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Joe Biden *****Water Island… Image
From above article.
"Following the land purchase, Green continued to lobby on issues over which Biden wielded influence and to meet with Biden’s staff. Green’s firm also continued to land government contracts related to federal programs for which Biden advocated."
Also from link in reference to the lobbyist who bought 1/3 of the land parcel. Scott Green. Image
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Thread for Thursday Jul 2, 2020

BLM riots ARE Joe Biden's rallies.


What % [of total] of BLM donations between June 1 - July 1 went to Biden for president?
What % [of total] of BLM donations between June 1 - July 1 went to [D] party affiliated networks? Image
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@ready_pen I know it’s actually quite obvious but has anyone made a special note that Abraham Lincoln is completely gone in the George Magazine cover?! W/ what we know now that’s very notable!
@TheHammmerTime_ has threads & @LovesTheLight & I have read many comms on him.
@ready_pen @TheHammmerTime_ @LovesTheLight 2. 😳 This is incredible! I just found that the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is 🎇 JULY 4th, 2020 🎇 at 👉🏻 11:07 PM EST 👉🏻 117 and I’ve been tracking 117 since February. 🤯
98% full moon = 9+8=17 = Q. Ha! 😂🥳
@ready_pen @TheHammmerTime_ @LovesTheLight 3. Wow! I just remembered in my thread 🧵!
🎇 117 = Addir 💦 The Mighty Waters!! #watchthewater 💦
Penumbral Lunar Moon 🌚 7/4/202 at 11:07 PM EST.
#QAnon #QArmy #StableGenius
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@ThehulaG @threadreaderapp Hula!! O.M.G.
I read the thread, and in it was another Gold Standard Warning ad. It threw me off bc I posted so many, none w/ Ben Franklin sans a Shiva attached. Closer look and...

IN the Ben Franklin ad,

With The Eye in the middle.

@ThehulaG @threadreaderapp The other ad was for the Oxford Group, buy gold.
Bull symbol. Many Shiva temple bulls in that comms article.

Their ad appeared in my thread Right Above where I hash tagged
#SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall 😂💫🎉🎇
@ThehulaG @threadreaderapp 👀 HILO BAY ⬇️
Singing Bridge closed to fire last night.

Where Wailuku River meets Hilo Bay.

Wailuku means
'Waters of Destruction'.

Hilo Bay, where shipping containers slid into, also dotting Hamakua Coast...
🧭🔱🎯📆⬅️☢️ 💥🌊🌊🌊…
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👀 HAWAII / 4TH of July

Time stamp 4:17 Repeat
41 / GHWB & 17 / Q

Q chose Hilo man to carry 41's coffin.


ads w/
"Kennedy Accounts" !!
Gates, Clintons, Buffet
Abt Kingdom's Gold

Q followers;

Lewis Carroll's boat outing with Alice Liddle was July 4th, Commemorated in the book as the Tea Party date.

I think Q's Mad Hatter is HI Sen Mazie Hirono. (In my recent media time line you'll find her YouTube upload 1/13/18 Missile Alert.)…
"Kennedy Accounts" com

(see above ad re Hilo July 4)

👀 Specificies Castro AND Southwest Airlines

Fidel Jr, a nuclear physicist, committed suicide 2 wks after HI Missile Alert. Lt Gov Tsutsui resigned next day.

👀 SW Air Just added HILO!

(Many SA threats to POTUS in my tl) Image
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1. I’m actually not sure if this has been revealed yet but this is the Sinai Peninsula & the Red Sea #watchthewater 💦 I happened to see that it very much resembles a rabbit 🐇 😳 👉🏻 #followthewhiterabbit
QDrop 2049 “Who are the white rabbits”
Egypt, only part located in Asia...
2. QDrop 2049
HRC = Alice
SA = Wonderland (Saudi Arabia)
Re-read drops re: SA
Have faith.
For God & Country. Q.
3. Now the Red Sea.
📍One of the SALTiest bodies of water in the world. 36% to 40%.
📍 Formed by the Arabian PENInSula being split by the Horn of Africa by movement of the Red Sea Rift.
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Mercer Comms 🐶 and excellent finds from other Anons 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
“Do Anons understand what is about to be unleashed?”
3. #Obamagate
Also adding Obama’s Birth certificate... from Mombasa.
August 4th, 1961.
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1. This was a good find on the BLM DC’s own site. But what really caught my attention was their use of the word “Pods”.
“Transformative Pods... becoming stronger together.”
Want to know what else a “Pod” is? ...
#ItsGonnaBeBiblical #QAnon
2. “Pods” 👉🏻An egg case of certain insects ESPECIALLY A LOCUST or other orthopteran.

