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@realDonaldTrump fa salire sul palco i bad actors [Fauci], li mette sotto i riflettori per poi buttarli giù davanti agli occhi del mondo intero.

#EnjoyTheShow 🍿

#Trump #Fauci #COVID19 #QAnon #ChineseVirus #Italia #coronavirus #5aprile #MEGA
Trump spinge per la cIorochina, in quanto terapia efficace contro il coron@virus.
Non per i vaccini.

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Red October.

Balfour Declaration.

POTUS keeps pointing to this year.

POTUS references 1917 and most people assume he’s talking about the Spanish flu. He’s not. He’s referring to something else. A bigger threat. Communism.
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1) Fil #Qanon n°1 pour le 4 Avril 2020

Thème: " La CROIX ROUGE est une ARNAQUE "

Les posts de Q peuvent être consultés ici:

#QanonFrance #Qarmy #FrenchPatriot
#VincitOmniaVeritas #MAGA #MFGA
2) Q post n°273

Q nous alerte sur la signification de "RED RED" dans ses messages, en représentant une croix...
Facile à comprendre: RED RED = CROIX ROUGE
3) Q post n° 489

Nous, citoyens, payons par nos impôts et nos donations les crimes de l'élite illuminati mondiale.

Accords de Paris Climat = arnaque (milliards)
La Croix Rouge = arnaque (milliards)
Aide Internationale = arnaque (milliards)
GUERRES = arnaque (milliards)
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My belief is that there will be TWO separate episodes to this, "STORM". The first episode called, "Corona" is simply the RESCUE of THOUSANDS of CHILDREN in the underground network of Child Trafficking. America needs to see the VICTIMS first.
Pay attention. It's all being set up. A ship called, "Mercy" on one coast & a ship called, "Comfort" on the other coast. The warnings that POTUS has given us to dark days. When America finds out about the, "invisible" war, they will be physically SICK.
Once VICTIMS are seen around the world & the ATROCITIES against the children, then Episode 2. My belief is that he EXTENDED the time frame for 30 days is he realized it was going to take longer than expected. He has to make sure that EVERYONE is in place.
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@cjtruth #POTUS had 30 tweets 3/31/20, beginning 7:27.06am.
I have spent all day doing a list by timestamp, past posts, & Gematria- number code for each post time!!!
I'm about to begin posting all the info: very specific, of names; & I believe a timeline.
1st) the time stamp numbers calculate to a single number that has a meaning- the number 40/4 was used in COMFORT speech, & has a very COOL, Powerful meaning. In Italian, quaranta(40) was used for bubonic plague meaning #QUARANTINE!!!, Also on Monopoly Board, 40 spaces to JAIL!!!
40/4 usually means long, trapped struggle, like in a box. 4 tweet timestamps =40 or 120(3X)!
Other Nos: 27= 3X3X3=9X3- Masonic high Royal Arch level- 3 masons spin 3x saying their gods name 3x - jah-buh-lun. DO NOT speak,very evil! This is a 3god combo of yahweh, Baal, & Osirus!
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This was the third month of 2020.

It sure looks like we’re reaching a crescendo with the #coronavirusoutbreak, #travelban, the whole world in #quarantine and multiple countries in #lockdown.

Can we say March Madness was in full swing or what?

The Entire World Is Watching 🐸🍿
The month started with an escalation of the #Immigration crisis in #Greece and #GreeceUnderAttack.

#FakeNews still trying to control the narrative with the “refugee” story.

This video clearly shows we are not dealing with warm-hearted #refugees with the best intentions.
#Refugees don’t hold children over smoke to make them cry. #FakeNews uses these images to get to your feeling and trigger emotions and a reaction.

They are not economic #migrants. #Refugeecrisis is engineered, with endless wars, open borders and open society brainwashing BS.
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1) Fil #Qanon pour le 30 Mars 2020

Thème: " N'AYEZ PAS PEUR "

Q posts n°3895 à 3908

Les posts de Q peuvent être consultés ici:

#QanonFrance #Qarmy #FrenchPatriot
#VincitOmniaVeritas #MAGA #MFGA
2) Q post n°3895

"N'ayez pas Peur"

Q nous rassure avec une musique et un visuel.
Des événements majeurs se préparent. Nous devons croire au Plan, et continuer notre travail d'éveil.

