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As I was reading some Q posts I stumbled across one that mentions the @Disney film Pinocchio - & how in the film little boys are taken to islands. Q reminds us that their perversions are hidden in plain sight.

And then I started researching a bit further …

Q also mentioned that citizen investigations are necessary for public awareness. So I decided to start investigating more children films and what I found is absolutely disgusting.

A thread on how @Pixar created an era of pedophilia starting with their first ever film #ToyStory:
Let’s start at the beginning. @Pixar’s first ever feature film was in 1995 and it was #ToyStory. Woody the main character in this film (that is literally littered with pedophilia symbols) is no other than ….. TOM HANKS. 👀

The coincidences started before the movie even did …
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"The eyes are useless when the mind is blind"

Marina Abramovic Spirit Cooking: “With a SHARP KNIFE cut deeply into the MIDDLE FINGER of your LEFT HAND eat the pain” written on the wall with Pig Blood and Womens Breast Milk...
1985 Ian McShane & Grace Jones [re later is Jamaican just like [DS] Turano-Aithiop Pedovore EL-ite US Senator/ desperate 2020 US VP Kamala Harris puppet agentur]
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Alright so! Since we know that #ChildTrafficking is real and not just a "conspiracy" let's take a look at why 800,000 children a year go missing in the USA yes only the USA, I tried researching a world # but I guess that's impossible due to other countries not even counting.
1/ Starting with this article because it seems to really #WakeUp people a to the evil that is hidden from us by our own MSM…
2/ So the news from other countries will report on things that ours will not! It's a shame that we are only given news on covid and racism! GOD created us in his image we are all equal! This is the video from the article in Iran.
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(cf) 1912 "The Initiates and the Peoples"... by untainted FUDOFSI Freemason Reuben Swinburne-Clymer
p20 Adrenochrome harvested since the times of alchemist Paracelsus…
"The Mystics of old, even Paracelsus, taught that, through a system of living, or rather a system of practice, man could draw the life from the pituitary gland and transfuse it throughout the system, giving vitality to the cells, and add ing many years to his life."
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#SaveOurChildren thread going to start out with the information that is easily understood. Sometimes when you are trying to #WakeUpAmerica the only way to do it is open there eyes slowly.…
Video footage of children being brought out of these tankers #WakeUpAmerica how can you call this a "conspiracy" if it in front of your eyes!
Now ask yourself why the American MSM isn't reporting on these things when it is easily available I myself can go straight to it and find it! So your own research if your interested in knowing what is really happening. I know the answers to these questions, the Truth is hidden!
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We have proven without question there is a

Satanic Vampire Compromise Cult

who worship Baal/Molech/Baphomet/Lucifer practicing ritual abuse of kids and taking a drug from scared kids blood, called #Adrenochrome, for immortality, blackmail and entertainment.
At least 30 times.
They are nearly all globalists. They are eugenicists normally. Big abortion fans. The Club is apparently so fcking big they need international shipping containers to route the products.

They reason we know it’s Satanic is because it all must be done right in our faces.

A tenet
We all have figured out Hollywood.
My friends and I caught them signalling when the 🩸 ran out.

Some of my faves below.
Oprah/Ellen asked them to signal red or green, which they ALL did through social media between March 11-25th-ish.
We thought green meant suicide.
Red no.
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1 /33
Brad Pitt: “La élite de pedófilos de Hollywood controla toda América” -
#ArrestSoros #ArrestBillGates
#ArrestDrTedros #ArrestFauci
#ArrestGiuseppeConte #ArrestPedroSanchez #ArrestJacindaArdern
🤸‍♀️🤼‍♂️🚶‍♀️🕴️🕺🏃‍♂️🤸‍♀️BOOM 👀 💥 🌏…
El juez Kavanaugh y George Soros. La Corte Suprema dictaminó que las organizaciones afiliadas a la @OpenSociety de #Soros pierden protección de 1A y pueden ser tratadas como amenazas internacionales en los EEUU y en el extranjero.
🤸‍♀️🕺BOOM 👀 💥 🌏…
El #UltraPsicosociópata George Soros semihundido por los Torpedos en su Línea de Flotación la #OpenSociety tilda de “enemigos internos” de Europa a quienes se oponen a la agenda del Nuevo Orden Mundial
#ArrestSoros #ArrestBillGates
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Why do certain folk have such trouble believing a human can be tortured into submission to create [DS] alters where the individual's psyche is left mentally-damaged [re DID/ MPD, bi-polar, manic depressant, borderline personality disorder etc] "The United States of Tara] then
triggered into action aka [DS] weaponised FalseFlag attack intended to incite race wars?

