're going to take a different tack in our work in support of @GenFlynn and @SidneyPowell1. We have a new hero that enters our story, not new to many of you, but new to me. The Conservative Treehouse, self-proclaimed Last Refuge.
2) I suppose that we must employ the pronoun "they" when referring to @TheLastRefuge2. Perhaps "Sundance" who is the author of the pieces we're going to look it, is a "they." Their coverage of the @GenFlynn case is the best I've yet found.
3) If any of you know, and are at freedom to share, please give us whatever you can about the identity of this/these patriots. If anonymity is sacred here, we'll just leave it at "they."
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Our secretary General @fjgodfrey gives feedback about the prevention workshop at @PACT_eu #HealthPACT #Wellbeing4all #EU4health
#HealthPACT @fjgodfrey Clearly and frankly, we don't need the excuse that 'we need more data'. What we need is political will to do what needs to be done to improve population health #EU4health #Wellbeing4all @PACT_eu
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Those working on #ruleoflaw issues should pay attention to documents produced by Commission & Council within "European Semester" framework

Possibly for first time Hungarian gov (seemingly) issued statement yesterday to protest against recital dedicated to judicial independence
Let's have a look at the "controversial" recital & compare Comm version to Council version. What do we see? Council did not honour itself by weakening Commission's accurate diagnosis using weasel phrasing but at least problems re judicial independence are explicitly noted
@rdanielkelemen @ProfKochenov @PlatonSbastien Different phrasing may be noted re Poland with again Council diluting accurate/justified criticism of Comm re #ruleoflaw situation

Council's phrasing re ECJ Comm v Poland ruling is also inaccurate as Comm's concerns now = established violation of judicial independence by PL
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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange
By @khrafnsson
Émile Zola changed public perception in the Dreyfus Affair w J´Accuse..!This ExcellentWriting is the equivalent for Assange.Zola may have helped the release of Dreyfus from DevilsIsland. I hope this 1will help secure Assange doesn’t go there…
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As the MSM continues to ignore @TheJusticeDept's 2 Crusades to make America's Streets safer Trump continues to pull all eyes onto him as some amazing things continue to happen.
Over 12,426 Pedophiles & Human Traffickers have been arrested since Trump took Office & almost 2/3rds of them have been sentenced to MULTIPLE DECADES in Federal Prison. Why is it important that it's Federal Time?
When someone is sentenced to 25 years they DO 25 years
(With 54 Days off your sentence per year IF you had good behavior)
Many of these Child Predators, Traffickers & Manufacturers are being sentenced to 20, 30 even 40 years or MORE.
Off the Streets for Decades.
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1) "I, Michael T. Flynn, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same."
2) "I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."
3) Note the key phrase: "l support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." @GenFlynn's allegiance to that oath is the reason he was targeted by the worst cabal of domestic enemies this nations has ever seen.
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@mkraju @jaketapper @SenatorRomney @MittRomney @axios Saturday, June 1st at 8PM the entire #MuellerReport will be read aloud by 100+ artists, activists, and citizens. Long Island City #muellerlive #MuellerTime
If you want to read & follow along or miss this event see tweets above for links for both
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We're live-tweeting the @OurCommons hearing on human rights in Iran today. Follow along for details on the testimony.
@OurCommons Maryam Shafiepour, a former political prisoner, is testifying first. She was a politically active university student - and just 22 years old - when she was first summoned for interrogations.
@OurCommons Maryam testifies that she was in solitary confinement for 63 days, denied medical treatment for one year despite the order of judicial authorities, & was held in unhygienic conditions.
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If the House stays this impotent course of applying normalized #RuleOfLaw that’s NOT working for this illegitimately elected criminal, it’s clear by his Obstruction— Congress will only succeed in obtaining replies of litigation& stonewalling to prevent truth
The Constitution MANDATES Congress ACT, not debate should we or shouldn’t we #Impeach

Trump’s strategy is to defy subpoenas, litigate, obstruct justice until the clock runs out. He’s committed verifiable crimes & only impeachment hearings will hold him accountable.

Today during the Barr hearings, I made a list of all Trump is suing to prevent House oversight—it’s Literally EVERY item the House has requested or subpoenaed

Laws haven’t been written for this Constitutional Crisis & Nationalist takeover of the USA.
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Trump’s flagrant denial of Russia’s attacking on our election sys. is nothing less than aiding/abetting Putin’s to destroy the US.
Donald’s using psychological projection by using the word “COUP”, marching the US towards a revolution in order to save him from Justice! #AMJoy
Why else do you think he keeps talking about “ Overthrew, Coup, Witchhunt, The press is the enemy of the people and his fondness for Robert E. Lee”.
Fondness for traders dictators and autocrats! Just like Robert Mueller, Donald Trump is giving you a roadmap to who he is! #AMJoy
With Donald Trump’s flagrant flouting of the rule of law can anybody guarantee he would not attempt a coup in order to stay in power? Why else would he be stacking the courts and massaging our generals? Donald’s whole demeanor is I am the Boss/Dictator and you’re the peon! #AMJoy
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Delighted to be in New York for the launch of #Trialwatch with brilliant @BarHumanRights colleagues @stephencragg1 & @SamuelZimran. BHRC conducts independent trial monitoring across many countries & we value the spotlight brought by trial observations.

Do say hi if you are here!
After a touch of stardust, the #Trialwatch panel has kicked off with a heavyweight #JournalismShouldNotBeACrime panel @MFFahmy11 @cdeloire @jrezaian @JameelJaffer @mariaressa chaired by Helena Kennedy QC. Chilling to hear experiences of journalists imprisoned. Why are they there?
As @MFFahmy11 talks about watching the world from the cage in the Egyptian courtroom, wondering whether the world is watching, a reminder why trial monitoring is so important. @BarHumanRights has monitored trials in Egypt and has raised concerns too on #fairtrials #cages.
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@WalshFreedom Joe this is exactly who trump has always been. We tried to tell people like you, but you let your dislike of liberals cloud your judgement. Help fix it by getting Republican lawmakers to jump off the trump train. He's destroying the #RuleOfLaw & he's a traitor to America.
The proof of treason lies in the digital campaign #ProjectAlamo. I figured this out in 2016 & got called crazy. FSBbook took down my posts & suspended me dozens of times until they admitted they worked with the trump campaign.
@WalshFreedom Big tech helped too. This was a coordinated effort by big money, right wing, billionaires to destroy democracy. People like you have been lied to & helped propagate their lies for money. You ushered this into being.
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