3) Cette phrase est issue de la Bible (Ésaïe 44:8)

"N'ayez pas peur, et ne tremblez pas;
Ne te l'ai-je pas dès longtemps annoncé et déclaré?
Vous êtes mes témoins :
Y a-t-il un autre Dieu que moi?
Il n'y a pas d'autre rocher, je n'en connais point."
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1. This is actually "curiouser" than some might know. What is significant about the 1916 presidential election? It set the standard for the 2 party presidential election we know today. The US's last "four candidate election" with four contestants from four parties was in 1912.
2. How did incumbent Woodrow Wilson EASILY beat Republican SCOTUS Justice challenger Charles Hughes? Because, Wilson ran on the "He kept us out of war" (WWI) and "America First" slogans. Sound familiar. But, what happened 2.5 months after his 1917 re-inauguration?
3. Woodrow Wilson led the United States into World War I. Four million Americans would be mobilized and/or sent to fight overseas. We would lose just under 120,000 American soldiers to the cause. The war took 20 million lives...more civilians than soldiers were killed.
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1) Fil #Qanon pour le 27 Mars 2020

Thème: " Qui est [P] ? "

Les posts de Q peuvent être consultés ici:

#QanonFrance #Qarmy #FrenchPatriot
#VincitOmniaVeritas #MAGA #MFGA
2) Un pan de la pyramide est la famille Saoud.
Les Rothschild, leaders du culte sataniste, et l'Eglise, reportent à (P). L'Arabie Saoudite contrôle tout (Pétrole, Trafic enfant, Tech Goog etc.), contrôle les US, et contrôle Soros , qui est chargé de la subversion organisée.
3) La pyramide /_\ originelle a perdu un pan.
Le pan gauche _\ est déjà tombé: USA Rock(efeller?)
Le pan droit _ va tomber maintenant: maison Saoud.
Dans le futur, le dernier pan tombera (Vatican? ou plutôt Israël? Rappelez-vous: "saving Israël for last"...)
L'ordre est critique.
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As addicting as heroin, iron deficiancy is acute in long-term organic #Adrenochrome addicts.

Relapsing episodes of psychosis and loss of cognitive function are also factors of use.

Akin to an alcoholic with DTS, #AdrenochromeWithdrawal can also be fatal.
Severe iron deficiency:

"Dysfunction of nonhemoglobin proteins has deleterious effects. Including muscle dysfunction, pagophagia, dysphagia esophageal webbing, poor scholastic performance, *altered resistance to infection,* and *altered behavior."*


Common symptoms include:

rapid heartbeat
general weakness
shortness of breath
chest pain
lack of energy
pounding in the ears
sore tongue
*cravings for ice, clay or dirt*
brittle nails
hair loss
compromised immune system

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1. Quick tread to make something clear. Bare with me please. First time.

I have no ill will towards the Big Name accounts that have been doing this for 2+ years. They served as a light when I was looking for answers about the Q movement.

Many Thanks to them!
2. I have followed many, going back to my original account that no longer exists.

As you can see, I’ve been following many, for as old as this account is. Over a year.

I have liked and retweeted them on multiple occasions.
3. But I stayed in the Q closet. Liking and retweeting, but never saying out loud, I believe Q or I support Q. Not a single #WWG1WGA

I can tell you, that I always paid attention and have been very much on board. Even though I was not screaming it everyday.
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This is a QBOOM! The Unsealing begins🍿
$15m bounty out for Maduro - The Cartels are being taken down 👏👏👏 #endTrafficking
Thank you President Trump, MI and entire team for making this happen #TrustThePlan #WWG1WGA
Nothing can stop what is coming #ThursdayMotivation
John Kerry Meet With Venezuela Maduro in Colombia 2016 - Kerry with Maduro in 2002
Communist Party of Venezuela Backed Maduro
What happened to Venezuela was going to happen to America
Our MI will not be defeated #TrustThePlan
One Down: Alleged Maduro co-conspirator is in DEA custody
Duties: coordinate drug shipments with corrupt Venezuelan military and guerrillas from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, which the U.S. listed as a terrorist group⚖️ #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE…
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Thread: Updated list of all celebrities and Gov officials with the Corona Virus. What the MSM isn't telling you about the Virus. My theory about the virus
1. Part one, The Facts: Look at the maps below and compare them The 1st map shows the Corona Virus clusters. Coincidence?
2. Here are the facts about how it affects people.
3. Now let's compare it to the flu. The first image and last images represent the Corona Virus.
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1) Fil #Qanon pour le 25 Mars 2020


Les posts de Q peuvent être consultés ici:

#QanonFrance #Qarmy #FrenchPatriot
#VincitOmniaVeritas #MAGA #MFGA
2) Trump a dit hier qu'il espère que l'économie sera rétablie dès Pâques. "Pâques est un jour très spécial pour beaucoup de raisons; pour moi et beaucoup de mes amis, c'est un jour très spécial. Quelle magnifique calendrier ce serait. C'est mon objectif".