How many times has this sort of tragedy happened before? A man suddenly turns violent without any reason nor warning.
Is said perp also on [DS]-#BigPharma/ #CancerINC prescribed psychotropics? I'll wager he is.

[DS] Monarch/ MKUltra mind-control is well documented and leads to [DS] #Adrenochrome/ #Loosh consumption
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Oh wow, this is a bigtime #DeepState death. #SumnerRedstone was bigtime. He owned of #CBS & #Paramount. Basically the remaining big name outside of #Bronfman/#Vivendi/#NBC/#Warner/#ATT/#CNN, #China & #Disney as big names/orgs controlling the #MSM. I know he was 97 but timing 🤔
I’m not the biggest #Adrenochrome (to get high) believer in the first place but there might be some explanation of something similar that could be alluded to by Maria’s wine comment. Who else owns famous vineyards in CA? I know the Rchilds are a big one
Interesting do you know where this is from. My qualms are them using it regularly to get high and them getting withdrawals. I feel like some info got crossed up somewhere & there’s more to Adrenochrome like maybe it’s anti-aging, not to get high etc...
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THE FREE MASONRY & THE PINEAL GLAND ________________________
Why are there 33 levels of Free Masonic degrees? What do the masons know about the Pineal gland? Why torture and rape the children??

Well let me tell you......
33 a mason number, why 33 you ask? The 33 degrees represents the anatomical structure in the human spine, from bottom rising up towards the top. [#kundalini]

Heard of Death and Rebirth?
Ego death?
This represents the True Kundalini Awakening. Many have experienced before Image
Kundalini spirit, rises in through the root chakra (the sacum) first chakra, color Red. And through all the Energy Centers (Chakras) to the Crown and out the top of the head.
Activating The Pineal Gland = Power and Truth, Enlightened Illuminated.
Keep following..... Image
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@WeAreTheMillies @Macro__Business Kodak, fujifilm, epipens, made with epinephrine (from the pineal gland) oxidizes to Adrenochrome. Pfizer, mylan (which works with the Gates foundation in Africa /HIV), generics price fixing lawsuit, and epipen supply shortages since 2016. Why? #Adrenochrome
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#HowieMandel #Howie #Adrenochrome #Qanon #Arrests #housearrest

Long thread here we go.

Howie Mandel is definitely sending comms. A lot of people think that he has been kidnapped I believe he is under house arrest without his family.
He posted this weird video in which he makes a bag for shoe stuff.
This girl figured it was comms for wayfair.
So everyone thinks that wayfair was selling children. 10K is a very low price for children but is about the right price for Adrenochrome.
I believe their secret supply has been cut off. This was his SOS which he also points to in the video (the S the O and the S)
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#QAnonFrance #GiletsJaunes #AntiNOM
#EnfanceEnDanger #SaveTheChildren

👉 DANGER : Seuls 20 cybers-patrouilleurs protègent nos enfants sur la toile. Un protecteur des enfants le fait remarquer à #Macron (1 mn 31)
#QAnonFrance #GiletsJaunes #AntiNOM #EnfanceEnDanger #SaveTheChildren

👉VIDEO ÉMOUVANTE destinée et réservée aux Forces de l’ordre (2 mn 32)
@Gendarmerie @PoliceNationale
#QAnonFrance #GiletsJaunes #AntiNOM
#EnfanceEnDanger #SaveTheChildren

👉Court extrait de la version 2020 du film interdit à sa sortie «Les ballets écarlates» réalisé par Jean-Pierre Mocky (1 mn 07)
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1. I'm going to start a thread now that I will add to over time as I spot new things or new events occur. This thread is going to be centred around a card game I'm sure a lot of you are aware of: Illuminati New World Order by Steve Jackson Games (90's edition). Read on.
2. For those unaware of what this is, a little background: Illuminati: New World Order (INWO) is an out-of-print collectible card game (CCG) that was released in 1994 by Steve Jackson Games. You can read more here:…
3. This game came to prominence again in the early 2000's when people noticed that some of the cards had striking and disturbing similarities to real world events, namely at the time, the 9/11 attacks. For example, the WTC:
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1/Did you follow the White Rabbit? What is the White Rabbit? What is a #redpill?

