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The UK government has unveiled its Northern Ireland Protocol Bill 1/6
.@LawSocPresident I. Stephanie Boyce said:
“Britain’s standing in the world depends in part on it being known as a nation that keeps its word" 2/6 Photo of I. Stephanie Boyce by Michael Cross
“The Northern Ireland Protocol Bill represents a direct challenge to the #RuleOfLaw as it gives the UK government the power to break international law" 3/6
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@13sarahmurphy @Jesse_Norman is husband of Kate Bingham has no confidence in #Johnson's leadership or policies!
1. "You have presided over a culture of casual law-breaking in 10 Downing St in relation to #Covid."
"To describe yourself as vindicated is GROTESQUE."
@13sarahmurphy @Jesse_Norman 2. "in the Queen's Speech & elsewhere, your current policies are DEEPLY QUESTIONABLE.
Breach of the #NIProtocol wd be ECONOMICALLY VERY DAMAGING,
& almost certainly ILLEGAL."
@13sarahmurphy @Jesse_Norman "#Rwanda policy is UGLY, likely counterproductive & of DOUBTFUL LEGALITY.
Privatisation of @Channel4News is UNNECESSARY & significant cost to INDEPENDENT UK film & TV industry"
"NO genuinely Conservative govt should have supported the recent ban on noisy protest"!
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After multiple ☕️ I'm finally done reading @vonderleyen's #ruleoflaw “kapitulation” (to borrow title of @prof_mayer's recent @Verfassungsblog post) recovery package for #Poland:…
Long thread ⬇️
1/ Before getting into details of it, quick quiz Q: How many times is the rule of law mentioned in 239p-long annexes to Commision proposal for Council implementing decision detailing the Polish recovery and resilience plan?
2/ And the answer is... 0. 0 also for Comm proposal of 17p and 1 mention in Comm working doc of 75p = so 1 mention in 331 pages 👏
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Europeans United Million March II, 25.06.2022 in Frankfurt am Main. Für den Schutz des Grundgesetzes, Sachlichkeit & Verhältnismäßigkeit. Für #LauterbachRuecktrittJetzt und #FriedenSchaffenOhneWaffen. Für Frieden & Freiheit.

Spielregel: keine Gewalt, Intoleranz, Hass. #LoveWins
#MillionMarch II - Europeans United
Frankfurt, 25th of June 2022 #ffm2506

We, European taxpayers demand that Ursula @vonderleyen discloses chats with @PfizerEUPolicy CEO.
Full #Transparency and #RuleOfLaw instead of #lobbyism and closed doors policy making.

Join our rally!
Aufforderung an die @fr, ihre Behauptung, ein "Moderator" habe bei #ffm2506 Europeans United das NS-Propagandawort "Judenpresse" in den Mund genommen, mit Videobeweis zu belegen.
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🚨New paper, from @MCBRIDEPAULINE and me:

"Argument by numbers: the normative impact of statistical legal tech"

Forthcoming in a Communitas special issue on normativity.

Preprint on SocArXiv:… Image
We argue that the ways that machine learning mediates how law is done -- according to statistical notions of relevance or optimality -- ultimately affect what law *is*.
The issue isn't some mythical #AGI 'robot judge', but the much more subtle (mis)direction of legal practice by statistical means. This often happens upstream, effected by design decisions that might seem remote from the day-to-day use of #legaltech
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The #CzechPPC is starting NOW! As always, we'll be highlighting the best bits here on our Twitter account 💪🇨🇿

@IIR_Prague @dice_h2020 @EUROPEUMPrague @CEI_Secretariat @CzechMFA

TEPSA Secretary-General @CloosJim and IIR Director @oditrych are currently opening the #CzechPPC

"We are part of the same family. We are diverse, but we are part of the same family, and we have a shared European history"

- @CloosJim, TEPSA Secretary-General in his remarks to open the #CzechPPC

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1/Formal statement from COL Yevgeny Vindman's (@YVindman) Legal Team re: issuance of @DoD_IG Report of Investigation that vindicated his lawful #whistleblowing activities. We look to @POTUS now.

#RuleOfLaw #Accountability @globalmjreform @BradMossEsq @AndrewBakaj @wbaidlaw
2/Full text is as follows:

"The Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) Report of Investigation issued today fully vindicates our client Colonel (COL) Yevgeny Vindman (at the time LTC). Through his protected and lawful whistleblowing activities, ...
3/...COL Vindman properly reported misconduct involving officials within the Trump Administration's White House and National Security Council. Based on this latest report, which followed a review by the U.S. Army, it is now conclusive there was illegal retaliation...
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The DoD Inspector General Report of Investigation issued today fully vindicates our client then-Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman.…
2/Through his protected lawful whistleblowing activities, Lt. Col. Vindman properly reported misconduct involving officials within the Trump Administration's White House and National Security Council.…
END/Based on this latest report, which followed a review by the U.S. Army, it is now conclusive there was illegal retaliation against Lt. Col. Vindman, who has since been promoted to Colonel.