(There’s also Pea Pod, Pea = [P] deep state comms I’m not doing that now. Just tagging word for adding that later).

3. Revelation 9 you will find Locusts. Out of the bottomless pit.
Verse 11: they had a king over them which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew tongue is Abaddon... Greek tongue his name Apollyon.”
Brimstone = sulfur = acidic = symbol S = 19 = destruction..
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I Think The Events Going On Now Are Got When U read the Q drops from


As in...Q started October 2017 and supposed to End November 2020 ( 11.3 11.4 11.11 - All Important Markers)
By That Logic We are in Feb'18 going in Reverse...Mid point May 06 '19
Yesterday it Was BIG Today it's About Jobs and Security...!! U see Trump's tweets connections with Q posts of Feb'18 ??
If We keep Going back in Feb'18 Q drops...We Have this Next !!! #Anons Safe ? #MindContolled Shooters maybe next on their Plan !!
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Eyes👀on. A lot here. I’m sure others can connect. #QAnon #QArmy
👉🏻“Sustaining the momentum” “By CHANNELING their energy into CONCRETE action.”
He’s fueling the flame.
Sunflower = Helios = Solar Plexus energy center = Egypt = Lower self, lower consciousness.
👉🏻CONCRETE 77, 19...
2. See pics. Reminder of 77 occult connections to Aleister Crowley, Seagrams 7&7 Crown 👑 ( = Corona) heiress & NXIVM Keith Raniere sex trafficking, Oz, James Bond 007 sun ☀️ god (sunflower). #symbolism
#MSM #FakeNews just used pic of #WorldWarZ

@LovesTheLight 😲 it’s 👉🏻PAN 💥
3. MORE on the occult use of 77, casting spells, summoning & “CHANNELING”. See pics. #PAN god.
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1. The “Gift” Thread 🧵
Apparently I need to compile and store 🗃 GIFTS 🎁 as they continue to be revealed...
2. CoronaVirus. ...A very bad “gift” from China, marches on.

The gift that keeps giving 😒
3. Gift Thread 🧵
Gift Gematria. Hecate, Hadit. Hecate goddess of Black magic, witchcraft sorcery 👉🏻 Thelema & Aleister Crowley 👉🏻 Golden Dawn & #93 👉🏻 Cult 93.

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“Link between Hillary’s Urainium Deal and The Bundy Standoff” #U1
There is a lot to this story, thread will be a work in progress... #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
2/ Did Jeff Sessions Start an investigation into #BundyStandoff matter? First a quick recap... Is the BLM involved in Nefarious [DS] land grabbing tactics? Was this a Greed motivated Attack for #U1? Has the #MSM been weaponized against the People? #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
3/ Yes, @RTerriers2!

#LaVoyFinicum was Murdered!

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1. The Horseshoe Thread 🐎
For over a year we’ve seen comms from both sides w/ a Horseshoe. Time to compile all of those tweets.
Some I’ll just be dropping the link, others I’ll explain or explore deeper.
I do not know the whole story why a horseshoe. But I know it’s significant.
2. #Horseshoe #Omega #Moon - iron - blacksmith - Matrix - Mr. Smith - Kenite - Vulcan 🖖 - Cain - Tools - Enoch - Genesis 4
Horseshoe Flipped = Yoni “Y”. #YHeadThread - I’ll link later.