People waking up everyday. Are you one of them?

Maybe you found this because you searched #Adrenochrome #pizzagatelsreal #Pedowood or #pedogate2020 is REAL #QAnons

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Boy lover logo #qanon #qarmy Image
Illuminati references in the background of Disney shows / cartoons #savethechildren #pizzagate #pedowood Image
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Red Pill Thread Part 2 ... The protection of our most innocent – that it would garner such huge ratings, that every network would cover these arrests 24/7? @SecPompeo @RichardGrenell @realDonaldTrump @RealCandaceO @Inevitable_ET @vincent_fusca
Why has there been such a blackout of this news? Why have there only been a few Hollywood celebs that have even dared to speak of this? Hollywood is the first community to jump on their soapbox and moralize us peons. So how come there hasn’t been a tsunami of moral outrage ...
from these magically blessed, ever-young, perfect-life celebs? Crickets. The blood running thru the veins of this evil labyrinth is truly evil. They have cultivated a taste and addiction for the most heinous of harvests – the blood and blood byproducts of children #adrenochrome
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1. Why Hwood actresses, politicians, other globalists tweeting crazy things/chi-ldr-en/blood?
Why desperate?
Why openly exposing themselves?
Why do they want to get rid Constitution?
🤔Historic Operation Dismantling [DS] Forces Completed
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What's happening to Don Lemon?? I ask this question because first I have to say............I HATE CNN! But I couldn't help but comment when he was brought up in a tweet I ran across. They're saying he looks "different" these days so I decided to do some digging.
I came across this pic which showed a VERY young looking Don Lemon and at first glance, I thought it was from just a month or so ago.
Well a little digging and I found out it's from a video from 2016 when he got into a rather heated exchange with Sheriff David Clarke...........stick with me here........

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Going out in a limb here.... Any #qanon people ever look at geocaching website. Seems to be some Q like themes. #17 #whiterabbit #codes #NikolaTesla
Something brought me to it months ago. I’ve keep monitoring because it changes... Image
PhotoWhiteHouse, William Moon’s photography seems to have many similarities. #qanon #geocache he looks like the little alien in his photos. Image
Trackables, the maker. Very similar to the inside of Mark Zuckerberg’s jacket. Then they have another trackable that states: adrenaline junkie, trackable lover. Very interesting. #Adrenochrome maybe? Trackable lover... trafficking? Which leads to my final ?... Image
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1. On May 29 2020 Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta better know as Lady Gaga released her 6th studio album called CHROMATICA, (interesting name isn't it?) Let's take a look at the temporary cover before the official release: Image
2. In that temporary cover we see a PINK symbol (everything in relation to this album has to do with the color PINK) of what looks like a spermatozoa and a baby in its first weeks with the DEVIL TAIL, what is the relationship between a fetus, the devil, and the color Pink? Image
3. On april 5 2020 the album was released. According to Wikipedia the name CHROMATICA was selected by Blood Pop (interesting nickname isn't it?) AKA Michael Tucker, here we got the two of them in the picture, Tucker with PINK hair: Image
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Could the #wayfair CEO have connections to Obama and others that we know are apart of the cabal?? This could be a far stretch but I’ve made some connections. (A thread)
Of course us anons that dig deep already know in our bones they are most like connected but I did some digging to try and find that connection so let’s get started.
First, let’s talk about how #Wayfair CEO owns a children’s foundation, known as The Shah Family Foundation. Where Niraj Shah ( #wayfairCEO ) serves as the Board Director and his Wife is the President. Huge Red Flag 🚩 after finding out about #WayfairHumantrafficking
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