@globalmjreform @AndrewBakaj @BradMossEsq @wbaidlaw
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I just have to laugh at how pathetic #Bannon is, esp his attempted knowledge of what "treason" means. 🤣 I'm a "liberal attorney"? I prob rep more conservatives than liberals in my career, sue every WH & have always been registered independent.…
I'm quite proud to rep both @AVindman & @YVindman. As well as @EzraACohen, @LTGHRMcMaster, @Cliff_Sims, @RepWalterJones, Secretary of Defenses #MarkEsper & #ChrisMiller, IC #whistleblower, #KatieArrington, #BrianMurphy & #ChelseaManning.

All these cases pertain to #RuleOfLaw.
Here are some good background articles on my legal career…
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Today the European Commission will publish a proposal for a new law which will make the interception, analysis and monitoring of *ALL* digital communications (messengers, forums, direct messages etc.) mandatory.

#privacy #humanrights #chatcontrol #surveillance #dignity #csam
Let me be clear - this is ILLEGAL under EU Treaties and Case Law under the principles of proportionality and necessity. This new law will turn the EU into a surveillance state.

#privacy #humanrights #chatcontrol #surveillance #dignity #csam #childsexualabuse
500 million citizens will be subjected to complete blanket surveillance - the impact on privacy will be profound. Everything we have fought for since 1949 - our values, our principles, our democracy and our human rights, will be undone with the scratch of a pen.
#privacy #csam
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Long THREAD on the potential #Hungarian #veto of the #SixthSanctionPackage @gmfus
As I highlighted in this previous piece of mine, it is not a surprise that #Orbán is tying the question of #RussiaSanctions to the #RuleOfLaw conditionality regulation ...…
and the suspended #RecoveryFunds.
#Orbán just repeats his strategy he pursued with success in case of the 2020 EU budget blockade.
He is aware of the fact that due to his rampage in EU politics he has lost nearly all of his persuasive and negotiation power,
hence he has to operate with coercion. This is not the first time #Hungary is taking EU decision making as hostage, and not even the last one if #Orbán once again is allowed to succeed with his #blackmailing.
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We comment on the prime minister's attack on members of the legal profession who are challenging the government’s plans to send asylum-seekers to Rwanda 1/6
.@LawSocPresident I. Stephanie Boyce said: “Anyone at risk of such a life-changing order has a right to challenge its legality with the assistance of a lawyer, who has a duty to advise their client on their rights" 2/6 Photo: I. Stephanie Boyce
“It is misleading and dangerous for the prime minister to name-call lawyers who are doing their job and upholding the law" 3/6
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We're live at our debate on the implications of the #FrenchElections on the EU! Join us as we discuss #Macron's win with Christine Roger, Olivier Rozenberg, @O_Omnes, @CCeriseG, and @GDelbosCorfield

Join us on #livestream!➡️

As always we will be highlighting the best bits here on Twitter, but be sure to go follow the event live on @YouTube 👉

.@CCeriseG is welcoming our audience, and introducing our prestigious panellists: Christine Roger (@EUCouncil), Olivier Rozenberg (@SciencesPo_CEE), @GDelbosCorfield (@GreensEFA), and @O_Omnes (@MouvEuropeen_Fr). In addition to moderating, @CCeriseG will give her thoughts

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#RuleofLaw and #Hungary

I am delighted to share six papers we produced in the framework of a rule of law project initiated by the Netherlands Helsinki Committee. #NHC_nl
Fleck Zoltán - Chronowski Nóra - Bárd Petra: The Crisis of the Rule of Law, Democracy and Fundamental Rights in Hungary
MTA Law Working Papers 2022/4…
Bárd Petra - Koncsik Anita - Körtvélyesi Zsolt: Tactics Against Criticism of Autocratization - The Hungarian Government and the EU’s Prolonged Toleration
MTA Law Working Papers 2022/5…
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Conservative Media Cheering DeSantis Crackdown on Disney Are Ignoring What a Catastrophe It Would Be for Florida via @mediaite #sayfie #ReedyCreek #flapol
Let's dig into this. One of the main points = Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID) is SUPER complicated & has been around for over 50 years. It's a >$100 million annual operating budget to provide services over a 25K+ parcel that stretches across 2 counties. /2
Orange County includes Orlando and several other well-developed suburbs and cities. Osceola remains far more rural outside of the tourist corridor. Both counties are currently facing significant challenges related to skyrocketing housing prices, transportation needs, etc. /3
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@sjbsrilanka presented proposed 21A bill to SG of @ParliamentLK. Proposals include:
1) Abolish current Executive Presidency: Parliament to elect President
2) Cabinet will be continuously accountable & responsible to Parliament, can be removed by no confidence motion

3) Reduction of Maximum Cabinet Ministers to 25, maximum of non-cabinet and deputy Ministers to 25. No increase of Ministers in event of coalition govt
4) Stringent provisions to prevent corrupt crossovers

5) Establish Constitutional Council & independent commissions including Audit & Procurement Commissions
6) Constitutional recognition of National Security Council
7) Establish a State Council to obtain advice of experts / public representations on matters of public importance
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The last mistake that EU zionist bitches are forcing #Finland to make, is only to absurdly #provoke its neighbor Russia.
- Russia will #occupy Finland this spring.

