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🇺🇸We want PROOF that @JusticeGinsburg is ALIVE. Told my husband last night “SHE WOULD WORK FROM HOME, for 1 yr, then we go into a LAMEDUCK YR! Y’all see where I’m going w/this? WE canNOT allow this! Gosh, she’s in her 90’s! Call it a day for Pete’s Sake! RIP!
She is responsible for the REPEAL of the The Mann👇Act!
@congressdotgov @congressorg @GOP #millenials #Republicans #WWGIWGA #2A #1A #SaveTheChildren #TheGreatAwakening #MAGA #Qanon #CCOT @POTUS @PressSec @Thomas1774Paine Someone MUST stop this now! Y’all know how the DEMS play.SLEAZY DIRTY! We MUST get that seat! I believe she’s dead.
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1) 9/11
A missile hits the Pentagon.

2) Dick Cheney says he gave the order to shoot down the plane over Shanksville.

3) Larry Silverstein says he gave the order to “pull it” regarding bldg 7

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1) Madeline McCann Deserves Justice.
Just because her parents are physicians does not mean that they have a conscience. This is not a conspiracy; these are not theories. These are publicly published reports that are all open-sourced facts:
#WWG1GWA #QANON #Q @realDonaldTrump
2) 1. The McCann’s left their 3 yr old Madeline and their infant twins alone to go to dinner at a topless restaurant. Yes, you read that correctly. The employees at Topless are in fact, unclothed from the waist up.
3) 2. Three other couples left their young children alone to dine with the McCann’s, too.
3. All of them left a door unlocked so that the couples could take turns checking in on their sleeping toddlers and infants.
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♦️MEET YOUR @CIA So y’all ask yourselves “Why doesn’t anyone in @congressdotgov do the right thing
4 We the Ppl”? Look no further than the bottom paragraph. D.C. is where it’s ar if you’re a perv/p*do! You sick M FK’ers! #WWGIWGA #QAnon Time to step down!
I have the pic of the children. I thought I added it.
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1) Considering that the exact same players in U1 teamed up to trash POTUS to subvert the Presidency so that she’d win, I’d expect the NEW DOJ prosecutors (because the BHO/HRC top tier was fired) are looking into a lot of things, while also
#WWG1GWA #QAnons #Q
2) patiently awaiting the recommendations of the currently empaneled 9/11 Grand Jury and Matthew Whitaker to move on the Clinton Foundation and CGI Global Charity Frauds as the Benghazi report published by Judicial Watch
#WWG1WWGA #Qanons #Q
3) proved that BHO/HRC, Again, same players, they all knew 10 DAYS ahead of time that the Embassy was going to be bombed and did nothing.

To ReCap:
1. Subversion to commit Treason
2. 9/11 Grand Jury
3. Benghazi
4. Uranium One
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ANTARCTICA: Originally posted by WIKILEAKS last year... Beauty #WWGIWGA #SavetheChildren #2a #1a #QAnon #QArmy #AmericaFirst ALWAYS MITCH!
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Decoding Qanon Comms: Thread

A lesson from an anon for anons.

Those that follow me know I’m always looking for hidden meanings in Q related comms.

Today is no different.

I’d like to demonstrate how @12BravoGran and I worked through a decode to find:

This was relayed to us through @POTUS_Schedule through a series of tweets.

Q has directed us to this site on a couple occasions, only once specifically by link.

It’s my opinion that it’s run by @Scavino45 based on the same hashtags both accounts often use.

He’s a clever guy...
The first tweet that caught my attention was today when @POTUS_Schedule used two similar hashtags:


There’s a missing M...

But why post BOTH hashtags?

M is the first clue...keep reading...
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Just turned channel! Never again! @POTUS We will NO LONGER WATCH NO MATTER WHO IS SCHEDULED❗️Fox
u are pitiful❗️@FoxNews @seanhannity @FoxBusiness @rupertmurdoch #WWG1WGA #2A #1A #CCOT #D
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CALI Fire was caused by “DEW”, WE KNOW IT, THEY KNOW WE KNOW IT, BUT WHAT WILL BE DONE? The people were burnt out of their homes & land. You watch gov do a “Land Grab”, thus reason ppl nuked by DEW, BURNED ALIVE! @NRA #WWGIWGA #2A #1A
Where’s the Bricks? Stone? Metals? Glass? I do see TREES!
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