3) Cette année, Pâques tombe le Dimanche 12 Avril 2020
Ceci est assez compatible avec l'analyse de @CatNamus et le calendrier présenté hier

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1-If there is anything good to be said about this #coronavirus pandemic is that the #MAGA #Qanon peeps are finally waking up to the fact that there is no #TrustThePlan or #TrustTheProcess at all
Just con artists preying on your fears and dreams while you donate to them all
2-And even if there is a #Plan, that plan certainly doesn't include YOU, but the rich and wealthy and the usual #NWO stuff re-branded as totally cool stuff and a #5DPlan for the current Admin doing exactly the opposite as #Qanon has said.
I have spoken to a lot of ppl in private
3-Over the last few days, on their realization that they were conned. This is encouraging news.
I got conned into believing #Qanon myself. And for a while there, I regurgitated the same talking points.…
However, I did make a point to reach out to peeps
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PRO: potete selezionare varie lingue tra cui l’italiano. IMO la traduzione è più complicata dell’originale. Se sapete l’inglese leggete in originale che è sempre meglio.
Nel menu ci sono varie sezioni utili: PLAYERS chi sono i personaggi coinvolti...
....evidenze del fatto che Q e Trump lavorino insieme, conteggio del numero di “accuse sigillate”, etc
CONTRO: date/orari dei post sono in fuso orario ita, mentre scoprirete che orari e date HANNO UN SIGNIFICATO, quindi è meglio vedere quelli originali
Cos’è #QAnon?

Q è un’operazione di intelligence militare della Agenzia di Sicurezza Nazionale (NSA) degli USA resa pubblica nell'ottobre 2017, ma iniziata/pianificata più di 20 anni fa.
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The key that opens all doors.
The 'Start'.

PREVENT [[D] party destruction] BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
These people are sick!
Nothing can stop what is coming.

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Ummm yeah! I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Dr. [WHO] and [Invisible Enemy] #AnonsDig #QAnon @IPOT1776 @cjtruth

Doctor Who: Tom Baker collapses as he is infected by the Swarm in Invisi...
Story line is about a virus 🦠

WHO knew... ?
Well, this was an easy one.

The “Invisible Enemy” or the “Virus” is mind control. The media is the virus. We are the cure. Turn off MSM and wake up from the programming.

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1/ Life is about to fundamentally change.

While it IS beyond horrific that the Deep State released this bioweapon upon the world, the good guys (Trump, The US Military/ Q-Team) have co-opted their despicable act of war upon the people.
They have turned it against them by
2/ utilizing it as an opportunity to accelerate and conduct a massive operation (arrests / takedown of these very powerful / famous bad people) so huge in scale that it could ONLY safely be done by basically keeping the public home and out of harm’s way as much as possible
3/ while maintaining supply lines and basic movement.

Locking down travel etc also keeps the bad actors from being able to run & hide as easily.
It also further exposes the MSM as the lying propaganda arm of the deep state/left that they are.
The Storm has arrived.
There are
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1/ For parents who want to explain what's going on to their children.

The Time We Spring-Cleaned the World

The world it got so busy,
There were people all around.
They left their germs behind them;
In the air and on the ground.

These germs grew bigger and stronger.
2/ wanted to come and stay.
They didn’t want to hurt anyone -
They just really wanted to play.

Sometimes they tried to hold your hand,
Or tickled your throat or your nose.
They could make you cough and sneeze
And make your face as red as a rose.

And so these germs took over.
3/ They started to make people ill,
And with every cough we coughed
More and more germs would spill.

All the queens and kings had a meeting.
“It’s time to clean the world up!” they said.
And so they had to close lots of fun stuff,
Just so these germs couldn’t spread.

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Reread Post 88 😉

Ten days.
Scare tactics (MSM).
D's falling.
R's walk-away/removed.
SA --> US --> Asia --> EU
Disinformation is real.


Saving Israel for last

I'm just hiking the ball here Anons.

Please fill in the blanks for the rest of the kids.
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Ursula #vonderLeyen, EC🇪🇺Pres., says at 6:49

"we are able to 𝗪𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗛𝗘𝗥 𝗧𝗛𝗜𝗦 𝗦𝗧𝗢𝗥𝗠, 𝗪𝗛𝗜𝗖𝗛 𝗜𝗦 𝗔 𝗚𝗟𝗢𝗕𝗔𝗟 𝗦𝗧𝗢𝗥𝗠 without any question."

Do [they] think they can survive #TheStorm?


#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening
Via @kekrepublik

Irish PM, Leo Varadkar:

"This is the calm before the storm"


#QAnon #TheStorm #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #DrainTheDeepStateSwamp
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March 17, 2020

Saudi Arabia: New Mass Corruption Arrests

"new mass arrest of 298 government employees on suspicion of corruption raises human rights concerns, Human Rights Watch said today."

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #DarkToLight #Trump #WWG1WGA

Q said arrests would happen first in SA [☑️March 17], next US, then ASIA, then EU.

SA (1), US (2), Asia (3), EU (4)

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #TrustThePlan #Trump #COVID19 #lockdown #ChineseVirus #ItsHappening #MEGA #TheGreatAwakening #TheStorm #coronavirus #EU
Ten days.
Scare tactics (MSM).➡️THINK #COVID19 FEAR/PANIC

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