Finland #seizes #Russian #art | Apr 6
- 200 paintings from the #Hermitage and #Tretyakov
The economic attack of the #NATO-#CIA regime against #Finland has been going on for yrs, driving the poor into bread lines. The elections has been falsified since 10/2007, when #GoldmanSachs acquired 20.02% of the election result service company (Tieto Co)…
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If #EU security policy is going through a watershed moment, then this should show in our language. Let’s spell it out: We don’t need ‘strategic autonomy’. What EU needs now is strategic responsibility. THREAD 1/7
‘Strategic autonomy’ has always been toxic in most places in #CentralEurope because it smacks of decoupling from the #US. Defenders of SA can claim ‘til they’re blue in the face that decoupling is happening anyway & that autonomy refers also to tech, energy & supply chains. 2/7
The term is tainted, especially in light of #Russia aggression. #US is actually re-pivoting to #EU, & EU is shouldering much more of the defence burden. Any future US administration would have a hard time returning to #Trump 2017. 3/7
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Thread: The phrase 'sworn police officer' means sworn to uphold the law. Deliberate undermining of the #RuleOfLaw by sworn @CalgaryPolice officers must be swiftly and harshly shut down. This has nothing to do with what the #ThinBlueLine does or does not represent #yyc /1
In a free and democratic society, citizens say if police exist, what powers they may have, what weapons they may use (and when), and yes, even what uniforms they are allowed to wear. News flash to the CPA - the public are the bosses, via the Commission. Not you. Not the Chief /2
If @CalgaryPolice officers are unaware, when Albertans decided to grant police permission to serve us, there was an explicit reservation of our power to control you - which you submitted to voluntarily when you swore the oath of office. Yes, you already submitted to us /3
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The invasion of Ukraine has not just had the effect to further EU integration.
Yesterday the 🇪🇺 Commission has disbursed the first tranche of the recovery fund to 🇭🇺 and 🇵🇱, despite their challenge to the EU legal system. A short 🧵/1…
The role that 🇵🇱 has played in the war in accepting refugees and being at the frontier with fightings has made the EC shelve its controversy with 🇵🇱 and 🇭🇺. However, their challenge to the #RuleofLaw remains an existential one for the 🇪🇺 itself./2…
Hopefully the shelving in question will be transitory. The EC can legally still withhold funds for breaches of the #RuleofLaw in the future, since the ECJ has rejected the legal challenge of 🇵🇱 and 🇭🇺 to the legal instrument allowing the EC to do so. /3…
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#Poland's #RuleofLaw breakdown (ECHR dimension): Received unofficial translation of operative part of "Art 6(1) ECHR #Polexit II" pseudo ruling in bogus case no. K 7/21. It is as bad & irresponsible as one could have expected from unlawfully composed pseudo CT (🧵)
1/ Reminder: This is not the 1st "Art 6(1) ECHR right to fair #Polexit" pseudo ruling. See (bogus) case no K 6/21 which led the @CoE SG to take the rare step of activating Article 52 of the ECHR on 7 Dec 2021. Excerpt below from ECtHR judgment of 22 Feb 2022 in Advance Pharma
2/ Case K 7/21 is 2nd time, the pseudo "Constitutional Court", in an unlawfully bench formation, held Art 6(1) ECHR to be (allegedly) unconstitutional (an insult to intelligence) on the back of application by serial violator of Polish, EU and ECHR rule of law requirements
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Just finished reading the European Parliament resolution of 10 March 2022 on the #ruleoflaw & consequences of ECJ twin conditionality rulings. Worth reading carefully:…
Contains (justifiably) stringent criticism of @vonderleyen @EU_Commission & @EUCouncil. Some highlights:
🔴 “absence" of Com Pres from plenary debate "demonstrates a *lack of respect*” (unprecedented tbomk)
🔴 “unacceptable” failure by to discuss Art 2 TEU interinst agreement
🔴 Regrets Comm’s decision “to abide by the non-binding European Council conclusions of 11 December 2020” (some aspects of which are legally wrong as made clear by ECJ since)
🔴 Regrets Comm’s “inadequate response” to the ECJ rulings of 16 Feb 2022 re superfluous guidelines
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1/📕Our biggest, most comprehensive report yet: how the Public Prosecutor's Office in 🇵🇱 became a tool to safeguard the interests of the ruling party in a mafia state.
50+ most shocking cases, old & new, in 8 categories + recommendations.
W/ @ThemisSedziow,polis…
2/🧵below we present just a few cases. Some you've heard of, others are barely known. In many cases, we've interviewed the victims themselves for a new level of detail.

Read all on our website or download the PDF here:…

Support us:
3/ Leaders of @strajkkobiet, @martalempart @KSuchanow @czerederecka👇
Dozens of absurd charges for taking to the streets in response to the illegal abortion ban. Political prosecutor H. Stachowicz harassing them for defending #HumanRights, with support from extremist @OrdoIuris🤬
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