3. Horseshoes. Tossing horseshoes to a stake in the ground 👉🏻 called a “PEG”.
Similar to Quoits, but Quoits was played with rings.
Horseshoe in Greek 👉🏻 Petalo, petal, shoe.
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2. You’ll have to visit this “PAN” thread compilation to understand the HOOK in the water💧seen above tweet #watchthewater
#Arcade #PANdemic #GreekMythology #Pan
3. Exactly @ready_pen points out! How do you catch a fish?🎣 With a HOOK! #FakeNews #NeilCavuto loses his mind as @realDonaldTrump takes preventative “Hydroxychloroquine for about a wk & 1/2 now” & L👀K at those #’s from “Breaking911” 👉🏻🔼911 & 45 🤨
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3. Tracking past “Vase” decodes & mentions. 🗃
The look on our beautiful @FLOTUS’s face when President Trump says he hopes Kim Jong Un’s “Christmas present is a beautiful vase. That’s what I’d like, a vase.”🏺is simply priceless 👌🏻😂
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1. Wow.😯Scavino posted a Clock. So today I’m brought back to an old thread of mine. Watch this:
Today is 5/5. Roman Numeral for 5 is “V”. So 5:5 is VV.
In Yod He Vav He the Vav became “W” to b/c YHWH for God as Tetragrammaton.
VAV element is ‘W’ATER 💦 #watchthewater (Q talk)...
2. NOW. Look at the pictograph used for the VAV. It’s a 👉🏻 “Y” 😲
A “tent peg” or nail or hook, a connector that means “and” or “joined”. The number of man in physical.
I’m not sure where it’s going but I feel it’s definitely worth noting and knowing.
5 is also “Quinque”
3. You may want to also see my #YHeadThread compilation if new to Q and the Y Head talk in QDrops. (even though it needs some updating).
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1. SALT! @realDonaldTrump tweets SALT, twice. I believe multiple meanings exist.
@LovesTheLight has great thread on SALT. Be sure to go in it. “Now Comes the Pain” Gematr!a Connects to A LOT #timber #CastleClean
I’m going to introduce to u another SALT🙏🏻
2. Jalove showed Gematr!a based on @realDonaldTrump Caps. (the communication) Read alphanumeric code value to the caps.
My results told me I HAD to address other meaning for SALT. I’ve been tracking 444 in cabal code #paperplanes as well as metaphysical 👉🏻Word of God Made Flesh💥
3. I’ve addressed the 444 Wind 💨 all over the place (search my handle w/ 444) including cabal use for #paperplanes #symbolism This other thread is towards the end of 65+ tweets👇🏻
This is why it’s significant in decodes & unveiling.

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#ShippingWars - :Thread

So back in March, I ran across this article regarding the Universal Postal Union.

The DNC "rat" triggered the memory.

Who control[s ]the MSM

[W]hy is this relevant?

144 - Biblical?
Yes, I understand [This Week] ImageImageImageImage
#ShippingWars - :Thread

So who does control the MSM?

Did you know the Vatican owned a "full-fledged media conglomerate"?

All roads indeed lead to Rome.

Which begs the ???, who controls the shipping lanes?

#SymbolismWillBeTheirDownFall ImageImage
#ShippingWars - :Thread

So how does all of this tie together? Where am I going with all of this?

To find out we are going to need a little history lesson.

:Robert-LeRoy: Horton. explains.
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Today, President Trump showed us the testing swab for the COVID-19 and compared it with 2 Q-tips in the press conference.
This may have many meaning.
1. Can give the middle finger to the press and DS.
2. "The United States Naval Special Warfare Command, and the Special Warfare insignia, particularly worn by members of the US Navy SEALs, and containing a trident representing the three aspects (Sea, Air, and Land) of SEAL special operations".
3. Part of the golden-colored crest of the United States Naval Academy, which depicts a trident running vertically in its background.
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Here is some interesting info about the VENTILATORS!
#POTUS has being repeating in each Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing about the Ventilators.
"The COVID19 pandemic has led to shortages of essential goods and services - from hand sanitizers to masks to beds to ventilators"
"In 2006 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority to design a cheap, portable ventilator.
This contributed to the shortage of ventilators during the 2019 - 2020 coronavirus pandemic"
@QAnon @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
Nothing is a coincidence!
Now we know.
CO-VI = Latin words: “Co” which stands for together and “vi” for life!
"Annually, Covidien awards more than 350 grants to organizations that address the needs of local communities in which its employees live and work".
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Very good catch @ChrisFr95077410 👏🏻👏🏻 @GenFlynn has a new banner. The bright sun ☀️ in a clear blue sky.
3. Which leads me to higher waters.
👉🏻Go Higher. #lookup 👉🏻 Celestial🌌
Interesting b/c I just incl. my #Pegasus thread RE: General Flynn banner change the other day. Pegasus has the only other known sun☀️(Son) in it. The 2nd son. Pegai = springs 💦 👇🏻
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Q spelled [DECLAS] as [DELCAS] 🤔💭 Did anyone else catch that yesterday?? Now the question is whether it was meant to be or not. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I find a “Delcas” Hotel in Brazil.
2. #DELCAS 😲. #WatchTheWater 💦! GHWB purchased land in reported Paso de Patria PARAGUAY. On an AQUIFER! Aquifer Guarani GRADE A “Blue Gold”.
He sent Jenna Bush down to do it. #RedCross #UN #UNICEF ....
3. #DELCAS #GHWB Buys over Aquifer Guarani in Paraguay.
#WatchTheWater 💦 Runs 60,000 square miles under parts of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, & Argentina. Jenna Bush hides under #UN #UNICEF & #RedCross of course! 🤨
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